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  1. Go as slow as necessary to make it right. Be sure magazine base is in the palm of the hand, fingers wrapping magazine, index finger pointing mag at mag well. Isolate the insertion movement repeatedly over & over. Then move mag further away continue over & over. Slowly moving further & further away extending the movement over & over. It will start to fall into place. No rushing! Over & over. Start at the end of the reload. Finish reload. Then just keep backing up. Adding in more distance & movements as you build on the initial insertion. Dont rush. If this doesnt make sense, pm me with contact info & I will send you pictures of what I am describing.
  2. That gun being 9mm is not a common choice for race guns. If you dont compete, you probably wont understand but 9mm gets penalized in scoring so really its a wonderful gun I am sure but has minimal value in race gun world. Hopefully this makes sense. The gun can compete but it loses points being 9mm. IOW cant really call it a race gun.
  3. It may be important to find out if your gun is 38 super or 38 supercomp... there is a difference
  4. We try to persuade folks not to do it. In my view, most people become a burden to the remainder of the squad when they shoot 2 divisions. Consider this... at least 1 shooter before your turn, you dont help tape or reset, during your turn & at least 1 shooter after you dont help. Then Maybe you only sit out 1 shooter before your next gun plus as you shoot & probably at least 1 shooter after you dont help. If youre a real go getter, maybe you fill in all the other turns helping but most... not all but most people shooting 2 guns hardly have time to help for a couple of shooters on their squad between all the changing guns & stuff. This means the rest of the squad is doing your work for you in this volunteer sport. I dont think its really fair to the rest of the squad. If you have 3 folks in 1 squad of 10 shooters shooting 2 guns, that basically leaves the other 4 people to do everything for those 3 people...
  5. I like Bad Dog custom guns. Colt has worked on 2 of my guns & built the 3rd 2011 I just got. Check out their facebook page.
  6. Perttime...Cool Still why would a person want gloves unless bitter cold or for bianchi barricade?
  7. I found a long soft bag 1 at our local Cabelas.... not sure how long now but my benelli w long tube fits. Measure before you assume both your shotgun & the bag...
  8. No external supporting devices in uspsa pistol which includes pcc I believe. I shoot 3 gun but not uspsa or 3 gun nation.
  9. My big question is Why would you want to wear gloves unless it is bitter cold? Sling has possible merit but not legal in uspsa...
  10. Any chance that you only noticed the 2nd 1 cracked this weekend & maybe it happened some other time & just now noticed after 1st one cracked?
  11. This is the truth. Once you spend that money on it, its no longer an $800 gun & holsters but a $1200 one with a street value probably less than the $800 you spent. Your $400 is gone completely & maybe more. If it doesnt run consistently now, even getting your money back may be hard. If you tell a perspective buyer it didnt run until you sent it off to get fixed... its likely to run off most buyers. IMHO, RIA is probably not a long term 1 owner gun for anyone that shoots much. Its an entry level gun to find out if you like the platform. Sadly if it doesnt run or perform, many people will blame the 2011 platform instead of blaming themselves for buying a cheaper version of said platform. I am not beating up on RIA specifically. If you have 1 & it runs consistently & shoots 2" groups at 25yds after 25,000 rds with no rebuilds, good for you. I am happy but I am saying odds of this are very slim.
  12. There is the difference.... I see how y'all are making time. I however have a different comfort level. I like to feel every round as it goes in case gauge.... I can feel if its dragging or has a burr or anything abnormal. Also I quit boxing in cases years ago. I batch in an open box. Usually 300 at a time as that is my normal amount to load at one setting. I keep this batch separated from other batches in case of any problems that may affect this batch. If I had a squib which Ive only had 1 in last 100,000rds. That batch is segragated. Anyway I see why it helps you guys. Thanks!
  13. Sarge, but why? W 7rd gauge, you still have to put em in 1 at a time & you cant feel for any problems
  14. I havent seen value of 100rd case gauge.... you had to put those 100rds in a case... 1 at a time... educate me how the hundo is better please. Up front let me say I dont put rounds in individual round cases. I batch them by the run... 3 or 400 in a box. Ive been reloading 20years & have loaded over 135,000 rds. Almost every one has been case gauged in a single rd gauge. What am I missing? Let me add... single rd gauge allows me to feel each rd go in & come out of a gauge I know works for my guns. If there is a problem, I know which rd & can assess problem & decide yay or nay. I am not picking on you hundo users, just wondering.
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