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  1. Just throwing out there, I value wrist locking strength (forearm) way more than grip strength. Because as long as the gun doesn't move around inside the hands, the grips job is done. but the joints (wrist, elbow, and shoulder) affects the recoil management a lot. I don't do any grip specific exercise but by doing general fitness, I have an ok grip strength
  2. Yes! I didn't know that. I guess I will pull it gently Thank you!
  3. I have the same issue as you. When I pull a bullet out, I see 2 lines of cuts on the bottom edge. How did you fix the issue?
  4. I tried all sorts of reloading technique. I'd like to load closer to my body and at my chest level. I find it's really consistent and fast with reloading at the "work space" (I forgot who said but this is where people usually clap relaxed) I also find it's not always how much shorter distance you cover. It's the final time. So no matter how short you move, it may be slower than relaxed and fast pace. Another reason is that it is harder to control and have less bounce the further away from my body for loading while moving. I can also angle my magwell to the magazine pouch better when it's closer to my body because I don't have to tilt my wrist too much. These are the main reasons.
  5. I have been keeping my eyes on to get Prima V. No luck so far...
  6. Walther specific. When re gripping (draw, reload, moving into position etc), my support hand index finger second joint area touches first as an index point. It gives me better indexing of the sight. When reloading, make sure the angle of the mag well is more toward the body so that the front part of the mag (or your index finger) touches the front of the mag well.
  7. I used to zero my DPP 2.0moa at 25 yards but now 18 yards.
  8. This is a load data I personally developed for my Q5. If you shoot Prima V, you will find it helpful PPQ Q5.xlsx
  9. Both are part of it. It's more than just video analysis. I should have said study rather than analysis. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  10. Leading up to the world shoot, I have been spending about 8 hours of shooting related stuff. 1.5 to 2 hrs of physical training with my trainer. about an hr of dry fire, 3 hours or more of live fire, and lots of analysis. After the worlds, I didn't train much due to traveling and school starting. In the off season, I will most likely spend less than 5 hours a day. and have a solid 2 to 3 weeks no training.
  11. I do some jumping jacks or jump ropes, lunges, leg swings, bear crawl, push-ups, lots of stretches.
  12. Some prone shooting. - Keep your elbow angles the same as standing shooting. (Keep your elbows wide so that the elbow will not be so bent after recoil) - Hard front sight focus and try to aim a little bit higher if possible.
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