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  1. Home Depot has a Ryobi blue line fan with a mister....it does fit on a 3.5 gallon bucket but the filter line does fit in a water bottle you can carry on your gun cart.
  2. tAcTiCaL-D....all I can say is keep asking them for info....seems the old addage...the greasy wheel works....I think they are good people to deal with but are a little over promised sometimes. I am very happy with mine and have not had any problem with this one.
  3. per Troy: It's ok to leave your gun in the holster, even with magazines on the belt, in the safe area while you attend to other business. As long as the magazines themselves are not handled, there are no safety violations. An unattended firearm is just that, unattended. It is not dangerous, nor can it do anything on its own. The biggest threat to an unattended gun on a safe area table is the chance it gets stolen. The rules say you can't handle ammunition, snap caps, dummy rounds, or empty cases in a safe area. Having them in magazine carriers, or in your bag in a safety area is
  4. I also submitted the question to USPSA NROI...waitng for an answer and will post what they have to say here.
  5. At yesterdays match a new shooter left his holstered gun and belt on the safe table to use the porta poddy....he also left a loaded mag on the table and two more loaded mag in the carriers on the belt. I referred to Section - 2.4.1,4. Nowhere in that area do the rules say leaving a firearms un-attended is OK. I explained the idea behind the Safe Area and being his first match I issued a firm warning and advised him to bag the gun in the safe area and put it in his cart then do what ever his bladder needs to do.. read 3.3 and find it to be used for state and local ordinance. Just
  6. I have been working with the Tennessee Arms 9mm lowers and having good look with them. They show a guy who built a full auto on one of their lowers and I believe has over 12000 rounds thru. I ran one one a USPSA match today, over 300 round and not one bobble or failer to feed or eject....so far very happy with the results Rifle weighs 5lb.- 14 oz and using one glock 30 plus round mag and one of the clear 30 round ones. Now looking for a decent trigger around a hundred bucks to complete the build...lots of fun shooting the rifle and enjoyable match.
  7. More like Glock factory mags versus Korean, Magpul or Pro Mag for PCC.
  8. Nate I have four 10 rounders and 3 5 rounder,,,,they are tightly made. At one match I dropped a ten in the sand and the follower would not work until I cleaned it. All have been 100% reliable.
  9. Amazing....which one of you guys started out at GM....In 35 years of shooting I have never seen anyone new to the sport start out at GM...almost Biblical!
  10. Really ladies and gentlemen...this is not about the prize table-more like recognizing the top finishers in the classes in USPSA. With the niik systems and the computers we have we can tighten up the classifier system and have National Champions GM-D. I have worked and been to numerous Nationals starting in D class and going up thru A class. Each time I tried to acheive to the best of my ability and sometimes came in top of my class. Make fun all you want but I think in my old age this would put a different look for the Nationals....we all pay the same USPSA dues.
  11. Have another 3-gun coming up this weekend--so far I have not had a single failure on my Genesis shotgun. So far so good hopefully we will see more come into the fray....nice to have an American made product compete with all the Turkey made stuff out there....the one thing I do recommend are the magazines...they are the right product for this type of shotgun.
  12. I have requested the Area 5 director to ask the board to change the prize table and recognition of D,C,B,A, G and AM catagories-this would change the way the prize table is handed out. Basically th top finisher in GM thru D Class would be recognized as National Champions and go to the prize table in that order followed by the 2nd , 3rd and son on finishers. This would mean that USPSA would have to tighten up the Classifier System on the local level so the sand baggers could not go to larger matches just to move higher up the prize table . I also asked them to consider disbanding the Super
  13. Like I said the magazines are tight tolerances and sand can lock them up....so I have been taking them apart if dropped in sand and cleaning them....so far they have run 100 per cent so I cannot complain. When compared to other box fed shotguns mine has run 100 percent reliable.
  14. I got four ten round magazines with the shotgun....Cody told me they are producing them in house so they should be available.
  15. For those of you on a budget like us retired elderly....I have used Tennessee Arms glock lowers for 3 or 4 PCC builds with Bear Creek barrels and standard ar uppers ... have had very good luck with these combinations. My current build is a 6.5 inch barrel with an aluminum tube pinned to the end of the barrel to get 16.5 inch rifle barrel with cery coat black on everything....make a light weight rear word heavy in the stock....so far a good shooter.
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