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  1. Face5535

    1911 38super or 9mm

    Ha! Classic list! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Face5535

    1911 38super or 9mm

    “Brass is hard to come by”? That’s totally a subjective thought and one that I disagree with. I have 20k+ sitting on my bench. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Face5535

    1911 38super or 9mm

    For me, super... I think that super is a reloaders dream as you can do many things with that round.
  4. Face5535

    Barrel Fitment

    Just as everyone else here mentioned, shoot it!!
  5. Face5535

    HK P30L Box to Match REVIEW

    Great review... P30L is one of my favorites!
  6. Face5535

    Mark 7 Evolution and Revolution

    I really can’t belive Mark7 has not put out a in depth detailed video on this machine yet? One that show full set up... one that shows it working manually, ones that show just a break down of things people have been talking about here. Even if Mark7 didn’t do it, you would think part of the deal with them giving preproduction machines out was, the customers would need to do this. I mean so much many more video in the revo... why? Most people I know are not anywhere near buying a 13k plus machine. Anyways, I guess I’ll just keep my fingers crossed that some eventually pop up.
  7. Face5535

    Mark 7 Evolution and Revolution

    Would love serious thoughts and feelings on it vs Dillons offerings. Currently I have 2 1050’s (one large one small primer) and a 650 for short load sessions. Also an RF for primers I have 6 conversions for the 1050 and brass processing... the 650 loads 9/45/38 Thoughts on if getting rid of all items for 1 Evolivtuon full ready to roll with caliber conversions makes sense... Also cost wise, what does the delta look like for this... I do not want an auto drive (right now) but... Mark 7 seems to have a lot of upgrades/sensors/etc... I am just not sure I truly need. Thoughts and opinions... is this even worth thinking about doing? I’m all for clearing up space on my bench:)! Having a more superior machine, etc...
  8. Face5535

    Mark 7 Evolution and Revolution

    You are correct, I have little experience with the company. I simply was stating a concern, not questioning what reality is or is not. Just voicing thoughts and concerns is all... I guess time will tell.
  9. Face5535

    Mark 7 Evolution and Revolution

    I am in the boat of having “the best” equipment...There is never really a needs for it, it’s just part of the hobby for me. I personally have 2 1050’s (super and rl) and a 650/case... I typically load one long session on each when needed and do not touch them for 6 months or so. It’s lovly not ever needing to worry about ammo crisis or prices of ammo. It’s also nice to know, I can go load out ammo tayored to specific guns anytime I want. The Evo has been on my radar, but... just as anything goes, we are all assuming it’s going to be the greatest press made without any actual proof of it. If it is, I’ll gladly sell my Dillon stuff! But the fact that I can’t even find a video of an actual non sponsored shooter/rep/someone given a preproduction model is annoying. I get it, that’s coming... not enough people have gotten theirs yet, etc... I’ll just wait and see what the actual feedback is before doing anything drastic. the other thing that I worry about is support. Dillon is “one in the hand”. Sure a few of the guys over there are older “get off my lawn” guys, but many of them are fantastic! They have ALWAYS warrantied 1050 parts for me, with minimal questions or fuss. They also always can answer just about any questions I need answering. i called Mark 7 about the Evo press twice and both times, two separate reps, couldn’t even tell me what the damn press came with or details on what a package would run if Inordered it. Did I get a call back from someone there? Sure a few days later, but still that was concerning. If a part breaks, my press goes down, or other, currently I am not confident that my issue will be resolved quickly... that goes a long way for me. So, I am sure at some point I’ll be switching to mark7... when is that time? When in my mind they are actually better all the way around that Dillon is. I certainly don’t think I anyone can say that out of the gate though with no real experience with this press.
  10. Face5535

    Mark 7 Evolution and Revolution

    Pics video etc when you get it. Also if you have a Dillon pros and cons. thx
  11. Face5535

    RL 1050 question

    Thanks brother!
  12. Enos, whats up... been a while. I have a Super 1050... load on it enough to know its a great press. With that press, I have the following quick swaps: 9mm, 38 super, 45acp, 223, 300blk. I also had a 550 for working up loads and quick changes on all those calibers plus a 357 swap. After looking it over, it made no sense to keep it like this... so I traded the 550 and all parts straight for a RL1050 in 357. I have yet to mess around with the RL, but I do know its from the late 90s. The press is fine and doesnt look abused... Here is my issue... I didnt know the tool heads were a little different on the machines. My question is as follows... Do I set up the Super press for 45acp (and possibly 308 down the line) and use it to process 223/300blk brass and then set the RL for small primer and utilize it for the other calibers? If I do this, I will need to get the parts to make the tool heads work on the RL or Do I sell the RL and buy a Super and then not give it a second thought... I can potentially sell the RL and buy a used super for essentially the same price. I have been told the RL is actually a better made machine, and many loaders like it for pistol calibers more than the Super. Also... can you guys give me thoughts on what Dillons "refurb" deal is for 1050's? I have always been under the impression that they will not rebuild the press, today I was told by several different people that if you send it, they will? Not sure I buy it, but figured you all would know 100%. Can you guys assist in addressing both the questions! Thanks as always guys! (Just because I am not logged in/replying/etc doesnt mean I am not reading/lurking/viewing)
  13. Its been a little bit since I have looked into reloading stuff. I currently have a 1050 and 550 so, those seem to fit my needs fine for now. I recently saw a few new Mark 7 machines on youtube that I thought were awesome looking... Anyone have info on them Warranty... How do you think they will stack up again the Dillon stuff?
  14. Face5535

    Hello from Nebraska

    Mr. C... been a while since I have been on here, but when I heard you were here I figured I would run over and say hello... from Illinois:)
  15. Any members in or around the Chicagoland area? Specifically Orland Park... I need some help tweaking a 1050 with MBF. I had the press running but, still would like someone who has a ton of experience with the machine to possible walk me through it. Shoot me a PM if you are willing to help!