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  1. Are you using mixed brass? Those bullets are so long and have to be seated so deep in the case that variations in case wall thickness and taper from brand to brand could be causing the inconsistency.
  2. Last year I mailed my order for my no-options GMR15 to JP on August 29 and included a 50% down payment check. I got confirmation for the final payment check on September 12 and the rifle was shipped to my FFL on November 6. I picked it upon November 10. So 73 days or just over 10 weeks from mailing my order until I had it.
  3. The Dillon 650 (and probably the other Dillon presses) has the primer feed tube off-set from the primer seating station so if a primer detonates while being seated it won't set off the others. I guess something could cause a primer in the feed tube to detonate and set off the others but that would take quite a hard hit. In 20,000+ rounds through my 650 I've never had a primer go off while loading.
  4. Yeah, the Hogue I have is decently firm but a fixed stock should be a bit steadier. I'm in the South hills of Pittsburgh, not that far from both Washington and Waynesburg.
  5. My PCC came with a Hogue collapsible stock but I set it at the LOP I want and never change it. Recently I've seen fixed stocks at reasonable cost and was considering one of them as a replacement. Magpul sells a good looking one but the LOP is really fixed and it seems to be too short for me at 12.2" Strike Industries sells one with shims to set the LOP between 12.0" and 14.25" and that seems to be a better choice. Both are modestly priced and easy to install and won't add any significant weight. I currently live in an area that doesn't restrict AR-type guns so the "cosmetics" of a collapsible stock aren't an issue but who knows what will happen. Any thoughts or recommendations?
  6. I only see one drawback to having Primary Machine mill the slide. They mill to a specific sight's footprint so if you want to try a different sight, you are out of luck. For example, I have a Leupold Delta Point Pro on my 5" M&P9 2.0 using Leupold's rear sight replacement dovetail mount. If I want to use a different sight, say the new Trijicon SRO, all I need is a replacement base from Trijicon, EGW, etc. If I have Primary Machine do my slide I'm stuck with the current design Delta Point Pro forever. A better and more versatile arrangement would be to mill the slide to take various adapter plates the way Glock, S&W Core or other factory optics ready guns are set up.
  7. This is an industry that can't standardize on something as simple as a rear sight dovetail. With a couple of exceptions (Novak, Bomar) every maker has to have their own proprietary dovetail. For just the FF3/Viper/Venom footprint, EGW lists 29 different auto pistol dovetail adapter plates. Standardize? Don't be silly!
  8. I don't think it's a factory cover and Holosun's web site says nothing about a cover for the 510 even as an accessory. That Amazon offer is a combination of the 510 with a cover. They don't specify who the maker is but it looks like the Scopecoat discussed above. They have several other offers of the 510 alone with no cover.
  9. I just got the Scopecoat for the EOTech XPS2 and 3 and it fits very well, almost as if it was made specifically for the Holosun. Thanks again for the recommendation.
  10. I saw Scopecoat's web site and a few of their models looked like they might work but I couldn't tell which one. Thanks for the recommendation.
  11. Does anyone make a sight cover for the Holosun 510C? A search of all the usual makers and suppliers turned up nothing. Thanks.
  12. The dot is adjusted and zeroed with the windage and elevation screws which are mechanical adjustments. All the battery does is light the diode so changing the battery will not alter the zero. There are some red dot sights that have to be removed from the gun to change the battery so you want to recheck your zero after reinstalling them but the DPP allows battery changes while it is still mounted on the gun.
  13. Another possibility is that modern powders can contain additives to reduce muzzle flash, prevent copper fouling, etc. The off-color granuals may have been treated with the additive(s).
  14. The guns that win the major shoots (as if the gun itself actually won anything) are the ones provided by the winner's sponsor. If SV hires enough world class shooters, their guns could indeed win what ever competition their pros entered. As the cliche goes; it's the Indian, not the arrow.
  15. The plastic sieve sets used to separate 45, 40 and 9 mm brass can do it. Use the "40" (blue) sieve. The 9 mm brass will fall through the slots but the 38 brass will get hung up on the rim and stay in the sieve. I use it to separate 9mm and .38 Special brass that I clean together. It's faster than hand sorting even given the obvious length differences.
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