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  1. Yes, Alex is swamped, but it's worth the wait... Here's a video of one of our shooters at a recent match... The shot graph is what you see in PractiScore Competitor... The red arrow coordinating the shots to the video action was added by Alex, but it displays how you can follow along and see where every shot goes... and how long it took to make it.
  2. Unfortunately we have dropped a couple of them... No problems with them, but we have the silicone case on all of our timers... I would certainly buy the silicone case... They are also reported to be better in the wet. Bluetooth connectivity adds two prominent features... It helps in general scoring of a match... there are no issues regarding the correct time because it is sent to PractiScore electronically... Plus, the scorekeeper can grab the time from anywhere on the range/bay... On a stage where the RO ends up at the front of the range and the scorekeeper scores targets in the back before walking up to the RO, you simply press the PractiScore timer icon and grab the time from wherever you are... Very handy... If he shoots again... Press the timer icon again and grab the new time. The second improvement is that the Bluetooth connection passes all the shot data directly to PractiScore... Every shooter that was scored with an AMG timer will have all their splits and transitions saved with their scoring data in PractiScore... The real power comes with using PractiScore Competitor to enhance this data... PractiScore Competitor provides friendly tools to display individual shot sequences... or graph them... or graph your shot string along with any other shooter that shot the match (that was timed with an AMG timer).
  3. I have the exact opposite experience... I can't get mine to stop firing... Replacing my Radion Talon 45 degree safety with a normal mil-spec safety didn't change anything... Still doubled several times shooting a 10 round magazine. Interesting... So far I've tried my AR Gold trigger in two rifles the same as yours (except for the safety) and had the doubling problem... My two rifles are almost identical.
  4. @Bwillis @3GN I received the following image from the Marketing Director of American Trigger... It compares the SR versus the AR triggers... Judging by this picture, I do indeed have an SR (308) trigger.
  5. Wow! That's impressive! Sounds like you have it really dialed in. I'm looking to upgrade our connectivity for the West Florida Steel Challange Championships... We don't have Internet access or any iOS devices... But... We work closely with Alex and Eugene and like the AMG timer <-> Android PractiScore combination.
  6. That's a sweet wireless access point... We have been using the TP-Link access points I mentioned above for years with great results... I've been wanting to upgrade them for quite a while now... Your AC1200 seems to be more powerful than our smaller units and would mount on our flagpole... I assume you take it down between matches? How do they handle the congestion of large matches? We have seven bays in a row that are fairly close together... Our smaller routers work well except when the tablet is in the back of a bay (our bays are enclosed in concrete on each side, the back, and the top)... We also have an eighth, longer bay that we use in larger matches... It's probably 200 yards away from the main seven bays... I wonder if I could use the router you have to reach that bay, too... Would be nice to have all the bays on one network. Thanks for the info.
  7. Thanks, Zack... We aren't using anything hi-tech... Simple travel routers... We use this one for the main bays. https://www.tp-link.com/us/home-networking/wifi-router/tl-wr810n/ I place that router across from the bays on our cover area by the connex area and get good coverage... The problem is that so many people want to get their scores continuously during a match nowadays... It overwhelms the network. This year we might put Showdown in our Multi-Purpose area... Its a couple of hundred yards away, so I put another really small travel router down there ... The tablets auto Sync to both routers, so when I walk up I can grab the scores. First I've heard about Cradle Point devices... I guess you use them to upload scores to PractiScore.com during the match? We have no Internet service at the range... I usually just sync the match to my cell phone and upload it from there... Would love to see how you do things, though... Sounds like you're more sophisticated than I am.
  8. I never thought the gap between the safety and the trigger could be so critical... It might help to have one of those cut up AR15 fixtures so I can see what's happening between the SR Gold shoes and the safety... I'll have to see if I can find one of them. Thank you very much for sharing this information... I appreciate it!
  9. I have a DPMS safety that I removed to install the 45 degree Radian Talon safety... I can put that back in. Not sure what you mean by a clean pull? Do you mean until it shoots with out bursting in full auto? Turning the upper hex screw clockwise lowers the trigger pull? I checked the trigger before I shot it... It was 2lb 7oz... I set my Open gun to 1lb 11oz... Is that too light for an AR Gold trigger?
  10. The safety acts as the trigger overtravel stop in an AR15, right? Are you saying that the trigger hits the safety too soon and then bounces back and fires again? and that is what causes the full auto firing? So to stop the full auto firing, file the safety down a bit so the trigger has more overtravel? How do you determine how much to file the safety down?
  11. I'm using a Radian Talon single sided 45 degree safety... It felt good and the trigger passed all the safety checks in the AT installation video. What safety do you recommend?
  12. Correct... I do not use a JP bolt. QC10 Upper and Lower Taccom Extreme Bolt Blitzkrieg 5015HD Hydraulic Buffer Blitzkrieg SS Buffer Spacer 308 Carbine Buffer Spring I read that people had success with the AR Gold 308 trigger and the Taccom Extreme Bolt, so I thought I was good to go... JP bolt is better with the AR Gold trigger?
  13. The first time I shot it, it doubled and then went full auto. Put my original HiperFire Eclipse back in and gun shot normally.
  14. Again... Thank you very much...
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