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  1. DT's understanding is correct. Several years ago I bought a T/C Encore Pro Hunter in rifle form (28" barrel, rifle stock). My LGS registered it on Form 4473 as a handgun telling me I could then legally convert it to a "pistol" (<16" barrel, pistol grip) and back to a rifle at will. Since the Encore takes a wide range of replacement barrels and stocks this was a good recommendation.
  2. What footprint do those Sigs use, a proprietary one or one the common types like a Vortex, RMR, DPP, etc.?
  3. Well, how much "accuracy" is needed? If you want 1 MOA, of course you won't get it with nearly any pistol bullet in a handgun or a PCC. What level of accuracy do you expect and require?
  4. Sorry for the thread drift but Precision Delta JHPs have been mentioned and recommended a few times in this thread so I'd like to get some thoughts about them. I have a fair bit experience with Montana Gold 124 gr Gold JHP in a 9mm 1911, and an S&W M&P9 and their 125 gr JHP in a .38 Sp. S&W 686. All of these are loaded to minor power factors and in non-compensated guns and all work well. I have also used Blue Bullets in the same guns and a couple of 9 mm PPC's with good results. Now I notice the PD's are priced a bit above the Blue Bullets and a bit below the MGs for the equal quantities and all three offer free shipping so the price comparison is valid. Are PD's worth the upcharge over the Blues and are they as good as the MGs?
  5. You made two changes: 1) different gun and 2) different bullet. One or both of these may be the cause of the problem and you have to sort out which it is. As noted above, try the new reloads in a proven gun and try a proven load in the Walther.
  6. If, and it's a big if, your gun(s) are compatible with it, the MagnetoSpeed chronograph is highly recommended. It's completely independent of the amount and type of ambient light or even no light at all. It can be set up and used without going downrange and requires no tripod or other remote sensor mount or long connecting cables. It is also unaffected by muzzle blast and the readings are true muzzle velocity. Finally, no other shooter at the range is going to shoot the sky screens accidentally since there are none. However, it's not usable with all types of guns, particularly some semi-auto handguns since the "bayonet" has to be fixed below the barrel. It works wonderfully with rifles, PCCs, shotguns, revolvers and most .22 LR semi auto pistols like the Ruger Mk-series and S&W Victory with exposed barrels. It will also work (with an inexpensive adapter) on most centerfire semi-autos with a Picatinny rail on the dustcover. Also, the fact the bayonet is hung on the barrel may affect accuracy while in use so you can't reliably zero and chronograph your loads at the same time. If your guns are suitable, give it a real good look.
  7. One more question; is the guiderod for the 5" M&P any different from the one in the 4.25" gun? I have a 5" M&P9 2.0 and when I bought a spare factory recoil spring/guide rod the part number was the same for both lengths.
  8. I agree. I now have a JP GMR 15 I really like and use but I kept the standard Ruger PC Carbine I bought originally to try PCC since I agree it's more likely to survive the cosmetic wars on AR-style guns.
  9. This is the essential point. As noted guns are a long term purchase but sights change on an almost weekly basis as new and improved models are developed. Don't be wedded to one sight. Another consideration. If you do sell the gun, a slide with a versatile mounting system is far easier to sell than one limited to a single, possibly obsolete, sight model.
  10. I agree that the mounting holes or the mounting bolts may be damaged. I have the Allchin Vortex Venom, etc. mount on my MkIV and it has never come loose or given me any trouble. If it's the receiver holes, Ruger can make it right. If it's the bolts, that's a cheap fix.
  11. I was a bit baffled too but I did a Google search for this gun. It's an 8-shot .22lr revolver but single action only. Perhaps that's the OP's misnomer.
  12. Well, there weren't a lot of replies so I guess cutting the rear sight base to remove it wasn't considered a good idea. I did send the slide to Ruger who, at no cost, removed the sight base and returned the slide, sans base, along with the base itself and it was back within a week. I already had the Galloway optics mounting plate and it took a bit of fitting by filing the plate's dovetail. Since it's aluminum, I didn't have to do much to make it a reasonable drive fit into the factory dovetail. I added my Vortex Venom to the Galloway plate and it absolutely transformed the gun for me. I realize the Ruger SR-series isn't the hot setup for competition shooting but mine is an HD pistol and now is much easier to shoot well.
  13. Somewhat off-topic but related, in 2005 I bought a SIG SP2009-9-BMS. The 9 mm SP2009 was one of SIG's first polymer frame pistol (the SP2340 in 357 Sig and .40 S&W preceded it by a couple of years). It was a double stack, hammer fired, DA/SA gun with SIG's standard grip mounted decocker. Apparently it was made to offer a lower cost alternative to SIG's pricy aluminum frame guns like the P226. What made the "BMS" unusual was that it had ambidextrous slide mounted manual safety levers as well as the standard decocker. You could carry it cocked and locked but the safety levers were in an awkward location and worked "backward" from common 1911 operation, i.e. up to fire. The story was these were made to fill a South American order that required a manual safety but the order was canceled before they could be delivered and SIG sold them on the retail US market. Just another gun with an unexpected manual safety but not as rare as the S&W discussed in this thread.
  14. I haven't cut the springs so far. Also, I don't think there are 1.0 and 2.0 magazines, I believe they are all identical but maybe there are older and newer production. Anyway, I called S&W's customer service and told the rep my problem. He's sending me a new spring and follower so we'll see if that helps. Also it lets me really experiment with my old ones.
  15. Thanks for the suggestions. I've filed off the follower's legs until the semi-circular arcs are nearly gone but the mag is still very tight for 10 rounds,. I may try to shorten the center knob also. I was wondering about shortening the spring since is seems to be just about coil bound with 10 rounds. That may be next.
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