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  1. Try 10.5 to 10.6 grs. of VV105 with a 115gr. MGJHP. Shot this combination for many years, love it. Good luck.
  2. Does the Browning Hi Power use the same type of recoil spring as the 1911?
  3. RIP 007. you are the only real James Bond. God bless you and your family.
  4. No matter what division you shoot if your a serious competitor you will always carry a backup gun.
  5. When I attempt to PM a member I continualy get a EXO code, something went wrong.
  6. Looking for recipes using Winchester Autocomp, HS6, or N350 with 100gr. bullet.
  7. You don't say wether your shooting open or limited. If your shooting open spray your comp before each practice session and match with Weld-All , no lead buildup.
  8. I've put thousands of rds. thru my Benelli for the last 5yrs. with never a problem. That includes a number of makes of shells and everything from #4 shot to Wal Mart #8's.At least 3 different brands of 7/8 to 1.25 oz. slugs.
  9. Spray Weld All in your comp before each match and practice session, keeps leading to a minimum.
  10. Where on a list of powders from cleanest to dirtiest would Titegroup fall?
  11. Spray your comp with WeldAll before each match, no lead buildup.
  12. Are you shooting open or Tac-ops? That is the same scope I have on both of my open guns but being in open I can have additional optics. I have a J-Point on the forty five for the close targets. If your shooting Tac-Ops the 2.5 at the low end will probably to much, but you can always add an iron sight on the forty five for hosing.
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