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  1. Ack!!! Should have clicked to page '2' before I replied... Glad you're good to go... Brian is a good guy.
  2. I don't have any special number... Click 'About Us' on their web site and scroll down to the bottom... That's the number I call... It's the same number @Bwillis posted above. They changed from a threaded cap to a non-threaded cap with a set screw... Caps came loose... Current upgrade is two set screws... Not sure if anything else changed... Eliminating the threads stopped the shaft from breaking... Hopefully good to go now. Per their web site: You have the JP AR10 Rifle spring... Not sure what receiver extension you are using, but the rifle spring is quite long for a carbine extension tube... I've used the rifle spring with different setups... Currently using the carbine spring.
  3. Blitzkrieg's phone number is Brian's cell phone... I don't usually have much trouble getting through. You short stroke the 5015HD buffer with external spacers of some sort... make them out of delron... use the Blitz SS spacer... use quarters... whatever you want. Not sure what you mean about the springs... I've never taken one apart... The 5007 and 5015HD have the part number stamped on the outside of the case... The 5015HD has a heavier spring... Perhaps you bought some kind of kit... I bought my parts separately, so no idea... Look on their web site and see what it came with.
  4. I'm running a Taccom Extreme bolt with the weight and the Blitz SS weight in front of the 5015HD buffer. I took two identical bolts to the range... One without the weight (my standard setup at the time) and a new one with the weight... I shot them both and decided to continue with the weight in the bolt... It was a highly subjective decision... The brass coming out of the heavier bolt was cleaner, though.
  5. I followed the same path... When I bought my first 5015HD to try, I also bought one of the 2.6oz SS spacer... The 2.6oz SS spacer was too large (in diameter) to fit in my receiver extension, so I didn't use it... I liked the 5015HD better than the 5007, so I kept using it. After a while... I noticed the cap on my 5015HD started to come off as I was cleaning it one day... Called Brian ( very helpful guy) and he said he would replace it... Said there was a newer version with better cap attachment and two set screws at the top that he would replace it with... I also mentioned that the SS spacer was too tight to fit in my buffer tube... There is a newer SS spacer that is slightly less weight with a reduced diameter... Installed the second 5015HD with the new SS spacer in front and have been using it ever since... No troubles so far!
  6. Thanks for the info, Charlie... I had a hunch that you would have some specific oiling preparation.
  7. That's a long time to go between cleanings... I'll sometimes shoot a practice or two between matches without cleaning, but never that many rounds... Assume you at least oil it every once in a while. What kind of oil do you use?
  8. Interesting... What wears out on the upper? Assume it's wear from the bolt sliding in and out? I try to clean that area well... Thinking that removing all the grit will help it last longer... I clean it as best as I can using a toothbrush and solvent and then use a 12ga mop to finish up...
  9. Glad you got it! https://www.amg-lab.com/pages/support The link above has a .pdf support page that explains the workings of the AMG Commander... Download a copy to your phone in case you want to look something up later.
  10. Congratulations on your big win! Thanks for sharing your match video...
  11. The AMG Commander completely eliminates time recording errors by syncing the time from the timer directly to PractiScore... No typing... Very helpful in Steel Challenge with 5 strings per shooter.
  12. We have a standard WSB form that is laminated with a caribeener attached... Fill in WSB checkboxes and comments with a grease pen... Erase them and reuse them for the next match... Clip it on one of the stage walls that's at the side of the bay. Don't clip it on one of the walls in the actual stage...
  13. We have thick concrete as a roof in our bays with railroad ties along the sides... It's like shooting in a huge tunnel... The end bays have a shorter wall between them so we can run double wide USPSA stages... Our worst case scenario is to have a .22 rimfire rifle in one of those bays with a short wall and an Open shooter in the bay next to it... You likely won't have this issue. What we do is grab the time (via BlueTooth) as soon as the shooter finishes a string... Then, if a shot from the other bay is picked up, it won't matter because the accurate time is already in the tablet... If the shooter decides to take another shot (unusual in Steel Challenge), just press the timer icon in PractiScore again and grab his current time... PractiScore picks up the current time from the timer it is synced to every time you press the timer button. You can also press one of the three buttons on the face of an AMG timer to freeze the time at the current mark... We don't do this because we don't have any trouble picking up the correct time.
  14. You will be happy with it... The owner/designer is currently building each timer himself... That's why he has the 30 to 60 day wait for a new timer, but it is well worth it... It has many more features than I mentioned... It's also a great practice and dry fire timer... I use the presets... 1 for timing matches... 2 for live fire practice... and 3 for dry fire.
  15. https://www.amg-lab.com/ The new AMG Commander timer has extremely sensitive capabilities... The sensitivity can be adjusted to pick up anything from an AR-15 rifle... to rimfire... to a CO2 pistol... to a finger snap... Click the above link and watch the video... It's only a minute long. It also has user controls to control the echo... and connects to PractiScore with BlueTooth to download Steel Challenge string times... We use it for our Steel Challenge matches every month... It also transfers each shot time to PractiScore and PractiScore Competitor for splits and transition times... and to graph your shots against other shooters.
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