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  1. Yes it is....emailed USPSA NROI and the MCK is not legal for PCC competition....just wanted official verification for something we already knew. Too bad they are really fun to shoot and would be a good starter for young shooters.
  2. I have the MCK micro conversion kit by CAA USA....wish I could put up pictures but I don't have that capability. Lenny Mcgill is were I first saw it. They are a hought to shoot though.
  3. Well I went ahead contacted Genesis Arms and ordered the 18 inch upper 12 ga. Have a 308 lower and all the parts coming. Will let you know after the build is done how it works out.
  4. I was surfing youtube and came across the micro roni-anyone have any experience with this item? Thought it might be applicable for PCC,
  5. At the 2019 Shot show they talked about 10 rounders and possibly a 3 or 5 round extension,,,,coming more towards the end of the year.
  6. Are there any forum members who own or know of anyone who has one of there. They go on the DPMS lowers in 308 and are recoil operated like the Browning A-5 but just the uppers are $1400. I would like some feed back before I lay out that much money 4 months before my retirement. Thanks in advance-dwzuspsa.
  7. I have been looking at Genesis Arms. They have an upper built on a DPMS lower and sell the upper seperatley....wait for it: $1400.00. If it were in the 8-900 area I would buy one....not gas operated kind of a take off of the Browning A500 recoil system but what they call a short recoil. Fully complete shotguns are 1900.00 dollars.
  8. Thanks for the info....just purchased the 19 rounder from Advanced Tactical....thanks again.
  9. Anyone know who has the 19 round mags in stokc?
  10. Check the height of your red dot....seems like you are taking a lot of recoil especially when you shot at a higher target....when we fit a shotgun to a new customer ...making sure it is unloaded and bolt locked to the rear... look down the sights from the muzzle end of the barrel and determine where they line up to your eye....you can tell a lot about the fit and highth of the comb that way.
  11. I bought the first 3-hole turret press when it came out-traded a 22 rifle for it even up sometime in the early eighties. I started shooting USPSA around 1987 and have loaded hundreds of thousands of round on Lee turret presses 3 and four hole. Loading on the turret press, especially for new reloaders, you only do one thing at a time and you can watch each stage as it indexes to the next stage. The new reloader can watch all the stages of reloading from sizing, belling the case to dropping the powder charge, to bullet seating to crimping....Dillion make fine quality equipment but Lee makes reloading a little safer because you are not doing all the functions at one time.
  12. Jeff get on the computer go to WI shooters ,com....Ronnie and Lori Casperrun the website and list all the WI clubs shooting 3-gun, USPSA and IDPA...show up for a match with your gun and 3-6 mags, a holster that covers the trigger guard and heavy belt...for USPSA bring at least 200 round and IDPA you can get by with 100 rounds. Three gun is more fun than a person should be allowed to have.
  13. I am 65 years old with post polio and despite the heat this was the most fun I have had, and the squad members on 13 all helped reset the stages....how do I know because I was on squad 13. The AM stage were fun and challenging....last two years I shot Pro and worked the match, got to much for my old body. I had the best shoot of my life and my twin brother said the same thing. We both enjoyed the match and the guys in squad 13 we shot with and would squad up with any of the m again....the only complaint would be to have the AM stages in the same area instead of driving two-three miles back and forth between stages....many thanks to the RO's and to all the great people at Brownells and Rcok Castle for a great match....for the money this was the best investment I have ever had at a major match....I have almost 30 years experience at USPSA major matches and run the 3-gun at my local club.
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