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  1. I'd probably contact STI to see if they have any thoughts, given assume you're using the factory mags. I would assume given the LEO focus of the Staccato P they must tested HST with the factory combo. Otherwise the next place to look is trying different mags I'd think. Maybe first can try extra power mag springs (by Atlas), or different mags altogether (MBX).
  2. I certainly don't think that'd work - the 1911 slide is probably too thin per your point here, and probably not deep enough. Welding a pic rail to the top would be real ugly as well and may affect gun function. His options either are adapter plate, or honestly, why not buy an open-gun style frame-mounted optic mount with pic rail? Will give him the options he wants for pic rail and probably cheaper than custom milling a slide
  3. Have a commander-length SVI 9mm 2011 on order to be built later this year. Will be something of an all purpose gun, since otherwise I shoot a Garthwaite Customized Colt Gold Cup NM 9mm in USPSA SS.
  4. Yep - gun was originally built with a heinie integrated magwell. After the gun was built I repurposed it for USPSA and added a Dawson ICE magwell
  5. Final form of my gun - Colt Gold Cup NM 9mm (recent production) customized by Jim Garthwaite
  6. As a heads up, I'd read a bit into divisions in IDPA, USPSA, and steel challenge before choosing a gun if you're planning to shoot competition, and if you're planning to sink $4k into a gun For USPSA, a 2011 puts you into limited division, where 40 S&W is the norm. I think 9mm (minor power factor) is a pretty big disadvantage For Steel challenge, 2011 in 9mm is great I think + most configurations fine For 3Gun, 2011 in 9mm is great + most configurations fine For IDPA, I'm not as familiar but think a 2011 in 9mm would put you into enhanced service pistol (ESP) division. With that said the gun needs to fit in a 8.75" x 6" box, and some of the guns you listed may be a bit too big to be eligible. I think a DVC 3Gun and Staccato XL may be too long for example
  7. Apologies, read a few threads but will take a deeper look through via search
  8. Hi guys, Shot my first match last weekend and had a blast, but realized my key area of improvement is in calling shots. My score was really dragged down by having 5 Mike's throughout the 5 stages, and each one I didnt even know I missed I'm planning to really make an effort in learning to shot call in my next live fire practices, but in the meantime was looking at a few threads / videos. I came across this tomasie video which has a first person view of his sights. I'm trying to get a sense of what I should be looking for, but the view of his iron sights vs. Target confused me a bit. It didnt seem like the shots were going where the front sight was when the shot broke, particularly when there was a shot pulled high / right off the black part of the target. Am I missing something or is it just that his sights aren't quite aligned properly in the video? The red dot section makes sense to me - I can follow the shot calling and match the holes on the target. I shoot single stack so just want to make sure I'm looking for the right thing as far as iron sights go when I live fire practice this or next weekend https://youtu.be/9q1XC8k-tZc
  9. Factory ammo - remington UMC, and some fiocchi
  10. Thank you all - will try the above! Gun is a series 70 so will try first with cleaning and then move to new pin / mainspring if that doesnt work
  11. Thanks Steve, the channel did feel a bit gritty to start but got better over time, but will try seeing if I can clean it in depth
  12. Hi all, Have a Colt NM 1911 in 9mm - getting light primer strikes perhaps one every 40 rounds or so. Seems to be somewhat random in incidence. Plan to try some other ammo to make sure it's not specific to a certain brand / primer. Doing the pencil test, the pencil does leave the barrel but only clears by about 6 inches. Any suggestions for what to do? Perhaps changing firing pin or lower power FP spring? Believe there currently is a Wolff extra power FP spring in there currently Thanks, Will
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