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  1. What is HiperFire's intended position/purpose for their new PDI trigger family? HiperFire says the new PDI trigger family meets all the same light primer strike criteria of their current competition triggers... Eclipse, 24c... without the dual toggle spring setup of their current competition triggers... It starts at 2Lbs... It's one piece design is much easier to install... no toggle springs launching towards the ceiling... and it's cheaper than the Eclipse... and yet they say they will still continue to offer the Eclipse and 24c triggers? Is the PDI system just a value based system that's created to compete with all the other one piece trigger assemblies? Or is it a new improved competition trigger that's better than HiperFire's original triggers?
  2. Use a meter and check the voltage.
  3. Interesting... First I've heard of one of these... Sort of like a DAA funnel, but made with an extra hard metal to avoid sticking... Would be worth $39 to get rid of the sticking problem...
  4. That's an interesting setup... You must be pretty close to the reset limit with a 1.2" spacer... Curious what trigger you're running. Do you still have the weight in the bolt? I'm running a bit more conservative system... Blitzkrieg RB5015HD buffer... .750" SS Buffer weight... JP AR15 Carbine spring... and an IC Bolt without the weight... I have the SS buffer weight in front of the buffer, so it cycles.
  5. What an interesting concept... Seems totally logical, but I've never heard of it before... Great post!
  6. In a normal match - When the tablets travel with the squads, lock them to the squad. In a large match - When the tablet stays on a stage, lock them to the stage.
  7. What OAL and bullet shape are you using? You'll have better luck with a normal round nose than a hollow point or flat nose bullet.
  8. I have an early HiperFire trigger with the silver springs like you do... I talked to HiperFire and they sent me an updated pair of green springs and a new hammer spring matched for the green toggle springs... Also take the disconnector out and clean all the parts of the trigger... Make sure the disconnector spring isn't jammed up or bent like @Sniperboy mentioned above.
  9. Usually start with a Glock 31 round magazine and a TTI +10 extension loaded to 40 rounds. Have a backup Glock 31 round magazine and a TF +3 extension loaded to 32 rounds... I carry it in a long magazine pouch under my left arm with fairly tight tension... I don't use it very often.
  10. Also curious what handguard you used... or if the lightweight chassis was long enough to use by itself.
  11. I am planning a lite weight 10/22 for SC competition... Like the PMACA chassis because it will let me use AR grip and stock similar to my PCC. What receiver did you use with your PMACA chassis? They mention that the rear tang on the Kidd receiver is helpful... Looks like that requires some additional machine work on the receiver... Did you go with the Kidd receiver with the tang?
  12. Where did you get that purple expansion piece? It looks pretty handy.
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