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  1. theWacoKid

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    This isn't going to happen unless your buff reaches into the reverse plug. Again, the final compressed height of the spring is the same with or without the buff. That height is the internal length of the reverse plug.
  2. theWacoKid

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    It adds an extra 0.1" of preload on the spring in battery. It also shortens the slide's stroke (and thus deflection from the preloaded length) by 0.1". But in the end, the fully compressed height of the spring at full travel is the same because the spring is still just compressed inside the reverse plug at full stroke in either case.
  3. theWacoKid

    Is it ok to shorten recoil springs

    We cut springs all the time. It works well as a tuning tool. How a spring works when cut is no theory, it's physics. When you remove coils from a given spring, that spring will indeed have a higher rate. However, the free length is now different, the amount it is preloaded while the gun is in battery is different, and the amount that spring is compressed from free length at the end of the slide's stroke is different. So while the rate is higher, in the end the forces the spring will output in the same gun are smaller because it is compressed less from its free length which accounts for more loss in force than the increase from the higher rate. Not theory, physics.
  4. theWacoKid

    RTS2 or DPP

    Just for context, that's a good month for some.
  5. theWacoKid

    Practice session round count

    200 rounds for me is kind of an equipment test/confidence session before leaving for a match. I agree, it's a little shy of getting in the practice groove and attaining enlightenment. We're all individual. I'd suggest this. Mix it up. Plan a session of 200 rounds. If you are feeling good and like what's happening, turn that day into your 400 day. Then go back to 200 per day the next week and do the same. See what you think of the different approach.
  6. theWacoKid

    Super light open gun

    Actually, the complex profiles and such associated with nailing a good grip is not a trivial matter. I'm sure all models of current grips are closely guarded for good reason. Companies won't even let models of magwells leave the building. I'm not saying you can't find a skilled modeler willing to do it out of passion for free, but you've got to find the right person with the right tools and the right knowledge. Same deal. Scanners are expensive and the models they generate require a good amount of clean-up. Not to mention you're probably infringing on someone else's work. All 1911 drawings are available now, and maybe a traditional grip is too, but I haven't seen it yet.
  7. theWacoKid

    Super light open gun

    The printer access is probably the easier part, where you going to get your model?
  8. theWacoKid

    Super light open gun

    Here's the thing. Imagine that "extra" grip pressure required for a light gun applied equally to a gun that shoots inherently softer. How good would that be?
  9. theWacoKid

    Super light open gun

    Compensation is no cure-all. Therefore all the physical truths to managing recoil with non-compensated guns applies to compensated guns. So just because you have compensation it doesn't mean you automatically forego all other options to tune gun behavior. Weight and balance still work with compensated guns so there's legitimate reasons to experiment there.
  10. theWacoKid

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    I've shot 9 major since I started this game. The reason was strictly because I had 9mm infrastructure and the cost of making my ammo would be reduced. Of course I have tinkered non-stop with 9 loads and guns finding what I prefer and what works. During the time of shooting 9 I have shot a few super guns. Some felt really nice and some didn't feel so good. That tells me right off that the round isn't magic, but my thought was that super could likely be better shooting, whatever that means, and has more options in terms of load recipes. Recently I decided to experiment with super comp and 9x23 just to see where it would lead me. I set up my backup gun to shoot super, 9x23, and 9mm. Of course, before I came to any conclusions, the slide broke. So far, the only thing I'm sure of is that there are much more options for loading super and there is something about a 9mm set up right that feels very good. What exactly that feeling is I'm not even sure of yet, but I know I feel something. I've yet to find any magic in 38 super that improves my hit factor, but I am willing to keep trying the next time I have the time and opportunity. In terms of functioning, the two best things about 38 super are how it stacks in magazines and how it ejects. I have a theory that 38 super and 9x23 ejection consistency is easier simply because of the weight and cg of the empty case and nothing more. Having said that, nothing constitutes anything that means a super can't malfunction or a 9 can't run 100%. It's not magic, neither round is any guarantee of anything. While I expected to fall in love with 38 super, I'm not yet convinced and will continue to shoot 9 until I can prove to myself some real benefit in making a switch.
  11. theWacoKid

    Shooting First in squad....

    Sometimes the stage is challenging enough and the the shooting area is so tight and the squads are so large that this is an issue to deal with. It's hard to get the feel for everything when people are constantly in the way. When I am the first shooter and this is the case I make sure I'm geared up before the walk through is over and when the RO calls for the stage to be cleared I continue my walk through until I'm comfortable or called to the start position. I do like this idea and I have found a number of RO's at major matches that will clear the stage at the end of the walk through and give the first shooter a clear stage for a minute to do their own walk through. I would like this to be a more common practice.
  12. theWacoKid

    Shoot It or Pull It?

    If you have to ask.... Having said that, yes, I would shoot it and I have shot many like it. 9 major no less. In a case like this, the chamber is what is actually carrying the load and the brass is just sealed up against it. If there's a break in the seal it's not critical. You don't get anything in your face and the like until failures at the rear of cases occur which is something that isn't contained by the chamber.
  13. theWacoKid

    9 major or 38 super comp for open?

    Or maybe sarcasm..
  14. theWacoKid

    Pressure problem

    I concede many people have success with Autocomp but I always suggest avoiding it. Springs and such have nothing to do with your problem. It is your load with Autocomp and these primers. Yes, bad batches of primers happen. Change something with your load.