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  1. I have a couple of Taccom Extreme Bolts for my PCCs... They work well... I really like them... I clean the bolts before I shoot a match... After time carbon and dirt builds up under the extractor and stops it from working correctly... If I leave it long enough it will build up and cause jams... I remove the extractor to clean under it and that solves the problem... Now I try to clean under the extractor after a couple of thousand rounds before it starts jamming. I buy the roll pins in bulk from Amazon... also have a roll pin punch and a roll pin starter punch... They help, but it is difficult to hold the bolt on the correct angle... hold the roll pin in the roll pin starter punch... and tap it in with a hammer all at the same time... So now my question: Does anyone make a jig that will hold the Taccom Extreme bolt (or similar) at the correct angle for installing and removing extractor roll pins?
  2. Interesting test session with the new TriggerTech Diamond trigger. This guy has an amazing trigger test setup rig... Worth the watch.
  3. I case gauge all my 9mm ammo in a match hundo gauge... I notice that some cases are longer than others... some almost 0.040 or so... I pull them and put them in my practice ammo box... and they always shoot in my PCC. Always seems odd.
  4. Delete the shooter in the PractiScore App and re-upload the match to PractiScore.com... Download a new match file from PractiScore.com and upload that file to the SCSA.
  5. We always print out the full classifier document and leave it at the classifier stage... Helps eliminate a lot of problems/questions during the match... Seems it also insures that you get the latest version.
  6. The Bellcrank cubes (white squares) are still available. Asking about the old style bellcrank... Wondering what the Dillon part number is and if Dillon still sells them.
  7. I know this thread is a little old... But... Does anyone know what Dillon part number this is?
  8. https://uspsa.org/viewer//18-05.pdf Stage briefing calls them 'Mini USPSA Poppers' in the online documents.
  9. CW probably recommends red Loctite because the sight will never come loose... They avoid any future customer support issues. I don't use Loctite on 1911 sights... I usually fit them myself and make them pretty tight. When I do use Loctite, I usually use Blue 243... It's an update of the old standard 242 that has more resistance to oils... Good for guns. I do use red Loctite on some parts of my Open gun... It seems to shake loose blue Loctite over time... I usually use Red 262... It is difficult to remove, but it usually holds for as long as you want... I used 262 on my dot mount and later decided to change to a different mount... Had to cut slots in the small hex screws with a cut off disk and use a Micro torch to get them out.
  10. Thanks... I tried a few coupon codes from their web site, but only the 5% coupon worked.
  11. Thanks... I had trouble with my first AR Gold trigger... Originally thought it was safety related... Tried several safeties and different PCCs... Finally sent it back to American Trigger.. They found it was a defective trigger and refunded my money... Bought a second trigger from OpticsPlanet and it has worked perfectly since I installed it.
  12. It seems as though the TriggerTech Diamond is an improved version of the AR Gold triggers... I like that it has the two snug down bolts to keep the trigger tight in the lower receiver... The front pin rotates slightly on my AR Gold trigger... Not sure it would ever wear out, but it shows that the AR Gold trigger isn't really solidly mounted with only the two pins... The snug down bolts would help... Also like that the TT Diamond is designed to work with a 1.5 Lb trigger pull. How did you find out about the Optics Planet 15% trigger code?
  13. Trigger pull of 0.85 Lbs is incredibly light... I have an SR Gold at 1Lb 7oz in my PCC with a Taccom Extreme bolt and I thought that was light... I'm interested in the TriggerTech Diamond for my backup PCC... or maybe my primary PCC if it's as good as you all claim. What kind of safety are you using with the TriggerTech Diamond? I'm using a Radian Weapons Talon 45 degree safety with my AR Gold trigger.
  14. Time to get serious with your Open gun again... Everything is target focus with a dot.
  15. Progressive lenses work for this kind of shooting if you're shooting a dot... Everything is target focused.
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