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  1. This was the spread I put out a few years back for the super bowl.
  2. Call Dillon, get a quick swap for the 650 and sell the 550... ha:)
  3. What was the average wait time? I am at about 2 weeks maybe 2 and a half.
  4. Sorry misread that. I took it as AB had sent yours out in less than a week. I hate waiting as well... it’s been a week and a half. Have not heard a thing yet. Hopefully soon!
  5. Nice man!! How long has it been?!! I’m sitting at a few weeks now.
  6. I think that you should roll with the 750. I love my 1050 but with that many calibers, you can probably buy 2 750’s for what you are going to spend on the 1050 with that many caliber conversions and tool heads.
  7. Are Karl and Ammo Mikes MBF the same design? I’m on Karls page, but have not seen the ammo Mikes version...
  8. That’s awesome! I haven’t gotten a ship date yet either...
  9. Yes I have a friend who has been a big advocate of the 507C for a while now!
  10. I have not changed over from my 650 to 750 and see no reason to. All that has happened is Dillon has taken the priming system off the 550 and put it on the 650, which gives you the 750. I am not sure I care for the priming system on either the 550 or 650 compared to the 1050 (which I also own). I will say this, Its much easier to change the priming system on the 550 vs old 650. Additionally, you no longer have missed primers advancing on a daisy wheel like before on the 650. Outside of that, I see no real reason to give it much thought. If you have a 650, keep loading... if you are buying a new press, you will buy the 750.
  11. RMR or Holosun is where I’d place my bet.
  12. I already don’t shoot my Glock’s particularly well... I think that of you are already using the Dawson sights and having no major issues, why change? ive personally found that the Trojans HDR work for me... but again, I wouldn’t change if Dawson sights are what you are used to.
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