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  1. Jay63

    What do you recommend to get Match video

    I started with a Conture camera mounted to my hat. Good video but heavy on the hat. Went with a GoPro mounted to the hat. I had issues starting and stoping the camera and somehow I got upside down videos. The sound quality was not good. When't back to the Conture with a helmet mount mounted to the side of my muffs. Can't feal the weight now. Both cameras had equal video quality Conture better sound. Sony has some good looking cameras with a lense stabilization system. Just can't figure how to mount it yet.
  2. Jay63

    Budget or Used USPSA rigs

    I went with a Shooters. Connection belt system. Reasonably priced, with good build quality.
  3. Jay63

    MSA Sordin battery drain issue (EarPro)

    Have the same ear muffs and had the same problem. I sent them to SRS and they determined it was corrosion in the battery compartment. They cleaned it and I went to lithium batteries. They now last 1/2 year but not the whole year like before. The corrosion caused there to be current in the battery compartment even when off.
  4. Jay63

    electrolyte supplement

    I use to be in charge of safety for a foundry. Good old OSHA made heat stress an issue they would inspect you on. After much research I instructed our people on the following: pre hydrate about 15 minutes before they started work with water. Don't drink caffeinated beverages including coffee before or during work. Alternate between an electrolyte drink and water. You can get to much electrolyte. Don't get thirsty drink on a schedule not when you feel you need it. Interestingly enough there are more heat stress injuries in Canada than the US each year. The issue is acclimation. Canadians because of less acclimation has more issues. Because of that they had better data on how to prevent heat stress. We offered three electrolyte choices. The first was nunn which were tablets you put in bottled water these had no sugar. The second was sports drinks which has sugar and salt. Finally the third were pills and I can't remember the name but they were salt free. We also went over heat stress response training. In general get the person to a cooler area. Lay them down on there side. Call 911 then if possible get them to slowly drink liquids. Place ice or something cold under there arm pits, head, and groin. Jay
  5. Jay63

    Walls To Infinity

    When we use the underside of walls as a low port we note that in the WSB for those walls.
  6. Jay63

    Walls To Infinity

    We always put in our WSB , walls are considered hard cover. They extend to the ground and up to infinity. So if someone shoots targets under or over walls all hits on targets are mikes.
  7. Jay63

    Springs for Metgar Mags

  8. Jay63

    Should I switch from Right to Left hand

    A past match director at our club who was also a police officer was in the exact situation you are in except he was not ambidextrous. He taught himself to shoot left handed. He was one of the best shooters at our club. He also carried while on duty left handed.
  9. Jay63

    Springs for Metgar Mags

    I have to rebuild my 18 round 9mm metgar mags for sig P226 pistols. What springs and followers are you guys using. I am having trouble finding these. Thanks for the help Jay
  10. Just a thought. There are boots designed to be worn while sleeping. They maintain a small stretch while sleeping. They help you heal faster.
  11. Jay63

    action camers

    Thanks for the reply. Do you remove the camera between runs?
  12. Jay63

    action camers

    I am thinking of changing to a Sony. Any chance you could tell us how you mounted it. Thanks
  13. Jay63

    DA to SA transition

    Just some thoughts. While learning pick the easiest target to take your first shot on. That way you won't spend a lot of time trying to make that first shot perfect. Once you do this for a wile you will forget about the first shot and never notice a difference. Your DA pull can't be to heavy. If competition striker fired guns have a pull around 5-1/2 lbs strive to have your DA pull to be about that. I dry fire as follows, draw and make the first shot in SA, then I preform a reload then make my second shot DA.
  14. Orthotics are the first choice to correct the problem. They usually work. They are designed to provide some support for your arch and the heal is raised. The reason for the raised heal is to unload the stretch on the calf muscle when your opposite leg passes over center when walking. The main cause for the issue is to tight calf muscles. Ask the Pedorthist for the name of a good Physical Therapist specializing in foot issues. Once you feal better for a while contact the therapist and have them start you on a stretching program. This will be the way to keep the issue from coming back.
  15. You would think GoPro Customer Service would chime in on this. I sent them an email and no response.