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  1. Any current promo or coupon codes?
  2. What mag pouch is everyone using for Colt style mags?
  3. Would an airsoft timer work with paintball guns?
  4. Sestock


    Does anyone other than Century Arms make a Galil clone available in the US?
  5. I thought Obama was a comedian... Sorry I couldn't resist.
  6. Top three for me are The Searchers, Ride the High Country and She wore a Yellow Ribbon.
  7. What size gas port for a 10.5" barrel?
  8. I love this movie.... But "Ride the High Country" is better.
  9. On reloads, I found that the FN is easier to reload. My Benelli had sharp edges on the reloading gate that hurt reloading, the FN's gate was rounded and didn't bite.
  10. I think the company was located in Arizona or New Mexico, but I could be wrong.
  11. What was the name of the company that was making them? What issue of the Blue Press was it in?
  12. Anyone familar with these? http://swfa.com/IOR-1x-Edge-Tactical-30mm-...ght-P42524.aspx
  13. So has anyone used one of these yet?
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