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  1. You can close that gap, just put some marker on the wood or frame then assemble shoot, remove look for contact spots, then scrap those spots repeat until seam closes, I moved mine around some. The grip is smaller, as adding wood would be bigger project, I would like to make them longer into a big butt. The flare at the bottom was removed, because it was too high, it is supposed to be below your pinky, not under it. I could glue a contrast color piece of cocabola to the bottom but fitting the two halves and shaping the butt is a lot more work. Maybe if I start winning match's I will. The second gun I built for a guy won the pistol match first time out with it. We shoot steel plates with two racks and a dueling popper in the middle, makes a fast moving man on man match, winner shoot against winners, losers against losers, then a single elimination shootoff. Takes about 1.5 hours and you shoot about 75 rounds and get about 7 to 8 rounds with 15 to 20 shooters.
  2. Here is the reply today from CMMG We have changed the ejector and extractor springs in those. We are currently waiting a shipment of the extractor springs. As soon as we get those in, I can send you replacements. Joe Dodson. Technical Support RepresentativeCMMG, Inc. | PO BOX 68 | Boonville, MO 65233 Tel: 660.248.2293 Ext. 322 | Fax: 660.248.2290E-Mail | Online
  3. I'm not running full auto and the two other shooters I know are not either. I disagree on extractor making it over the rim, bolt would not lock. I'm running the biggest spring and plug I can get in my extractor and after playing with moving the extractor further in made things worse. I took the contrary view and clipped my ejector spring and polished the ejector and still not reliable. So now I'm back to new springs in ejector and extractor, using silicone chrome. We see how long the ejector spring lasts. Asked CMMG to send the new heavy ejector spring. But have no idea why the ejector spring fails so quickly. I've checked with roll pin out that ejector can't drive the spring to solid. However the roll pin is ready to fail and beat flat about the same time as the spring fails. At a total loss how such light pin as the ejector is beating up the ejector spring up and the roll pin. It is not heat or running solid.
  4. The CMMG RDB is having problems with FTE, turns out it is the ejector spring, it destroys them in less than 1000 rounds. Drift over AR15.COM . CMMG will send you a heavy ejector spring, as for a new roll pin because it will killed the one in there. Nobody knows why it Kills springs
  5. I've worked on a blue and stainless 692 6" I like them timing on cylinders is great nice early lock, the stainless is magnetic and must have fair amount of steel, it machines and polishes nicely. Lot more gun for the money than S&W.
  6. That's why I bought a Taurus 692 for half the price and in my opinion it is a better gun
  7. I got to shoot one and inspect it. Amazing difference, totally changes the recoil impulse. If I get chance we've got the mantis we will plot old vs new. Greatly lessened the time, used be three parts, ignition, bottoming buffer and bolt closing. With reduced math that last two parts are virtually gone.
  8. Thanks for the comments, I find your products very helpful
  9. I was thinking about short stroking my CMMG locking bolt, but like last round bolt lock. While in the Taccom page I notice his new bolt has notch cut on the bottom. This should work with all bolts. Thoughts. I wonder what would happen if you used taccom delay buffer with CMMG Rotary
  10. I had never seen it mentioned, guess I try some blazer, and white box Winchester
  11. Federal Champion 9mm plated 115gr bullets, fire 6 out of 7 remove moonclip last bullet has left the case and is in cylinder free bore. Bullets drop through the free bore easily.
  12. Ok got some accuracy testing done. The amazing part first. Ten inch pie plate 1.5" black square in center, 26 yards, Federal champion 115gr 9mm aluminum case. Little late in the day, light fading. Dilated iris caused my slight astigmatism to show, had 2 dots, a faint at 8 o'clock position, and front rest normally at the range was absent. First shot with the just mounted dot was totally in the black, 11 o'clock edge! 7 shots put 4 in the black, three pulled low, 7 more freehand double action gave 3 in black 4 inside 6 inch. So took it to match, Aluminum cases don't work with TC custom moon clips, cylinder won't close. Switched to Federal champion 9mm 115gr brass, and had two bullets come out case and dump powder all over on extraction. More testing require, did well at the match for first time out at a man on man steel plate match.
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