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  1. 1 - The RO tells the shooter NOT to do this ... 2 - The shooter does it anyway ... 3 - Read the wording of 10.6.1 carefully! I believe a case COULD be made. Would I necessarily go there? Probably not, but it would depend on how eggrious the action was and the shooter's response to my reinforcing he's not allowed to do that.
  2. I cannot possibly agree with @George Jones more strongly. At any given instant in time you can be an RO or a competitor, but NOT BOTH! You MUST take one hat off before you put on the other. If you cannot separate the competitor in you from the official in you and render calls objectively, impartially, and by the rules, you have no business acting as an RO. Changing hats is a mental exercise and is done instantly when appropriate.* But at NO time can you allow yourself to be in both modes simultaneously. *Note: It is NOT appropriate to try to change hats
  3. Sarge ... Terry is Australian. Under IPSC Rules, LAMR is a valid command. We shouldn't quibble. This forum is USPSA/IPSC Rules. For purposes of this discussion LAMR and MR are essentially the same.
  4. I'm both a US and IROA RM. I've worked and shot matches (at virtually all levels) on 5 continents. The RULES covering this are virtually identical under both rule books. Sometimes local custom is such that they have "full time folks" to do the pasting and resets, but that is NOT by rule. The only time it tends to become "normal" to have staff for pasting and resetting is at L4 (Continental Championships) and L5 (World Shoots). That is by IPSC/IROA policy ... not by rule. And yes - At a World Shoot, the ROs keep all competitors behind the line until it is their turn
  5. Dude ... If you drop a gun DURING the CoF (as described in the OP) it is a DQ, loaded or not. The gun WAS loaded and he dropped it. It was loaded because he loaded it during the CoF ... He's DQ'd because he dropped it. The fact it was loaded is what we call in the trade, a clue that it was likely DURING the CoF. Were it NOT during a CoF and it was loaded he's DQ'd because it should not have been loaded. In short, it's IMPOSSIBLE to drop a loaded gun and not earn a DQ for it!
  6. 1 - If the gun was loaded, and it was NOT during a CoF, then it shouldn't have been loaded ... DQ! 2 - I the gun was loaded then it SHOULD have been during a CoF ... Again, DQ! OK ... Sarcasm mode off.
  7. How far back in history do you want to go? LOL! 2 or 3 decades ago, ALL shooters shot against everyone. That was before they officially created "Open" and "Limited". Someone figured out that placements could flip a little depending on whether open and limited were scored together or separately. So, from about 20 years ago on, all official results had to be scored by division ... which is where we are today. Yet, the more we score them separately, the more folks want to see the results all put together again. Back to the Future ... (Part IV?)
  8. Again, not true. There is nothing in the rules, either USPSA or IPSC, that prohibits competitors from pasting targets AFTER they have been scored. Read the rule ... Once a target is scored, scoring is no longer in process for that target. Whether it is pasted by a staff person or a competitor is not an issue under the rules.
  9. Apologies for appearing gruff. All I had to go on was what you wrote. There are, however, a few shooters who actually believe pretty much what you originally posted.
  10. NOT true! USPSA 9.1.1 Approaching Targets – While scoring is in progress, competitors or their delegate must not approach any target closer than (3 feet) without the authorization of the Range Officer. Violation may, at the discretion of the Range Officer, incur a procedural penalty. IPSC 9.1.1 Approaching Targets – While scoring is in progress, competitors or their delegate must not approach any target closer than 1 meter without the authorization of the Range Officer. Violation will result in a warning for the first offense, but the co
  11. Sorry ... This is NOT a courtesy. It is REQUIRED by the rules. 8.3.6 “If You Are Finished, Unload and Show Clear” or “Unload and Show Clear” – If the competitor has finished shooting, he must lower his firearm and present it for inspection by the Range Officer with the muzzle pointed downrange, magazine removed, slide/bolt locked or held open, and chamber empty. Revolvers must be presented with the cylinder swung out and empty. There are a number of shooters who either don't know this, don't care, or are just to ornery to comply. (Fortunately, they're in the minor
  12. Another thing I've seen, in a case like above, is for the RO to stand there quietly for 2-3 seconds before issuing the command. The shooter will sometimes figure it out, sometimes not. But the RO hasn't said or pointed to anything. Is this coaching? Perhaps, perhaps not. But it's about as subtle as it can be!
  13. Appendix D states PFs are for HF scored matches only. Chapter 9 states R only or SG only matches may use HF scoring ... MG matches must be scored using Time Plus. Hence, there are no PFs in a MG match. If a R only or SG only match is scored using Time Plus then they have no PF requirements either. Trust me on this one ... I literally wrote those rules.
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