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  1. RaylanGivens

    Reporting PCC results separately

    Yep... That's why PractiScore has a new "Hit Factor" match type with no organizational affiliation... Right at the top.
  2. RaylanGivens

    Reporting PCC results separately

    I've shot matches with spinners, but they were PCC-only matches... was fun... You got 3 procedurals if you couldn't spin the spinner... They are not an approved target for standard USPSA matches as everyone has mentioned.
  3. RaylanGivens

    Blitkrieg buffer failure

    Usually shooting fine in practice and having trigger reset problems in a match means you are tensing up in the match... Just when you're thinking "Now I need to go really fast..."
  4. RaylanGivens

    New PCC Goal?

    I watched Max shoot at the Nationals in FrostProof... Talked to him a bit... Nice guy. He is unbelievably fast... both navigating courses and shooting.
  5. RaylanGivens

    PCC - Bolt Catch Required?

    Similar... I press the stock against my leg and pull back on the charging handle... slide the flag in with my right hand... slide the charging handle forward... tilt the rifle up... good to go... Occasionally an RO will offer to grab the flag... I decline... I'm used to doing it myself.
  6. RaylanGivens

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    I use the Magpul K2+ for the same reason... I have long fingers and the K2+ lets me bend my trigger finger a bit and put it on the indented area in front of the trigger opening on a QC10 lower.
  7. Drop turners are usually disappearing targets... I'd skip it and take the two no penalty mikes...
  8. RaylanGivens

    Shockbottle case checker

    I have a Shockbottle 9mm SuperMatch gauge... I set it flat on the table and drop the rounds into it... After it is full, I pick it up and sight down the top to check for high primers and rounds that don't slide down into the gauge and lay flat... All the rounds should be flat along the top of the gauge. If any rounds protrude above the gauge, I press down on then... If they push down easily, I shoot them... If they are hard to press down, or hit a hard spot and don't go down, they go to practice ammo... If any primers are too high, those rounds go to practice ammo. Shockbottle also makes a 9mm flip-tray that is easier and faster than using two MTM boxes to flip the ammo... Very handy.
  9. RaylanGivens

    Limcat tron

    https://www.realgunreviews.com/how-to-e-file-an-atf-form-1-with-eforms/ Found the above link for filling out the E-File electronic filing of the Form 1... Quite involved... I can see why people don't want to deal with it.
  10. RaylanGivens

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    Strange that the Backup Lower is heavier with the lighter grip and shorter buffer tube? Something else must be different/heavier.
  11. RaylanGivens

    Words in posts now appearing as links

    Doesn't work for me either... Probably works for you because it's on your system...
  12. RaylanGivens

    PCC - Bolt Catch Required?

    I recently built a second rifle for PCC... I didn't have a bolt catch and got to thinking... Since my rifle is short stroked and won't lock back anyway... Why bother to run a bolt catch at all? I've put a few rounds through it and it shoots fine without a bolt catch... Now I'm wondering if that might be a mistake. Does the bolt catch serve any purpose other than locking back the bolt?
  13. RaylanGivens

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    Looks like you got some premium parts there... Never heard of a titanium grip screw before... Pretty cool. I don't use a buffer retainer pin or a bolt catch... My bolt won't lock back, so I don't use one... Only problem not using a buffer retainer pin is that you have to put your finger in front of the buffer when you open the upper.
  14. RaylanGivens

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    I had a Limbsaver recoil pad on my CTR... It was soft and pretty grabby... Maybe that's why the MFT seems to slide more for me...
  15. RaylanGivens

    I am diving into the PCC pool

    MidwayUSA has a lot of the small parts you need to build up a stripped lower... They are DPMS... That's what a lot of the AR builders seem to use... They have worked well for me... The only pain is that you have to order everything separate... Use Midway's search tool and you can find them... Here's a couple of links to the pivot and takedown pin springs and detents. https://www.midwayusa.com/product/517825/dpms-takedown-and-pivot-pin-detent-spring-ar-15-lr-308 https://www.midwayusa.com/product/136954/dpms-takedown-and-pivot-pin-detent-ar-15-lr-308 ps: My MFT stock arrived yesterday, so I installed it... Dry fired a bit and shot it in out normal Tuesday night match... I like it... It seems to fit my shoulder better than the CTR and also doesn't catch on my shirt as much when I lift it up... and it's lighter than the CTR, too!