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  1. You can buy a scotchbrite sanding disc that fits in your drill. I used one last weekend to smooth out a crappy undercut job on an open pistol I just acquired. It smoothed it nicely and doesn't get overly aggressive.
  2. Hear hear!!! I fully agree with Mike's statements. No two guns are exactly the same and so pressures and loads will have to be adjusted based on the gun. I read a thread on here from a guy who actually has a load he likes and then builds his gun to fit the load. Chicken egg, egg chicken...it all comes down to trial and error until you find what feels and performs right for you. The opinions on here are generally great starting points of reference not facts for everyone!
  3. I know this topic has been beat to death but just making sure there aren't any new Stage Design software programs that I am not aware of. Of course I would prefer free but I just want to know what is the best software available at this time. Thanks in advance!
  4. Grand Junction is an American Airlines hub. The airport is fantastic as you don't pay for parking and you can be in and through security in a matter of minutes. There are quality hotels within a couple minutes and it is all close to I-70 which takes you strait to the range about 15 minutes east of the airport. If they have direct flights to my destination it is my first choice of airports that I am near.
  5. I can second the KKM's. Put one in each of my Performance Center 9mm's and it decreased my shot diameter from 2-3" using stock barrels to around 1". These were simply drop in barrels too.
  6. Fully agree with RJH. Stick with an entry level polymer to learn with so as not to break the bank. After a few months and getting used to the rules and styles of guns other shooters have; then make a decision if you want to venture into something that requires a larger investment. Good luck and have fun!
  7. Not dumb Iroy!!! You are right we each hold a little differently. Most important is experimenting with a ton of repetition until you find what fits your style best. Of course there are the fundamentals but practice, practice, and more practice will prove what works for you and maybe not someone else. Like you said take it with a grain of salt but I think you are correct in your statements.
  8. Yep and if you start posting frequently to reach 50 posts so you can post in classifieds they will reset your post count and put you on probation. True story! Even if you are a long time member of the forum.
  9. Shoot an Open 2011 major. Carry an LCR or Shield. I have found the LCR takes a little getting used to after shooting a full sized 2011 but the Shield, all though not as heavy, has a similar feel to my 2011 and is natural to shoot with after shooting a major open gun.
  10. I did the same thing back in the day. Once I went 2011 everything else was subpar.
  11. PD? Not familiar with those. I use RMR cause they are the best price I’ve found.
  12. I agree but I am poor and cheap so I stick to fmj’s
  13. Sarge is right about getting your info on this form. Also most the data s online now too. So books are great to have around if you need to set something on them
  14. I use what ever is on sale...just make sure to test your firing pin spring out before you take the ammo to a match. Don't want a lite strike, but I have been fine as long as I changed my spring out before a match.
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