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  1. This is a subjective opinion. I like parts of both. I like the horseshoe being bright, but i like the rest of the gen1 reticle better. BUT I've been shooting it for 2 years, so I'm more familiar with it. The holds are the same, I'm just visually used to the old one. Glass is the same between the two.
  2. Nice! Let me know what you think. I've only saw a couple samples of the gen2, and they looked good. Hell im still shooting the prototype gen1 on my backup rifle.
  3. That was a reworking of the original reticle to get the dot brighter. The holds are the same. We refined the other reticle added some features and moved that one into the cronus line.
  4. The vortex has a brighter dot. The glass was a wash between the 2. Both had nice glass. Imho the reticle is more useful in the midas. I don't recall about the fov. Eyebox was forgiving on both.
  5. Ive been shooting the midas and now the cronus 1-6 for over 2 years with great results and no issues.
  6. One of the best triggers out there, is also one of the cheapest. The jp trigger kit is a great deal, if you're willing to do some leg work. I've personally used jp,hyperfire, elftmann, timney, and triggertech. I've currently got triggertech, and the timmey Calvin elite. They are both great triggers. There isn't a "best" trigger. There are a bunch of great ones. Try as many as possible, pick the one you like and run with it.
  7. Try 68 or 69 gr going around 2700-2750. I don't use that scope, but that seems pretty close to what most people do. The hold on my midas are perfect in 50 yard increments starting from 200 on out using that combo. I use 55gr's inside those distances.
  8. Did any of you guys get one? I'm still shooting my prototype, but have one of the production ones too.
  9. They are out there. I'm still shootin a prototype on one rifle, but I've got a production one on the other.
  10. Checkout the Athlon Midas 1-6 with the 3 gun reticle. Its got great glass, and a reticle designed just for 3 gun, with the targets we shoot, and based off veolocities we can achieve.
  11. Eric, is there enough meat there to tri top to match my slide?
  12. If you got money to experiment, buy it. If not, stick with one of the known brands.
  13. Sweet! I'm gonna do a mix of nitride and hard chrome. Thanks for the info.
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