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  1. So what kind of problems has CMMG FIXED?
  2. On blow back gun yes but on lock breech no. However on lets say MG42 with delay roller and fluted chambers the extractor may not do much. The spring on the extractor on ar-15 can leave you disabled. 6
  3. Recently I switched from federal 115 brass to aluminum cases and both guns started jamming from failure to clear the empty. Aside I tune my recoil springs to control my bolt velocity, I make my brass so that end up 6 to 8 feet away, with aluminum cases they are just dribbling out like 2 3 feet and some cases have been struck by bolt coming home.
  4. I know 2 mpx owners both have had to send their guns back to SIG both are pretty sensitive to ammo. So far my CMMG has eaten everything, reloads, hollow points, however no testing with a can.
  5. One update on my guard, I turned the 8 and a half inch barrel down 5\8" 0D running a comp on the front. Using a 7 inch aluminum hanguard with the aluminum barrel nut also.
  6. AXTS 45/90 WITH spring loaded lock pins only $50 with long and short lever also comes with polished detent pin and spring nice smooth throw combine that with a magpul K2+ grip and you can run the gun just like you can a 1911. On and off the safety without changing your grip. Always thought the safety on was too slow on a AR and with trigger under 3# I like have safety on everytime I move.
  7. Yes, on first reading I thought MPX short piston would be the way to go, but upon seeing them running and the amount of changes and problems. It is easy to over gas them with too fast of a powder, they were tearing themselves apart. Notice how they kill triggers. Extractors, bolts, gas bleeder. Now the CMMG Guard radial delay taps allot energy and has np piston or gas tapping. So it runs cleaner than MPX. My experience is flatwire/hyd buffer setup Guard , versus stock MPX. To me the guard is softer and smoother
  8. cking

    Blitzkrieg Buffer ????

    I'm running the CMMG GUARD 9mm with flat wire carbine spring and Blitzkriegs hyd carbine buffer with 10.5 barrel with CMMG comp. It feels the most like a DI gun as any I've shot. It throws the case 6 to 8 feet, running rock river tuned 2.5#. It likes to be run wet, a lite spray to bolt/carrier before it match. It feels like a 223 with adj gas block.
  9. I know SIG says don't use it. We tried some and it wouldn't feed where Federal ran fine. Its always feed and gone bang but recently I was having troubles with plates and went to check my sight in and discovered the lousy groups and thought it was the gun, someone at range gave me some federal and accuracy and zero came right back. My guess is the plated bullets, out of 10 shot group have three fliers usually along with 4 inch cluster. Guess I'll just burn them up until the shootoff then run federal
  10. Lately I'm having trouble with lousy accuracy at 25yds about 4 inch groups with two different barrels. Drop in some Federals and it is back under 2 inches
  11. cking

    Blitzkrieg Buffer ????

    unless that is a flat wire I don't think a carbine buffer, maybe on a extended length 9mm most 9mm buffers extend the head area not spring area, will hold a rifle length spring, are you sure the spring isn't going to solid before buffer bumper hits. If goes solid that will kill the spring. Spring will last a lot longer if you only take them to 90%, gives them room vibrate in..
  12. go to ebay and search for 6" Swivel Pad Lock Pliers buy from whomever, clamp the mag on sides just above base pad and it will squeeze it enough to release the locks and use a pin too push down spring base and they slide right off, dont crush the mag just a little squeeze
  13. cking

    Pcc recoil?

    Look for how far you eject empty's and angle. If throwing at 1 or 2 oclock too much spring. If more than 15 feet too little spring. Just start cutting coils off the springs till you get good ejection and little nose dive. Also play with quarter spacers if your not running a 9mm buffer.
  14. cking


    Shoot a CMMG GUARD before you waste a lot of money on the picky SIG MPXS!