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  1. Thomas H

    pcc starts

    Since you can hold it on your strong side (stock touching strong side hip) and with your weak hand holding it by the forearm, with your strong hand relaxed at your side right next to the grip, that's a legal start position. It isn't forcing you to hold it on your weak side, merely with your weak hand. Personally, I don't like start positions like this because I prefer to have PCC shooters start with both hands on the gun. But it is still legal.
  2. Thomas H PCC muzzle

    You do? When on the line in front of an RO? What rule is that? (If you are talking about the Safety Area, sure. But....none of the comments regarding PCC and such were about the safety area, so I'm not sure what you mean here.)
  3. Thomas H PCC muzzle

    I personally don't care, because if it is held correctly, then it shouldn't be a problem. ....shouldn't. However, that's separate from what the rules say, and I see where they are coming from because if people are fiddling with optics while holding the gun in random places, they are MUCH more likely to stop paying attention to the direction of the muzzle, and then it turns into a safety issue. So I'll follow the rules, and remind people to not mess with the optics anywhere but on the line under the direction of an RO, or in a safety area. It does seem pretty straightforward to me. Don't fiddle with stuff unless in a safety or on the line, just like a handgun.
  4. Thomas H PCC muzzle

    I personally think half the problem with the "muzzle up OR down" thing is that each works best in different situations. For example, when carrying the PCC, muzzle up almost always means that the muzzle is above your head height. Really hard to sweep anyone. Conversely, when in a cart, muzzle-down generally has the PCC pointing at the base/wheels of the cart, so again, really hard to sweep anyone. Carrying the opposite way in both cases gives entirely to many chances to sweep others, IMO. (Muzzle-up in a cart is simply going to sweep people, because the muzzle itself is so low. Carrying muzzle-down doesn't make it likely to sweep someone, but it is MORE likely than if carried muzzle-up with the muzzle above the carrier's head.) People don't necessarily pay attention to that, though. One thing I'm making sure to remind my local shooters about is the "you can't do anything but uncase at the berm, so don't fiddle with the dot because it is a DQ" thing. I get why the rule is that way, but people will be people, and they are treating the berm like a temporary safety area, and that's a problem.
  5. I must admit, the ONLY thing I really detest about the new rulebook is how you can't do a good, simple search for a rule using the app. Seriously, you can't search for "10.5" in the app. It won't take it. Wasn't the POINT of the app to be able to do this easily?! Sheesh. (As others have also said, download the rules as a PDF, and use the free Adobe reader for it---you can do USEFUL searches that way.)
  6. This, by the way, is why I don't understand the problem people are having. People want the organization to print/bind/make rulebooks for everyone (or create a "low-cost copy", and send them to everyone---even though you could print it on your own for $5, or if you want something slightly more special, head to the local copy center and for less than $10, get a bound edition. ...I mean, if I'm printing one out, I'm going to print it out full-size (because then not only is it easier to read, but it is easier to point out to someone else specific rules). It isn't like it is hard to do, or expensive. Heck, most copy centers will let you show up with a file on a USB drive to print out---you don't even need to have printed out an original copy. As for the "now they can change things all the time anytime" crowd, it is like the bylaws just don't exist for people. Whether they print a copy or not makes no difference to rule changes and interpretations occurring, or their time frame. Personally, I'm planning on using a large personal tablet I've got, when I'm CRO-ing a stage (or being an RM). Easy to read, search, etc---and will always be up to date. When I'm an RM, that's how I'm going to have the rulebook.
  7. There's a BIG difference between "among the general shooters" and "people who go and shoot Nationals." It wouldn't surprise me in the slightest if the % of striker-fired guns at Level I matches in Production is HUGE compared to the % at Nationals.
  8. Thomas H

    Steel Challenge Nationals for 2019

    That's outstanding!
  9. Thomas H

    Ruger 10/22 Question

    ...and the mag thing is interesting to me, because over the years shooting various 10/22s for various reasons, I've had more problems with factory Ruger 10/22 10-round mags than I have with 25-rounders. And for me, of all things, the Champion (clear, with green plastic followers) 25-round mags have been ridiculously reliable. The BX-25 ones have worked out just fine, also, AS LONG AS I keep wiping down the front of the mag lips. I probably have a good 8-9 10-rounders that aren't reliable, though. The good thing is that right now, mags for 10/22s aren't expensive.
  10. Thomas H


    Ruger Mark II with the long bull barrel. Threw in a Volquartsen hammer and sear combination, changed out the front sight for a fiber optic, and added the extended mag release mostly so that when I lend it out to people they have an easier time reloading it. Originally, I thought that the long bull barrel would make it slower for me, so I also tried a Ruger Mark III 22/45 with the short bull barrel (and the same hammer/sear/FO front sight mods as above). The Mark II was still demonstrably faster.
  11. Thomas H

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    I called them and said "Hey, since this just happened AND I paid for two separate Life memberships..." And so they gave me a choice: either a refund for one of the Life membership costs, or upgrade to a B. At the time, I needed the money more than I needed the "B" prefix. I'm not surprised about SC---it is a great sport for everyone. Both for new folks, AND for people who have been shooting awhile. We get a number of people who start in SC, then get interested in USPSA, and end up doing both. SC is by far our biggest draw for people new to the shooting sports. I track our shooters locally with regard to what matches they shoot, and how many, but I am not going to assume that our club is representative of anything other than our local area. It would be interesting to see how many people just stick with one sport, though, and if there is any commonality of demographic.
  12. The 2019 Great Plains Steel Challenge Championship, a Level II SC match, will be held on April 27th and 28th , 2019, at the Eastern Nebraska Gun Club near Louisville, NE. Cost: $35 for the first division, $15 for all additional divisions. Shooters may compete in up to six divisions. Competitors will squad and shoot in a half-day format. Meaning: each squad will shoot all 8 stages in a half-day block—squads will shoot either the morning or the afternoon on each day, and complete the match for the divisions shot in that half-day section. As such there will be four shooting blocks available for competitors to shoot the match (Saturday morning, Saturday afternoon, Sunday morning, and Sunday afternoon) with seven squads per block. Competitors may shoot up to 2 divisions per block. Registration is via Practiscore (of course!) and information, the registration link, the payment link, and the matchbook are available on the match website at https://enps.us/matches/major-matches/great-plains-steel-challenge-championship This is a a plaques match, though there WILL some random-draw prizes. See the match website for details. See you at the match!
  13. Thomas H

    In the ear electronic plugs

    At all? Yikes. That sucks. (This thread has me thinking I need to check my insurance, because I really don't like wearing over-the-head ear pro. I know that hearing aids for measured hearing loss is covered, and I have an HSA I could use for this....)
  14. Thomas H

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    Since this isn't about me, I'm thinking pretty much all of that is irrelevant to the topic. Not to mention fairly sad as an attempt to make a point. It is also interesting coming from someone who has recorded match scores in SC only for the last two years. But that would make you a good person to ask: Were you shooting SC matches prior to that, as a non-member? Were you already a member of USPSA, so that getting a membership wasn't anything extra once you starting shooting SC? That's a good question for most folks here---I wonder what percentage of us shot USPSA before we started Steel Challenge, and thus already had the membership? Did anyone start in SC, and immediately get the membership? If not, how many matches did you shoot before you got it? Did you shoot any Level II matches first? For those who had the USPSA membership first----how long did you shoot USPSA before getting a membership? Was "being able to shoot a Level II match" one of the reasons you ended up getting a USPSA membership? (My expectation is that if people like the sport enough to read and discuss things here, they probably didn't have any issues with spending the money on a membership, because those of use who spend time here tend to be really into the sport. So it'll be interesting to hear how many people still shot a number of matches before joining.) Anyone have an idea what percentage of their local match entries are from people who aren't members? Anyone track how many of those folks go on to later get memberships? For me, for example, I got my membership to USPSA after my second local USPSA match (A52525 at the time). After USPSA bought SCSA, my club affiliated there also, and I bought that membership, too. Pretty soon after that, I bought separate Life memberships to both organizations---about 3 months before they said "Hey, membership in one counts for both!" So for me, since I was already shooting matches, the minute I knew I could shoot affiliated matches, I joined up, even though it was a separate membership fee at the time. But far as I can tell, most shooters who come out to shoot local matches don't necessarily think that way. (I think it was a great idea to make it a combined USPSA/SCSA membership, because I think it'll pull people more easily into both sports, which is what we want.) Zach, does USPSA keep track of the number of people who are membership who shoot USPSA-only, or SC-only? And track those numbers over time? I wonder how many members only participate in one sport, and if there is any particular demographic where that trend is more obvious.
  15. Thomas H

    SC Level II match membership requirement

    This was in response to lawboy's original comment of: "I don't want to pay dues, paint targets, and wait my turn behind your friends who are too cheap to pay the dues. They can go play golf. Yeah, yeah, new shooters ... we do not need them." Interesting viewpoint, since non-members pay the same match fees (which support the sport), and paint/reset the stages just like everyone else. And like I said, I'm personally for growing the sport by pulling in more people. But that's me.