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  1. I recently changed from a Lee 1000 to a Dillon 750. There is a huge difference in quality in the two presses and I wish I’d have got the 750 years ago. I still use the Lee dies. I have used Universal Clays and H335 powders and the Dillon powder measure has been more consistent and overall better than the Lee powder measures.
  2. I have the less expensive DAA Racer line. I’ve used them for 2 seasons now and been happy with them. They’re not that much more expensive than those listed.
  3. If you’re willing to go with another company, RMR plated bullets have worked for me. There’s coupons floating around for them often.
  4. I would try coated. If you don’t reload, Federal Syntech May be a good option.
  5. I would try to shoot a 2011 or at least hold one first. Also if your budget is 4K don’t forget to include magazines, holsters, etc you will need for USPSA.
  6. I have two DAA belts and they’re very stiff. My girlfriend uses CR belts and they aren’t as stiff. We each think our belt is better than the others. So it’s preference mostly.
  7. The sti ones should fix it. The Dawson ones will have the same issue you’re having now.
  8. In this match is your mag capacity limited or are you loading them up? if you don’t need max capacity I still have some mags with the stock STI followers that won’t lock until empty. If you work on them a little I can still get 19 rounds.
  9. Mine does the same thing. You can either dremel your followers where they contact the slide stop or file down the slide stop. Both should work and keep this from happening.
  10. I shot coated and titegroup for a while. I didn’t have any issues with it and the only reason I changed was I went to something I could get locally cheaper. I was at 4.3gr 1.18” in a sti edge making 169pf. If you have the powder and bullets, I’d go for it and see if you like it.
  11. I had a stock edge and put a 17lb main spring and 12lb recoil spring. It seems to have helped a little bit.
  12. I’ve been thinking about doing something like this. Did you have any experience building guns before? Did you need any specific tools?
  13. If you’re going to shoot limited starting with a Glock knowing you’re going to transition to a 2011 you may want to consider a double alpha holster. You’ll likely end up with a race holster anyway and you can just change the inserts vs buying a new holster to fit whatever gun you end up with.
  14. The last ones I bought I ended up buying the complete mag because they were the same price. You have a mag that you can use until your other pieces come in. Or just leave it that way if you want.
  15. I have standard sti mags and replaced the base plates/followers/springs myself. They have all worked 100% with parts from STI, Dawson, and Taran. I’m currently using sti tubes ($60 on Dawson for either a tube or complete magazine), TTI bade plate, and various springs and followers. So I have about $100 per magazine. So the $110 for a Taran magazine seems like a good price to me.
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