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  1. I've tried to stay away from this one as it seems to eat up ammo a lot, but I'll be sure to try it! Courtesy of redditor g00n24 : Set up four targets, at least 20-25 degrees apart, distance can vary. Draw on either end, shoot it, transition to the next, return to first, transition to next etc. Basically you shoot in order 1-2-1-3-1-4-1. He originally meant this to be a dry fire drill, but I've found it works GREAT with static poppers using only one shot per target. Keeps the cost low and the drill still efficient. I have also been shooting this with a .22 and it does not impact the efficiency of the drill at all. The subreddit in question is competitionshooting. Great posters there although it is quite quiet...
  2. Thanks for the tip! I got a great drill tip from a reddit user and I have also been doing the Blake drill for a while now. I have noticed a huge improvement in transitions. Still a lot of workto do though!
  3. I have two 140mm STI mags, one STI 170mm with UP internals and Dawson basepad and one stock 170mm MBX. The MBX one is the only one I trust 100%. Has worked flawlessly out of the box and is my main mag. They also hold 30 rounds of 9mm which is a big plus. They are expensive tho, at least here...
  4. Thanks! My biggest advantage is shooting on the move so I try to utilize it as much as I can, sometimes too much... Main reason is me losing the dot, especially during this match. The excessive dot loss in this match was due to being a bit ill but I do have the same problem even when I'm ok. I got a great tip for transition dryfire training and will start that as soon as my left wrist heals (tore a ligament a month or so ago). I think I'm losing the dot because I haven't really trained transitions properly. Good point! I haven't had to consider the upright position too much since open pistols don't really recoil... I've kinda seen it before but now that you mention it I really notice it, especially on stage 2. I try to teach the stance Travis Haley explains in one of his videos, but I seem to forget it myself as soon as I'm doing something else than training static drills. I'll try to remember to keep my center of gravity low! My A-percentage has declined a lot after switching to major, gonna have to try and focus a bit more
  5. This is very interesting, this is also a lot closer to what I do although pretty much unconsciously. I've always read people talking about seeing sights lift but I haven't gotten a proper hang of it. Thanks for explaining!
  6. how do you call your shots if you don't see your sights lift? Just by feel?
  7. Looking at the new rule proposals for the next GA, it seems that dryfire is allowed (a clarification has been added to note that dryfiring at ground is ok, thus I think it is ok now too). But yeah, the sight picture is correct. I've noticed that it makes for a better run if you don't think too much at LAMR, just get the gun ready and nod
  8. What do you mean with full ipsc? AFAIK we don't limit the LAMR at IPSC
  9. I don't think dry firing at LAMR is forbidden in IPSC. This addition exists in the rules proposal for the next GA: I interpret this as a clarification and not a new rule, thus implying that it is in fact allowed. Also, sight picture means aligning the sights with a target. Aiming at ground is OK
  10. Single stack too?! I though this madness covered only production!
  11. Janskis

    Budget or Fancy?

    Open guns specifically? I've heard both here and recently in person that steel grips aren't good on open guns, but make a helluva difference in standard/limited More weight low and at the back, countering muzzle rise. Drawback apparently is sluggish transitions and weight.
  12. If you take a mixed assortment of shooters and give them a mixed assortment of guns, the best shooter wins. If you take the very best shooters who have very similar skill levels, the one with the best gun wins. (very elaborate statement just to make a point) But then again, I definitely recommend buying a high end gun but you still must realize that practice is what makes you suck less. The high end gun on the other hand, lets you focus on the fundamentals, forgetting small magazines, bad trigger pull and strong muzzle flip. Also, the high end guns usually are just more enjoyable to shoot, making range time more fun! Win-win am I right? I started in open div and have progressed far faster than friends who started in production. I have also tried production div with loaner guns for fun and the results speak for themselves.
  13. Probably in a vast majority of cases, the stage will be zero anyways due to misses and FTE's so no point to count the hits for everyone for the benefit of just a few others.
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