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  1. You are having the exact same problem I described in a similar thread here a few down from this one. Changing the arm spring was the key to solving it. I also changed the wave washer, and every thing else in the assembly because I had spares and Dillon sent me new replacements at no cost. BTW, that site for the Dillon videos was very useful.
  2. They should be easily removable so, even if you can't reuse them because of the head shape, you could determine the thread diameter and pitch and match them with bolts of the desired head type. Or, an e-mail to Ruger's CS should get you the needed information.
  3. Gas jetting out the front of the muzzle generates SOME of the recoil. Recoil is the reaction to all of the "ejecta", i.e. the bullet and the powder gas so recoil is not generated solely by the gas jet. Redirecting the gas jet with a comp will reduce felt recoil somewhat but by no means eliminate it.
  4. I expect masking the slide around the milled pocket, plugging the threaded holes and rattle-caning it with Rustoleum will work fine. This is not a surface subject to wear or abrasion so great coating durability isn't important.
  5. Allient's web site lists .38 Special using Sport Pistol for a variety of bullet weights and types.
  6. I have one of the DPPs with the 7.5 moa triangle on a S&W M&P9 2.0 CORE and am pretty happy with it. It's fast to find the "dot" and precise enough for the PPC league I use it for. That said, apparently I'm in the minority as the triangle version has disappeared from Leupold's web site.
  7. Not exactly what you are using but I just weighed a number of Blue 125 gr RNs. The average weight was 125.8 gr with a range of 124.9 to 126.2. Out of the couple of dozen I weighed, only one was below 125.0 gr.
  8. Of course. I didn't expect the "upgrade kit" would be just a few simple pieces but, as you noted, perhaps just a revised upper receiver. Cheaper than an entire new gun.
  9. Yeah, why sell a relatively inexpensive upgrade when you can sell a complete new rifle.
  10. I wonder if there will be a retrofit kit to upgrade existing GMR-15 and perhaps GMR-13 rifles.
  11. If the offending gun is marking the brass it got more than a short leade. I'd contact S&W and have the barrel corrected or replaced. they should fix it under warranty.
  12. I'm also a lefty and, while I'm not sure what the design of the JP. GMR-15's extractor is, I have never had gas problems using mine. Perhaps, more fundamentally, is there any reason you can't go back to the old, narrow extractor bolt and eliminate the problem at its source? Does the new bolt solve any problem that justifies the new one it produced?
  13. I guess you've never shot Steel Challenge with a rimfire rifle. I have a TandemKross "Game Changer" comp on my 10/22 for exactly the same reason, I want the gun louder so the timer picks up the shots.
  14. Unless you can find lead-free primers I don't thing shooting wax bullets in your garage is a good idea. Indoor ranges typically have a lot of forced ventilation and you don't live there. Lead dust accumulation in your garage isn't a good thing.
  15. Sorry, triple post. Too impatient.
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