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  1. VLTOR and Luth, both make great stocks with many variations.
  2. Works on your existing belt system. Carbon Arms makes a very good unit.
  3. I would be more than happy to pay $20-$25 a year for all I get out of this forum.
  4. I use only the ELS system since it came out. Easy to move gear around as needed or completely remove when not needed. Don't need to fight to remove gear from between the inner and outer belt.
  5. Ck. out the CR Speed pouches. I've used them for years for my USPSA rig, no complaints.
  6. Go with what you have for the time being. Put your time and money into a combination of dry fire practice and range time, especially mid to long range rifle. Rifle and shotgun loading seem to separate the good shooters from the average shooters. Watch Utube videos for help but don't believe everything you see. Good luck, have fun.
  7. Still unable to sign in. Error code 2S119/1 comes up.
  8. Still unable to sign in. When I click forgot password nothing happens. Becoming very frustrating, been going on for almost a month.
  9. Get a Brazos Zig Racker. Comes with instructions and demensions for dove tail slide cut. Easy to do and works and looks cool also.Around $100.00. Good luck.
  10. Go with the ELS and the Carbon Arms, can't be beat.Tighten it way up before you shoot and then loosen it a bit between runs.
  11. I have nothing but MGM steel, used it for years. Not only the best product but also great customer service, and they support the sport tremendously. The Gibson's are great people also.
  12. I use only the Arredondo keepers. They work the best for me.
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