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  1. orangeman711

    Kydex Holster for Open Pistol

    Yes. Kydex is all I use for 3gun.I'm shooting an STI in open with a thumb rest. Holster was made for me by Custom Concealed Wares in Bakersfield, Ca. Really great people to work with. Very reasonable with quick turnaround.
  2. orangeman711

    Arredondo speed assist

    Will an Arredondo speed assist from a Remington 1100/1187 work on a Versamax?
  3. orangeman711

    RF-100 !!

    What's the deal with the rubber band? Thanks
  4. orangeman711


    Where do you get Boombahs?
  5. I have the same problem as Dons when loading 223. Can't remove the powder ck. and see in the case.
  6. orangeman711

    Black Friday Deals

    Tried to order Benelli mag springs from TTI and they would not accept the parts off code. With or without the code shipping was more than the cost of the springs.
  7. orangeman711

    9mm Major powder choices?

    6.9grs. of Winchester Autocomp under a 124gr. MGJHP gives me 172PF in a STI Trubor. Shoots flat and clean. Good luck.
  8. orangeman711

    AR Mag Coupler Options

    I've been shooting the MBX package since it came out and it's the best combo I've ever used.
  9. orangeman711

    How many Divisions do you regularly compete in?

    Open, IDPA, and any multigun match I can find.
  10. orangeman711

    Range Bag

    Green Mountain makes an awesome range bag. Not to big, not to small, and lasts for years.
  11. orangeman711

    Barrel leading

    Thanks guys. I'll try everything suggested.
  12. orangeman711

    Barrel leading

    Thanks carharttfarmer. I've tried that. No matter what I use it takes me 20-30 minutes to get all the lead out.
  13. orangeman711

    Barrel leading

    No it's lead. Patch comes out with lead on it continiously. I use everything imaginable, Hoppe's, RB17, and everything else I have and it's just a chore to get it all out.
  14. orangeman711

    Barrel leading

    Anybody having problems with Benelli barrels leading up when using Ranger 1oz. slugs? Both of my Benelli's seem to lead up really bad after 20 slugs and 50 bird shot or more at 3gun matches. Thanks for the info.
  15. orangeman711

    Texas star

    MGM is the best, plus they support the sport. Great guarantee and very innovative. Constantly coming up with new ideas.