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  1. Does anyone who reloads find the 1911 a tad more fickle to brew an accurate reload compared to a 2011 both in 9mm. Asking for a friend
  2. I’m talking about the actual hole the screw is inserted through
  3. Have many of you completely field stripped your 2011 to find (forgive me for not knowing the proper term) the eye bolt on the frame for the trigger screw broken off?
  4. When I bent it up I think the angle was to steep and wouldn’t let it fall. Seems like the same issue you stated. I’ll try it. Thank you. I tried to load primers while the mark 7 was running but I must have been to slow as powder covered my machine. A few times it didn’t prime a case which I’m guessing I need to adjust the press or maybe smoothing the primer bar ?
  5. Sorry I changed my question. I saw it posted already and didn’t want to rehash.
  6. Anyone have issues with primer sense? I adjusted it but doesn’t seem to acknowledge when the primers are empty. I have weight on the primer rod, I bent the warning bar upward but still doesn’t seem to be catching? Any tricks
  7. I will make a video as soon as it gets above -2 here.
  8. My 5 inch Hayes Customs is a hammer. Weakhand 50 yards on a 8 inch plate all day. I haven’t shot a 5.4 or 6 but my 2011 is very accurate if that helps
  9. You are correct sir. I was thinking that but wrote it incorrect. Thank you. What about the springs in comparison to the FPS of the loads (major vs minor loads).
  10. This may have been asked 1000 times but I can’t seem to find the answer or I just don’t grasp it. Probably both. In theory the recoil spring if you change the 10 pound spring which is currently in my 2011 to an 8 for the 9mm This would be better suited for my “bunny fart” aka low FPS loads. Although the 8lb will still run the hotter load malfunctions can occur with the lighter spring along with the heavier loads hammering the slide back into battery. I’m just making sure my mind is right
  11. Well I will have to wait until Tuesday now. My table was cracked in shipping. Screen won’t work.
  12. Did anyone mount the mark 7 to their bench ? Is it needed ?
  13. The primer sensor still works even with the RF 100 ? Bullet sense: keeps powder out of the completed bin, how ? Is it hard to set up. Sorry for all the questions. Easier to talk to someone who has it. So it will catch that 380 mixed in with 9mm.
  14. i just received my first 1050. I currently have a 650. My question is on the powder measure, the powder funnel die looks hardened I'm assuming for longevity. The 650 has a polished look and on the inside I polished it a tad more. My question is the black die in the 1050 doesn't look all that smooth inside. Any issues or upgrades necessary or am I overthinking this. Thanks.
  15. I have a 8 foot by 3 foot bench for a reloading station. To the left is a turret press. To the far right is a 650 and a single stage. I'm going to move the single stage to a different area. I guess my question is: Should I swap the 650 and the 1050 with mark 7 putting the 650 to the left of its current position? Put the mark 7 to the left of the 650? Move the 650 or 1050 to the turret press spot? I'm not sure how big of a footprint I need for the mark 7 and 1050 is the major question? I still would like room to work on things if possible. It is a great worry to have I guess to have this issue. Thanks you for your input.
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