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  1. I shot this stage with no problem as did hundreds of other people. Put lock on on my holster. Have to know your equipment. That said it was a stupid requirement. Dropping a loaded gun that may have a 1 pound trigger is more dangerous to everyone than sweeping your hand. You can sweep yourself on most stages. This is a dq. And how not to is a skill you need to acquire .
  2. Stage description said ballot (actually called widget) had to be retrieved and placed in bucket with "strong hand only"was much discussion about this on friday when I shot it.
  3. I suggest that everyone that thinks everyone else is doing it wrong start running a club the way it should be done.
  4. I am a m classshooter and shot with several m class shooters and watched several gm shooters shoot it and all shot it the way this guy shot it. But that's beside the point.
  5. These targets were only visable from this angle .1 step down range and they disappeared behind wall.520 shooters of unknown skill 4rounds each side of range (stage was mirror image) well over 4000 rounds fired with ro in this position. Putting yourself in this position is foolish. As a C.r.o or range master allowing it or worse yet telling someone to stand there is the definition of negligence. If you disagree look at it this way. Your on range practicing and someone else wants to shoot at his targets 20 feet to the right while your tapering targets I'll bet a heated discussion would be had.
  6. Yes r.o is well up range of target from his prospective. But at 45 feet from gun this only about 2" of muzzle movement. It's like walking into traffic in city without looking because your in the crosswalk and cars must stop by law. Yes your technically in the right but still dead if someone makes a mistake. If you feel putting yourself in this position to be able to dq a shooter for a 1 degree infraction then mabey r.oing isn't for you.
  7. Been shooting this game since 89 or 90. Started running matches at home club within 3 months of shooting my first match and had been match director ever since. Back then each club in area would design set up and run a stage at area championships. I've set up and run stages at many area 8 area 7, section and state championships. Then as a ro you shot with a regular squad while other club personal ran stage then switched next day. Shooters used to actually get prizes for doing well. Then we went to full time r.os that work whole match. I'm a shooter first so I stopped working major matches. Now
  8. Welcome to area 8. Lots of great R.Os. growing # of dq. happy ones. I shot this match and every area 8 for last 25 + years. So common I dont even notice it anymore. I have set up and run stages at many area and other major matches in the past but last time I tried to r.o. at a major I found I no longer fit in with the new professional r.os. so I just shoot.
  9. Few years ago at open nationals saw ro call a miss while I was taping that was an obvious hit. Dident tape target and told shooter to challenge it .took some convincing but when he called to over she said" I was wondering if anyone would challenge that one"??????. Was a hit. Last years nationals had ro. go out of his way to call me over to look at a miss he called on a 2 stage on 1 pit stage when I was on other stage during scoring. Was far out. Some ros great some not so much.
  10. Gun must run 100%. All small adjustments to load or gun after that feel different for the first few shots then your still the same flawed shooter you were with the old gun setup or load. Practice practice practice.
  11. Open. Top end before a major or 5000 rds. Lower 2 weeks before nationals. 10000-15000 Rds. No problems for past 30 years.
  12. By comparing your hit factor to the highest hit factor on record.
  13. Make you shoot the gun at least 25 yards. 50 is better. Before you settle on plated bullets. Often start to shed plating and become wildly inaccurate at distance.
  14. A look at the case head of the round that was in chamber at the time would tell alot. If primer pocket is grossly oversize excess pressure. If normal looking except for missing front part of caseing barrel steel failure.
  15. Right handed ,racker on right. Some people make a big deal out of what side racker is on but it makes on difference once you are used to it. If sideways mounted more gun is already propped.
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