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  1. Who manufactures and sells enhancements for Dillon presses?
  2. What does that make the OAL of the slide and comp?
  3. Are recoil spring testers very accurate and are they worth having? Who makes the best one?
  4. Try N-100. I've used it for over 20 yrs. Runs in my Colt series 70 S/S and Para P-14. Never had a problem shooting major for USPSA or IDPA.
  5. What head stamp is your once fired 40 cal.?

    1. Don_B



  6. Ran an SV in 38SC, at 175 PF for many, many years with a Doctor mounted on the slide, never had a problem. Good luck.
  7. Who makes a mag well for a Glock 17 that can be easily removed so gun can be used in both USPSA and IDPA>
  8. ELS system is by far the best way to go. I've had mine since they first came out and would not change .
  9. I've been shooting a Doctor on my benelli for 3-gun for the last 10 yrs. with nary a problem.
  10. Talked to C-More about this a couple of months ago and they said to use Hoppes and then wipe with a clean rag.
  11. I've been shooting MBX mags since their inception, never a problem. In fact I'm still shooting one of the first prototypes, all good.
  12. Who sells press accessories for Dillon loaders other than Dillon,Binary Engineering, Unique Tec, and Inline Fabrication?
  13. I've used Mec loaders for years,they are hard to beat.
  14. I run Surefire's on my rifle and shotgun and stream light mounted on the side of my 90 degree C-More on my pistol.
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