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  1. Congratulations, @Maxamundo You shot a heck of a match!!! I stopped by to watch you shoot stage 10 after my squad finished... It seems like you get faster every year... Thanks for posting your match videos... they are very informative and also just fun to watch. Also enjoyed your IG/uTube series... I had just bought a barrel and comp from Aaron Brekke... decided to try a Davidson Defense upper (from your video) and new FM9 bolt... Nice how the standard flat bolt (no notch) fits perfectly with the inset ramp on Aaron's barrel... Very cool design... it was flawless during testing so I decided to shoot it at Nationals where it was also flawless... Much more flawless than me.
  2. Great match, @SmittyFL Stages were well designed... Each stage had a significant unique point about it... RO's did a good job... Weather turned out to be perfect for the whole weekend... Maybe a tad hot, but match was a lot of fun... Good work!
  3. http://taylorfreelancestore.com/glock-supercap-3-delrin/ I use the Taylor Freelance +3 extensions... Take off the original Glock +2 base pads... Use the standard Glock spring and follower and you are good to go... I load them to 32 rounds and carry one as a SHTF emergency backup... They are reloadable at 32 rounds. The TF +3 are way easier to remove and replace than the standard Glock +2 extensions.
  4. The other advantage of the AMG Commander timer is pulling match scores into PractiScore Competitor... You can graph your shots on a stage... or graph your shots against someone else on a stage... or anyone who shot the match. And you can find the time difference between every shot you took on a stage... or anyone took on any stage. We use them exclusively on our range... We shoot a lot... They get a heavy workout!
  5. Geez... If you can afford the 1100, get it... No one ever says I wish I would have gotten a slower press with less flexibility...
  6. @fitz When I click on my PCC Nationals registration page in PractiScore.com there is an orange button at the top of the page called "Request to Withdraw"... It doesn't seem like it would be cancel with out a refund, because you could just not show up to do that. (I didn't want to click on the button to see what it does, because I plan to shoot the match.)
  7. Some excellent videos here Max... I think they present better on YouTube than on Instagram... Easier to go back to your earlier videos... can run them full screen... and can watch them in different levels of slow motion... very helpful on videos (like #08 above) where the footwork is important/critical... Thanks!
  8. You can short stroke before the bolt catch... The actual limit is to make sure you leave enough room for the trigger to reset...
  9. It does look like the mouth of the case that doesn't fit the gauge has rubbed the ink off... I shoot a lot of Berry's plated 115gr bullets and use a .377 to .378 crimp... I use all the same head stamp... You might not get that tight a range of headstamps with range brass, but I'd go a bit smaller than what you're using now. Another thing to consider... It's possible that some of your bullets are pressing into the case slightly crooked... A standard 9mm RN bullet doesn't press very far in to the case... It's easier to get one crooked than a 147 or some other longer bullet... Roll one of the bad rounds on a flat table and see if the point moves.
  10. Since some of your reloads fit the gauge, I doubt it's the bullets... Have you tried switching the rounds that sit high into another position on the gauge? See if they fit correctly in a different hole. Measure the crimp at the top of the case... Should be (two times case thickness plus bullet diameter)... Make sure all of your crimps measure the same.
  11. What buffer spring are you using? It's possible that your buffer spring is too strong for the ammo you're using... It might not let the bolt go as far back as you are pulling it by hand... What powerfactor is your ammo?
  12. Check your reset. Dryfire with no live ammo... Pull the trigger and hold it down... Pull the charging handle back and listen for the trigger reset 'click'... The bolt should go back a quarter of an inch or so to reset correctly.
  13. I'd throat the barrel with a carbide reamer... There's a guy here on the forum that makes them... something with '1911' in his screen name... and also @MemphisMechanic was throating barrels with one for a couple of members on the forum as a favor... Worth a shot...
  14. What is HiperFire's intended position/purpose for their new PDI trigger family? HiperFire says the new PDI trigger family meets all the same light primer strike criteria of their current competition triggers... Eclipse, 24c... without the dual toggle spring setup of their current competition triggers... It starts at 2Lbs... It's one piece design is much easier to install... no toggle springs launching towards the ceiling... and it's cheaper than the Eclipse... and yet they say they will still continue to offer the Eclipse and 24c triggers? Is the PDI system just a value based system that's created to compete with all the other one piece trigger assemblies? Or is it a new improved competition trigger that's better than HiperFire's original triggers?
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