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  1. Google Translate does a very good job withe German to English. Give it a try.
  2. Do you have any friends or relatives who are US resident who could buy them here and mail them to you?
  3. I ran into a similar "rules Nazi" at a local steel challenge match a couple of years ago.. The guy acting as RO (we RO for each other at these matches) said "Load and make ready" and was immediately corrected by another shooter who proceeded to give us all a business card with the "proper commands" spelled out in exact detail. Seriously, I was told that the commands were simplified and standardized because IPSC and other speed games are shot internationally and not all competitors have a full grasp of English. The current commands use as few words as possible to avoid mis-understanding.
  4. I also bought the spare parts kit with my 650. I've used a couple of the parts as they wore out after reloading 10's of thousands of 9 mm and .38 Sp rounds and Dillon has always replaced the parts at no cost. The parts kit keeps me in business and Dillon restocks it.
  5. Along with the Taccom REAR sight replacement rail there is another way to increase the comb height on the Ruger PCC. Amazon sells a six-pack of 6"x6"x1/4" neoprene pads for about $11. These can be cut to shape and used to make a comb riser pad that stays securely in place and is adjustable in 1/4" increments. They work very well and are a lot cheaper than commercial comb riser pads. Here is a link to these pads: https://www.amazon.com/Melife-Stripping-Furniture-Insulation-Anti-Vibration/dp/B07D7T3S2L/ref=sr_1_5?crid=2D2ZRLM9YNJFL&keywords=adhesive+backed+rubber+pad&qid=1562719378&s=gateway&sprefix=Adhesive+backed+rubber%2Caps%2C125&sr=8-5
  6. That's good news. Mine has an "AD" serial number and so far, so good after about 1000 9 mm minor rounds on an M&P 2.0.
  7. I wonder if the "soon to be available" RL1100 is encouraging 1050 owners to unload their machines in anticipation of the newer version.
  8. I can't give you data on your exact load but I did chronograph 4.0 gr of Titegroup and 4.0 gr of Sport Pistol with a 125 gr Blue coated RN. Using a Magnetospeed chronograph the results were: 5" M&P2.0: TG=1108 fps SP=1066 fps 16" Ruger PC Carbine : TG= 1244 SP-1191 For the same charge weight Titegroup produced about 4% higher velocities than Sport Pistol.
  9. The current American Rifleman (6/19) has an article about Federal Ammunition and mentions their "Catalyst" lead free primers. These were introduced rather quietly about 5 years ago and are stated to be robust and "duty-worthy". I recall earlier lead free primers having a fairly limited shelf life but these apparently are very durable. I wonder if the new headstamp indicates these primers.
  10. I believe JP recommends the 17-rounders because the have had problems with the factory 10-round G17 mags. My GMR-15 came with a G26 10-round mag which is a purpose built 10-rounder, not a modified 17-round. I have had absolutely no problems with it or the 10-round G26 mags made by ETS.
  11. When I bought a Taccom comp for my Ruger PC Carbine I called them to ask about timing because it didn't come with a crush washer or peel washer. The guy I talked to (the owner?) told me the same thing; don't use a lot of force to time it because of the small wall thickness under the threads. I bought a crush washer and sanded it down as described above until I got within about 10º of where I wanted it and that worked well.
  12. Red. I've also never tried the green but the red is very visible so I have no reason to try anything else. I'd be concerned the green would be harder to pick up against a green background like grass or trees. Also, the green is more expensive.
  13. That looks good but the "problem" with DP Custom's work is their cut is specific to the optic you specify and no other optic model will fit. I wouldn't want the make my gun limited to what I happen to own now. Mounts like the EGW plates that fit into the rear sight dovetail aren't quite as low but are far more versatile.
  14. Wow, i'm really impressed! That's 1/4MOA!
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