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  1. gnappi Forgive my delay in response. I was a little busy over the weekend and this is the first chance I've had to dig into the rules in order to properly answer your question. For your reference, I have worked the US IPSC Nationals 5 times as RM and twice been the RM for the IPSC Pan American Championships. I am also the only currently active IROA RM in the US … While you cannot take my opinion as an "official IPSC response," at least it's an informed opinion. Based on your OP, I see no problem with the configuration you describe. I base this on IPSC Appendix D4 Special condition 17. The key wording here, in my opinion, is "for a specific model." Should your gun be questioned during an equipment check and you can show me (likely from the OEM's website) that the parts you substitute are an option for your specific model, I would almost certainly approve it for use in Production. Remember - The onus will be on YOU to prove it's legal … not on the RM to prove it's not. Your comment on magazines is covered under different rules (#8 and 9), but what you propose to use is no problem. Just remember, the maximum rounds loaded for IPSC is 15 whereas the USPSA maximum is only 10. Unlike waktasz, I make no assumptions as to which matches you choose to shoot. Ignoring any implications of COVID-19, there are two scheduled IPSC matches in the US for 2020: The US IPSC Nationals in Frostproof, and the PanAmerican Extreme Open in New Smyrna Beach (both in Florida.) Given your location there are also a wealth of IPSC matches throughout the Caribbean and Central and South America which may be of interest to you. See the IPSC Match Calendar (https://www.ipsc.org/ipsc-matches/ipsc-match-calendar/) for a complete list, worldwide. Good luck and Good shooting!
  2. Forgive me: You are listed as being in Florida but you reference the IPSC list. Do you want an answer for IPSC or USPSA? The rules are different and will yield different answers depending on which type match (IPSC or USPSA) you are shooting.
  3. Bingo! I had a PCC shooter at the Nationals 2-3 years ago do exactly this: Standby (brief pause) index gun/bang/BEEP. I immediately called STOP! The shooter thought certain he was DQ'd and my RO looked at me a little puzzled. (I was the CRO.) I simply said False start ... Tape the target and restart the shooter. The shooter looked between shock and relief. I just told him to relax, smiled and told him next time to wait for the beep. He thanked me later for not DQ'ing him. I explained that a false start was not grounds (by the rules) for a DQ. As a side note, had he done it again I would have had him unload and moved him to the bottom of the squad ... Give him time to settle down and think. I still would not have had grounds to DQ him.
  4. Yeah ... And they finally cancelled the spring gun show. That'll leave a huge hole in the budget. $$$$$$$
  5. I live in North Dakota ... I hope that's not the ND to which you refer. In the meantime, could you do me a favor and tell me where in the USPSA Rules the term ND is used and/or defined. If you cannot, then under OUR rules there is no such term and no provision to DQ some for whatever it is. You cannot DQ someone for violations you create that do not exist in the rules.
  6. Kema ... The OP is listed as being from Florida. Hence the bulk of the responses are based on USPSA. However, I would likely still go (double check the IPSC # ... I think it's the same) and order a reshoot internationally.
  7. Dude ... There is no 10.4.8 in the current rules. Further, you have to go back over 10 years to find the "broken gun alibi" in the rules. USPSA did say with that a LONG time ago. Are you by chance quoting IPSC rules? (It still exists there ...)
  8. Sorry ... 8.3.1 was complete. He finished loading (see the glossary), applied the safety and assumed the start position. The RO gave Are You Ready ... 10.4.3 and 8.3.1 no longer apply. The ONLY rule I can find that is on point is Stop the shooter, reset the stage and restart him.
  9. Since you seem convinced it is, find a rule to support the call.
  10. It's a virus. Viruses can be fickle female dogs. It's not uncommon for it to take years of research to determine why they do what they do. This is especially true for new strains.
  11. Dude ... Your argument shouldn't be with me. Go talk to the CDC on that issue. I count 3 USPSA Nationals in that timeframe. I'm not saying they should be cancelled/postponed or not. I'm starting to wonder if they will be.
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