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  1. Is the Rom 3 max working good so far on your slide? Who did you choose to get your slide milled?
  2. 40 dollars? I didn't know that. I thought It'd be more like $100 to do that. I have no experience in getting one done so far.
  3. Black looks sexy! I just ordered the brass grip myself. I might try using black sharpie for the "coating" lol
  4. I have heard 5015HD is solid. I shot many round thru it runs w.o any issues so far.
  5. I am using Clean shot. Here is my load data. This is my current load powder weight OAL power factor RMR 115JHP Clean Shot 4.2 1.100 141 This is my old load. EV 115JHP Clean Shot 4 1.080 135 I have JP bolt and SSCS too. I don't use them but I can say the load I use may not be the best for your buffer system. I couldn't get the JP buffer setup as good as my current setup. The current setup cycles so much faster due to extreme short stroke. I like how the red dot comes back to zero super fast. End of the line, I would say as long as the dot comes back to zero for the second shot consistently without too much effort, it should be good to go.
  6. I was referring pulling the handguard in to the shoulder (chest) as push pull.
  7. You can check out Max leograndis' insta. He did some vids on his setup. I basically copied his build and ammo setup as close to his. I have tried 95gr, 115, 124, 147 loads from 130-160pf range. I find 115gr 140pf works the best for 12" brekke setup. Depends on your buffer setup and powder, I believe the ideal load may change.
  8. I have spent too much money tinkering to get the gun run reliable and good recoil. I settled with Brekke 12" with their 4" vertical comp, Kynshot 5015HD with their SS spacer, JP 308 carbine spring, 5 or 6 quarters in the buffer tube, and a welded Bolt (Taccom Extreme bolt works too). This way, I am short stroking a lot. It's been very reliable and the best recoil. I can shoot all As at 25 yards with .13 splits. I don't need to push pull much either compared to muzzle breaks. With vertical comp, the gun comes back down automatically. For this, I have to make sure to use lighter bullets (115 or 124) to produce enough gas. I currently use 115gr at 140pf.
  9. I have this one on my back up and I like it. I paid $50 back when it was on sale but not $99. https://www.primaryarms.com/brand-x-ar15-handguard-m-lok-free-float-12
  10. I have two of the Taccom 13/16 barrel and I am trying to find out how to ream it as well. Since I plan to shoot a match in a couple of weeks, shipping it out to a gunsmith is not an option. Would you mind sharing your experience with reaming the barrel? Also, could tell me where I can get the reamer? Thanks
  11. I had the same issue with my 13/16 Taccom barrel and FM9 lower. I simply filed the feed ramp to shorten it and mags seat fine (I still have to smack it in or open the bolt to seat 40-50 rounds loaded mags). HOWEVER, it still scratches the front of the magazine lip a bit. Most of my mags now has a dent in the plastic or even naked metal due to plastic falling off when it hits the feed ramp.
  12. No worries. Thank you for the replies. They were still educational to me.
  13. I made another batch with slightly less belling (0.382 ish) and made sure all the bullets are seated straight. I tested 100 rounds today and zero flyers. Thank you so much for your input. This Alpha dropper is pretty awesome. It does a good job with minimizing or even eliminating stickiness. I'd recommend this product, especially to people who automated their press.
  14. I was suspecting the neck tension being an issue. Previously when I started using more coated bullets or plated, I saw bullets being undersized as the seating die pushing the bullet down with too much neck tension. This is why I was suspecting the new funnel opening up too much, not in the mouth of the bullet but perhaps the body of the brass.
  15. I got the alpha funnel in 9mm and facing one issue. I tested the ammo I made with it at the range today and experiencing rounds (2-3 out of 10) hitting D zone or even outside the target at 25 yards accuracy testing with 2 of my Walther Q5SF. All the other shots will group normally in the center (2-3" group).This didn't happen with MBF funnel. My ammo recipe is coated bullets (gallant) 125gr with Clean Shot 4.1gr (135pf) at 1.145 OAL. With MBF, I was belling the brass at around 0.390 -0.395 to prevent the coating from scraping off. For Alpha, I did belling to 0.385. According to my push test (push the bullet against a table to see how deep it goes before crimping) it tells me If I bell at 0.395, it will go as deep as 1.140 OAL. I want my ammo to be 1.145-1.150 length and I made a decision to not bell too much to prevent the bullet set-back. With 0.385, the bullet was pushed down to 1.170 OAL. I would appreciate any thoughts on this.
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