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  1. Janskis

    Springer grip tape

    Does anyone happen to have the backside of the tape, or an unused tape available? I'm in need of a grip tape template for DIY material...
  2. We ended up buying plastic buckets where we inserted short plastic tubes wide enough to accommodate the wall legs, and then we filled the buckets with concrete. The first prototypes are drying up now and we'll test them tomorrow. I'll post pictures if I just remember to take some. The bases are stackable and have handles to make carrying easier. They are quite hefty so they shouldn't budge due to a slight breeze...
  3. Our current design philosophy is to have walls outside the shooting area, ensuring that they are not leaned into. We are trying to make a difference in our country to try to lower the general threshold for keeping matches. Currently our typical L2 matches are done with such painstaking attention that they could easily be L3
  4. Hi all The current way things are done in Finland is to anchor the walls to the ground properly. This is great for building sturdy stages where you can lean on the walls and do stupid s#!t the stage designers couldn't think of. But the problem is the time it takes to build, usually a whole day. Based on several match videos from the states, USPSA clubs use portable bases where you just insert the wall and it stays up. I've been playing around with the idea on the base design, but I thought that I could ask from those who probably have already solved most of the problems I c
  5. You aren't prepping movement at all. After you stop shooting you decide "now i'll initiate my movement", then you run somewhere, stop and initiate a sight picture to aim. Like others said, get the gun up sooner. The new thing I'm bringing here is to initiate movement before you are finished shooting. A slight lean will do it at first, but once you get to know your shooting ability and speed, and movement ability you can take it a lot further. The idea is that when you decide to start moving you can start moving immediately as you have already prepped yourself to be in a position which allow
  6. If you punch do you punch with your fist vertical? Personally I cant a lot, not 45 degrees but like 60 degrees from horizontal or something. Its more relaxed and the recoil is more predictable for me. If I keep my wrist vertical the recoil is all over the place. Sure, canted might recoil a bit more but it is a lot more predictable for me.
  7. Yes sorry for being unclear! I do have dummies as a weight in my mags but don't see a reason to have one in the chamber to prevent damage from dry firing.
  8. I don't see any reason to use snap caps or dummies in the barrel when dry firing. 1. you most likely won't break the firing pin on the gun by dry firing. I haven't used snap caps and won't start using now. Nothing has broken regardless of probably thousands of clicks. 2. You shouldn't be pulling the trigger when dry firing, especially when shooting with a light and crisp trigger like in a 1911/2011 (per Ben Stoeger - Breakthrough marksmanship, although he doesn't differentiate different platforms). It is enough to pull the slack off of the trigger to get that "idea" of pulling the trigger
  9. Yeah I was just answering to the guy wondering about the recoil spring. With 14 lb I had the bullets hitting the top of the breech and failing to feed. The stronger spring circumvented the issue, but mag lips should probably be tuned to actually solve the problem...
  10. I bought the gun new. The ejector is just as it was when new, the finish is barely lost on it. Red arrow material removal is once again new stuff. This one I won't file, I'll have to get some finer sandpaper for this. I managed to tighten the extractor a bit, now it snaps in place when inserting it back. I did file a slight bevel to the vertical inner side of the ejector to get more torque and more consistent ejection. I tried hand cycling dummies, now I'm getting a bit better extraction than before. The original spring was probably 14 lbs and now I have a 16 lb spring in.
  11. The ejector seems tuned but the rounding on the extractor is minimal. I slightly rounded the lower edge of the extractor and trid to stiffen it slightly, it just popped out of the slide, unlike my open gun extractor, and the round seemed to just barely hang on the extractor. This one is really hard to tighten though, as it has been reinforced on both sides.
  12. Thanks for the pic. I've done extractor tension tuning with my 9mm open but have never realized that the hook doesn't touch the rim itself. I believed myself (and read around) that .45acp ejection is slightly different from 9mm so that's why I'm asking. I'll check the internals when I get home shortly. I'll also provide pics of the ejector.
  13. Video probably tells most of the story but I'll provide some backstory. The pistol has functioned flawlessly for something between 1000 and 2000 rounds after I swapped a stiffer recoil spring (by the looks of it, I could use an even stiffer one, more aggressive FPS plate or a stiffer main spring). I posted a shorter version of this video on my personal facebook and a gunsmith I know said that this needs tuning. After said comment I decided to slow it down some more and I noticed the bad ejection too. I've had some troubles emptying the gun after stages due to the anemic ejection
  14. Janskis

    Thumb rest

    Uronen Precision in Finland
  15. I've tried to stay away from this one as it seems to eat up ammo a lot, but I'll be sure to try it! Courtesy of redditor g00n24 : Set up four targets, at least 20-25 degrees apart, distance can vary. Draw on either end, shoot it, transition to the next, return to first, transition to next etc. Basically you shoot in order 1-2-1-3-1-4-1. He originally meant this to be a dry fire drill, but I've found it works GREAT with static poppers using only one shot per target. Keeps the cost low and the drill still efficient. I have also been shooting this with a .22 and it does not impact th
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