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  1. Janskis

    Production Division (Firearm Question)

    If you take a mixed assortment of shooters and give them a mixed assortment of guns, the best shooter wins. If you take the very best shooters who have very similar skill levels, the one with the best gun wins. (very elaborate statement just to make a point) But then again, I definitely recommend buying a high end gun but you still must realize that practice is what makes you suck less. The high end gun on the other hand, lets you focus on the fundamentals, forgetting small magazines, bad trigger pull and strong muzzle flip. Also, the high end guns usually are just more enjoyable to shoot, making range time more fun! Win-win am I right? I started in open div and have progressed far faster than friends who started in production. I have also tried production div with loaner guns for fun and the results speak for themselves.
  2. Probably in a vast majority of cases, the stage will be zero anyways due to misses and FTE's so no point to count the hits for everyone for the benefit of just a few others.
  3. At least in IPSC this would NOT have been a DQ. "All firearms must be serviceable and safe". In an event where the gun goes off by itself, the shooter must inform the officials immediately and give the firearm for inspection. If the said shot WAS the fault of the firearm, no DQ and the competitor and attempt to fix the firearm. If the gun can't be fixed, it is unserviceable and unsafe -> new gun or go home. If the shot was NOT the fault of the firearm -> DQ.
  4. Janskis

    Bill Drill evaluation

    On the stance:
  5. Janskis

    Match video Open A, request for feedback

    Thank you for your kind words! I'm a strong A and aiming to M in the Finnish ranking (83.59%, limit for M is 90%)
  6. Hey all, it's been a while since I last posted my match video (2 years pretty much) and there's been a lot of development. This time I was a bit feverish and thus neither my brain nor my body were at 100% but I still went to the match. I had huge troubles finding the dot and made the mistake of shooting without it, resulting a few misses. Also got the first two malfunctions this year, last were in 2017 september. This time most likely due to a dirty mag since I didn't clean it after dropping it during the previous stage. Movement seems mostly solid to me, stage plans should be kinda ok except for a few tough ones. But is there something fundamentally wrong still? Or am I just going to have to start shooting a LOT of boring drills and honing my techniques to reach the next level? Also, I went too fast on the second popper on stage 2 resulting in a hurry for the second swinger.
  7. Janskis

    Kinda, sorta, not that bad of a Match...

    One thing I noticed is that your movement is very jumpy. If you imagine yourself moving in a 2D plane, IMHO your nose should draw a straight line (---------------------) but now your whole body is going up and down ( (/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ or ~~~~~~~~) . When you look at the best shooters out there, they look like they're moving on train tracks, unbelievably solid.
  8. Janskis

    Faster reloading?

    A very helpful tip I got for assuming the "correct" index for the pistol location during the reload, is to raise the pistol in such a way that you can look at the target through the trigger guard of the pistol. This forces you to lift the gun high enough and tilt it to the correct angle. Was very helpful to me, got my Glock reloads instantly a lot more consistent.
  9. Janskis

    Why is Trijicon RMR bad?

    Ah, sorry! I misunderstood entirely. Cheers, good sir!
  10. Janskis

    Why is Trijicon RMR bad?

    I didn't try to argue that the RMR couldn't do that. Just that when you are on the clock, bigger glass means less searching since it is easier to find the dot and thus faster shooting.
  11. Janskis

    Compensator Identity

    STI T2 compensator, integral with the barrel, not removable.
  12. Janskis

    Why is Trijicon RMR bad?

    The bigger the glass, the more room for error. Important when you are on the clock trying to make accurate hits on target, or (favourite of the americans') in a fight for your life -situation. (Basically) zero parallax lets you use the dot for aiming no matter where it is on the glass. If you have a tiny glass, you basically lose that advantage.
  13. Janskis

    Check list before I leave.

    Yeah I'm making a checklist too. Forgot my belt when I went to a weekly match yesterday. Luckily one person borrowed his extra.
  14. But why? The heavier frame helps keep the recoil tame but a heavy slide in relation to the frame will increase perceived recoil. Why not mill the slide, get a lighter gun AND less perceived recoil for "free"?