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  1. That is normal muzzle blast residue. TC
  2. i have two of the triggers installed in M2's now. They are awesome and 100% reliable. TC
  3. Plus another for Invictus. Great guy and awesome customer service.
  4. thousands of rounds in PCC platforms as well as things A/AR-10 with EDTs, Eclipse, 243G Hiperfire triggers. NO issues.
  5. I have many thousands of rounds thru receivers servicing .22LR, 5.56, 9mm & .308 calibers while utilizing Hiperfire trigger groups with no issues or damage of any kind. Always using the heavier springs for the lighter pull. I began using them just after the company was releasing product. My experience ........but also that of several of my very active shooter buds.
  6. The Hiperfire safety pairs nicely with their fire control groups. It is ambi and can be configured as short throw.
  7. Just my .02... Unless there is something already done to the M1 or barrel configuration you just can't work with, sending a Benelli of this vintage to one of the guys above or a couple more on the list would yield a great package to be proud of. And, one that certainly would be competitive in any 3-Gun event. Staying with the M1 or M2 is certainly advised as they continue to have a very proven track record. TC
  8. Plus 1 for Titan Rocket.
  9. There is some updating going on the voodoo website. 1) Make sure you are on voodoo.com not .net 2) if still a problem go to major surplus.com and choose the voodoo tab. It is a good code and is active. TC
  10. The 25% Voodoo Tactical discount code has been updated to vst2019. It is good also for any product on the Major Surplus website. Happy shopping. TC
  11. 2alphas


    Try the Armageddon Gear PRS cuff sling.
  12. Try TATargets Tactical AR500 Targets They are located in PA. PM me for a 10% off code.
  13. Please feel free to use these codes during your shopping fun VooDoo Tactical 25% off VST2018 QC10 15% off 2Alphas Tactical AR500 Targets 10% off Carpenter Stay safe, TC
  14. Using the Briley adapter and RCI match saver has served me well on the Briley handguard installed on my brace of M2's TC
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