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  1. A "chamber checker" isn't a "plunk checker", only your specific barrel is. As long as 9mm rounds are less than 1.169" (the SAAMI published max OAL) they will be fine in a chamber checker. I discovered my newer M&P9 2.0 CORE has a significantly shorter lead than my older M&P9 2.0 the same way you did your CZ. Loaded to 1.135", 125 gr Blue round nose bullets fed and ejected fine from the older M&P. Using the same OAL in my CORE fed and fired OK but ejecting a live round at ULASC took both hands to retract the slide. A plunk test with that barrel required loading to
  2. How accurate is your measuring device? Is it a micrometer? A digital, dial or vernier caliper? Have you zeroed it? Generally bullet makers, particularly of jacketed bullets, are very close to their specified size so be sure the bullets themselves are at fault.
  3. +1 For reliability, stability, availability, price and aftermarket extension choices, nothing is even close. Why do you think premier PCC makers like JP use Glock magazines as standard?
  4. I installed a black version LPA rear sight on my 686 paired with an SDM fiber optic front sight blade. I was looking for the "optimum" open sight combination and it worked out well for me. Age finally sent me to a Vortex red dot but the LPA was very good when I used it.
  5. I'm pretty sure a call to S&W's customer service would have gotten you a replacement at no cost.
  6. One advantage to the Coolfire and similar "recoil" systems is that they reset the gun automatically. Most striker fired and single action guns require racking the slide after each trigger pull so multiple fast shots are impossible unless recoil resets the striker or hammer.
  7. I just checked my HS510. Yes, at very close range, like 5 feet, the parallax is appreciable if you move your head well off center. At longer range, say 30 feet, the parallax is pretty much non-existent.
  8. Several years ago, Midway, under their "Caldwell" house brand, sold a low cost Ransom Rest substitute for about $175. Quality of construction was decent but nowhere near that of a real Ransom Rest. It used the same inserts as the genuine Ransom Rest, recoil was handled by a strong spring and return-to-battery was controlled by an air damper (like a screen door closer) so you didn't have to reset it for each shot. The trigger was pulled by a lever controlled by a flexible cable in a housing with a push knob at the end. In some ways it was better than the real Ransom Rest as it had both ele
  9. How good are you, your granddaughter, your wife or a friend with a sewing machine? Adding belt loops to pants without them is quite easy.
  10. If your trigger was that good out of the box, the Apex kit probably isn't going to make much difference. My as-received trigger pull was 5-1/2 pounds and with the Apex kit it's now under 3 pounds. Overtravel can be adjusted out with the factory trigger and pretravel remained the same after the kit so don't expect much change there.
  11. I expect the ability to set off primers depends on the striker spring, not on the trigger parts.
  12. I wonder what the total cost of a Polymer 80 pistol is by the time you've purchased all of the frame internals, slide, barrel, magazine(s, sights, etc. needed to make it a complete functioning pistol. Except for the anonymity associated with not needing an FFL, I expect financially it's a bad deal compared to buying a new Glock.
  13. The Volquartsen "Accurizing" kit is generally accepted as the best action improvement available. I have one in my MkIV Target and the improvement was dramatic.
  14. The clubs where I shoot Steel Challenge require all long guns be cased, brought to the line in the case and only unzipped and removed at the firing line. I wonder if you can get PVC tubes big enough to hold a cased rifle.
  15. Meprolite's website shows adapters for several pistols, CZ Shadow, Glock, S&W M&P, H&K VP9, that go into the rear sight dovetail. Also, there are two specific mount plates for S&W M&P CORE and Glock MOS pistols. The sight itself fastens to what looks like a short single slot Pic rail that's part of the dovetail mount or CORE/MOS mounting plates. None of these appear to be anything like the common RMR/Vortex/DPP/Holosun and similar mounts.
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