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  1. PharmDShooter

    Big stick feeding

    Again this is exactly what I did as well. You can also push/pull the big stick to see what fixes or causes the malfunctions to let you know how much to add where
  2. PharmDShooter

    Big stick feeding

    I had the exact same issue on a PSA lower. I added the Taccom feed ramp to my upper. I also made a pad of JB weld on the back of the magazines and sanded it so that the front to back wiggle was taken out. Since then I’ve had no issues with 33 and 43 round magazines.
  3. PharmDShooter

    Buying a Dillon advice

    Thanks! The top link was very helpful.
  4. PharmDShooter

    Buying a Dillon advice

    I have been reloading for the past couple years and shoot 10-15k/yr. I’m finally tired of spending more time fixing my press than loading. I am considering a Dillon, probably a 650. I was wondering where/who was the best to buy from? And everyone’s opinions about which press to get. I load 9mm (currently working on), 40SW (stock piled for next season), and the occasional 223 and 45acp.
  5. PharmDShooter

    entery level bolt gun

    I have #3 and have been very happy with it unchanged out of the box. Probably can get a better price somewhere other than cabelas if your area is anything like mine.
  6. PharmDShooter

    2011 baseplates

    I’m thinking about adding some Taran Tactical baseplates to my STI 140mm magazines. Will the 7mm plates keep the magazines legal length or do I need shorter? Thanks in advance!
  7. PharmDShooter

    Least expensive 223 powder

    It ended up being $240 I believe. There was a free shipping option but fees got tacked on at the very end
  8. PharmDShooter

    Least expensive 223 powder

    You have me very interested. I found 16lb for somewhere just over $200. What load are you using? I have a h355 load of maybe 24gr (I’d have to go look for exact).
  9. PharmDShooter

    Least expensive 223 powder

    I am looking to load some more 223 ammo for close range hoser type shooting. I haven’t loaded since the last election when prices were higher than current. I was wondering what components/powder everyone was using to produce the most economical load. Thanks in advance, Nick
  10. PharmDShooter

    Shoe Recommendations

    How do these shoes tend to run on size? I’ve been looking at them but afraid to order due to this.
  11. PharmDShooter

    Forward grip screw, the teeny one.

    I lost a grip screw and I was told fingernail polish works well. So far so good.
  12. PharmDShooter


    Dawson precision. They should ship free
  13. PharmDShooter

    Old Single Stage Press an Issue?

    I load on a lee pro 1000 and measure powder with a RCBS chrgemaster. I’ve been able to get consistent hits at 684yd on a 6” plate
  14. PharmDShooter

    Grip screw fell out

    Thanks everyone. Sounds like I’ll be making a trip to Lowe’s after work tomorrow. If not it’s back to the Glock.
  15. PharmDShooter

    Grip screw fell out

    I’m unsure what the piece on the inside is exactly. But the threads are still there. I’ll remove the other side and compare them Tomorrow.