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  1. RaylanGivens

    For all the 3D printer guys out there

    I have a Holosun 510c and thought it odd that it did not come with a cover... First red dot I've seen that doesn't come with a cover... Great sight though...
  2. RaylanGivens

    New Barrel Shopping

    Thanks, Patrick... I'm planning to build a complete Upper with the new SI 14.5" barrel... Mainly for backup in case the red dot malfunctions during a match... The next time I chrono ammo with the 14.5" upper, I'll check it with the 16" upper, too... I'm curious to see what the difference is... I've read that 16" long 9mm barrels are too long for 9mm minor ammo... They actually slow it down a bit relative to a 14.5" barrel... Who knows... Be interesting to check it out with two barrels by the same manufacturer.
  3. RaylanGivens

    New Barrel Shopping

    Finally got in touch with Andy at Shooting Innovations... They had a couple of 14.5" 9mm ramped barrels with 1/2 x 28 threads in stock, so I ordered one... It should ship tomorrow and arrive later in the week. Did you compare your 14.5" barrel against a 16" barrel with the same ammo? Curious if the 14.5" barrel loses any velocity compared to a 16" barrel.
  4. RaylanGivens

    Shooting First in squad....

    You can sort by Random names at a local match... The problem is that as long as everyone else isn't the first shooter... They don't want to change anything... At a major match, where the tablets don't travel with the squad, it's easier to use last name first because all the tablets are normally sorted that way... Reverse order or first name sort order would work, but no one wants to change to that because they might have to shoot first. My plan is to really scout the stage I'll be starting on before the match starts... Make sure I find all the targets and set my plan... I've gotten used to it...
  5. RaylanGivens

    Shooting First in squad....

    My last name also starts with B, so I am used to shooting first... It sucks to alway shoot first, but that's the way it is.
  6. RaylanGivens

    Speed of visual walk thru

    This is what I do, too... Especially if I'm the first shooter! Nothing worse than finishing up a stage and having everyone yell out "You missed one."
  7. RaylanGivens

    Upload Steel Challenge Match to SCSA in Android?

    Yep, I'm planning to use it for our 3rd Saturday Steel Challenge match this month. Glad to hear that it works well... Thanks for the heads up!
  8. RaylanGivens

    PCC technique

    If you look at the stage summary in the lower left hand corner of the video, Max received a Foot Fault procedural on that stage... It's highlighted in red on the screen. I ran it in slow motion and it was close... Max might have been too fast for the RO. It does look like an interesting way to deal with a hard left side lean though.
  9. RaylanGivens

    Shoot It or Pull It?

    Pitch it...
  10. I use 6 ETS Glock 17 magazines...
  11. RaylanGivens

    New Barrel Shopping

    I still haven't heard back from Shooting Innovations yet... Also looking for one of their 14.5" ramped 9mm barrels. Have they replied to your email yet?
  12. RaylanGivens

    How heavy, is too heavy?

    You don't have to shoot while holding the cane, do you? Shooting an AR with one hand would be difficult... That's why they don't make PCC shoot one handed in Classifiers.
  13. RaylanGivens

    Stick's Training, Range and Match Log Diary

    Sounds like a tough day... Watch the videos once and then delete them... Some times I just shoot Steel like crap... Sounds like you had one of those days...
  14. RaylanGivens

    Dillon Lubrication

    Can you post a link to the 1050 tear down and lube video? I checked Dillon's videos, but didn't seem much on the 1050...