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  1. thats correct. I asked UPS about this the other day and the counter clerk said it was the same as "blanks" since there is no projectile. It falls under cartridges, small arms shipping regs which is the same as loaded ammo.
  2. How do you even come up with that prediction?
  3. These movers are hit or miss. I relocated a few times with the government and have had the full spectrum of guys showing up reeking of booze, to people who packed it better than I wouldve. Most were somewhere in the middle and wood furniture never made it unscathed any time.
  4. this is a great thread. Ive seen 2 squibs this year and both were given a reshoot, one was even at a level 2. Im taking the RO class next month but this discussion has been a great help seeing the thought process and secondary effects of a seemingly innocent decision potentially pissing off everyone or someone gaming the stage using this as some sort of out.
  5. I agree. The last few matches I shot at the "better" local match were heavily geared toward full capacity guns and PCCs.
  6. Great dogs! Im on my 3rd.
  7. I like TAC and AA2230 so I hope those dont get meddled with
  8. From reading this thread, it looks like every match has its own way of doing things. My state match apparently has a form we need to submit to the match director with any of the ammo on the authorized USPSA list to avoid any PF drama.
  9. How does this chrono work if chronos low and its approved ammo? IE Syntech or Atlanta arms approved ammo.
  10. Nothing too fancy compared to the others posted here. STI USPSA in .40
  11. Make its own association and transfer PCC there...
  12. Very clever. Do you still need to work some chips out of the finished brass?
  13. I like your list. What are your thoughts on staff only prizes?
  14. I used 2 double kydex, a standard kydex belt holser and my leather belt when i started in production. After a month and a half I quickly bought ghost pouches and a DAA belt. Well worth the $150.
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