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  1. Sites need to add an "only show Bullets In-Stock" button...
  2. The downside to scoring different to the tablet order is that someone gets scored on the wrong person... It's not difficult to fix if it's caught at the time, but it's a PITA... Best to make the tablet match the desired order.
  3. I don't see an 'Order' button... or a 'Sold Out' button... Did you call them on the phone to order?
  4. Also run 3 pouches... Two small, standard pouches near the front and one longer pouch on the side for a spare magazine... I keep a Glock magazine with 32 rounds for a spare... That way I should be able to complete any USPSA stage regardless of when it's needed.
  5. I use Cat Crap on my glasses... Get it at Amazon. Use Zeiss lens wipes and a Q-Tip for the corners on my optics...
  6. Had so much trouble with Winchester WSR primers that I mothballed my RF-100... Just ordered one of the EC bushings... Going to give it another try... ...the danger is in looking around the EC site... Lots of nice s1050 pieces there!
  7. Sign Up on PractiScore.com... Download match to a phone... If a squad doesn't have enough known Range Officers, we ask for one to move to that squad. When RO's shoot in a squad, the tablets travel with the squad, so once the order is created it always stays the same... So the tablet always shows the correct shooting order. Using PractiScore's 'Random' sorting order will usually find an acceptable shooting order... It isn't an unlimited random sorting order though... It cycles through about six or eight options and then circles back through the original order again.
  8. How are you purchasing bullets from Precision Delta? *DUE TO AN UNUSUALLY HIGH VOLUME OF ORDERS, PLEASE ALLOW FOR EXTENDED ORDER PROCESSING TIMES*I I see the above note on their site, but no "Order" button... There is a 'Save to Wishlist' button.
  9. Thanks, @ChuckS Never thought about buying bullets from Powder Valley... Will add them to my bullets check list.
  10. Anyone had any luck buying Berry's plated bullets lately? They used to go on sale every once in a while, but haven't seen any now for months... Not sure if they don't make them anymore or if they get sold out in 5 minutes when they are available.
  11. @rougeqc21 Check the threads in the lower... Maybe partially threaded or some junk bound up in it... If the threads look good check to see if it was dropped and the thread area is deformed.
  12. I have always shot 15 rounds over the chrono... The 15 round average is a good predictor of the overall load power factor... and I can look to see how far any fliers fall from the core area... While you can get by with chronoing three rounds (as that is all the chrono RO will fire if they all pass)... Selecting only three rounds out of 500 rounds for a match might not give a clear picture. Have a somewhat new Pro Chrono DLX... It is listed as more accurate than the old model... I don't know about that... I bought it mainly for the Bluetooth connectivity... Nice to link it t
  13. It seems to be filling up with carbon... Just wanting to clean it out... Not enlarge the hole.
  14. Do any of you ream the firing pin hole in the end of a 9mm blowback bolt? What diameter reamer or drill bit do you use?
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