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  1. Jak have you tried my suggestion? Truly curious if you hand load each round, will they group together? If you try it, you will find out somethings that could lead you to a possible resolution....
  2. Anyone got any news for those of us unable to attend due to medical leave?
  3. mlmiller1

    Case pro 100 for 40 cal

    Thanks Tanks!
  4. mlmiller1

    Case pro 100 for 40 cal

    Who has it $75 cheaper?
  5. mlmiller1

    Best way to tumble lube?

    Lee liquid alox may work for you. Put some alox in small plastic container, dump in your bullets, cover & shake for a bit. You will need plenty of bell to keep from scraping off lube when loading. Its unusual to buy bare lead bullets with no lube... Also is leading near chamber end or muzzle end? Chamber end is usually too small bullet or too hard, muzzle end too soft bullet possibly able to band aid with lube. Too hard bullet wont obturate or seal barrel when fired so flame blows by melting lead causing leading near muzzle. Too soft it obturates when fired but as bullet moves down barrel, lead is melting getting worse near muzzle. Too small diameter bullet may lead entire barrel as flame surrounds bullet. Alox or other lube MAY mitigate the problem. Best bet is to slug barrel, check diameter you need, lube or buy lubed bullets, test loads then adjust hardness of bullet to stop leading.
  6. Have you tried a single round in each mag? Load first 1 like normal & shoot. Chamber is empty, insert new mag 1 round only, chamber it & shoot. Repeat for several mags. Report results.... My curiosity is picqued.
  7. mlmiller1

    Springfield Long Slide?

    Does it really add value because they quit making them? I guess there are 2 sides to the coin....... Real question is whether there is a market for that particular model. Of course a new in box is always worth more than used.
  8. Sure looking forward to this match. I hope I can do it justice..... See yall there!
  9. mlmiller1


    Exactly, unless you zero them which is my normal bad day. Lol
  10. mlmiller1


    You have to have 4 classifiers in a division to have a classification but you cannot be classed any lower than 1 class below your highest class no matter how low(as long as they arent zeros) So until you get 4, you are U.
  11. mlmiller1

    650 primer magazine issue

    Is the nut that holds the magazine down in place snug?
  12. mlmiller1

    Types of Brass and Accuracy

    Come on now..... eyedropper testing is pretty simple.... hahaha. Now Ive planted that worm in your head. Set your ocd free. Let it run.....
  13. mlmiller1

    Types of Brass and Accuracy

    If youre really chasing accuracy, check your h2o volume in starline vs volume in blazer brass. If they vary considerbly, you likely need to do ladder test with blazer brass & find an accuracy node. Then check accuracy..... IOW, optimize your load in the blazer brass. I suspect with tinkering around, you can achieve similar accuracy.
  14. mlmiller1

    Powder charges ??

    To change my powder drop, I dont have primers or brass in my 650. I just take a fired case, slide it in under powder drop & pull handle. If I want to check several, I just feed them in by hand under powder drop. To change volume I make an adjustment to the drop, fill a couple of cases, dump the powder back into hopper, then fill & weigh a case. I always just use a fired case with used primer still intact.
  15. mlmiller1

    Dot movement on a Glock 17

    Heres something you might try... . Hold your glock just tight enough so you dont limp wrist. Fire a shot, is it tracking straight up & down? If not, make adjustments to your grip. If it is, apply a slightly firmer grip. Fire a shot. Still straight? More firm grip, fire a shot. When it starts going at an angle, then experiment with what it takes to keep it going straight up & down. Build on that until you have good recoil management & it goes straight up & down.