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  1. It's been three weeks for my order... Still says "Awaiting Fulfillment" not pre shipment... Mybe I'm further down in the queue. Hope you get yours soon!
  2. Thanks for the explanation... First I have heard of the 'Clean' CCI SV ammo... I Googled it and found an interesting article comparing the clean and standard versions of CCI 22 ammo: https://www.americanhunter.org/articles/2019/5/14/tested-cci-clean-22-ammo/ I have a lot of the standard CCI SV ammo and plan to use it in my Wiland chassis and sleeved barrel (once I get them)... If I have any trouble at this point, it would probably be easier/cheaper for me to buy a second barrel than to find different .22 ammo.
  3. Have you tried a genuine Glock magazine yet? It's possible that the magazine is located too high in your lower... My QC10 lower has a flat bar held in by a set screw that stops magazines from going up to far... Make sure your lower has that piece in the right spot... make sure that your magazines have a flat spot near the top that locates the magazine vertically so it doesn't go up too far... Maybe it got chewed up somehow.
  4. Interesting that you're running CCI SV through a shortened 10% spring in a Wiland sleeved barrel... Did you decide to shorten the 10% spring because you had jams, or did it just seem to run smoother/better? That's very similar to the Wiland chassis/barrel that I'm putting together... Still waiting on some parts, so I haven't shot it yet... I use CCI SV ammo in my RFPO Ruger Mk 2/3 pistol with good results... My thoughts are that the CCI SV runs well in my pistol with a shorter barrel than the Wiland sleeved barrel... So it should work well with the Wiland sleeved barrel.
  5. That's a shame... I hope he is recovering... Feeling better. I ordered one of his chassis systems and a barrel a couple of weeks ago... Was going to call him... Guess I'll let him work in peace and catch up.
  6. I've never used a LRBHO device on any of my PCCs... No issues. Maybe your magazine springs are stiff... Try taking one round out and see if that helps... If you need more capacity, buy a Glock 31 round magazine and a Taran Tactical +10 extension... Load it to 38 rounds and you're good to go. Do you mean that the bolt catches on the magazine follower? Never seen that.
  7. Thanks for the details on the CCI Standard Velocity ammunition... I have a Wiland chassis and one of his sleeved barrels on order and plan to use CCI Standard Velocity ammunition... I've heard that some people have trouble with it in a Wiland sleeved barrel... My plan was to go with a lower weight recoil spring if I had trouble... Like I did with my Ruger Mk2/3 RFPO pistol... Thanks for confirming that plan... I'll order some of the springs while I'm waiting for the rest of my RFRO rifle parts to arrive.
  8. You can do the same thing by putting a piece of tape across the front of your red dot... It looks odd, but you can see the sight picture as long as you keep both of your eyes open... Good for training to keep both eyes open.
  9. Thanks for the update... I bought a three pack of the 10 round BX-1 magazines from Ruger and three of the DoubleKross magazine bodies from TandemKross... My plan is to take two of the Ruger BX-1 magazines and convert them to a DoubleKross... I'll use the third BX-1 to use as a control magazine in case I have some kind of issue with the DoubleKross... I also bought the assembly kit from TandemKross. I mainly bought these now because they were in stock... Wanted to have a couple of mags when I finally get all the parts to put my 10-22 together...
  10. The SI barrels require a notched bolt face, which I assumed is what SI did for you... How long did you run the SI barrel with the un-notched bolt? It's possible that the bolt smashed into the barrel ramp and damaged it.
  11. I've used most of what you're using with good results... Did you change anything else when you installed the SI barrel? Are you using the same buffer, spring and spacers (if short stroked) as before? Were you using the same Syntech ammunition with your other barrel? Might try a geniune Glock magazine.
  12. I've seen TandemKross double magazines, but I've never run across anyone actually shooting them in a match... Nice to hear that you've had good results with them... Wouldn't need magazine extensions with the double magazine... Had no idea that the magazine feed lips also performed as an ejector... I've built AR-15's and 9mm PCC rifles, but these 10/22's are quite a bit different... Appreciate all the tips.
  13. What magazines are you all using for the Wiland chassis? https://shopruger.com/10_22-Clear-Magazine-10-Shot/productinfo/90223/ Would like to use the Ruger clear 10 round magazines... $25 seems expensive... others available cheaper... not sure they are genuine Ruger... or if that actually matters... Read that some of the earlier Ruger clear mags were too large and didn't fit some of the 10/22 rifles.
  14. Didn't realize the MR receiver was proprietary... That wouldn't be a deal breaker, but I'd rather have interchangeable parts if possible. it is disappointing to hear about their quality going down. The Tactical Innovations receiver looks like a nice piece... I definitely plan on getting a receiver with the charging handle on the left side... It looks like the charging handle and assembly hardware are sold separately from the receiver... Is that what you used with the KIDD bolt? The charging handle looks kind of flimsy... Seems like it might bind up... Does it work all right
  15. Trying to decide between the TacSol X-Ring and the Magnum Research receiver/bolt... Can't find the Magnum Research receivers for sale anywhere (besides in a complete gun)... Where's the best place to buy a Magnum Research receiver? What receiver are most of you guys using in a Wiland chassis?
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