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  1. Just a thought. There are boots designed to be worn while sleeping. They maintain a small stretch while sleeping. They help you heal faster.
  2. Jay63

    action camers

    Thanks for the reply. Do you remove the camera between runs?
  3. Jay63

    action camers

    I am thinking of changing to a Sony. Any chance you could tell us how you mounted it. Thanks
  4. Jay63

    DA to SA transition

    Just some thoughts. While learning pick the easiest target to take your first shot on. That way you won't spend a lot of time trying to make that first shot perfect. Once you do this for a wile you will forget about the first shot and never notice a difference. Your DA pull can't be to heavy. If competition striker fired guns have a pull around 5-1/2 lbs strive to have your DA pull to be about that. I dry fire as follows, draw and make the first shot in SA, then I preform a reload then make my second shot DA.
  5. Orthotics are the first choice to correct the problem. They usually work. They are designed to provide some support for your arch and the heal is raised. The reason for the raised heal is to unload the stretch on the calf muscle when your opposite leg passes over center when walking. The main cause for the issue is to tight calf muscles. Ask the Pedorthist for the name of a good Physical Therapist specializing in foot issues. Once you feal better for a while contact the therapist and have them start you on a stretching program. This will be the way to keep the issue from coming back.
  6. You would think GoPro Customer Service would chime in on this. I sent them an email and no response.
  7. I had different foot issues and messed around with 3 podiatrists for two years. Hurt so bad I stayed in my chair and wheeled it around the office. Went to a foot surgeon and he sent me to a specific doctor at the Cleveland Clinic. They were unreal. They diagnosed it as something horse get. They made special inserts for my shoes and the problem went away. At this point I don't have high regards for podiatrists.
  8. I shoot a sig P226 X5 Allround in USPSA. It has a 5" barrel which makes for a good sight radius. In dry fire I notice the difference in Da/Sa trigger. Shooting matches I feel no differences. The gun is heavier than most. I also have a P226 that I shoot. Being located in Canada you are limited to 10 round mags. The 10 round mags I have suck. I use 15 or 18 round mags loaded with 10 rounds only for production. This setup is very reliable.
  9. Jay63

    Local Match - C Class Production

    I shot this match also. Stage 5 there was one spot on the left where the first 5 targets could be shot from, then run up the side to get the down range targets. Coming back around the wall to the right side there again was one spot there you could shoot those first 5 targets then run down range to finish the last targets. Bad knees and foot issues makes me look for these advantages. It does save a lot of movement.
  10. Jay63

    Glock shooting left

    I have an acquaintance who's duty weapon is a Glock. He had issues shooting it accurately for years. Someone told him to only apply front to back pressure with his strong hand. Apply side to side pressure with the weak hand. This technique worked like a charm. I saw him shoot 5 rounds in a quarter sized area at 15 yards and under 5 seconds.
  11. Jay63

    Getting Started Designing Stages in SketchUp

    I goy my laptop back. It took a month and a half to get working. The down load corrupted the SSD drive on the machine. The drive had to be wiped clean and windows reinstalled. I did not know Sketchup 2018 when the 30 day free trial was up would not revert to Sketchup make. The computer tech did his best to save a lot of items. Once I got it back I had to install Sketchup make 2017. I could open most of my files. The 6 I did on Sketchup 2018 are unreadable. I have to start from scratch on those again. It will take some time to get everything in order again. At least I can now get started on stages for our club 2018.
  12. Jay63

    USPSA in Restricted States

    Two years ago a shooter from California was in town for about a month. He used 10 round mags and shot limited. He was very competitive and good. Sectionals around here draw a bunch of Canadian shooters. They have friends this side of the boarder who hold there high capacity mags for them. Going back they drop off those mags and use 10 rounders in Canada.
  13. Jay63

    Precision Lever Action?

    I own a Sako Finwolf in .308. While I love the gun it is just a woods deer getter. I free floated the barrel and glass bed the action. The point of impact changes from the morning to the afternoon.
  14. Jay63

    Getting Started Designing Stages in SketchUp

    TennJeep1618, Yes having major issues. I took my laptop to a local upscale computer repair shop. They have had it for two weeks and got to working on it today. They tell me it is a very fast machine and all the components are working correctly. All issues are graphic related although the card is testing fine. They are going to start rolling back the updates and see what that will do. They are at this point stumped. Sketchup forums indicate that rolling back the updates might help. Once I know the issue I will update this post. Thanks Jay
  15. Jay63

    Getting Started Designing Stages in SketchUp

    Anyone having issues with Sketchup after windows updates? Jay