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  1. For those not that familiar with the initials (including me) FB = Facebook
  2. Both my 5" M&P9 2.0 pistols do it slightly. One is an standard 2.0 and the second is a Pro Series CORE. However the movement is so slight that it has no noticeable effect on the sight picture when I dry fire even with a red dot which should be more sensitive than iron sights.
  3. I've also replaced the Dillon lockrings with Hornady rings for the sizer and seater dies in my 650 and just use the Dillon rings for the powder die, powder check and crimp die. The Hornady rings let me remove the sizer and seater for cleaning, clearing jams (a 380 case mixed in with the 9 mm, and similar), etc. without losing their depth adjustment. I've never has them or any of the others loosen spontaneously.
  4. Years ago, right after Obama's first term election when primers were in very short supply, I bought two 1,000 round cartons of Federal small pistol primers as that was all I could find. I had occasional feeding and crushed primer issues with them in my 650 that I never had with my usual WSPs. I called Federal and their Tech guy asked me to send a few loaded rounds with the problem primers. Once they inspected them he said they had had some sizing problems due to running production absolutely flat-out to keep up. He couldn't send me replacement primers but did send a check to c
  5. The dot in a red dot sight is effectively at "infinity" so you will use your distance vision glasses or the distance vision segment of bi or tri-focals.
  6. The stock trigger isn't bad, certainly better than the M&P 1.0 I used to own, but to me the Apex is indeed still a must-have upgrade. I installed the DCAEK which includes the Apex sear, sear spring and Ultimate Striker Block. I did not install the Apex trigger return spring that comes with the kit as it's supposed to make the trigger pull heavier. Not what I want. I've never installed one of Apex's replacement triggers as the factory hinged trigger doesn't bother me at all.
  7. One trick for making compact PVC pipe stands is not to glue the upright posts to the base or the cross brace at both ends and just rely on a friction fit. They come apart easily for transportation or storage but are plenty secure in use.
  8. The 350 is basically a hot 9mm using a similar bullet diameter and weight. How about a 38 Super Comp or even a 40 S&W or 10mm?
  9. Did you put in a new battery?
  10. Alliant Sport Pistol, same bullet and somewhere from 4.0 to 4.5 grains. Check out Alliant's web site to confirm these loads. Poly coated bullets are fine in polygonal rifling
  11. I don't know about aftermarket items but S&W lists the same factory part number for the recoil spring assembly (spring, guide rod and retainer clip) for both the 4.25" and 5" guns.
  12. Why would you buy a 1911 spring for an M&P? Wolff sells a variety of recoil springs for the 4.25" M&Ps in all calibers.
  13. I've shot falling steel matches where the rule is if you drop a magazine it's dead. You can't pick it up or use it before the stage is over and you've unloaded. Always better to have one extra.
  14. The CORE that comes with the CT optic also includes all of the mounting base plates needed to fit an RMR, SRO, Deltapoint Pro, Holosun, Vortex, etc., etc optics. You can probably save a bit of money buying the CORE 2.0 without the CT optic if you can find one.
  15. My load too, 4.0 SP, OAL 1.135" but using a Blue coated RN bullet. I measured a PF of 132 from a 5" M&P9 and 148 from a 16" Ruger PC Carbine.
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