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  1. 13 lb with 2 coils cut off and 2 shock buffs
  2. I once had 7 reshoots on the same stage at the A7 Championship. It was our last stage and I had to get a ride back to the car, and then had to borrow off of other squad members
  3. The stage on the ground was almost exact to the drawing
  4. Almost all of the bands you listed are from the 70's
  5. Any discount codes available now?
  6. I have always used 38 Super mags
  7. Any current promo or coupon codes?
  8. What mag pouch is everyone using for Colt style mags?
  9. Compared to AP3's neat and tidey room, mine is a train wreck, but functional.
  10. Single stack just back from getting rebuilt by Gary Natale at GANS
  11. Here's my toys SX2 Clark Gator w/ Meopta Professional Ordnance Carbon 15 (rare one that works)
  12. Thanks for the tip, I am techno adverse.
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