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  1. Sarge, will the Scopecoat SC-12HE01Bk is for the rts and Deltapoint work?
  2. A friend of mine had the same problems with the GMR-15 and JP fixed it.
  3. I left the bolt alone and replaced the hammer and trigger springs with JP reduced power kit. Took my old rock river trigger down to about lbs.
  4. I used a taccom 3 barrel before they sold the aluminium shroud barrel they now sell for my template. The barrel was 7 " or 8" long and had a steel shroud with holes in the shroud. I ran the aluminium shroud back to the extension. The barrel with the aluminium shroud comes in at 13.5 oz and I have no idea how to do and post pictures.
  5. Barrel was a 16" rock river that I cut to 6" then pinned and welded a 3/4 " aluminum shroud to bring it back to 16.5 "
  6. I turned down my 9mm ar barrel to .583 and have had no problems.
  7. I am running 115 MG round nose with 3.5 of titegroup at 1.15 aol, this load goes 1140 from a 16" barrel for 131pf. All my normal production and single stack loads do 148 to 156 in my PCC.
  8. 412

    AA7- 9 major

    I have run aa7 for along time in major 9mm and 10.5 under a 115 is very close, but not a compressed load at 1.165. It makes a lot of gas and I like it better than sp-2. The powder is fine and does not spill from the case but it does leak by the Dillon powder bar just like sp-2. Arrendondo makes a special powder bar for a Dillon that helps.
  9. I put a steel grip on my open gun a few months ago and I have played with the weight front to back and I am still not sure I like it. I like the fact that the steel grip should not crack like the sti aluminum one. My latest set up with the steel grip with a aluminum main spring housing and a tungsten guide rod weights 47.5. I have shoot svi open guns that are very heavy but I have not shoot a tungsten sleeved barrel.
  10. My beta in 9mm for a colt pattern rifle is very reliable.
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