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  1. Okay after quite a bit of a delay there are three Fire HD 8 on the way. When I ordered them apparently I neglected to uncheck the Box about "associate with my account", so I have questions about the order of operations when I set these up. I intend to take the device advice from a few posts up, but the simpler I can make these the easier I think acceptance is going to be from my more recalcitrant fellow shooters. Obviously I'm not going to leave them registered to my personal Amazon account, but I seem to remember from setting up my personal one that I have to have some kind of an
  2. Okay, here is the slide. Also, while taking these, I noticed that most of the time I could also cause the hammer follow just by pulling it to the rear and releasing it.
  3. I have an original p14-45 LDA with a trigger problem. I have 2 slides, and with the original it is 100% flawless, but with the replacement (also a 14-45 LDA factory slide) I am getting what would be in a single action trigger bounce or Hammer follow. 3 to 4 times in a magazine the hammer follows and despite the name the LDA really isn't double action. I know LDA slides are cut different than standard 1911, that's why I asked specifically sought out what that is presumably identical to my original. Right Now, my original slide is in, being cut for an optic, so I can't compare
  4. I have no idea I don't have anything to test it with. Obviously SF is not top of the line but it is the optic that I have in hand, and in todays age of "out of stock" thats worth alot...
  5. Ok, Josh, Should I PM you here or go through your contact page?
  6. They told me "NO" for the optic that I own (swampfox). So, now if I want Primary Machine to do the work, I have to try to find ANOTHER red dot on their approved list, or take my chances.
  7. Ok, so its 2021 and the gun market is stuck on stupid. (no offence to anyone in the market, you know what I mean.) So, I have decided to have a 1911 slide milled for a red dot - don't worry, its only a Para-ordinance, nothing nice or collectable. What I would like is advice on the Best - Cheapest - Fastest matrix for this project. I want the lowest possible mount, so I am unwilling to use any type of adapter plate, I just want my slide directly milled and tapped for the optic that I have (swampfox liberty) and I don't care a bit about the irons. So, rather than pick a place ran
  8. Well I brought my own personal Kindle Fire 7 out to the range yesterday and we performed every single function that we normally do on the iPads in parallel on the Fire and it seemed to work perfectly. Actually two of our scorekeepers mentioned that somehow scoring on the iPad was easier or nicer. I'm not sure what they were looking at but I'm willing to take yes for an answer. Thanks for the advice about the generations also, I didn't realize they had transitioned over to USB C but that is a good point of retaining a power plug that will go in either way. So I think I
  9. Okay my problem is my indoor range uspsa club has three old iPads that are so old that we can't upgrade the ios and load the newest practiscore. So my club voted to buy 3 new ipads, and I got voluntold to make this happen. So I looked up ipads, and then we (almost) lost 2 club officers to strokes when i told them the prices. So, yeah, now my task is to come up with 3 cheaper options. Right now my Front Runners are a couple of Kindle Fire 7's for scoring and a 10" for sign up, since they are both currently on special and just dirt cheap. We only oper
  10. That's great and it was a lot of help but I load for several calibers that don't seem to be included, like 7-30 Waters, 6.5 Creedmoor, 458 Socom, and 45 Raptor. So are the powder funnels all exactly the same between the 550 and the 750, so if I already have everything required to load on a 550 it's just a matter of transferring the dies and the powder drop funnel?
  11. So I took the plunge and bought a 750. It came set up for 45acp. I also purchased the case feeder, 6.5 Creedmoor conversion, lr, sr, and looking plates for Casefeeder. And then not even having taking it out of the box yet I realized I've already messed up a little.. since my press came with 45 ACP, I believe to convert to 6.5 all I needed to do was buy the powder drop, since I believe it's the same case head. So I go looking around for the caliber conversion app to find out what specific items I actually will need to buy in order to load the calibers I want on the 750. Only to find out
  12. I am going to disagree (-ish) on the swage-it. Its a wonderful product, and I own two, in fact one is installed on the press next to me as I type this. I have used one enough to have worn it out and bought a replacement. All of that said, the only way that really makes sense is if you are going to go with a full bore case prep setup, with a universal decap and swage it , a FL resizer, and a (motorized, dillon) trimmer. If you are processing large amounts of machine gun brass or unknown brass then that makes sense. If your rifle brass supply is pretty static or mostly once fired commerci
  13. Well, that is a typical "I really don't want to mess with this" answer, however tightening up a .22 is not terribly difficult. The trick is going to be getting someone else to do it (and care about it like you do). *MY* solution has been to buy a "parts gun" and then use the parts to repair the gun I wanted to keep. Look up on Brownells for the schematics of your particular gun and many times it will give you how many other models share the same components. The reason for the parts gun is so you can work on the extra parts as a replacement or as practice for working on the real thing. I
  14. No OEM magwell, and the bottom of my frame is flush. The problem is that I only have the short mags with the folded sheetmetal basepads, so I cant use the drop in magwell that does not require frame cutting because then my mags won't seat. Now is not the time to try to find all new mags especially for a style of gun that has been discontinued what, 3 times now? I havent seen anything yet on GB, Kens or Heavy Armor, I havent gotten a response from my email to Cheely. I am actually considering trying to find a steel, pin on style, and then cutting my frame and welding
  15. Ok, I have determined that I have a "long frame" RIA in that mine came with the folded steel basepads and as further evidenced by the fact that none of my non factory basepad mags will seat in this gun. According to TF I will need to cut my frame to accommodate their magwell and basepads (because all of my mags are the short style and I don't want to trash them and buy new). This is familiar and not unexpected as both of my Smith & Alexander magwells required the frame to be cut. Are their any guides online for this? Apparently my search terms were too vague for google/youtube to prod
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