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  1. The place is Universal Shooting Academy. I haven't been over there yet, but I do know they periodically offer classes. Heard the training is very intense (1000 rounds a day). There web site is universalshootingacademy.com.
  2. Old guy (70+). Retired Army. Used to shoot Sporting Clays; not well, but often until a bad ticker got in the way. Pacemaker fixed that but no more long guns. Found USPSA around a year ago and I'm now hooked. Been shooting around Tampa area. Carry optics - Canik tp9sfx, full Sprinco kit, DeltaPro. Spending my pensions on reloading, and shooting accessories. When I get a little more experience I'm going over to Frostproof and get some training. Probably too old to ever get real good but as we used to say in the big Green Machine, I 'want to be all I can be'! Looking forward to interacting with folks of a like mind.
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