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  1. theWacoKid

    SVI wait time

    Didn't we learn about patience?
  2. theWacoKid

    Disconnector Hitting Sear

    From your descriptions and pictures I second everything Cha-Lee says. Everything looks to be working as designed except you have way too much over travel that isn't even being limited by the over travel screw.
  3. theWacoKid

    STI DVC Open 9 major for steel?

    Your gun is a good steel gun. Load up something with minimum book loads using a mid to slow powder. I've had good luck with 3n37, longshot, n105, and others. Drop in a 6 pound spring and you'll be ready to have fun.
  4. theWacoKid

    38 super comp brass

    Design intent or not the relevant thing is what it's capable of. 9mm+P is not a different case, it's just a different specification for the exact same ammunition that is designed for newer, properly made barrels. The brass has proven itself more than capable in guns designed to support loads at higher pressure specs.
  5. theWacoKid

    Infinity over travel screw size

    5/16" long
  6. theWacoKid

    Infinity over travel screw size

    It's 4-40, I just checked.
  7. theWacoKid

    38 super comp brass

    We are all continuing to sound like broken records on both sides of this issue. If you shoot 9 brass once you are wasting money even though it's still cheap. Many of us shoot it over and over and over without any problems and without "blow outs". My bucket of range brass gets loaded, shot in practice, picked up, loaded, shot in practice, and on and on. None of it was purchased new. I also run new brass in practice and after loading it a bunch it becomes match brass. I have yet to load any batch of brass, new or otherwise, to the death in 9mm. I also buy once fired same head stamp and sometimes that gets loaded just the once to lose at a match. I load with powders on the slower end of the spectrum. I have also been loading and shooting 38 super comp with new brass, purchased used brass, and range stuff I've picked up. It is meh and up to this point I haven't found it to be any tangible improvement from 9 major. Without a doubt it is more expensive in the long run. The best thing about it is how nice it stacks in mags, which only satisfies my OCD. As far as skimping on ammo cost, like I keep bringing up, the $5-7k dollar gun is the cheap part and it is expendable. I will feed it whatever runs, works, and allows me to shoot the most because that's where all my money is actually spent.
  8. theWacoKid

    Infinity over travel screw size

    Hex size is 0.050" so it's probably a 4-40. Take it with you to verify, but I could confirm what it actually is tonight.
  9. It is a legal target. "Appearing" target doesn't show up in the rulebook much. But it is defined as a target which isn't visible until activated or revealed. Reading just to the level of the text, an appearing target is just one that's designed to be hidden, but any activating or moving target is not necessarily required to be hidden. I think this kind of goes along with the level I rule where you can specify a target must be activated prior to engagement. At a level II if you want it hidden, you must hide it. If you want it showing prior to activation, then show it. My point is, being able to see a moving target at rest prior to activation is not grounds for throwing out a stage based on an illegal target. Again, if you want it hidden, hide it. Same SC match as we've discussed had another interesting and very good activating target. The headbox was available prior to activation from a rear position eliminating the need to move to a closer position. The optional route was to run to the port, activate, and shoot the whole moving target from a closer position. Not an illegal target and not an illegal stage. I think it's a good tool for stage designers to have to challenge shooters.
  10. I can't disagree very hard because I used to read it the same way. But my only question now is, does it? Reason being is incur means "become subject to". Which can be read that FTSA and misses would apply if applicable (this is important because disappearing targets normally are not subject to these penalties). But how can you give a FTSA and miss penalties to a target that was both shot at and hit the required number of times? There are other rules in the rule book that shows those are scoring hits and that the target has been shot at. I honestly don't know, but I see both sides.
  11. Rule? I thought the same thing, but I was challenged to find the rule and couldn't. If it's in the stage brief, sure. Otherwise there's no penalty for not activating a moving target that you shoot without activating.
  12. Great, another rule I've run into confusion on. From the most recent interpretation I've heard is 9.9.3 applies to disappearing targets that would normally not incur FTSA and miss penalties. This only keeps you from not activating a moving target that is disappearing and that you plan to skip. Otherwise, shooting a mover with all hits before activating means there is no way you can apply a FTSA or miss pentalties, the target was engaged and shot. For these targets it must be in the written stage briefing that it must be activated in order to apply a penalty for not activating.
  13. It's exploited like this. https://youtu.be/hNagQZM72Cg?t=80 Totally allowed by the current rules.
  14. Standing on the backside of walls when they are part of the shooting boundary is a big way to game and has been exploited at many majors. Was a big hitter at SC this past year. I'm not sure, but I think new proposed rules are aimed at eliminating this.
  15. theWacoKid

    What to do with the extra bullet

    I dunno then. says "in any string". Does "in any string" apply to the actions the rule defines or does "in any string" apply to "fewer shots than specified"? I've always understood it to mean stacking penalties apply to actions during the string and not across strings. The reason is if you perform the actions across strings you will already be penalized by extra shots so there's no reason to apply stacking. Stacking really covers the instances when targets in a string are shot improperly while firing the correct number of rounds. Also, you are penalizing the shooter twice for one shot. The second shot on the first target first string is the basis for you applying an extra shot and stacking penalty. We were told specifically in RO class that a single shot will never accrue multiple procedurals except in the case of an extra shot also ending up as an extra hit.