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  1. I bought small folding hex key sets at Home Depot in SAE, Metric and Torx formats since my various guns use all three types of socket screws. Those sets plus a 1/4" hex bit screwdriver handle and a selection of flat screwdriver bits from very narrow and thin (adjustable sight screws) up to rather big and fat (stock bolts) cover almost anything I'm likely to need in the field.
  2. I've become a real fan of the Holosun red dots, particularly the HS507C on my full size M&P9 20. and the smaller 407K or 507K on small pistols like the Shield. The "C" models use the same footprint as the Trijicon RMR and the "K" series use the Shield RMS/ Romeo O footprint.
  3. As best I could find the CT1500 uses the same footprint as the Shield RMSc so it also fits the Romeo Zero and Holosun 407K and 507K. The Holosun pair may require a slight modification to the base as they don't have the two rear short post recesses.
  4. The ultimate fix for aging eyes is a red dot sight. The dot and the target are in the same plane and there is no problem having to focus on one or the other.
  5. That seems to be the logical approach.
  6. There is a spring loaded plunger behind the stock trigger and I suppose you could try to find a heavier spring. Most hardware stores have a supply of various springs and perhaps you could find a suitable one.
  7. Yes, the CORE has an extended slide stop but, since I always slingshot the slide, that's an unimportant difference to me. I'm left handed and, on both guns, the right side slide stop is so hard to operate it doesn't help to have a more prominent lever. I installed Apex DCAEK parts in both guns so they now have nearly identical, and much improved, trigger pulls. My PC CORE is black and my non-CORE pistol is FDE since that was the only color available when I bought my 5" 2.0. I would also have preferred black but the FDE is acceptable.
  8. If the CORE cut is not needed then my two M&P9 2.0's, one a 5" CORE and the other the standard 5" version, are pretty much identical.
  9. Yes, I'm left-handed too and I know what you mean about the "wrong side" slide stop. It is indeed too hard to operate as is. Springer also makes a T-shaped slide racker that projects out only a little on both side of the slide and I wonder if it would be unobtrusive enough to qualify for competition.
  10. I have both of the guns you mentioned and, indeed, the slide stop on the 5" M&P 2.0 CORE is more prominent than on the older 5" FDE "non-CORE" gun. Why I don't know but if you contact S&W thay may ber able to supply a replacement. Frankly, I never noticed the difference until you mentioned it since I never drop the slide using the slide stop. I always "slingshot" it and I have Springer Precision "slide rackers" on both pistols which makes this easy.
  11. Yeah, the only ones I know about are Novak and LPA.
  12. I'm using Alliant Sport Pistol, which is supposed to be the "poor man's" N320, under a 125 gr Blue bullet and the lens of my Holosun HS 507c does fog up a bit after a bunch of shots.
  13. Too bad. Actually Springer also sells a racker that is sort of T-shaped and doesn't project very far from either side if the slide. It's advertised for use on carry guns as it doesn't make the gun much wider and shouldn't interfere with the draw or poke the wearer in the side.
  14. OK, I guess it isn't a crush washer but I still recommend the jam nut as an easy way to 1) secure the brake, 2) clock it accurately and 3) allow its easy removal and reinstallation for cleaning.
  15. A better and more comfortable solution is a "slide racker". Springer Precision sells rackers that replace the striker cover plate on Glocks and S&W M&Ps. They are inexpensive, easy to install, unobtrusive and available for both left and right handed shooters. I have them on both of my M&Ps and the convenience is terrific. They also keep your hand away from the muzzle while racking.
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