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  1. Not aware of many HK 10mm?! I’ll have to look into one:)!! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Figured as much! Thanks so much for the info here!!
  3. So safe to load no issue?
  4. A long while ago I had a 10mm so I bought a bunch of 10mm brass at a gunshow. Years went by and I recently opened the boxes to look them over and clean them up. I noticed some odd lines in the brass... no clue what they are? Is this normal? Safe to lead? Anyone seen this before... looking to be schooled on this! Thanks guys!
  5. Anyone watch it??!! The seasons are not tied to each other so it’s esentially like watching a 7 hour movie! Season build and Inhave to say Season 1 may be the greatest series i personay have ever watched. It’s sriously amazing. Matthew McConaughey plays one of the best tv show characters I’ve seen-probably my favorite:). Simply awesome. Season 2 was ok, but did not come close to Season 1. You can watch it and enjoy it, but prepare yourself to be very disappointed if you are expecting what Season 1 produced. Season 3 just started (we are three weeks in) and I have to say...Yes!!! To this point it’s been amazing. Not quite on the level of the first season, but it’s got all the elements to make it great! if you all have not gotten a chance to watch them yet, 100% endorse doing so!
  6. I am pretty sure the new season is coming out soon!!
  7. Did that hit? I bet it’s over oaked AF Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. ER17 is some of my fav... esp the older ones. Not the bigger fan of the regular stuff though. Most people do really enjoy it though!
  9. Nice! I do something very similar with just use everclear vs rum. Ill give this a shot! Thanks!
  10. Nice, PM me the recipe if you dont mind (apple pie). For scotch I love a well aged Glendronach or even Aberlour. Any Four Square rum is a winner for me... Have a lot of all the brown liquors:)!
  11. Im a big fan of Rum and Scotch as well! What are your favorites there?
  12. Blantons is fantastic! Two big problems... 1. Its getting hard to find 2. Its getting expensive. Right now in our area its around $80 bucks... Otherwise yes, its a solid bottle that I enjoy a lot!
  13. If its a spring issue, you can email TT and send pics of the spring. They will send you out a new one.
  14. Yes, since I had them apart I almost just did it. This damn cold weather here has me not wanting to even move... plus my tools are in the garage... its -20right now.
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