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  1. You're too late. Where you think I get all my springs?
  2. Every time with a new barrel I think "nice, I can bump my load down a touch" and then before you know it, I'm bumping right back up to where I was. The new barrel cycle.
  3. I always find my new kkm's to be very fast out of the box but slow down with use.
  4. I don't consider it stable until about 2k.
  5. The funny thing is I can argue the banners coming down and opening up the snow fence is a disadvantage. The ability to view through a snow fence and find a port has tripped me up more than I care to admit.
  6. Both feet outside the shooting area, one procedural per shot. If the 4 targets were all that were available from that spot the max number of procedurals would be 8 for this infraction.
  7. 4. While stepped cases do have reduced case volume the issue is the sharp transition in the case wall. Basically a textbook stress concentration where the case is highly stressed from a sharp change in hoop stiffness. After a few cycles of expansion, contraction, resize, expansion the corner will start a crack and come apart right at the step. This happens when reloading this brass no matter how hot it's loaded. Overcharges won't fail this way, stepped cases always do. Avoid it.
  8. I don't know who the guys are, but the basis of the argument is flawed. A 170 pf load does not shoot the same as a 130 pf load. In fact, myself and others stay as near as possible to the 165 floor because trial and error has shown even 168 vs 172 is noticeably better at 168. With a little time before an IPSC match, I'm shooting 163-165 pf. An open gun at the right sub-major load is awesome and so much better than major. The improvement is not quite enough, however, to offset the major scoring once you're going full-bore. So I think the net difference in scores would be less than people imagine.
  9. Yes, but never to a new one unless I'm 'breaking it in'. I keep about 5 used springs in my bag at different levels of trim to change how the gun feels. A gun should not need a new or heavy spring to run. Having said that a strong spring will power through 'problems'.
  10. Once it takes a set, that's when it's good. After it's broken in I never change it.
  11. They 'can' be turned. You will be pushing the stop plate through the clamping from the lock screw. Not a good thing. The windage will go counterclockwise (poi left) and do nothing because there is no positive engagement that direction, just a return spring that normally won't overcome the lock screw.
  12. Yes. I honestly don't think it'd be a real problem and have considered trying it. For me the RMR dot is visually the most crisp.
  13. Height, angles, and twist. Ideally you want a mag that runs for a baseline. Feed lips that are the right dimension are great, but if they're not true to the centerline of the gun you'll have inconsistent, uncontrolled feeding.
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