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  1. You are correct thank you for the better clarification.
  2. The Pro Ears Stealth Elite kickstarter program is in its last days and has received overwhelming response. Might want to take a look at the rechargeable Bluetooth capable ear plugs.
  3. Another for Cameraland. They seem to be the most competitive. Call Doug. He is the Man.
  4. If you stay with those two models I think you will find only really good reviews. Lesser models mixed for sure. BTW, I believe lifetime warranty and great customer service.
  5. Athlon Midas Tac or Athlon ARES etr both under a grand. the TAC actually under $500. These are both very popular in rimfire PRS events.
  6. looks like the Kickstarter program is now over 50% complete after ~72 hours. If all goes well, these will be a great value and another awesome Pro Ears product.
  7. The new Pro Ears Stealth Elites Pro Ears been working on their next great hearing protector for the past two years They have completed their 4th generation of prototype and are ready to bring it to market but need to raise some money for the external lab testing and the production tooling. They are putting together their first Kickstarter campaign. lf you are not familiar with Kickstarter, it is a way for companies to raise money by offering discounted product as a pre-sale. They are offering a $159.99 set of Bluetooth ear bud style hearing protection for as little as $60.00 if they buy them from the Kickstarter campaign. It is a no risk opportunity. Credit cards will not be charged until the campaign is over and they are successful raising the necessary funds by the end of December. The campaign starts on Nov 22nd and runs until late December. The biggest discount is during the first week for the first 200 early birds. The price increases as they get further into the campaign so ordering early is a big benefit. The campaign page will describe the product and have a video and images. Really high quality electronics as you would expect. You have to hear to believe. They will have the same soft ear tips in various sizes Pro Ears used on the earlier Stealth 28. They have a 6 mm speaker so with the Bluetooth connection they are great for talking on the phone or listening to music. These are not just your standard electronic hearing protection. They eliminate the issue with sighting in long guns and with the ear hooks they have a secure fit when you are really active. The campaiqn qoes live TODAY. https://www. kicksta rter.com/profile/stea lth-e I ite
  8. Don't overlook the Briley carbon favor. Strong and well proven for sure.
  9. I can only echo the comments of HRider above. Great squad, fantastic weather, awesome Staff and challenging stages presenting a great test of skills. This was my favorite of all the BRM3G's of the past. While the shooting may have been just a bit tougher I did not feel that it was physically harder. I certainly am older, however. TC
  10. Another vote for Pro Ears Gold. Worn them for many, many years. Great warranty, awesome electronics and all-day comfort. The company supports our sport as they should. TC
  11. That is normal muzzle blast residue. TC
  12. i have two of the triggers installed in M2's now. They are awesome and 100% reliable. TC
  13. Plus another for Invictus. Great guy and awesome customer service.
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