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  1. Compete production Sig P226 X5. Currently carry a Sig P225. Thinking about getting a P229 to carry. Rethinking my carry choices.
  2. Comstock, he did reload then engaged that one target then the next 2. Since he did that would a procedural apply.
  3. The stage has two arrays of 3 targets. The shooter can engage either array then do a mandatory reload and engage the second array. The shooter shoots the first array and then one target in the second array. He realizes his mistake does a reload and shoots all the second array targets. This leaves one target with 4 holes. Can't tell which holes were from first hitting the target . Do you score it best 2 on target, have him reshoot. He did engage all the targets in the second array after the reload so no procedural. Since he shot one target twice that slowed him down. How would you score the target with 4 holes. There were holes in different scoring zones, so picking the best two was an advantage.
  4. I spoke to Shooters Connection about this. They indicated they are working with a supplier and may carry it soon. They are really supportive of the sport. Jay
  5. Yes the duct tape does stay in place. The issue is that when it is hit by a bullet there is no clear defined hit zone because duct tape flexes.
  6. Sarge, I normally use spray paint. I also use 2" wide tape because of the over spray. The tape you directed me to is 1" wide. Because of that width I think rolling the paint although more labor intensive would leave a crisp looking target. That was my thought thinking about the sharpie and how thin the line would be. Jay
  7. Sarge, Do you think using a Sharpe against a straight edge then rolling on the black paint would work. Jay
  8. I paint the targets for our club matches. To make crisp straight lines I use Black Duct Tape. A friend is tasked with painting the targets for an upcoming area match. The MD does not want to use duct tape because it flexes to much. What tape do you guys use for Sectional and Area match targets. Thanks Jay
  9. matir, Thanks for the input. What confused me was when I went to what is Google+ there was a list of apps that included Drive. Very unclear.
  10. Google sent me a specific notice. Yes it said Google+. I reasearched Google+ and it includes Google Drive.
  11. Google said no uploads after February 2nd. Starting in May they will be shutting down consumer Drive and start deleting the accounts.
  12. Our club designs stages in Sketchup then uploads them to Google Drive so others in the match setup team can make suggestions and edit the stages before the match. Google just informed us that they will be discontinuing Drive for consumers. Any input on what others are using would be appreciated. Thanks Jay
  13. I started with a Conture camera mounted to my hat. Good video but heavy on the hat. Went with a GoPro mounted to the hat. I had issues starting and stoping the camera and somehow I got upside down videos. The sound quality was not good. When't back to the Conture with a helmet mount mounted to the side of my muffs. Can't feal the weight now. Both cameras had equal video quality Conture better sound. Sony has some good looking cameras with a lense stabilization system. Just can't figure how to mount it yet.
  14. I went with a Shooters. Connection belt system. Reasonably priced, with good build quality.
  15. Have the same ear muffs and had the same problem. I sent them to SRS and they determined it was corrosion in the battery compartment. They cleaned it and I went to lithium batteries. They now last 1/2 year but not the whole year like before. The corrosion caused there to be current in the battery compartment even when off.
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