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  1. mlmiller1

    Custom Open Glock

    Ive never understood why loading short is a problem? I understand if its ridiculously short but factory length doesnt seem a problem. Yes pressure increases & you have a few less choices in powders due to lower volume but really those are small issues.
  2. mlmiller1

    Predator Tactical Scarab

    If the gun runs like it should, it has plenty of value but maybe not in cash resale value.... I have a glock I would trade you..... 😄
  3. mlmiller1

    Steel Target Recommendations

    I like MGM a lot. Especially their forward fall adaption. With that said, most of ours are the sportsman series that we have built bigger bases for. We have maybe 16? Of them. We have shot them every month for over 2 years & they show zero damage except the 1 a guy shot with his rifle.....? The 1/4" steel of the sportsman fall when hit. Period.
  4. mlmiller1

    Practiscore offline?

    Thanks John! I will get it done in morning. Glad they have a back up.
  5. mlmiller1

    Practiscore offline?

    Went to practiscore to build our match for next week & they are off line. Oh man. Visions(nightmares) of paper score sheets is running through my head.... 🤢🤯😭😢 The practiscore guys do a great job. I hope they know how much we appreciate them.🤗 Hope its back up soon......🤪
  6. We have filled our squad.... several others are filling up. Should be a fun match, like always. I am looking forward to it. See you guys there!
  7. mlmiller1

    That Blue Tanfo...

    Im not personally fond of the one memphis posted but I like these grips on this gun. Nice thing is you can like it & you can buy it. Choices are great even if they arent something I would choose.
  8. mlmiller1

    CZ Czechmate light strikes

    As snug as possible but still able to turn freely.
  9. Does the brass have crimped primers(small ring around the old primer)? If so you will need to swage that crimp before you can load.
  10. mlmiller1

    Problems with Federal Small Pistol Primers?

    Are you using hornady one shot case lube? I had that issue when I used it. Stopped one shot went to dillon no more light rounds. Other people said that couldnt be it but it was the cause of my issues. However I never had any so light bullet didnt clear but there were some close.....
  11. mlmiller1

    Draw speed

    Skippy sanchez & old558, youre welcome. Keep me informed on your progress. Its an amazing drill & exercise, wish I remember where it came from....lol. It can be used for reloads also. If you can find the time to spend an hour or 2 at the range & run this thing, I predict in 200rds of ammo that you can reduce your draw time by 40% & increase your first shot accuracy quite a bit depending on your present level of accuracy. Took my latest student from 2.6 to 1.35s in a half hour & 100rds running this ! Her accuracy doubled on a 10yd uspsa target. Almost every shot was going solid into the A zone. Crazy.
  12. mlmiller1

    Draw speed

    I suggest do all the above & then I have an exercise for you that will speed up your draw. Your avg draw is 1.7. Set your timer for random start & a par time of 1.8. Beep, draw, be ready for par beep w trigger prepped sights on target, par beep, break shot. Repeat until it seems an eternity for that par beep. Make sure your shots are hitting your target!!!! Now move par to 1.7. Repeat. When youre waiting an eternity, lower par another tenth to 1.6. Repeat. Continue this lowering par until you cant beat it. Always always hitting your target. When you get par so low, you are unable to beat it, remove the par. Random start, draw, prep trigger, sights on target, break shot. You should see a significant drop in your draw speed plus if you have always hit your target during the exercise, you should see an increase in your first shot accuracy. This like all practice to build skills only works if youre honest with yourself & follow through with each step & always hit your target. You can use this exercise on close huge targets or far small tight shots, doesnt matter. Just give yourself plenty of par time when you start the exercise to know you can hit your target with solid draw, grip, trigger prep & follow through. Training isnt done to impress your friends, its done to help you get better. THEN you impress friends..... lol
  13. mlmiller1

    Dillion 650 powder drop not consistent?

    Postal bob hit the nail on the head. Different brands of brass have different internal volumes. This will make your powder check move some. Some brass has thicker web. Some have an internal step. Some has more springback some less. You cant do any real comparisons with mixed brass.
  14. mlmiller1

    FNS 9 LS

    Good resources. Thanks.
  15. Results on tx3g.com website is dated 2017. Where are this years results?