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  1. Thanks, I already am registered on practicescore and USPSA as I wanted to be able to track my progress. We have some excellent shooters on this side as well however Ephrata is not near a whole lot else so matches other than at my range are a two hour drive. Fortunately we have an excellent club and some great matches with great shooters. Next year I'm gonna make it more of a point to travel to more matches just for diversity and to keep myself in check. I've been really meaning to get down to Yakima to make the matches down there but my between my work schedule and my 2 year old I'm spread pretty thin. The USPSA matches I have shot have been at EWPSA (about 2 hour drive) but have worked with my schedule.
  2. Hey guys, Just thought I'd introduce myself; I'm a realitively new shooter as I have just started shooting local competitions this year but have been obsessed with firearms my whole life (pretty sure my first book was cartridges of the world) I shot a few 3 gun matches and that got me hooked on shooting competitively then I tried out some speed steel and have done pretty well against the local guys with 3 third place finishes and two first place finishes (center-fire irons). Then more recently I have tried out USPSA and I am hooked on it, I've only.shot 2 matches with my first one not really understanding how I should shoot it and I got 5th in limited. Then a couple weeks ago I went again after studying and setting up a dry fire uspsa range in my basement and got first in limited! Pretty stoked on that I am hooked on this stuff and really excited to see what I can do with it. Hope to meet some of you at the range!
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