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  1. I have an opportunity to buy a stripped down 1050 press at around solid price ($400 bucks or so). I have 3 1050's set up, and can take down the presses etc with not many issues. I have very little experience with aftermarket stuff, so I do not know what some of this stuff means. Additionally, I have a lot of the spare parts needed so that should be helpful.Here is my the issue is the press was on a drive so it’s been modified a bit. The owner says “it has been sleeved so that it’ll reduce wear on the shaft. I have been told it runs smoother than a stock press, and other than honing out the frame and fitting the bushing, nothing else has been changed- it’s identical to stock. He says where the shaft slides through the frame its been honed, then a slip bearing installed. The design allows the bearing to be pushed out and a replacement can be installed if needed. So, where the shaft goes into the frame, the frame has been trimmed away and a new piece of brass has been installed there. This way, the shaft slides through the brass bushing instead of the cast metal of the frame and it makes it stronger and less likely to wear. These upgrades were designed to make it last a lot longer.I personally have no idea what some of that means. Since I was planning on sending it to Dillon for a refurb, I don’t want them to say they will not do it due to this. When I taked to them, they said it should be fine... Just wanted your thoughts here.Am looking for honest thought and opinions as I don’t want to get stuck with a useless cast frame. Here are some pics-
  2. Its been fine... been loading em up and no issues at this point!
  3. I would 100% be looking in the 1911addicts.com classified section. Those guys are all reasonable, and the with the market being down you can score a really amazing gun for much less than they should be going for. ive seen Wilson’s in the sub 2k range of late. Dont rush and buy when you know it’s the right deal! Additionally, most of those guys are not gamers, so the majority of the 1911’s there will be very much like new.
  4. Just popping back in, new rounds-no problems at all! Never thought over crimp could cause issues in Glock. Does are adjusted we are all good! Thanks guys:)
  5. Yes, actually... I was loading both 115 and 124 berrys (and honestly, may not have adjusted my dies when I changed over). Ill have to do a bit more messing around tomorrow and get more pics of what you are asking for... I also know I need to do some adjusting to my dies before I load anything else. This is all "practice range ammo", not match or duty ammo... so the fact that its running fin in my other guns means, thats what Ill shoot it out of them (this isnt ideal, but at least its not wasted ammo). Once I load up more with adjusted dies and proper crimp, that may just fix this issue... Either way, I am going to go to the range with and grab a bunch of factory ammo... if the pistol functions perfectly with it, then I will 100% know its the ammo, not anything to do with the gun.
  6. Obviously... At this point we are way past that though:) Ha!
  7. So, I obviously see this:) Is this the potential issue? Any other though based on seeing the rounds?
  8. How could my striker/firing pin be hitting the primer so hard on the first two, and then I get the light hit on the last? This is with the factory striker spring, lantac barrel, johnny glock trigger... all three out of the same gun (G19)
  9. Rounds are spinning fine... Crimp is: .372 or so
  10. No because I’ve shot over 3k of this same round during the same session of reloading ... and I have no issues in my other guns. The only pistol/pistols I am having an issue with is my G19, and a factory G17 that I a friend brought over today. Not a single issue outside of the Glocks... So It’s not the barrel, it’s not the gun, its not the aftermarket parts... It’s just this ammo... in a Glock. Which it’s totally bizarre. If it shot perfect out of the 17, I’d say it was the gun. If the ammo was an issue in my 1911’s, P210, or my P30, I’d say it was my reloads. The only thing left is factory ammo out of my Glock... and the that rules out the gun completely. As mentioned when mic-info my reloads vs factory, the crimp is a a bit off. **As for primers, I’ve used CCI, ,Winchester, Tula...
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