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  1. If you dont mind, about what dollar figure did it cost? Looks great!
  2. Lots of good discussion. I have 1 suggestion to add. Once you get your dies adjusted the way you want, take a sharpie & run a witness line all the way down each die onto the tool head. Once you do this with just a quick glance you can be certain your dies are where you left them. I stole this idea from a friend & really like it. You can always readjust if necessary or desired. This does NOT replace checking loaded rounds to be certain all is well but its a nice feature to have.
  3. Lets start with Im nobody... just another shooter. Ive experimented with it & Ive worked with other shooters that have tried. Obviosly it can be done & done well but the tendency in many newer shooters is to pull shots left. You have excellent leverage when doing this so it can happen easily. Not saying dont do it, not saying it doesnt work. I am saying newer & less experienced shooters tend to pull the gun left when finger hooked on front of trigger guard
  4. I think records only go back 10 years but let us know what you find out. I had a used 1 that I wanted to check on. They told me how far back records went. Mine is an orphan... lol. No one knows where or when it was new. Too old for their records...
  5. Interesting... any chance you could post some pictures of the process or finished project?
  6. If you cant pull the trigger faster than the slide cycles, dont lighten it to make the slide faster. Now if it handles or feels heavy... makes transitions slow or draws slow because its heavy, that is a different story. If it nosedives on recoil, maybe lighten it. Reality I understand is most slides cycle in about .08 of a second. Even fastest trigger yankers have a speed limit of about .11 second. Normal human splits are hard pressed to be much faster than .16 or so. If youve ever heard or had a gun bump fire or go full auto, you will see its not likely you can outrun the slide. If you want to lighten the slide for looks or for feel or for handling, have at it. If you want to lighten it so it cycles faster, that is a waste especially when you describe the present function of the gun.
  7. USPSA leans strongly to 8 round arrays. It is against rules to force more than 8 shots from any position. Nationals stages will definitely be within the rules. Does that mean they are biased against minor? No it means you cant force more than 8 shots from a single position. Thats all it means. It keeps things more even so a person CAN shoot major & still compete.
  8. This is absolutely correct. I probably used too much 1 shot & didnt wait long enough for it to evaporate but I use the same process with dillon case lube & never had a problem. I do tumble lube removal after loading. I dont mind since Ive never had anymore ultralight squib loads.
  9. I understand youre loading on an automated press. Are you using hornady 1 shot lube? I personally & I know of others that have experienced multiple squibs using 1 shot. Literally had 1 bullet stick in a cardboard target....... nearly stuck in barrel. No more 1 shot, no more squibs.
  10. It is not against the rules to bend over & pick up the mag but it is opening the door to several possible DQ offenses. Just follow the r.o. commands & then after " range is clear" pick up mags or look at targets or scratch what itches but HOLSTER that gun as you follow his commands. Turning your body square with & Pointing at the back berm is always a good idea during ULSC COMMANDS. Ive seen so many folks come soooo close to breaking the 180 holstering their pistol while turned towards the last target in a stage. After youre done shooting, turn face downrange & follow range commands.
  11. There is a huge pressure difference between 152pf & minimum 165 but more likely 168pf ammo. Thats why. Thats another 100fps at least & as anyone who has ever reloaded knows pressure growth to velocity is not linear but is curved. BTW feel free to load major ammo & shoot it in a 9mm limited gun. You are not forbidden, just wont get major scoring. Give it a try just see if you like it. Lol
  12. mlmiller1

    Bul Armory?

    Yigal I cant find any of those for sale here in U.S. There may be, I just couldnt find 1 to check price for you. I found several BUL models ranging from $500 to $3000.
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