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  1. Shooter in question engaged target while standing still but from my vantage point leaned just enough to shoot aprox 2 inches into wall. Was clearly intentional. I dont fault ro for not catching it as on a feild course he has alot to watch. I think rule should that it is scored a miss.
  2. Non mesh wall clearly bullet went thru wall. Rule says reshoot. Sadly cheaters will cheat. Gotta get that brand ambassador Jersey somehow.
  3. First stage was poorly designed and ro pointed out it had happened already. Shooter tryed to burn it down and had several make up shots then shot last popper thru wall. On reshoot shot more in control .next stage hit a noshoot and later carefully shot popper thru wall. Told ro at end of stage i think i hit popper thru wall. Checked wall,sure enough hit on wall. Reshoot. As a master class shooter myself only thing that would come out of it would be grief if i pushed it. I have no respect for this shooter to this day. I think he won the match or top 3. Do initials W.D. fit?
  4. Saw it done on 2 consecutive stages a few years ago at area 8 in va. By someone who is now a well regarded GM.
  5. At a half assed pin shoot.shooter loads and makes ready with1911 45. Realizes his ear muffs are around neck and puts them on with both hands while still holding gun! Nothing was said to him. That's when I left , don't need someones brains on me.
  6. Have seen a bullet ride the top rim of a bbl and get spit back and hit shooter. Left quite the mark. I put them rim down.
  7. Have shot down to negative # with no issue. Just oil. No gun issue that is hands another story.
  8. Barnhart never used a core that I know of. After Tasco pdp3 he was involved in development of the holo sight with Bushnell and used that.
  9. First large match I ever shot was a thing called steel and paper challenge in Topton pa.1989 I think. Was first match Jerry Barnhart used a red dot sight at. Doug Koenig was there. I remember hearing more experienced people say what is Jerry thinking? You can't shoot a scope as fast as iron. Needless to sayhe crushed everyone. After that every match you shot you saw more and more optics. When Doug won nationals with Springfield p9 next year Bill Wilson cut 2 1911's apart and welded up a hi cap frame for Jerry that took p9 mags .
  10. A really fast first shot will never win you a match but it can cost you a few.
  11. Note that metric flat heads are 90 degree csk and English are 82 degree. If mount is set up for 5-40 csk will have to be cut to 90 degree.
  12. I agree with George that this is always a fantastic match. Just like all matches Joe runs . Monthly matches here are the best on the east coast if not country wide. George did contact me to apologize and as I told him none was necessary. George has always had my utmost respect. I understand the work that goes into running a monthly match never mind a major having been a match director for 28 years and counting. I hope I wasn't wrong to inquire with nroi for clarification of this ruling. Barry Ruane TY16248
  13. Rule quoted was 8.7.4 . I got one. I contacted nroi for clarification. This was an improper interpretation of the rule . Prematurely patched targets are covered by 9.1.3 . What if the guilty party has already shot the stage ? What if he has finished the match. Once a score sheet is signed by both competitor and R.O it cant be changed See 9.7.4
  14. mid Atlantic sec meeting
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