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  1. You can't beat JP. Outstanding products and service.
  2. When God calls there is no turning back. Sorry for your loss.
  3. Are all Bushmaster uppers and lowers interchangeable with all mil spec uppers and lowers> Thanks.
  4. I've used Guga Ribas for years, no support, and never a problem.
  5. In the old days when the shooter was done the RO would call brassers, tapers, steel setters. Can't remember when or why this changed. May have something to do with our use once and throw away society.
  6. Yes. Kydex is all I use for 3gun.I'm shooting an STI in open with a thumb rest. Holster was made for me by Custom Concealed Wares in Bakersfield, Ca. Really great people to work with. Very reasonable with quick turnaround.
  7. Will an Arredondo speed assist from a Remington 1100/1187 work on a Versamax?
  8. What's the deal with the rubber band? Thanks
  9. Where do you get Boombahs?
  10. I have the same problem as Dons when loading 223. Can't remove the powder ck. and see in the case.
  11. Tried to order Benelli mag springs from TTI and they would not accept the parts off code. With or without the code shipping was more than the cost of the springs.
  12. 6.9grs. of Winchester Autocomp under a 124gr. MGJHP gives me 172PF in a STI Trubor. Shoots flat and clean. Good luck.
  13. I've been shooting the MBX package since it came out and it's the best combo I've ever used.
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