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  1. Sarge, will the Scopecoat SC-12HE01Bk is for the rts and Deltapoint work?
  2. I am using a Scopecoat for a EOTech XPS2.
  3. A friend of mine had the same problems with the GMR-15 and JP fixed it.
  4. I left the bolt alone and replaced the hammer and trigger springs with JP reduced power kit. Took my old rock river trigger down to about lbs.
  5. I used a taccom 3 barrel before they sold the aluminium shroud barrel they now sell for my template. The barrel was 7 " or 8" long and had a steel shroud with holes in the shroud. I ran the aluminium shroud back to the extension. The barrel with the aluminium shroud comes in at 13.5 oz and I have no idea how to do and post pictures.
  6. Barrel was a 16" rock river that I cut to 6" then pinned and welded a 3/4 " aluminum shroud to bring it back to 16.5 "
  7. I turned down my 9mm ar barrel to .583 and have had no problems.
  8. Look on atlas guns web page, they show one on one of their custom open guns. I would call and ask them.
  9. Have you ever removed and cleaned your extractor and tunnel? CK guns come with aftec extractors and at 4500 rounds mine are packed solid with dirt.
  10. Allchin aluminum 1911 bull barrel compensator
  11. shooters connection sells ck arms grip screws that are hardened stainless, better than sti.
  12. I run a slide mounted docter sight on a slide machined for the sight. The docter sight mounts on the slide with out any shims but it uses a small felt circle under the battery to put pressure the battery . If the screws and pins line up it should work.
  13. I think redoing the ramp will solve the problem. If you can look at the schuemann aet ramp and try to reshape the ramp. I did this to a different barrel years ago and it made the gun run all the time. The one thing the aet barrel ramp does is changes the ramp angle and support of the case but after 30,000 rounds it has not hurt anything.
  14. Is the nose of the bullet very low on the ramp?
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