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  1. I was sorry to hear about this. It was a shock. May he Rest In Peace. He was a good guy and good shooter.
  2. Grease ring again???? Elongated, is not enlarged. We score skidders all the time. As long as the bullet penetrated the target from the front it scores. Jay
  3. While most of the comments here are right on, there has always been an issue about responsibility for the firearm. Unload, show clear, Boom has always been a DQ in the US. Under IPSC rules until the Range Command was changed, it was a warning. That is why, "Gun Clear, Hammer Down, Holster" was changed to "If Clear, Hammer Down, Holster." We tried hard to go to a common rule book in the early 2000's, but it fell apart. USPSA adding additional divisions and dropping others also made it hard. They are working to try to get closer, but.... IMHO.
  4. I unload every magazine and load using 100 round boxes. I never put more than 10 rounds in a mag. I grew up using a barney mag with my 1911. It makes it impossible to have too many rounds in the gun. I hate getting put into Open Division due to stupidity that can be easily prevented. But that's just me. Jay
  5. We will have a method in the future. All prematurely taped targets will require the RM be called in all instances. Prematurely taping a target is considered target scoring interference. Accidentally and/or misunderstood no problems, issue the reshoot if unable to get a valid score. However, in cases that cannot be reasonably explained or a pattern that gives an advantage or re-shoot after a bad run might be a little harder to explain to an experienced RM. I have seen cases where no reasonable explaination other than getting their buddy a reshoot would be plausible. Understand, the idea of the original post was if a target was blank when the RO arrived it would be scored as presented, i.e. blank. The advantage is no discussion on intent need be discussed. However, it was pointed out that it could be used to screw with a shooter instead of advantaging them. The poor shooter is being harmed and has no real recourse. I was in a situation where a single shooter on a squad had had 3 separate stages in one match with a prematurely taped target on each. That should be an issue to all of us. As to the other issue. If an RO sees the target before it is patched, the score can and usually stands. By rule if the target is prematurely patched by a RO it is a reshoot if no vailid score can be determined. This should be a rare situation. Jay
  6. As stated above by Radar Tech, Troy plans to leave the other divisions alone. Out of compliance a zero for the stage. He seems to agree with you that something that can be fixed should only affect the stage shot out of compliance. I do think multiple violations after being informed should have a stronger penalty, but we do not have an effective warning documentation system unlike IPSC. Jay
  7. The ruling was going to go into effect in 2015, but was stopped because of the requirement that changes to division requirements were limited to every two years. Limited and L-10 had just allowed 357 Sig to be major and any additional changes were prohibited. The thing that is important on the measurement is it must be taken from the top only. Many current holster set-ups were only legal if taken from the bottom which is hard to do while wearing the gear. Now the measurement must be taken from the top of the belt which will encourage ROs to easily take a measurement if it looks out of compliance. I see the rules committee are going to have to address the bump to Open for violators in the other divisions. Previously, if you were more than 2" only the Zero score was an option since all divisions were limited to 2". Jay
  8. That is a hotel key, thank you. And another great picture of my back/head. Jay
  9. The OP asked why. This was part of the fallout from the magazine of magazines. (6 Magazines held in one holder moved by a spring). When the Board clarified the rule to require all mags on the belt to be held in individual holders it was decided a magnet is not an individual mag pouch, because it is not a pouch. Seems pretty simple to me. That said it is a huge advantage in table start stages where the mags are all on the table. Having one on the belt but not using it is just asking for a problem because it will come back to bite you eventually. This is my opinion and recollection. Jay
  10. The USPSA Rule is simple. The course of fire starts with Make Ready and ends with Range is Clear. Period. The successful completion of the holster command is too subjective and many shooters just never let go the grip. Jay
  11. Never got to shoot with him, but ran him many many times. Never had a serious issue with him. Good person, great shooter and a gentleman. Go with God Mike. I'm sure it is getting to be a heck of a match up there. Prayers to Maggie, his friends and family. Jay
  12. For those who may be interested, this match was approved as a Level 3 USPSA Match. 14 stages, 273 rounds. Jay
  13. " IiiiiiiiiiiiFFFFFFF you are finished, ULSC". Or not. That is coaching and not allowed. Don't do that unless you do it for every shooter you run. Otherwise, it is not fair to the rest of the competitors, who actually had their head in the game. Yes, it sucks to be you. Bet you haven't done that again, eh! Jay
  14. Since I have seen shooters really trying miss badly, if the round(s) were in a safe direction generally in the direction of the target in question, it is hard to give a FTSA. Shooting the barrel, I agree is a bit much, but... The competitor will take the misses and avoid the potential for a -10 penalty for the no-shoot (s). I see this no different than competitors who will go for upper A/B zones to avoid a tight shot on the lower A-zone. The penalty may not be worth the risk. Jay
  15. Thanks to the range staff and my fellow Squad 2 members. We got to see how guns run in the cold, or not eh PCC guys.:). Maybe next year the weather will be middle of the road. Not too hot, not too cold and no rain. Jay (call me Joe Shooter) Worden
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