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  1. I've yet to find a slide I'm happy with. I won't be using Caspian again anytime soon. The one I got was awful with tool marks especially in places that make life difficult such as the breech face and upper lugs. I cut mine up pretty light, 8.3 oz, and it cracked at the ejection port within 5 months. I also struggled with ejection and I blame it on the issues I had trying to clean up the breech face. CK's worked okay for me. Pretty good machining and much better for ejection. However, I've cracked them too in under 12 months. My primary gun right now is running good with a CK and I have started cutting as little as possible around the ejection port. Just a bit of a flat top to clear mounts. Don't think these are available anymore. I'm now trying SV slides. Definitely over priced but well machined. They have some different geometry and with not too much cutting I had mine sub 9 oz quickly. There are things I like and dislike about the ibf. Aftecs are super tight in the stock tunnel. I avoided the Tripp slides because if the 'USA' cut in the bottom of the reverse plug tunnel. Heard other problems since like those mentioned here. Word is STI may be improving but I've been scared to trust it yet. It's tough out there now.
  2. I agree 100%. However, how do we communicate suspicion between RO's, stages, matches, etc. in order to identify a pattern? Problem is when it happens at a single major match, it's a new set of RO's each time so they don't know the history of anything previous and will not be on the lookout for what could be a pattern of behavior. By the time a 3rd party catches on and notifies the MD or RM it's too late. I know there has been grumblings about this behavior before and I think it may be time to include reshoots with RO notes into practiscore. I think it's extremely rare, but has happened and it's wrong.
  3. Billet grip SV bow is only for SV billet grips. I avoid all triglide parts, haven't worked well for me when mixing parts, but that's on you.
  4. Technically I don't think there is an M2100. Is there?
  5. Pluck the bottom foam to fit a gun, place the next foam on top of it, place 2nd gun on top of that.
  6. Pelican Storm iM2100
  7. Pretty sure a "top shooter" will enjoy those extra match points which is the actual purpose. If you're shooting to play the classification game, I can't help you.
  8. I normally have about 10 mags in my bag. 170mm in my front pouch. If I'm planning a load, a 170mm in the second pouch otherwise it may be a 155 or 140. Normally start with 140 or 155 in the gun unless I'm shooting to more than 24 rounds or so. The point is, have plenty mags, learn what you prefer, but always be ready to do what fits the stage best. If I have a single problem that could possibly be mag related it's done for the day. Having at least two 170's is the bare minimum to get started with open.
  9. I ended up with a bunch of it new. I shoot it and keep it all together. It definitely has less case volume so the charge I use is 0.2 or so less. It works fine.
  10. A spring, rubber band, or the like will not seat bullets better, the dropper die can't push a bullet into the case. The only thing pushing the bullet in the case is the weight of the column of dropping bullets. You should use the top holes for the balls and top groove for the clip. The bullets fall farther and tamp little harder.
  11. Not sure I know of this guy. Who is it?
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