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  1. I recently "upgraded" my 650 to use the phenolic ball and lighter spring for the shellplate index. I soon started getting crushed (sideways) primers intermittently. Cleaning everything, shellplate, primer ring etc didn't seem to help. While watching the shellplate index, it didn't always get all the way home. The shellplate notches were not centered on the primer punch at station 2 on occasion. Loading 9mm using WSP. I re-installed the Dillon OEM steel ball and spring and all seems well.
  2. The AMG Commander has many configurable options, configs can be saved to several presets and retrieved, can be used for dryfire, BT interface with Practiscore (the time from the AMG will go over to the scoring tablet) and can be used with Practiscore Log app for training purposes. It runs forever on 3 AA batts.
  3. I noticed the other day while installing the Apex FSS kit that the ejector had a lot of lateral play. It still functioned though. I dug a new ejector out of my parts box today and compared the two. The new version is noticeably thicker. After installing it, there was very little lateral play. It will be interesting to see if the ejection is more consistent now.
  4. I've had good luck with Dillon dies in my 650. With the Hundo doing QA, I'm good to go!
  5. AMG Commander. Hands down the best.
  6. Didn't know him but his products have treated me very well over the years.
  7. Put an 8MOA on my CO gun. I haven't run it in a match yet. Sighting in went fine. Running drils etc I am happy with the 8MOA dot. It's early obviously, but I like the FTP.
  8. I'd get everything back to stock configuration, fire some factory ammo and see how the gun runs with those 10 round mags. Make one change at a time and verify operation.
  9. I can turn out a BUNCH of ammo pretty quickly on my 650, especially since I added Mr. Bulletfeeder It is simply amazing frankly. No, I've never loaded on a 1050 or an 1100. I'm not sure either one would turn out better ammo or do it faster than my 650. But since I've never loaded ammo on either, I can't say that with certainty. There's a reason Dillon makes them and they sell them. If I had unlimited funds (and shot a LOT more than I do), I'd get an 1100 for the swaging/primer seating adjustment (and automate it) but I'm getting along fine with the 650 as is. (I do have a Dillon Super Swager bolted to the bench alongside the 650 to swage the occasional crimped brass.) Bottom line, for me, it comes down to $$$$.
  10. Okay. The guy was an Army Ranger regardless.
  11. Something about a Ranger tab is in the mix as well.
  12. As an RO, that's how I interpret the rule. Tie down rigs are illegal.
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