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  1. It sounds like you aren't getting even coverage of the sizing lube and there is a dry case every so often. I lay my cases on a cookie sheet and spray them with the lube while rolling them around to be sure the lube is distributed evenly on the cases and gets to all of them.
  2. What's it for? It's a poor pistol and a lousy shotgun. All I can say is it's probably better than the Taurus.
  3. My two 5" S&W M&P9 2.0, otherwise nearly identical, require two different seating depths. With 124 gr Montana Gold JHPs one easily accepts an OAL if 1.148" and the other requires a max of 1.125". Each gun is a law unto itself and all you can do is load for the shortest chamber.
  4. You would do better and get more accurate information by contacting Ruger directly. They should be happy to give you the exact information you need.
  5. Look here and scroll down: https://www.carvercustom.com/ecommerce/carver-guide-rods-springs/m-p-guiderods-springs.cfm
  6. For 124/125 gr coated and JHP bullets, I found Sport Pistol and TiteGroup load grain for grain and the resulting muzzle velocities are almost identical.
  7. My GMR-15 was ordered with the "Enhanced Reliability" trigger and it pulls almost exactly 4 pounds.
  8. I hope that since the two I found got caught by my Dillon sizing die, any others would too. However, I also have a Dillon Powder Check on my 650 and it should catch them by sensing a high powder level since the case capacity is smaller than standard and they should register as a double charge.
  9. I've heard two possible explanations: 1. It positively prevent the bullet from being pushed back and seated deeper into the case during magazine loading and feeding. 2. The reduced powder capacity allows the same velocity and pressure with a smaller (i.e cheaper) powder charge.
  10. That's where they are going. As i mentioned, if there are any more, the XL650 automatically sorts them out.
  11. I ran into a couple of these cases head stamped "Maxxtech" a couple of weeks ago. I discovered them when they stopped my XL650 cold at the resizing/decapping station since the Dillon decapping pin wouldn't fit inside them. That was fortunate since I'm using the book maximum charge of Sport Pistol and the reduced case capacity could have caused pressure problems. I did some searching to find out what they were as I have never seen anything like them in the past and it turned out they weren't as rare or unusual as I thought. They were an unpleasant surprise as they were mixed in with my regular empty brass and I have no idea how I got them.
  12. You were told incorrectly. Decent quality magazine springs do not weaken from being left compressed. There are plenty of cases where magazines were left fully loaded for decades and worked fine when finally fired. Poor quality, cheap springs are a different story but you didn't buy those, right?
  13. Yes, in fact the owner's sheet that came with the holster specifically noted that problem if you reverse the holster to left handed use. I haven't loctited it but do have it good and tight. An alternative is to reverse the magazine catch which you can do on the P365. However, I'm so used to using my trigger finger to release magazines I'm not going to reverse it.
  14. I just got one of these from Amazon and, at first try, it seem to be comfortable and well made and certainly very reasonably priced. A major attraction is it's ambidextrous and I'm left-handed.
  15. Closer gives a wider field of view through the "window" but the frame restricts what you see beyond the optic. I think it's personal preference.
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