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  1. At a half assed pin shoot.shooter loads and makes ready with1911 45. Realizes his ear muffs are around neck and puts them on with both hands while still holding gun! Nothing was said to him. That's when I left , don't need someones brains on me.
  2. Have seen a bullet ride the top rim of a bbl and get spit back and hit shooter. Left quite the mark. I put them rim down.
  3. Have shot down to negative # with no issue. Just oil. No gun issue that is hands another story.
  4. Barnhart never used a core that I know of. After Tasco pdp3 he was involved in development of the holo sight with Bushnell and used that.
  5. First large match I ever shot was a thing called steel and paper challenge in Topton pa.1989 I think. Was first match Jerry Barnhart used a red dot sight at. Doug Koenig was there. I remember hearing more experienced people say what is Jerry thinking? You can't shoot a scope as fast as iron. Needless to sayhe crushed everyone. After that every match you shot you saw more and more optics. When Doug won nationals with Springfield p9 next year Bill Wilson cut 2 1911's apart and welded up a hi cap frame for Jerry that took p9 mags .
  6. A really fast first shot will never win you a match but it can cost you a few.
  7. Note that metric flat heads are 90 degree csk and English are 82 degree. If mount is set up for 5-40 csk will have to be cut to 90 degree.
  8. I agree with George that this is always a fantastic match. Just like all matches Joe runs . Monthly matches here are the best on the east coast if not country wide. George did contact me to apologize and as I told him none was necessary. George has always had my utmost respect. I understand the work that goes into running a monthly match never mind a major having been a match director for 28 years and counting. I hope I wasn't wrong to inquire with nroi for clarification of this ruling. Barry Ruane TY16248
  9. Rule quoted was 8.7.4 . I got one. I contacted nroi for clarification. This was an improper interpretation of the rule . Prematurely patched targets are covered by 9.1.3 . What if the guilty party has already shot the stage ? What if he has finished the match. Once a score sheet is signed by both competitor and R.O it cant be changed See 9.7.4
  10. mid Atlantic sec meeting
  11. FYI don't think there are any earned slots next year except for top 16 at nationals(I believe this the new policy). no slots will be distributed to clubs .All will be wait list.
  12. would have been nice if it was common knowledge when the waitlist would open. I happened to go on the uspsa web site Tuesday morning to see if it was posted when it would open to see that it opened Monday night. of the six people I was planning to shoot with 2 have had to back out because they had to put in for vacation earlier in the year (foolish them they picked the dates that were published) . The rest of us are separated on different squads. Not sure who's idea it was to dribble out slots slowly over a week so a lot of people will not get to shoot with who they are rooming with and sharing a car with but I hope they aren't getting paid for the idea. Judging by the aprox 130 or more empty slots in the pre match I don't think its working.
  13. 15th Nationals , Things I learned at first and fallow to this day. Skip shooters meeting (Bla bla bla ,180 trap, bla bla bla,shoot thru, bla bla bla) Don't expect Gee wiz stages (400 shooters with limmited time to reshoot 20 people) Always one RO who Has Athori-tay(Cartman) that must be respected !!!! (stage 11 open) Awards,Show up ,look for squad mates/Past squad mates , say hey,nice shooting,Find bar ,come back 1Hr later for prizes if you did well enough to get something worth the wait. Above all Best way to spend vacation Shoot 6 stages,Drink,Talk about shooting Shoot 6 stages,Drink,Talk about shooting Shoot 6 stages,Drink,Talk about shooting Wouldent miss it. Barry
  14. I had the same thing a few years ago. Doctor perscribed Anti -inflam.(meloxicam 15 Mg).Cleared it up in 2 weeks to point i could shoot pain free.For last 2 years I take them for a few days before a major match and have no problems. Barry
  15. Try shooting the gun at a real distance. 10 yards tells you nothing.Had a friend with the same problem a few years ago ,was shooting at 10 yards and first shot was off. Sent gun to another gunsmith,spent a few hundred dollars on new link,refit barrel ect. Got gun back, same thing. finnaly found out by shooting gun at 25 yds. that plated bullets he was useing were loosing jackets and grouping 10 inches at 25 yards. Switched to jacketed ,problem cured. Barry
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