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  1. The Rock River Varmit trigger is 3.5 lbs and can be found for around $100. I have 3 of them in 9mm PCC'S. They just work and don't stop.
  2. Brownell's bolt works great. I have three of them and they are going strong. No issues at all. They have the .223 extractor. I have not had any firing pin problems with about 3000 rounds through each.
  3. Try a Trijicon SRO. Very heavy duty and big sight picture.
  4. They are VERY FUN!@@! I shoot mine on steel a couple days a week. I liked the PCC so much, I bought an AR9 pistol for home defense. I am a believer in using rifle cartridges for defense but have you ever shot a 7" 5.56 in a house? If you are wearing a headset/ear plugs it is extremely loud. If you shoot an SBR 5.56 in a house you will scare yourself and wet your pants. Of course it will not do the bad guy any good either. Yea, all these things too! "Fun to shoot Cheap ammo Up close drills on steel Fun to shoot"
  5. I have never tried the Lucas oil but I can tell you that the SLIP 2000 EWL is fantastic stuff. It is supposed to be fully synthetic. It is supposed to be non toxic, although I wouldn't drink it! What is does do is lube your 1911 or AR15 very well. It has a very high flash point and will not burn off an AR bolt. A coating of EWL will prevent carbon build up in your AR. It is really good lube.
  6. SLIP 2000 EXL LUBE. The best I ever used. It has a very high flash and will not cook off in the heat of an AR.
  7. Having worked with 1000 yard rifles for many years, I have found that if you are starting with a new stainless barrel, yes break it in a little. Shoot 5 or 10 rounds, scrub with a nylon brush, scrub with JB Bore paste, wash it out with disc brake cleaner, and fire again. The PCC barrels I have encountered are not lapped especially well inside. They can do with a little polishing to smooth out the lands at the end of the freebore. If you are shooting a new chrome lined barrel (not chrome moly) then you don't need to break it in. I am lucky in that I have a Hawkeye bore scope so I can view the interior of the barrel. Don't ever buy a Hawkeye because your rifle will never be clean again! Eric
  8. Get the MBX extensions for your 33 round mags. Even the 57 round ones work really well. Get a couple spare firing pins and one extractor for back ups.
  9. Bore Tech has a product called C4 Carbon remover. Stuff some clean patches into the comp. Then saturate the patches with the C4. Let it sit over night. The C4 will remove or soften the carbon build up. Use some qtips and clean what came loose. If you have to, use the dental pick or scaler to remove what is left.
  10. Take a tip from the 1911 world. Remove the extractor and round the sharp edge on the bottom of the finger where the case rim engages it. Yes sharp edges on the top of the chamber will cause issues like this. A Dremel tool with a Cratex eraser type tip works well for this job.
  11. Try installing a new extractor. I had one do the same thing. I replaced many different parts to no avail. I finally tried a new extractor and BINGO problem solved. So I polished the old one and increased the tension a little bit. I put it back in the PCC and the problem was back. It is like the extractor lost it's temper or something.
  12. The .22 is a great tool. You should look at the Nelson Custom Conversion. I have one and it is excellent. I have it on a dedicated Springfield frame complete with front checkering. Everyone that shoots it, wants it! Nelson also has 1911 & 2011 width magazines. Then get some Taran Tactical magazine inserts and you can load 12 rounds instead of 10.
  13. Yup, slightly bent and pulling with the weak hand so the butt pushes into the shoulder.
  14. I have even seen new brass have case head separation. I use once fired brass from LEObrass.com. A very nice guy to deal with. I don't have to worry if the brass was used in some really hot major round. The price is so cheap, I usually don't even bother picking it up!
  15. YOu need to throat it. I load my PCC rounds to 1.155" +/- .005". They feed better in all barrels I have used them in. email coming 1911luvr
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