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  1. "The same chamber pressure that pushes the bullet down the bore, pushes the bolt backwards. If the bolt weighed the same amount as the bullet, then it would fly back with bullet velocity, shooting the shooter! So our basic tool to keep the bolt velocity down is mass. " Interesting read, Les... Thanks! PCC is probably the first time a lot of us have tried to understand how blowback guns really operate...
  2. RaylanGivens

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    I'm currently shooting with an 8moa C-More RTS2 on an Open gun... I run it pretty bright during daytime matches... Do any of you have issues with the Holosun 2moa dots? Big enough? Any trouble seeing them in the bright sunlight? Curious that with the multitude of dots Holosun makes, why are they all only 2moa?
  3. We're just bellyaching, Eugene... Besides... At the end of the day, we all go to you when we get scoring problems we can't solve... So, you can complain about us!
  4. Curious why you chose the non ramped barrel?
  5. New to PCC... These ULW barrels are interesting... I don't see any information here or on the Taccom web site about requiring an NFA Class 3 SBR license for rifles with these barrels... I assume that the welding of the aluminum sleeve negates the requirement for the Class 3 license? Similar to pinning and welding a brake to a 14.5 inch standard .223 barrel? Do those of you buying the Taccom ULW barrel also purchase their bolt designed to work with it?
  6. Agreed! Most shooters don't want to know how electronic scoring works... or take any responsibility for it... and they certainly don't want to have to learn it or do it... but they want it to work correctly and in a split second... and they want to be able to sync match scores to countless PS Competitor devices during a match... and after a match... which most of the time we can do.
  7. Agreed... We had a problem with that, too... We now limit tablet handling to match Range Officers at major events... No exceptions.
  8. RaylanGivens

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    Thanks... Currently shooting Open and used to one dot... Going to join the PCC club soon... It looks like a lot of fun...
  9. RaylanGivens

    MBX Mega Mag Ext. Springs

    Strange... I've never heard of springs going bad from just sitting empty... I have a friend that removes his magazine springs after he shoots, but I've never done that... Always seemed excessive to me. Would chalk this up to circumstances, but it has to be something specific for it to happen to both of your Mega's at the exact same time. I'd get an MBX "Mini" before I built a box for your current Mega extensions... Then sell the Mega's if you don't want to keep them.
  10. RaylanGivens

    New Atlas Open 2011

    Hope he meant his first "match"
  11. RaylanGivens

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    Lots of different Holosun models to choose from... Do you use the 510c on your PCC rifle? Is the outer circle selectable or does it only come in some models?
  12. RaylanGivens

    PCC red dot. Which one?

    Why are the Holosun sights mounted so high? It seems like they go out of their way to make the mount high... Doesn't that cause issues with parallax?
  13. RaylanGivens

    comp crud

    Thanks... Just ordered some from Amazon.
  14. RaylanGivens

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    Something to remember is that mesh walls, or walls that you can see through, do not fall under 10.4.6... By definition, you can't see through a wall... since you can't "see" through a mesh wall, you can't put your finger on the trigger while aiming at a target behind one. This was covered by DNROI in a Front Sight article.
  15. RaylanGivens

    Ck arms “solution”

    Looks like a nice gun... I think you're going to love it... Report back after you shoot it...