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  1. Seems PCC and I are getting along well - Second match win with PCC
  2. Little 3 gun action from this past Saturday
  3. Vortex Venom on mine - dot is smaller than I need (2 MOA) but its inexpensive and works well
  4. I am running Universal Ammo's 124gr 9mm "minor" ammo through my CK with an 8lb spring and it runs beautifully. IMO if your debating between a CK and a DVC a CK is just a better option all the way around.
  5. From last Saturday, first time shooting PCC and my first overall match win!!!
  6. First off Howard & Linda I want to say Thanks for all the work you guys have to do to get this (and other) matches ready for us shooters. I know its a Thankless job, so I wanted to say Thanks Secondly if the online meeting happens I will be a very happy shooter. I'm an AM/PM/AM guy and not having to drive 45 minutes after the shooters meeting and then get up at o'dark thirty to start the match would be fan-fraking-tastic
  7. First 3 Gun of 2016 Not a bad performance for being the first time out in a couple months
  8. Unfortunately for me I live in W Va and I grew up in Southeast Michigan (Detroit suburbs) - 90's with 90-something percent humidity is all I know
  9. Yeah I'm not super concerned with improved performance, although I could use the help, mostly worried about comfort in hot humid summer. I recently read an article from last were Consumer Reports tested a couple offerings, some high price brand (not UA) and an affordable option (Eastbay). The Eastbay long sleeve rated at roughly 392 UPF dry and 304 wet, meaning only 1/304th of UVA and UVB gets through when soaking wet. for reference 50 UPF blocks roughly 98% UVA/UVB, Also worth noting that the Eastbay EVapor long sleeve compression wasn't rated for UPF from Eastbay, but is made from the same material as the much more expensive offering tested. CR link: http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/magazine/2015/05/testing-sun-protective-clothing/index.htm Reading all that it sounds like the Eastbay is thicker material, but I have been unable to find a comparison between them and the offerings from UA as far as comfort factor.
  10. Anyone trying the new fangled compression clothing under their jersey's/shorts? Getting tired to having to dip myself in sun screen before every match, so I have been eyeballing some of the long sleeved compression shirts and possibly some tights. Curious if anyone has any personal experience with "performance" clothing. Since I am sure someone will ask, I work midnights in a building with no windows so when I get out in the sun I just burn. No matter what I will have to use sun screen on my ears/face (lots of reflected light at local range) but I would be nice not having to grease myself up before a match.
  11. Decided to pick up some Carlsons CYL (really close) -LM (85% to 95% of the time choke) - IM (Why is it way out there) Doubt I'll need any other chokes if I understood Mr. Pat Kelley's article well enough. Now I just need my shotgun back and to re-read on how to properly fit a shotgun.
  12. Thanks Gentlemen I have been using Carlson's with my old shotgun, and I have been happy with them. I was just wondering if there was something I was missing. Glad to hear that I am not
  13. So I ordered a new shotgun recently, and as a part of that I began looking at the various choke options out there. Seeing the DRASTIC shifts in price I have got to ask, why are Pure Golds $125 a piece as listed on their website (granted they appear to be ported, but I am told they have non-ported available) versus $48 for a Carlson Are Pure Gold/Brilley/Muller really worth the extra price? Just wondering if there is something I don't know about to makes the more expensive options a better choice For what its worth I will be choking an A5
  14. Can't wait for this match - Already got the time off work Howard - Will there be early registration for previous shooters again this year?
  15. I used to run my .40 5.25 in 3 gun until I moved to a 2011 - happy to sell it if your looking Quite a few 5.25s in my neck of the woods really, lately I have been seeing them more than M&Ps.
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