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  1. From the problems of ejection, bolt speed is important, from the brochure if your ejections are in the 1 to 3pm range you are on the edge of a problem, the empty has not been released from the extractor and or cleared the bolt before bolt starts moving forward again and is kicking the empties forward. With the 2 oz weight my empties are coming out at the 4 to 5 Pm range and from the film I had taken half the empties are hitting me on the right shoulder or going over it, I'm left handed, also why I like my bolt to stay locked longer, so the gun doesn't spit in my face. Which all blowbacks do and even some MPX's spit on you till they get the updated bolts. Also holding the lock longer really softens the impulse as more energy is burned opening the bolt against a heavier lock. A soft shooting gun allows lower split times especially on a steel plate rack. Never loosing focus on the next plate and being able to see the plates fall and noticing a miss plate sooner just makes you faster. My goal is to be almost as fast as those shooting 22LR.
  2. What this shows is that even though it is a locked bolt with a radial delay it is still a recoil operated gun so the mass of the bolt, carrier, buffer spring all matter. More like a 1911 or H&K roller lock. Which pretty much means that case blowout if far less likely. So Alum cases don't cause a risk increase.
  3. CMMG has replaced some bolt and carriers for failure to eject and bolt over base jams. My new bolt exhibit excessive recoil impulse when compared to the original bolt, similar to a regular blowback. See pics. I believe they changed the bolt locking lug angle and possible the cam slot in the carrier. Even with a 308 flat wire recoil spring and HYD buffer bolt speeds were too high. All development using federal 9mm 115gr Alum rounds. So I ordered the tuning kit. I installed the 2.0 oz carrier weight and now things are back to normal. The increased carrier weight slows down the unlocking because of increased inertia, no amount of recoil spring weight changed the carrier velocity. Read the instructions sheets for more details of tuning. Happy again and with a very soft shooting
  4. cking


    magpul moe k2 + this is more vertical grip handy for short stocks and flat triggers
  5. CMMG responded the weights are standard in blow back gun not in the guard, got no response on the change in felt recoil, I'm still going buy a set and see what effect they have.
  6. If you go CMMG https://www.cmmginc.com/product/action-tuning-kit-mkg/# it's says 3.4 oz standard for 9mm DOES anybody carrier come with the weight?
  7. Shot mine today at a steel match, not happy way to much recoil, going to try adding carrier weights.
  8. I've wondered why some many different opinions on felt recoil of the Guard. My first bolt was extremely soft shooting but failed after some 1500 rounds. The new bolt is far from soft and works well with a flat wire 308 and hyd buffer but it slings the brass. I found some close shots of the first bolt will have take some pics of the new version and see if we can any difference. Been busy rebuilding my surface pro 4 MSFT gave me a new one due to screen flicker heat problem.
  9. Update of new BCG. CMMG put a new BCG in my Guard, it runs! However the recoil impulse is noticeable harsher even with 223 flatwire and hyd buffer. Which makes me think they changed the angle of the locking lugs to leave more momentum in the BCG. So now I'll move on to testing a 308 spring and probably a 308 flat wire.
  10. Here is the thread and patent link https://www.ar15.com/forums/AR-15/CMMG-GUARD-ROTARY-BOLT-QUESTION/15-731462/
  11. I like the simple one CMMG sells for less than $50. https://mantisx.com/pages/how-it-works-1 Take look at this product, I've talked with them about using it to compare comps, they say they are working on it. If the collection speed is fast enough this thing could help you tune your gun, bullet weight, charge, springs, buffers, even LOP, COMPS.
  12. I think it more about your stance, if you using the squared approach then the trend is shorter LOP. I like short LOP and light/short barrel for fast close work. I like my charge handle close my nose, I feel it helps me move the gun faster. What I haven't worked on is the notion of move the head and gun will follow is faster than drive the gun to next target.
  13. In hopes of saving this project I ordered a new bolt. What I'm thinking is too much play when bolt is locked, will measure the new next to the old. I found using a weaker spring cured the bolt over run jam
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