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  1. theWacoKid

    2011 slide/frame fitting

    Personally, I don't think I've taken that much off, but I'd do it without hesitation and wouldn't consider any other option. Could it be a problem? I guess I'd be willing to find out since I can't come up with why it would be a problem and I've yet to see or have a slide failure in that area. It's three other areas I'm always worried about.
  2. theWacoKid

    Texas Star Order

    I've found two viable methods. Both require starting at the top which controls the rotation of the star once unbalanced. Method one is to start at the top and zig zag down. Done right you'll have very little rotation of the star to deal with. Method two is start at the top and work your way around clockwise or counterclockwise. With this method you want the star to rotate opposite the direction you're shooting it and plates should begin coming into your point of aim and all the plates will end up in a nice pile. I normally zig zag but yesterday we shot a star where the right plates were hidden behind hard cover barrels. In this case I wanted the star rotating clockwise so all plates could be shot on the left and I wouldn't get stuck trying to shoot an obscured plate on the right. Practice both, use as necessary.
  3. theWacoKid

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    Also covered in the rules as DQ. That's 180 and sweeping yourself. Haha.
  4. theWacoKid

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    Already covered in rules as DQ. Dropped gun.
  5. theWacoKid

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    DQ's for AD's are very specifically defined in the rule book. If you fire a shot during a simple transition it is not a DQ unless it goes over the berm or hits the ground within 10 feet of you (or would've hit the ground 10 feet from you if not hitting a prop). The rule is very specific on this. What rule did they cite for the DQ? Basically you can't get DQ'd for firing a round while standing still unless it travels over the berm or lands within 10 ft. Shooting through a wall isn't actually relevant as far as the rule book is concerned. I only think you can't do that if it's intentional. If there was movement (more than a step as defined) things change, but in my opinion a transition is the process of "shooting at targets" so there's a gray area if the round didn't clear the berm or hit the ground within 10 ft. If you were strictly moving it doesn't matter where the AD goes, it's an AD while moving DQ. Again, all spelled out clearly in the rule book in section 10.4.
  6. theWacoKid

    Sources for Chamber Reamers

    Manson is about .380" and .394". From what I can tell everyone seems to make their reamers at the minimum chamber diameters plus a touch, which generally would make sense. I may try and have one made at max minus a touch.
  7. theWacoKid

    Sources for Chamber Reamers

    I won't be at Sburg Saturday. Some general measurements will help me get an idea on what to explore. Clymer does mention on their site that reamers are made SAAMI minimum plus 0.0005". If that's the case, this isn't the off-the-shelf reamer I'm looking for. Looks like I'm either going to get a custom reamer made or chamber the thing in the lathe.
  8. theWacoKid

    Sources for Chamber Reamers

    Would you be able to take some dimensions for me? I'll do the same with a Manson. Diameter at the end which would be the bottom of the chamber and diameter let's say 0.750" back from the end. I assume we're talking finish reamers.
  9. I'm looking for sources to check out for 9x19 chamber reamers. I've been using Manson's stuff exclusively so far, but looking to get something a little more on the larger side of chamber tolerances. Anybody have experience with different vendors and what they provide? I'm looking to get chamber dimensions more inline with my 9x19 SVI Ulti-match barrel which I have found eats ammo without prejudice whereas the chambers in my KKM's that have been cut with a reamer are a little tighter.
  10. theWacoKid

    CK Arms 2011 grip safety issue

    Now that I can see the pictures better I do see a large gap between the grip and frame. That could be the issue since it will allow the mainspring housing to pull away from the bottom of the grip safety where it should retain it. Grip to frame connection is always a heavy hitter for many problems.
  11. theWacoKid

    CK Arms 2011 grip safety issue

    I don't see anything wrong other than MSH isn't capturing the bottom of the grip safety. Easy fix. Pin it or try another MSH.
  12. theWacoKid

    9mm Extractor tuning ??

    Every split or popped piece of brass I've ever experienced has ejected fine. In practice I will evaluate every malfunction and have done that for years now. For me, it's never been a split or broken piece of brass.
  13. theWacoKid

    9mm Extractor tuning ??

    I use a hundo that I've found to be on the tighter side. It is more forgiving than the DAA 20 pocket gauge I have but not as forgiving as the single gauge I have. If it plunks perfect in the hundo, it's good. If it doesn't plunk perfect in the hundo, but plunks in the single gauge, it's good enough for practice. If it won't plunk in the single then it becomes suspect.
  14. theWacoKid

    Building My Own Open Gun

    Let me know if you're still having issues this weekend. I'll help you figure it out.
  15. theWacoKid

    Proper size for Popple holes

    3/16" or bigger. I've stopped wasting time with anything less. The more the merrier.