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  1. i started reloading rifle in 2003, i have some FGM primer i bought at the local gun shop who wasnt cheap. Price tags ranged from 16-18.99. if i mail ordered, i bet 5k was under $75
  2. Is his working man attire to try and bond with the common man? Their direct retail sale prices on federal's website are what the future holds in pricing or something more expensive after whatever backlog orders at that prior agreed pricing is exhausted. The guy has the bulk of the ammo market under his control and 30CPR will be cheap for 9mm if we ever see it again. Would be nice for him to get Remington back up and running which would increase his output.
  3. Night sites come into play more so when some ambient light which is present and silhouetting the target. There usually is plenty of this in most urban or suburban areas. The white light though is a no brainer. Since you are not in a hostile country, or sneaking and peaking, use the hell out of your white light to identify what you are shooting at. Modified guns and liabilty is debatable as justified homicide is justified homicide. Personally, I would not risk throwing in the lightest wiz bang trigger because if you are amped up, that little bit of extra trigger pull weight might be the di
  4. This is no joke. When I was going through my agency add on back in 2009, one of the firearms instructors decided to put his g19 on the toilet paper roll while he was going to the bathroom. the roll rotated, gun fell, he caught it and hooked the trigger. The round went past his face and missed it by 3 inches. He felt the heat from the round/gun going off on his cheeks and needless to say, after that morning, we never saw that contractor again.
  5. Ive been on discord for a few months. Its served its purpose in september but hasnt really been helpful the past 6 weeks.
  6. "Skill like a GM; Confidence like a B-Class" mine is "Skill like a B-class, confidence of a GM"
  7. whats wrong with using this 3k up and then switching? How much are you shooting per month? If money isnt an issue then i would suggest hanging on to them and using them if one of the lead bullet makers starts to lag and you run out, or just saving for a rainy day. if that 360 bucks is a big deal and your heart is set on the cast bullets, then sell them off.
  8. I emailed the LE sales on Oct 9 and recieved this which shows they havent been sticking to deadlines. In July they told me it was only going down for a month. The webstore is being worked on and should be back up and running within the next two weeks. Thank you for checking in. Stay Safe!
  9. 18111811


    how did you come to that conclusion? what is bad about it
  10. thats correct. I asked UPS about this the other day and the counter clerk said it was the same as "blanks" since there is no projectile. It falls under cartridges, small arms shipping regs which is the same as loaded ammo.
  11. How do you even come up with that prediction?
  12. These movers are hit or miss. I relocated a few times with the government and have had the full spectrum of guys showing up reeking of booze, to people who packed it better than I wouldve. Most were somewhere in the middle and wood furniture never made it unscathed any time.
  13. this is a great thread. Ive seen 2 squibs this year and both were given a reshoot, one was even at a level 2. Im taking the RO class next month but this discussion has been a great help seeing the thought process and secondary effects of a seemingly innocent decision potentially pissing off everyone or someone gaming the stage using this as some sort of out.
  14. I agree. The last few matches I shot at the "better" local match were heavily geared toward full capacity guns and PCCs.
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