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  1. I have noticed that my two 510c dots occasionally have the star burst look... I have tried to figure out what was wrong and this thread finally cleared it up for me... It never occurred to me that it might be my eyes... Taking a picture of my dot showed a perfectly round dot... It seems to get worse if I enlarge the dot. I have never heard my eye doctor mention that I have astigmatism... Is this something that could be corrected with glasses? I wonder if it's something Brian could correct with Hunter HD Gold lenses?
  2. What a great tip... Thank you! I Googled 'Tipton Action/Chamber cleaning tool' and found that Amazon sells a set for $11 with next day free shipping... Bought a set and they do indeed fit into the slot and provide great leverage for tightening the compensator... Works great... I would have never thought of that.
  3. Nice job turning down the OD of your Carolina Crusher compensator... Looks a whole lot better! Did you ever consider cutting some side slots on it so you could use a wrench to tighten it on the barrel? I'm currently using a Carolina Crusher comp on my RFRO and have trouble keeping it tight on the barrel... I tightened it as tight as I could by hand and used two drops of Loctite 243 (Blue)... It spun during my second match using it. Thinking about using more Loctite 243 when I put it back on... or maybe switching to Loctite 263 (Red).
  4. Are you guys having any luck finding Clean Shot? I'm about out... Been looking for it for quite while... Good stuff...
  5. @bgary... Nice to see you posting here again! I'm curious whether AD's bring up Steel Challenge issues in the BOD meetings? I don't normally read the BOD minutes... I'm a USPSA CRO with the Steel Challenge Endorsement. Would you be willing to bring up @Hoops suggestion for smaller versions of Outer Limits and Speed Option? There are lots of clubs that can't fit OL or SO in their current bays... It would give them an option to run eight stage Steel Challenge matches... or at least cycle through eight different stages.
  6. Glad to hear that... Zack usually comes to our yearly level II SC match, but couldn't make it this year... Glad he is still involved... He does a lot of good for SC.
  7. At one time Zack Jones was the 'Ambassador' for Steel Challenge... He worked with the rules... peak score adjustments... and had the President's ear for Steel Challenge. I've always considered him a sort of floating Area Director for Steel Challenge... He used to post here quite often... Haven't seen him recently... Don't know if he is still involved.
  8. Searched for welding anti splatter spray and found this at Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Forney-37030-Welders-Spatter-16-Ounce/dp/B000TG60BI/ref=sr_1_4?dchild=1&keywords=anti+spatter&qid=1630439704&sr=8-4 Is this what you're using?
  9. I voted 'Yes' but agree with everything posted above... SCSA should have their own BOD, but I don't think it will happen... We run one Level II match a year and always have trouble getting NROI certified Range Officers to help run the match... Not many SCSA shooters will bother getting NROI certified and not many USPSA RO's and CRO's care about Steel Challenge... There are a few of us that shoot both, but not many.
  10. Thanks, Peter... Wiland's still out of stock, but I plan to try one once they are back in stock.
  11. I have a Briley Raptor barrel on order... Not sure when it will get here... I planned to get one of the Wiland Carolina Crusher Gen2 comps, but they seem to be out of stock... Checked out the MaddMacs Steel Challenge comp... Looks good... is light and not too expensive... only downside looks like it might be a pain to clean... Will try one out... Have one on order... Thanks for the tip!
  12. Do you also use a comp on your RFRO rifle? Curious which comp you decided on if you do use one... Thanks!
  13. @Hoops Why don't you send your Area Director or Mike Foley or both an email asking them how to proceed? Better yet add @Zack Jones to your list... Zack is actually the SCSA contact person... He used to post fairly often here,but I haven't seen him lately.
  14. You can't really compare USPSA matches with SCSA matches... or USPSA shooters with SCSA shooters... At least not at the ranges I shoot at in central Florida. We shoot a lot of USPSA matches at our range... Weekly, monthly and some level 2 matches throughout the year... We run one classifier in one of our monthly USPSA matches... Occasionally we run a full (5 or 6 stage) classifier match to help people not classified become classified... We usually get a low turnout for these matches because most of our USPSA shooters don't want to waste a day shooting them... It helps new shooters, so we run them. We have small bays and can only run the standard 6 stages... We run one Steel Challenge match a month... and one Level 2 match a year... Our Steel Challenge Match Director loves outlaw stages... things like 'Inner Limits' and other old and different stages... Most of the Steel Challenge shooters complain when he runs outlaw stages... They want to run the same six stages every month... Classification seems to be more important to Steel Challenge shooters... especially newer SC shooters.
  15. Are these ultrasonic cleaners powerful enough to clean a compensator with carbon in it? How about lead?
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