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  1. Magazines all 20 years old and going strong. Never had to tune any.. replace springs once a year.
  2. Barrel 80000-10000 rds. Slide usually 50000-100000. Frame and guts I'll let you know .have 2 old sti framed guns both 250000 +++.
  3. Most likely a slight flinch. Randomly load dummy rounds in mag and shoot groups. When gun goes click instead of boom what do sights do?
  4. Do your hands turn colors when cold ,look pale ,almost dead? Could be Rynons syndrome ( im sure thats spelled wrong). I have had it as long as I could remember. Sometimes hit as warm as 50 degrees .Got much worse when I went on blood pressure medication. Mentioned it to dr. Changed medication to one that opens up capillaries. Made a huge difference. Have mentioned to other people who's drs. Have given them prescription for use before cold weather matches.
  5. This is my point about reverse engineering rules. Reverse engineered removing hand is also holstered. I don't disagree its a dq but the fact that so many people are getting it wrong on down range when usually the posted question the vast majority get it right says something. I've seen ros cros and range masters enforce "their version "of rules at major matches.
  6. Rule10.2.1 is often "reversed engineered" by placing targets a extreme angles around walls outside of shooting area and r.o. calling penalties for the back of shooters hand brushing wall . Rule specifically says "gains support" . Same rule says penalties for" touching" ground outside of fault line ."touching" is reverse engineered to gaining support.
  7. Rule 8.5.2 when is it considered "placed" for the purpose of issuing a dq?
  8. Perhaps this rule should be addressed in rule book. I couldn't find a clear definition of when the act of holstering is completed . reverse engineering a rule for penalties is b.s. and worse for a dq.
  9. Thanks for the clarification George. Might be a good subject for Troy's monthly rules blog." Hard to look up what we teach"
  10. Good evening George. Was hoping you would weigh in. My question was the ro quoted a rule that gun was considered holstered the moment the trigger was covered by top of holster . I couldn't find that rule.
  11. Thats the rule your reverse engineering. Dont see a rule defining at what point a gun is holstered.
  12. Not looking to argue but wasn't aware reverse engineering rules was a thing.
  13. I shoot nothing but 1911. Were talking about holstering a loaded gun.
  14. Agreed. Have no idea why people don't engage safe as soon as they are done shooting but for all the range lawyers out there I can see an argument could be made.
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