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Found 5 results

  1. Initial Diary entry I decided to make a diary to document my path. A little about me. I love to shoot. I just started shooting again after a year vacation. I'm totally screwed up in my shooting. I'm left handed and right eye dominant. I shoot pistols left handed and rifles right handed. I always had issues aligning the sights correctly on pistols...then I built a PCC with a C-more railway. Now I have the PCC bug. I'm also thinking about dabbling in Carry Optics. I recently installed a Vortex Venom on my M&P Pro. I'm currently classed C in USPSA at 54% I only have 4 classifiers in though. My goal is to make A class in PCC. My Commitment to dry fire a minimum of 5 days a week for 10-15 minutes a day. I try to live fire once a week, but work and life interferes. Working rotating weekends, I try to shoot 2-4 matches a month. Any and all help, tips, suggestions, encouragement and comments are greatly appreciated.
  2. I have been lurking around this section for a while so figured I'd start a diary myself. First about me. I am a 61 year old shooter that started competing in USPSA a little over 2 years ago. Prior to that I had shot bullseye a couple of decades prior but my experience had been basically rifles and hunting. In college I was part of the 3 position50 meter rimfire rifle team. Currently I am a C shooter about to make B once couple of low classifiers from early last year fall off. After last year's Nationals in Limited (53%) I figured I needed more of a regimented dry fire and private instruction to shoot sooner. At Nationals I shot 95% of points, but was woefully slow. So, I knew I needed to work on transitions and movement at the very least. Video below more or less shows my current skill level warts and all. Compared to a month ago my movement and transitions are better, but still has a lot of room for improvement. I noticed I bring the gun down while running and I need to fix that. And run faster :).
  3. Scooters Tale: Who needs talent if you work hard? Scott Meredith A-87873 Open - Master Limited - A Class Shooting since October 2014 Instagram: @scooter.mcgrooter I have been keeping a shooting log since I got serious about the sport (after purchasing my CZ 75 Tactical Sports) on April 10th, 2015. That log contains where I shot, round count, etc. I'm starting this journal with images of that log attached. I shot Limited through 2015, bought an Open gun on impulse in December (not really, I had been dying to shoot Open since I got involved in USPSA), and began competing in Open in 2015. I have been doing a lot of reading recently to improve my mental game (if you haven't worked on this aspect of the game you are selling yourself short, it has done more for my shooting that 10k rounds in practice would have) and the book "With Winning in Mind" by Lanny Basham had a particularly strong impact on me. In his book, he talks about the importance of keeping a performance journal, and outlines what it should contain. Other shooters that have written books (Saul Kirsch for instance) discuss the same thing. This thread will be my new performance journal. My old log is now becoming my gun-journal. I'll continue to track round count, etc. but the emphasis will be on tracking my gun maintenance and parts/problems, and not refer to my actual shooting performance. Here is my current training "schedule" (routine might be a better word): 1 Hour of dry-fire a day. Usually from 5am-6am. I've been doing this since April 15th 2015. I've missed approximately 15 days over the last 1.5 years due to vacations, etc. Use Ben Stoegers dry fire book heavily. I'll get a pic of my "dojo" posted. Local indoor range, Sharp Shooting, has a fun match every Thursday and Friday. It's a single USPSA-like stage you can run repeatedly. Your first run is your "match" run. Usually do this every week, running the stage 3 times on average. From May-September, I shoot a Steel Fun match on the first and third Wednesday of the month. Usually about 100 rounds. I had been shooting a level one match every weekend, but I'm rolling that back to two a month, to be replaced with more live-fire training drills. Less travel, less burnout, more anticipation for matches and better progression from increased drills. That's the goal anyways. Shot Area 1 this year, the Inland Empire Sectional, will be shooting the Washington State Championships (level 2) and I'm competing at USPSA Open Nationals this year! Stoked about that. Getting a slot was my first goal, now I'm trying to decide on what my goal for Nationals should be. I mean, aside from trying to win obviously. Hopefully keeping this journal this helps someone else out, not just myself!
  4. Having shot competitively for a couple years, having laid down goals, and having met some and not others, now seems like a good time to start writing about it. I shot a small amount when I was a teenager, but didn't give it much thought until I got out of Kansas State. Then, the simple, utilitarian guns I had gotten as sixteenth birthday presents (an old break-top 20 gauge and a 10/22 International) came with me to Colorado Springs. In 2009, I had an epiphany...namely that I was over 21 and this is America, so a handgun of my own seemed in order. I picked up a .22, then a 92FS, and shot both for a few months before hitting an extremely comprehensive basic pistol class, where I was quickly reminded of one key educational principle: "There is always more to learn." About a year and a half after that, I wound up shooting IDPA at monthly matches in Clear Creek, and I quickly branched out into USPSA and Steel Challenge. Last year, I wound up picking up 3-gun and practical rifle on top of that. I don't shoot much IDPA anymore, though I'm still largely attracted to "working" guns. For now, my match schedule contains about a half dozen USPSA matches a month, including one where I'm on the Board of Directors, one where I'm the match director, and one where I'm the match director until Hoser gets back from wherever the hell Uncle Sam sent him. My goal for those is, so far, to not hork them up so badly that people spray-paint Hoser's car for leaving. I get about as much enjoyment putting on a good match as shooting a good match, but what's the point of putting me on the clock if I don't want to be at the top of the list? On top of USPSA, once a month Pueblo runs a very challenging tactical rifle match, with a short and a long field stage involving 25 required engagements at targets between 100 and 400 yards, along with a standards stage. Pueblo also hosts Steel Challenge weekly during the spring and the summer, and there's a few clubs around here who do the full blown 8 stages every so often. For 3-gun, Byers and Weld both run "square range" type setups, and the Johnsons run absolutely excellent club matches in Raton when the weather's not terrible (and they don't have a major match in the way). On top of all this, once or twice a month I get to help teach the very basic pistol class that got me into shooting in the first place. Classifications Production: B Revolver: B SCSA: B (done with my Prod gun) Guns Production: M&P 9 Pro with a .40 as a backup Revolver: S&W 625 4" and S&W 327 5" 3-gun: Remington 1100 TAC-4, Larue 20", and M&P 9 Pro Major match goals for 2014 (I make no promises to remember the titles) Rocky Mountain 3-Gun and HM Nationals (staff) Noveske Area 2 Multigun Pike's Peak Regional Shotgun Challenge At least one level 2 steel challenge match where I don't eat a DNF Rocky Mountain Regional ICORE (schedule permitting) Help run at least a level 2 match, wherever in the state it may be. One Bite at a Time Goals for Winter Shoot A-class with my 625 Use the 625 to refine stage breakdown skills especially as they may apply to remembering bigass RM3G stages Reliably hit a 12" target offhand with slugs at 50 yards Unlock the mysteries of the Larue barrel nut Try not to forget how a semi-auto works Start recording more of my matches so I can figure out what I'm doing Don't forget dry fire Longer Term Goals Shoot A-class with my M&P Break and maintain top 3 finishes in rifle matches and club 3-gun matches in my division Steel Challenge A-class with Iron Sight Revo and Production Incite holy wars on Youtube After all that, let's get things rolling with How I Spent My Summer Vacation Last Weekend and What I Want to Do Next Weekend Sunday was a fun match at Aurora Gun Club, lots of distance work. There was one other revo shooter (who signed up for L10 so he could use his 8-round clips), and the advantage of 8-round on field stages was obvious. I shot 93% of available points, with no penalties. My biggest takeaway was one of our M-class guys asked me why the hell I was standing still so much. That's a very good question. This weekend was one to dust off some of my spinnygun cobwebs, and I need to remember how long it takes me to reload (and how much distance I can cover in that time), and how to reload moving in different directions. Advancing is easy, but going hard right or hard left while weak-hand loading takes practice. Monday I got to play match director. We were one body short from our normal setup crew -- poor guy had to spend his birthday with his wife. Luckily we got 4 pretty fun stages going. We still had a bit of a squad churn issue. With two indoor bays, we have to remember how to balance stages against each other, but also how to effectively convert stages from their Stage 1/Stage 2 configurations into Stage 3/Stage 4. Squad 1 got to start on a fairly quick stage, and converting it to the classifier was pretty quick. I picked a classifier without multiple strings, which probably contributed to them finishing pretty damned quick. That said, it was a good classifier and I think I shot a 77% (Melody Line). I'm still learning a ton about how to run the smoothest possible match, and I haven't had any ludicrous f*#kups yet. Next weekend, Saturday will be at Byers, which is a bit of a trek for me. Aurora may also be running an NRA Action Pistol match, which could be a ton of fun or way over my head, one way or another. I don't know of anyone else who does that around here, so maybe it'll be a nice way to remember my accuracy skills. Sunday is one of my favorite matches, down at Pueblo. They set up excellent stages, often very mobile, and always creative.
  5. I tried searching through the forums and couldn't find anything, so I'm hoping for some suggestions or for someone to point me to the right direction. What type of diary or training log do you keep, if any? I would like to start writing down and keeping track of my training sessions, but I'm at a loss as to what I should record. I tried keeping an excel spreadsheet with drill, time, and hits, but that soon became unwieldy and didn't provide the feedback I was looking for. This training is mostly for USPSA. Any guidance or assistance would be greatly appreciated!
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