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  1. Awww ... If you think Iowa is miserable, avoid North Dakota for the next several months!
  2. See USPSA MG Rule 2.4.2 ... Tables must be adjacent to a berm. Granted, the exact distance isn't specified, but I've never seen one that wasn't within a couple of feet of the berm. (i.e., "Adjacent" = next to, not 10 feet away!) Hope that clarifies ...
  3. A staging area is required to have a table or rack on which to place your long gun. Within 2 yards of a berm can be just about anywhere adjacent to a berm ... no rack or table required. At a berm you can (realistically) only bag or unbag the firearm. A staging area has a rack or table for you to place the firearm.
  4. I also recommend contacting RMI Kevin Imel. IIRC, he's the one who developed the SCSA Endorsement module to which you refer.
  5. Bingo! Also note … Current rules (2019) DEFINE "significant advantage" ...
  6. Awww … But then, snowmobilers don't move to Orlando!
  7. Brooke ... I'm not speaking as a shooter at all in this. I'm speaking as a Range Master. Read the rules. They apply to more than just the shooter. When a shooter errs, procedurally or in safety, he receives a penalty or a DQ, as appropriate. When match officials design an illegal stage, place targets in prohibited positions, or simply do not maintain the stage properly during the match there are consequences. An appeal or arbitration can result in removal of penalties, redesign of a stage and reshoots, removal of a stage, or possibly removal of sanction for the match. Who's going to be whining then? Our sport has rules. Some apply to shooters. Some apply to match organizers. All contribute to safety and competitive equity. Shooters have a RIGHT to expect match organizers follow the rules because it affects the fairness of the match. You really need to reexamin your position on this ...
  8. Brooke Read the opening paragraph to Chapter 2 ... Your statement could not possibly be more wrong. Match organizers (includes ROs, etc.) are OBLIGATED to do (or refrain from doing) certain things. Among these are the proper maintenance of fault lines. The shooter has a RIGHT to expect this. If maintenance of the fault lines is so badly neglected that the shooter cannot see and/or feel the outer edge of the fault lines when he steps on them, they violate the rules. FULL STOP.
  9. President's Medals are an IPSC thing. I don't ever recall them in USPSA.
  10. USPSA still limits the number of shooting positions for short and medium courses. This tends to limit movement in the design of the stage. IPSC did away with those restrictions around 2008. It really opened up stage design options with respect to movement in short and medium courses.
  11. As both a US and IROA RM, I would say no, not legal for IPSC. It is legal for USPSA. Given your location (Maui), unless you're leaving the island for a non-US country or planning to shoot the US IPSC Nationals, you're unlikely to have a problem as you would likely be under USPSA rules. But, if you are planning to shoot the US IPSC Nationals or matches in another country, IPSC rules will likely be the ones you need to follow.
  12. One other idea … Look to some of your nearby clubs (say 100 miles or less.) Pool your efforts. Your SC and/or AD should be able to help in this effort.
  13. Hurley ... When I was treasurer for my local club we came up with the following ... We had folks cough up their fair share for the class in advance. Then, AFTER they provided me proof they passed the final test I reimbursed them their fee. (Note:. This was for members of OUR club. Members of some other club could request THEIR club reimburse them.). It provided an incentive for folks to complete the class AND pass the test. While I was running the program it seemed to work pretty well.
  14. You know, there's an RMI who lives not far from you. Why not see if you can schedule a proper Level 1 RO class one weekend?
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