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  1. I like blue bullets. You can order 250 round sample packs to make sure they work before ordering a case.
  2. I have 3 of these and they work fine aside from the springs. Currently mine are needing replaced because they are shorter than the tube and I’m starting to worry about reliability. Ets will replace springs free of charge but I’m thinking of changing springs to get a little longer life.
  3. I had the same issue. I took a file and filed the back of the follower and the back of the magazine extension to make the transition easier.
  4. The rule book has .357 Sig now listed as a caliber capable of making major. I thought this as well until I looked.
  5. I have this set up for 40 and I can get 21 reloadable. You’ll just want to make sure your slide stop is deactivated as mine wasn’t and it locked the slide back with 1-2 rounds left.
  6. Ideally once a week for practice, but that's not been happening lately. I usually take about 200 rounds and work on mini USPSA stages that force me to use a skill that I noticed was lacking in matches. Dry firing doesn't happen as much as it should, but it helps a lot.
  7. I am considering one of these for a new build. Anyone have experience? Thanks
  8. I've shot a few different makers of coated bullets and the coating varies in thickness on some of them. I have settled on the blues because they have a thick coating and shoot well out of my STI, PCC, and Zev Glock barrel; however, another one of my Glocks dislikes them. This is likely just a load development issue that i don't want to work out. I have used or seen black bullets, Acme, IbejiHeads, and SNS and they all seemed to have a good coating. The blues were just cheaper so thats what I ended up with.
  9. Unfortunately thats about as far from me in WV as you can possibly get. But i believe I have decided to save up and buy a 1050 when I finish with school this spring. Hopefully I have enough ammo loaded to make it until then.
  10. I have been using mine since July without issues so I'm interested to hear everyone's issues as well.
  11. This ended up being my fix. Now I can get 41-42 in the mag. Thanks everyone!
  12. I tried it on a clear ETS tube and it looks like the back of the follower is getting hung on the transition at the 35 round mark. Now to find a solution to get it to go on down reliably
  13. I bought the +10 with springs to add to a Glock 33 round magazine. So far I can only get 35 rounds into it after leaving it loaded for a week. I have filed the follower and bottom of the tube to make sure everything moves freely. To me the spring looks really long but I don’t want to cut it off. Any suggestions?
  14. I used 4.2 Titegroup and 180gr blue bullet and made 169PF out of a STI Edge. I wasnt' a huge fan of Titegroup and have since changed
  15. Again this is exactly what I did as well. You can also push/pull the big stick to see what fixes or causes the malfunctions to let you know how much to add where
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