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  1. Try 24.5grns of Ramshot Tac with a 69grn SMK JHP. Most accurate load I've found for my rifle. Good luck.
  2. Ck. Hogue and Safariland. Don't get the Midway. Zipper sucks and the empty case is heavy.
  3. How many rds. thru since installing the Halosun? What mount did you use?
  4. I've shot a Doctor for over 12K rds. of 38SC, major power factor, with no problems.
  5. What red dot are you using on your open Benelli? Why and what type of mount are you using and where is your mount located. Thanks to all respondents.
  6. I'm currently using a Cmore. Compared to the 510 the cmore is somewhat smaller.
  7. The 510C is much larger than the 507. Could cause a problem when dumping in a table. Waiting to hear anyone who uses a 510C in open 3-gun. Thanks
  8. Anyone here using a Haloson on their open 3-gun pistol? If so how do you like it and with it's larger size do have any problems dumping when transitioning to next weapon?
  9. Don't forget the last item: brassers, tapers, steel setters.
  10. I switched over to 12MOA and love it. I know it doesn't make any sense but intensity adjustments seem more precise.
  11. You can't beat MGM. Not only do they support the shooting sports but they have outstanding customer support. I've purchased a number of items from them over the years and yet to have a problem. No they don't sponsor me.
  12. Ck. out the Schmidt and Bender 1-4. Great glass.
  13. Love my Carbon Arms ratchet system on my 3-gun ELS system. Added a second unit for my pistol only belt setup.
  14. Talk to MGM They make great targets, really support the sport, great customer service , and a great warranty.
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