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Found 8 results

  1. Initial Diary entry I decided to make a diary to document my path. A little about me. I love to shoot. I just started shooting again after a year vacation. I'm totally screwed up in my shooting. I'm left handed and right eye dominant. I shoot pistols left handed and rifles right handed. I always had issues aligning the sights correctly on pistols...then I built a PCC with a C-more railway. Now I have the PCC bug. I'm also thinking about dabbling in Carry Optics. I recently installed a Vortex Venom on my M&P Pro. I'm currently classed C in USPSA at 54% I only have 4 classifiers in though. My goal is to make A class in PCC. My Commitment to dry fire a minimum of 5 days a week for 10-15 minutes a day. I try to live fire once a week, but work and life interferes. Working rotating weekends, I try to shoot 2-4 matches a month. Any and all help, tips, suggestions, encouragement and comments are greatly appreciated.
  2. I resurrected an old AR-15 soft case to use for my new PCC rifle... It's good for carrying an AR rifle to the range and back, but not so good for bagging and unbagging a rifle at each stage... The rifle gets caught in the soft padding and is cumbersom to take out and put away after shooting a stage. Any of you all have an AR-9 range case that you like for competitions?
  3. Greetings from Vermont! New member to the BE forum, although I've been snooping now for almost a year. Thought it was about time to join up. A bit about myself,,,I'm a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Vermont, currently residing in Burlington, VT. I compete on the University of Vermont Pistol Team in the Scholastic Pistol Program, against other colleges across the country (Coast Guard, West Point, Harvard, Yale, UNH, Texas, Florida, etc.). I've started practicing for USPSA matches, as our team has a working relationship with Green Mountain Practical Shooters and Lamoille Valley Fish and Game Club, which runs great matches. So here's the problem. I have a practice range and club in Vermont, but I go home to Cumberland, RI in the summer. Can any Rhode Islander's help out? I'm looking for a local range that isn't static near my house and a good club that runs matches on a regular basis (once a month preferable). The Massachusetts border isn't too far away if any MA residents want to jump in. Thanks and see you on the forums!
  4. New from ohio. Been a competition archery shooter for awhile. We purchased Briar Rabbit Shooting Sports this winter, so been shooting more. Got certified through NROI a few weeks ago and just shot my 1st USPSA match yesterday. We are in the process of building USPSA specific bays, thats going to happen a little faster now. I'm hooked.
  5. I am looking for a local pistol range to use during a 2 month visit to Sun Lakes, AZ. Bullseye is OK but I would obviously prefer something with an IPSC option if possible. Indoor or outdoor, I don't care. I will need to rent a pistol and magazines...it's just too much hassle to import from Canada so they must have that option. Thanks to any who respond! Ken
  6. We have been trying to get a new range on Forest Land about 5 miles east of Show Low for the last few years, we are getting close. It is at the final public comment period. See the link - https://cara.ecosystem-management.org/Public//CommentInput?Project=33919
  7. Hey All I sighted in my stag 3G this weekend. I have my qts sights dead on at 50 yards. I sighted In my Burris tac 30 to 100 yards. My question is is this correct for his scope? If I understand the reticle the center dot dead on at 100 then I use the bottom of the dot for 200, the next lower dot for 300 and so on. I will be using this scope for three gun, have any of you used it? If so out to what range? Thanks.
  8. We at Bear Creek Tactical would like to make your introduction to IDPA as rewarding and as safe as possible. Bear Creek IDPA is located in Stockton Mo. We draw shooters from Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, and as far away as Texas Bear Creek IDPA hosts matches at the Bear Creek Gun Range We are one hour North of Springfield Missouri. Bring at least 150 rounds for matches at Bear Creek. While this may result in bringing too much ammo, this is certainly better than not bringing enough! We are located at 14245 S 2075 Road, Stockton Missouri 65785 Complete information about the International Defensive Pistol Association can be found at the official IDPA Web site at www.idpa.com. Bear Creek IDPA follows the IDPA Equipment and Competition Rules as printed in the rulebook, and must also comply with the safety rules of Bear Creek Range. Check In: 9:30 am Starting Time: 10:00 am: Cost $15.00 Our monthly match is on the 1st saturday of each month!
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