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  1. I haven't cut the springs so far. Also, I don't think there are 1.0 and 2.0 magazines, I believe they are all identical but maybe there are older and newer production. Anyway, I called S&W's customer service and told the rep my problem. He's sending me a new spring and follower so we'll see if that helps. Also it lets me really experiment with my old ones.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. I've filed off the follower's legs until the semi-circular arcs are nearly gone but the mag is still very tight for 10 rounds,. I may try to shorten the center knob also. I was wondering about shortening the spring since is seems to be just about coil bound with 10 rounds. That may be next.
  3. I recently bought a factory 10-round full size M&P9 magazine for my M&P9 2.0 but loading the 10th round is a huge struggle. Anything I can do to modify it to make adding the 10th round easier? I realize the manufactures want to be sure you cant load more than 10 but 10 should be easier. Suggestions?
  4. My experience exactly. My 650 would to leave an occasional primer partially in the case. I called Dillon and the Tech I talked to was helpful. He suggested smoothing the end of the decapping pin with fine sandpaper to remove any burrs and round the sharp edge. Problem has never reoccured.
  5. I'm trying to remove the rear sight from my SR9c to install the Galloway red dot adapter base. I removed the set screw and rear blade elevator and roll pin, then clamped the stripped slide in a padded vise and tried to drive the base out (yes, left-to-right) with a brass punch and a small hammer...then a bigger hammer...then a MUCH bigger hammer. I wasn't being at all subtle but no dice, it wouldn't budge at all. I've removed dovetail rear sight before on many other pistols including two other SR9s, two M&P 9s, a couple of Glocks and a CZ75. None of them gave any problems so this one is a first. I contacted Ruger's CS and the woman talked suggested I send them the slide which I'm preparing to do. However, has anyone here ever removed one of these bases "destructively", i.e. by cross cutting it with a Dremel or hacksaw? I realize I'd have to be very careful not to cut into the slide but maybe this would work. Comments?
  6. +! Many shooters neglect to clean and degrease both the receiver holes and screws before using Loctite. This is essential to get a good bond. Acetone is certainly as good choice as a cleaner.
  7. What's the incentive for replacing the factory guide rod? What does an aftermarket rod do better?
  8. Will the TF mag well work with 10-round Glock 26 magazines or does it interfere with them because they are so short?
  9. It's an AR-15 bolt carrier made of titanium. I had to look it up too. Apparently it's also been discontinued by the manufacturer who is also out of business so either its price or durability were show stoppers.
  10. A piece of 1/2" steel round stock ground to a pencil like point can be driven into anything short of solid rock.
  11. If I were in the market for a new Dillon, I think I'd wait before buying a 750. Any new product is going to have teething problems and I wouldn't want to be a Beta tester for the 750. The XL650 is a known quantity with its strengths and minor weaknesses well established so you know what you are getting. The 750 has yet to prove itself.
  12. Yeah, that was given on the posting above with the XL750 ad. However, the "base model" still includes a caliber conversion, powder measure, tool head, etc which are parts I already have. I would want just the big piece in the middle at, hopefully, a lower price
  13. Entirely Crimson sells $25 a quick-disconnect for Dillon Powder measures that allow removing the measure by just removing the fail-safe rod and pulling a spring loaded handle. Once the measure is off the press dumping it is trivially easy.
  14. I wonder if Dillon will sell just the basic XL750 "core", i.e. the loader body with no accessories so those of us with XL650's can reuse our current accessories (tool heads, powder measures, strong mounts, powder checks, case feeders, etc.)?
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