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  1. I'm beginning to think it might have something to do with my bolt, although I've tried an Iron City bolt and a Taccom Extreme bolt and had the bursting issue with both... However they are almost identical bolts... Both seem to be made by the same company. Curious to see what you find out...
  2. Funny that you mention it worked in a longer PCC... My PCC is a 10.5" barrel SBR... It is short stroked using the Blitzkrieg 5015HD hydraulic buffer with their SS buffer weight and a JP carbine spring... I might have had the .308 spring in it when I tried the TT Diamond trigger... It was when the TT Diamond first came out. Currently using an AR Gold 308 trigger... Used to use a HiperFire Eclipse trigger... Worked well, but it started to double after about 8,000 rounds or so...
  3. Did you ever find a good video for taking the lower part of the 1050 apart? I've got a little over 65,000 rounds loaded on my main 1050 and have greased it using the zirc fitting, but have never taken the bottom apart and cleaned or repacked the bearings... Wondering if I need to?
  4. https://www.arestactical.net/product/pcc-mag-pouch/ I use the PCC mag pouch in the link above... It's longer than normal and you can mount it low so the mag doesn't interfere with your arms... I keep a 31 round Glock mag in it with a Taylor Freelance 3-round extension... Keep 32 rounds in it.
  5. @MoRivera @waktasz Did either of you talk to HiperFire support? I did and they never mentioned the disconnector spring. Curious if they would send out a new disconnector spring... Or at least sell you a couple... I'd hate to have to make the trigger heavier just to get it to run without bursting.
  6. How did you discover that 231 is temperature sensitive? Is there a table listing of some sort available? I'm curious about n320... Is it temperature sensitive?
  7. Was this a brand new trigger? I had the exact same problem with a Hiperfire Eclipse that had a several thousand rounds on it... All of a sudden it started burst/bump firing just like yours... I called Hiperfire... No solution...
  8. We use the random sort option to separate RO's in local matches when the RO travels with the squad... We then use that order for the rest of the match... We just skip two on each following stage. It does take many presses of the random button to reorder the list... It seems like there are five or six different random 'sort' orders and then it cycles back through the same order again.
  9. If the SD was always low on the first round... and on the first round only... that would seem to rule out the ammo being the issue. Try another chrono.
  10. Doesn't seem like it would hold the powder measure as securely as the original screws. Does that affect the consistency of the powder drop?
  11. I use a DAA backpack for my PCC magazines... Originally I had trouble with my long magazines tilting over and pulling apart the velcro holding them up... Especially if they were loaded. Drilled two small holes through the top of the piece that holds the magazines and put a small wire-tie through it... It goes through to the center section of the bag, so it doesn't show from the outside... Works great!
  12. @mellino19 Good report... With the 308 rifle spring... the SS buffer weight... and the 5015HD buffer you are sprung really hard... I wonder if removing the buffer weight helped because you added some room for the trigger to reset or because it lightened the overall spring rate... I've tried the Sprinco springs and like them except for the annoying 'twang' noise they make.
  13. @Bwillis - Nice find on that video... It helped me to watch it with the sound turned off... easier to concentrate on the shooter's movements. Tim (video shooter) is quite agile and changes between weak and strong shoulder quickly... It emphasizes the need to practice the weak to strong shoulder move... and back again if forced to do it in the middle of a stage.
  14. Cool... First I've heard of that... Keep us posted! I can handle a flipped primer once in a while... But... Having to clear constant primer jams is a deal breaker.
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