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  1. I had never seen it mentioned, guess I try some blazer, and white box Winchester
  2. Federal Champion 9mm plated 115gr bullets, fire 6 out of 7 remove moonclip last bullet has left the case and is in cylinder free bore. Bullets drop through the free bore easily.
  3. Ok got some accuracy testing done. The amazing part first. Ten inch pie plate 1.5" black square in center, 26 yards, Federal champion 115gr 9mm aluminum case. Little late in the day, light fading. Dilated iris caused my slight astigmatism to show, had 2 dots, a faint at 8 o'clock position, and front rest normally at the range was absent. First shot with the just mounted dot was totally in the black, 11 o'clock edge! 7 shots put 4 in the black, three pulled low, 7 more freehand double action gave 3 in black 4 inside 6 inch. So took it to match, Aluminum cases don't work with TC custom moon clips, cylinder won't close. Switched to Federal champion 9mm 115gr brass, and had two bullets come out case and dump powder all over on extraction. More testing require, did well at the match for first time out at a man on man steel plate match.
  4. I don't see the size of the forcing cone as compared to S&W size/taper as any indicator of inherent deficiency in accuracy just shoot it. Those gauges are to measure wear.
  5. So bored today in between watching a slow moving storm and intermittent rain, what to do? The Loctite is dry let's test the 692 with TK custom moon clips, red dot and grips before range trip to zero. So I load up a TK CLIP with the aluminum cased federal 115gr 9mm ammo. Open the porch door and put 7 shots in the dirt, come back in to inspect primer strikes. Gun and sight functioned well, but I open the cylinder and push the ejector rod and it says no. I push harder, still no, so I take cylinder out, just a button push. Look thinks over and tap the ejector on the desk and finally they eject. I inspect the cylinders and they look fine just that nitride finish. Now I want to use Alum case ammo but sure won't be any fast reloads. So I get cylinder polishing hone brush out and the oil it needs and I slick up the cylinders. I had already bevel the edge, but now fresh moon just falls right in. Test again still STUCK, so I lube the cylinder with a little spray silicone, test, better but no prize. Test with brass, fly's right out. Now I know why my 1911 plate gun eject the alum cases about 1/2 the distance of the brass cases. So can't use alum case if you might need a fast reload.
  6. Hurricane screwed up range day, TC VS Taurus moon's. Weigand mini mount,
  7. Got my Thailand grips in had to remove lots of wood but they don't rattle.
  8. He only used the channel locks for the last round, and he had bandage on finger
  9. Things are going well, the Wolff spring pak from Brownells came in and I installed the 10 pound trigger and hammer springs. Did a little polishing inside the frame, installed some Powers washers for trigger and hammer to keep them centered, cut 2 coils of the hammer and 3 off the trigger. Recut the trigger face to improve the SA pull it creeped. Mainly want a light smooth DA pull. Beveled slightly the edges of the cylinder. Also cut 2 turns off the cylinder catch spring, it is the same as the 1911 mag catch spring, the tension made the cylinder open slowly. Found a guy on ebay that makes old style S&W square butt grips for $50 from eBay, plan to remove excess wood till the fit my hand. Weigand makes a short rail that uses the rear sight screw for the Vortex Venom 6 moa dot. TK custom makes moon clips. After shooting I won't be lightening the barrel under lug, limited testing with federal 115gr convinced me leave it alone. Also the MIM parts polish very nicely and I was able to get mirror polish on the trigger, this is steel gun. The Mim parts in the S&W stainless guns also look like packed sand under 12x magnifier. When grips and dot are on I shoot from a bag at 25yds with federals give you 7 shot groups size. So for gun $491 , Grip $50, Base $40, Venom $206 total $787.00 or the starting price of S&W.
  10. I found a Wolff spring kit with reduce rates, stock is 14# kit comes 10,11,12, and two reduced trigger springs. The biggest hassle is nobody make a wood grip. The factory grip is terrible, leaves my pinky with nothing to hang on too. I'm not a lover of Rubber grips and monogrip frame allows lots of freedom, but I guess is too new. I will test for accuracy after the springs go in.
  11. Just got today and for just less than $500, I'm impressed. Tore it apart and did a typical DA job, no spring trimming till I get more. MIM parts but are nice and hard and stone well gave good finish. To heavy barrel but I can mill off the under lug. Don't like grips, short and rounded like a carry gun. Cylinder fit and timing better than any S&W Star was hand cut bye somebody with skill, both cylinders perfect. So summary buy it and spend the money you didn't spend on the S&W for typical trigger job and be happy.
  12. From the problems of ejection, bolt speed is important, from the brochure if your ejections are in the 1 to 3pm range you are on the edge of a problem, the empty has not been released from the extractor and or cleared the bolt before bolt starts moving forward again and is kicking the empties forward. With the 2 oz weight my empties are coming out at the 4 to 5 Pm range and from the film I had taken half the empties are hitting me on the right shoulder or going over it, I'm left handed, also why I like my bolt to stay locked longer, so the gun doesn't spit in my face. Which all blowbacks do and even some MPX's spit on you till they get the updated bolts. Also holding the lock longer really softens the impulse as more energy is burned opening the bolt against a heavier lock. A soft shooting gun allows lower split times especially on a steel plate rack. Never loosing focus on the next plate and being able to see the plates fall and noticing a miss plate sooner just makes you faster. My goal is to be almost as fast as those shooting 22LR.
  13. What this shows is that even though it is a locked bolt with a radial delay it is still a recoil operated gun so the mass of the bolt, carrier, buffer spring all matter. More like a 1911 or H&K roller lock. Which pretty much means that case blowout if far less likely. So Alum cases don't cause a risk increase.
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