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  1. For me that doesnt really make sense... look at it from a mechanical standpoint... Your knuckles on your hand are pivot points, aka hinges, correct? They pretty much are a hinge with some sideways movement built into the hinge. Now youre going to take a hinge that when applied to front of trigger guard has sideways flexibility & strength & attempt to stop up & down movement....????? Which this hinge is not built to do really. If you apply more pressure to this hinge with grip strength, youre pulling the gun sideways, correct? Maybe if you want to use finger on front of trigger guard, you should modify & use the old revolver grip " cup & saucer" which would at least allow you to pull down on trigger guard instead of pulling sideways... just kidding but really look at your finger on the trigger guard. Which way can you apply force?
  2. Pressure goes down with more space in the case. Not sure the problem but its not because you have more room...
  3. Baddog custom guns built me a new slide & cut it the way I wanted. Actually took a nice amount of weight off & balances great for me.
  4. MGM plate rack on trailer. Absolutely awesome.
  5. I would say MGM targets as in Mike Gibson. I know they have a couple of tall targets but if you call & talk to them, they may be able to accomodate your strange needs. The eye level thing may cause trouble.. Rocky Mountain targets might also be worth checking into.
  6. What does 4th finger do?
  7. Since most 3 gun matches are not under any umbrella organization, you have to sort of just hunt around. There is a decent list of major & some local matches right here on enos forums.
  8. Simple test.... if you insert an empty mag & pull slide back, will it lock open? If yes, then most likely something is causing short stroking when firing. If it does not lock back, likely mag spring, follower, or slide stop issue
  9. They are in central texas. New company. Building some nice stuff!
  10. Bad dog custom guns has done a lot of work on couple of my guns. Excellent service. Find them on facebook...
  11. Not sure how you could tell or how you could fix it but if that were the case, it could cause leading. Possibly take really soft bore swab & see if something pulls threads as it enters bore... maybe use a felt polisher on dremel with some flitz or simichrome & see if you can buff the entry to the barrel a tiny bit...
  12. I am just shooting in dark here but I wonder if where the rifling starts, you may have a sharp edge that is scraping lead as bullet enters bore?
  13. I wound up with some 200s once & never got comfortable loading them for my glock. Just too much bullet in my opinion so I am no help at all. Lol
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