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  1. Best advice is to contact your section coordinator and area director for guidance
  2. More info please. Is it a 9mm or 40 S&W? Are you shooting factory ammunition?
  3. Bump to open if light doesn't work anytime during the match
  4. How soon before someone points a mounted flashlight at an RO or their buddy to make sure it works?
  5. It is an advantage not an issue. If you think and plan you should never go to slide lock.
  6. Anyone have a load for Universal Clays and 124 MG?
  7. Totally agree on sending it to Gary at GANS
  8. 13 lb with 2 coils cut off and 2 shock buffs
  9. I once had 7 reshoots on the same stage at the A7 Championship. It was our last stage and I had to get a ride back to the car, and then had to borrow off of other squad members
  10. The stage on the ground was almost exact to the drawing
  11. Almost all of the bands you listed are from the 70's
  12. Any discount codes available now?
  13. I have always used 38 Super mags
  14. Any current promo or coupon codes?
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