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  1. Lots of long range shooters set their Labradar chronos up on our 100 yard Public Line... It's one of the few chronos that lends itself to chronoing on a standard lane... They all use separate, external battery packs... Not sure if that would have helped in your case.
  2. Thats'cool... Hadn't noticed that before... Handy to see the stage percentages...
  3. I have used my Pro Chrono for over 7 years with good results... It predicts comparitive results for most of the major matches that I shoot... I have no reason to think about getting a LabRadar chrono... However... They have always seemed like a great piece of technology to me... I've thought about getting one from time to time, but just can't seem to justify it... And now there are problems with them? Three LabRadars failing at the same time at a major match is unacceptable... and just because the company is too lazy to update their firmware? There must be more to it than that... What went wrong with them?
  4. You can run non-official stages mixed in with SCSA Steel Challenge classifiers and still have the SCSA classifiers count... We do it every month.
  5. @Snausages32 I took the TriggerTech Diamond out of my PCC too... Put my AR Gold 308 trigger back in... It runs flawlessly in my PCC at 1Lb 5oz. I emailed TriggerTech and they advised me to crank the pull weight to the maximum and adjust it down to see how low it would go before it started burst firing again... Since it wouldn't run at 2Lbs, there was no reason for me to continue testing it in my PCC... I'm going to put it in an AR-15 I plan to shoot in PRS... Should be good for a PRS rifle.
  6. Do you run the Blitz stainless steel buffer weight and an additional 3/8 of an inch additional buffer spacers to short stroke your PCC? Do you have any trouble with trigger reset?
  7. Since you already have an AMG timer, why not use it in a match? If you sync your AMG timer to the PractiScore tablet your squad is using, you can capture all the shot times for each shooter... Then, when shooters download their match into PractiScore Competitor they can see their split and transition times for each shot on each stage... and they can graph their shots on a stage with any other shooter in the match (any other shooter timed with a synched AMG timer)... and you can get the accurate time for each shooter by pressing a button...
  8. What kind of rifle are you putting the TT Diamond trigger in? I put one in my PCC and adjusted the pull down to 1Lb 2oz... It felt great dry firing, but went into burst mode when I tested it at the range... Adjusted it up to 2Lb and still had burst issues... Make sure you don't load up a mag the first couple of times you try it.
  9. I have a 19" AR-15 and am thinking about trying PRS... Looks like you are reloading your ammo... Do you have a recommendation for ammo that I could purchase? I reload pistol ammo, but not rifle.
  10. Different rules apply when you shoot the first four or six classifiers... They count regardless of what their percentage is and they are hard to get rid of... Read the first 2 or 3 pages in the USPSA rulebook to see how the classification system actually works.
  11. Thanks for the update... My first 5015 had the head come loose... Exchanged it for a new two-screw version and it has worked well ever since. It's easy to test buffers, bolts, weights, and springs... Just take them all with you to the range and swap them out... If you're going to test several items, it helps to take notes so you can remember how things worked after you get home.
  12. The RF-100 is undoubtedly the worst product Dillon has ever made!!! I switched back to a flip tray... It's a little slower, but not as much as you think... and way less aggravating when you want to load ammo and end up fiddling around with a jamming, flipping RF-100... My flip tray is always 100%
  13. What recent improvements have they made? The last time I sent a buffer back, they had added a second setscrew to the end piece... Haven't heard about any other improvements since then.
  14. I use a 10.5 inch barrel and almost the same buffer system @Bwillis mentioned above... I use their newer 2.54oz stainless steel weight... It's a little smaller in diameter and slides easier in the receiver extension... It also has cuts milled into it so it doesn't vacuum in the tube... Running the JP AR10 Carbine spring.
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