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  1. PharmDShooter

    Least expensive 223 powder

    I am looking to load some more 223 ammo for close range hoser type shooting. I haven’t loaded since the last election when prices were higher than current. I was wondering what components/powder everyone was using to produce the most economical load. Thanks in advance, Nick
  2. PharmDShooter

    Shoe Recommendations

    How do these shoes tend to run on size? I’ve been looking at them but afraid to order due to this.
  3. PharmDShooter

    Forward grip screw, the teeny one.

    I lost a grip screw and I was told fingernail polish works well. So far so good.
  4. PharmDShooter


    Dawson precision. They should ship free
  5. PharmDShooter

    Old Single Stage Press an Issue?

    I load on a lee pro 1000 and measure powder with a RCBS chrgemaster. I’ve been able to get consistent hits at 684yd on a 6” plate
  6. PharmDShooter

    Grip screw fell out

    Thanks everyone. Sounds like I’ll be making a trip to Lowe’s after work tomorrow. If not it’s back to the Glock.
  7. PharmDShooter

    Grip screw fell out

    I’m unsure what the piece on the inside is exactly. But the threads are still there. I’ll remove the other side and compare them Tomorrow.
  8. PharmDShooter

    Grip screw fell out

    I’m a fairly new 2011 shooter. On my Sti Edge the grip screw on the top left side of the pistol has fallen out. I planned to shoot this gun Sunday so there is no hope to get a part in time. The question is should I shoot it Sunday? And what do I need to order for replacement? Thanks, nick
  9. PharmDShooter

    Cary optics magazine release

    Would it be legal to add an extended mag release to my Glock and use it for carry optics? i looked at the rules for a CO gun and it seems they’re legal in production. So it seems it may be legal?? thanks in advance!
  10. PharmDShooter

    What laser for your PCC

    I have the green model. I’ve been happy with it out to 15 yards or so in the sun. Any farther than that I don’t see the benefit to it. It works great for hard lean targets or close on the move shooting.
  11. PharmDShooter

    PCC magazine movement

    How did this effect reloads? I made a similar shim with a thin piece of metal and duck tape and it fixed the feed issue but reloads didn’t work.
  12. PharmDShooter

    PCC magazine movement

    Did you have to modify your bolt any to make the feed ramp work? Thinking about trying one when they get back in stock.
  13. PharmDShooter

    PCC magazine movement

    Seems like it would work. Can you get any pictures?
  14. PharmDShooter

    PCC magazine movement

    I built a PCC out of various parts. The problem that has came up began as a feeding issue. The bullet would ram into the back of the barrel. After troubleshooting various other things, I’ve determined that when the 33+ round magazines are loaded in the gun they can rock backward/forward. The issue occurs when they are pushing back (tested by Pulling/pushing the magazine to each end of the mag well). I wad was wondering if anyone else had experienced this or knew a reasonable fix until a JP is in the budget. Thanks in advance.
  15. PharmDShooter

    Coating being scraped off bullets

    I am seating and crimping in one station. I’ll try to reduce my crimp and see if hat helps