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  1. Also curious what handguard you used... or if the lightweight chassis was long enough to use by itself.
  2. I am planning a lite weight 10/22 for SC competition... Like the PMACA chassis because it will let me use AR grip and stock similar to my PCC. What receiver did you use with your PMACA chassis? They mention that the rear tang on the Kidd receiver is helpful... Looks like that requires some additional machine work on the receiver... Did you go with the Kidd receiver with the tang?
  3. Where did you get that purple expansion piece? It looks pretty handy.
  4. Was reading some tech papers on the HiperFire site and ran across this video... The new HiperFire PDi trigger system is a new drop-in system with a 2 pound trigger pull that is supposed to retail for $180... Sounds great, but almost too hard to believe... Seems like it would put the original HiperFire 24 and Eclipse out of business. Anybody have one yet?
  5. That's something you don't hear very often...
  6. Several people use LabRadar at our shooting range... They all use external battery packs... Is that what you all are using?
  7. https://www.amg-lab.com/ Watch the video... The AMG timer is super for Steel Challenge... It uses a direct BlueTooth link to PractiScore and records times automatically... and accurately... We have been using them for Steel Challenge, USPSA, Zombie matches, etc... for quite a while.
  8. http://www.uniquetek.com/product/T1443 This deburring tool is not a great solution, but it might be a start to get a handle on the situation. Where do you get your brass?
  9. Don't have a slot, but would like to shoot this years PCC Nationals in Frostproof. Open signup starts on February 7th. Does anyone know what time registration actually starts? And what time zone it starts in?
  10. And you run the Hornady powder measure on a Dillon 1050? What all is involved to do this? I wouldn't have thought a Hornady powder measure assembly would just bolt on to a Dillon press?
  11. +1 Holosun batteries last a long time... and I use batter mode.
  12. Planned to shoot 19-02 at last Sundays monthly match... It was too wide for our narrow bays... Would have shoot throughs to our walls... Shot 19-01 instead... Shoot then run or shoot on the move... Fun classifier.
  13. Ran 19-01 in our monthly match today... input manually into PractiScore... PractiScore to PractiScore.com website to USPSA website upload process ran correctly as usual. Interestingly, PractiScore Competitor calculated the USPSA class percentage correctly down to two decimal places.
  14. Just remember to check the 'Classifier Stage' checkbox when you add the stage... That pops up a 'Classifier ID' option... Type in 19-02 or whatever classifier you want to run... Good to go...
  15. Yes... Shot two of them last weekend at the Florida State Championships in Frostproof. Going to shoot one at our local USPSA match this weekend... They are not in PractiScore yet, you have to add them by hand... All else is the same as usual.
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