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  1. I've had great accuracy with Frontier bullets .from Brownells
  2. Price lowered to $95 and free shipping.
  3. Complete. New never used. Includes 1911 adaptor and all the square to round adapters, pins etc. This is the best one Ed sells. $115 and free shipping. Reply to: ax238barry@hotmail.com.PayPal accepted.Thanks.
  4. What is the trigger pull weight? They have 2 listed.
  5. I'll ask him today. It's a sniper rifle setup as he was on the team. I'd assume it would be 168 grain bullets but I'll know later today when he buys the components.
  6. I now need advice for his Bolt action rifle too. A video I saw showed Trail Boss powder, etc.
  7. A friend of mine wants me to load sub sonic rounds for his 308 Win semi auto rifle. I"ve never done any sub sonic, what do I do to produce quality ammo for him.
  8. How happy are you with this die, is it worth the money for what you get in return?
  9. I too have had great success with Bandit. I also use Biofreeze spray for soreness.
  10. Brian saved me $70 on my Dillon order by telling me what I thought I needed but didn't need.
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