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  1. Yes...it came with a rifle powder bar and a pistol powder bar. Figured I would just swap them out. If I end up with other calibers I will just buy dedicated powder bars for them so I don't have to change the setting. Thanks for the replies.
  2. New tool head with powder die. Just seemed like a waste to buy another powder measure. I won't be changing calibers often...probably load up several thousand rounds between change overs.
  3. Wanting to add a pistol cal to my 650, which is set up for 223. Since I will be going from the rifle insert to the pistol insert, do I really need another powder measure? Seems like I could just dump out the powder, swap the inserts and be up and going fairly quickly. I have not changed calibers on the 650 yet, so I apologize if this is one of those dumb questions. Thanks
  4. I dug mine out and scanned it. Get it while you can...not sure if I will hit a band width limit or not if it gets a ton of downloads. http://www.5shotleather.com/images/PACT%20MKIV.pdf
  5. That just kicks ass. If you want some custom rims, I would get in touch with one of the Custom Chopper guys. They do all their stuff custom from AL Billets and could do the bolt pattern easily. I bet one of them out there would comp you a pair of rims.
  6. Apparently this isn't the case - the Benelli stuff is all out of stock so it doesn't show up on the drop down menus.
  7. There is NOTHING for a Benelli on their sight, and Brownell's lists some of the Benelli items as "Discontinued by Manufacturer"...what's up with that? Not the case - just out of stock.
  8. I would agree that it would be frustrating for sure - and I would probably try getting BE to help me in that situation. They need to step up with Customer Service to help out their customers in need of parts, but I am sure they can barely afford the time to scratch their asses right now, let alone hire AND train new help. Sometimes it is more efficient to do it all with what you have and wait till things cool off a bit to expand.
  9. It may be that they have certain configurations in process (batches for 9mm, 45acp, 223, etc). I ordered a 650 for a 223 from Brian on 3/21 and had the press in about 8 days. The remainder (case hopper, case feed plate, as it should BE upgrade) showed up yesterday.
  10. That always happens with my Hornady and RCBS measures too. I, like everyone else, throw 4-5 charges back into the hopper and then way the next to confirm the setting.
  11. Is there a part number for this kit or his it a monster garage fix?
  12. I had shells hang up on the top of the chamber lip. I bent about 1/2" of the tip of the lifter down just a tad so the shells wouldn't get pushed up so sharply. Worked 100% after that.
  13. A little late on the response here, but I WOULD NOT use 290 unless it was in an area where heat can be applied and there is no chance of stripping out the head of the screw (like an Allen Head Screw). I attended a Loctite Seminar put on for our company (when I had a real job), and they had us put 290 on a 3/8 bolt. Then they had us try to remove the nut after everything had dried. The nut broke loose super easy, then bound up tighter than you could imagine. It was not possible to turn the nut in either direction after that. If you look at the specs, the break away torque is really low, but the removal torque is very high. I would avoid 290 for small screws that you ever want to get apart and can't put heat on.
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