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  1. SteelCityShooter

    Sport Pistol

    I didn't but Alliant states its burn rate between two of their current powders (American Select and Green Dot) and the burn rate charts list those. I did some more searching and Alliant does indeed publish data for 9 mm loads using Bullseye and the recommended charge weights are very similar to Sport Pistol and Titegroup. So, while Sport Pistol isn't a modified Bullseye, it fits into then same usage range.
  2. SteelCityShooter

    Cold weather power factor calculations

    Alliant's literature says their Sport Pistol is very temperature stable so it might be a useful candidate too.
  3. SteelCityShooter

    Sport Pistol

    According to the powder "burn rate" charts, Sport Pistol is somewhat slower than Bullseye and, in fact, is slightly slower than Titegroup. The fact that Alliant lists no 9 mm loads for Bullseye but numerous ones for Sport Pistol tends to support that they aren't that close in properties.
  4. SteelCityShooter

    Use FREE HS-6?

    I've used many pounds of Titegroup in 9 mm minor and .38 Special loads and it has never melted or even discolored any of my fiber optic front sights on both semiautos and revolvers and the smoke with jacketed or coated bullets is minor. I agree that Sport Pistol seems to have a somewhat milder recoil and is probably easier on polymer coated bullets but Titegroup is a useful powder.
  5. SteelCityShooter

    Drop the hammer on rimfire?

    My experience is after you "unload and show clear", the RO will help insert a chamber flag and then you just close the bolt on the flag and either holster or bag the gun. Most rimfires, can't be dry fired if if the bolt is even slightly out of battery so, once the flag is in place, pulling the trigger doesn't do anything.
  6. SteelCityShooter

    Ruger PC carbine

    I did the same thing. Both bmiller (a poster here) and Taccom sell Picatinny rail adapters that replace the rear sight and make a great mounting point for a mini red dot. I have a Vortex Venom on mine.
  7. SteelCityShooter

    Goig to the Dark side...Red dot

    Vortex's web site has a "how to" video on mounting their Venom and Viper red dots and it says the bolts should be torqued to 10 to 12 inch-pounds. That's INCH-pounds. Here is the video: http://www.vortexoptics.com/video/mounting_red_dot_to_handgun
  8. SteelCityShooter

    45 ACP Crimp OD?

    Yeah, I know that. I was just looking for guidance as to what diameter means the belling has been just removed by the taper crimp die. So the recommended diameter is .470 to .471". Great, that's what i'll adjust to. Thanks for the help.
  9. SteelCityShooter

    45 ACP Crimp OD?

    I'm going to help a friend set up his new Dillon XL 650 for .45ACP. I have one myself but only use it for 9 mm and .38 Special so I'd appreciate some advice for setting up his crimp die. What OD of the loaded rounds' case mouth am I looking for?
  10. SteelCityShooter

    Blade-tech vs CompTac for Competition

    I have both and to me they are tweedledom and tweedledee. They both work well and fit the specified guns properly. I'm left handed and not all of either company's models are offered in lefty form. One specialty holster I have from Comp-Tac is their "USPSA" holster for my 6" 686. It's cut away in front far enough to clear a Picatinny rail long enough for a long red dot like the C-More but holds the gun securely. Blade-Tech does not offer anything comparable I could find and I really didn't like Safariland's similar holster.
  11. SteelCityShooter


    Not exactly what you specified since it 's a RFPO gun but it's a Ruger MkIV Stainless Target with a VQ Accurizing kit and the VQ extractor. The "O" is a Vortex Venom 6 moa dot mounted on a Ruger Picatinny rail.
  12. SteelCityShooter

    How thick is bullet plating?

    Notice the true FMJ is open at the base so the hot powder gasses contact the lead core. That's one reason why most major load shooters prefer JHP bullets since the jacket covers the base. Montana Gold does sell a fully enclosed jacketed round nose by adding a disk of jacket material that covers the base
  13. SteelCityShooter

    Holster for CZ 75B sao

    You can order directly from Blade Tech. Delivery is a couple of days if your model is stock. Probably a couple of weeks if they have to make it. Another good maker is Comp-Tac and you can also order directly from them.
  14. SteelCityShooter

    9mm Sport Pistol Light Load Data

    Extrapolating your data a bit: M&P 2.0 5", Blue 125 gr RN coated, Magnetospeed at 0', 4.0 gr Sport Pistol 1066 fps PF= 133 16" Ruger PC Carbine, same load and chrono, 1191 fps PF= 149
  15. SteelCityShooter

    How thick is bullet plating?

    As it turns out, a lot of what are advertised as "FMJ" bullets are really plated. CCI Blaze Brass and Independence Aluminum Case ammo (also made by CCI), both stated as FMJ on their boxes, are plated, not really jacketed. This was confirmed by a CCI tech service rep when I called to ask why both ammo boxes state; "Do not use in firearms with ported barrels ported recoil compensators." The CCI tech told me the plating is thin and may be cut through by the rifling leading to fragments of the plating being spit sideways from the ports or compensator vents. Great. So now I have about 2000 9 mm 115 gr factory rounds I can't use in my PCC.