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  1. following. I like this idea as it would be a huge timesaver not having to deal with crimped primers from the brass i get from work and not have my lay out 3k for an apex
  2. I really wonder what the logic is behind that vs allowing other guns that are optic ready on the production list. The more i listen to the Stoeger podcast and read some of the threads here, I have come to the conclusion that the governing body of uspsa is a bit detached from the membership
  3. a drone sounds not only obnoxious but dangerous especially if it goes off course or has a power issue. Imagine if that thing flies over to another bay and whacks someone who is firing? I know at some major local matches last year, Bill Duda from "Go Fast, Dont Suck" set up several giant pipe camera/erector set looking platforms (super sturdy) powered by a lawn mower battery in an ammo can at several stages. These gopro cameras were 15' or higher, way behind the fault line, and did not interfere in any way. They were on constant record the entire day, so everything/everyone at t
  4. Can you tell me what month the magazine was as a reference? The range master at a level 2 last fall gave me that info.
  5. thats amazing! can you post the specs on the motor and coupler?
  6. I dont think thats allowed from appendix D4 22.1 Disabling of any external safety or externally operated safety External and externally operated safety mechanisms must remain operable. Special Notes/Clarifications: • For purposes of this clause, a “trigger safety” is externally visible, and must remain operable. • For purposes of this clause, the prohibition on “disabling” means that you may NOT modify an external safety mechanism in any way that affects its function as a safety per the OFM design.
  7. Thank you. So there is no cant? Also, what is the thigh pad you referenced in the other thread? Is it possible to post a pic of it? I didnt see it mentioned on their facebook page or GX's site. also, why are you a fan? What does it do better than other hangers?
  8. Im a creature of habit and have been using the Ben Stoeger boss hanger since i started and figured if it aint broke, dont fix it. Im about to order a GX holster for this season (a little late, I know) and I saw that outside of the boss hanger, they offer this https://gxproductsusa.com/product/nevermiss-industries-alpha-hanger/ While it looks smaller in profile I wonder if the holster will be more floppy/less stiff vs the boss hanger due to the longer attachment points on the boss. What are your thoughts on this product?
  9. Its like the gym. what distance is going to make it easy to make an excuse not to go? For me, thats way too far at this stage of my life. When i lived in NY, I would drive that long to Calverton shooting range in eastern long island because that was the only real game in town aside from 25m indoor ranges.
  10. Good point. I didnt think of that. THe fredericksburg match here in VA, for example, fills up almost instantly.
  11. I think they need to accommodate the current shooters while looking to the future. The more people involved with shooting sports is better for everyone, keeps the sport fresh, and gets new faces to replace those that no longer wish to compete. When I was stationed at Fort Bragg I would shoot skeet competitively. Aside from one female around my age (mid 20s) everyone else had 20 or more years on me. Skeet is dying because it didn't appeal to newer shooters and the fact that a lot of the old timers had 15K rolex watches and 30k+ kreighoff shotguns made it a little intimidating since i was sh
  12. I agree. I think im in the hole for 70 something bucks but I wanted to figure out what worked and then load up with a bulk order. With that being said, has anyone used these guys? they are almost always in stock or a short wait every time i look at their site, but I dont know anyone who has shot them https://summitcitybullets.com/9mm-bullets
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