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  1. I have Vortex SparcAR's on both of my PCC at the moment. I went through half a dozen red dots before I discovered the joy that is: a AAA BATTERY! No more searching for coin cells or discovering that the spare battery that has been in your grip for 2 years is ALSO dead. Plus, it is DURABLE. I havent dropped my gun (frantically looks for some wood to knock on) but I have had other competitors drop/knock their guns onto mine with no damage. That said, I did get one of those green circle dot holosuns for my open shotgun and I am really digging it...
  2. I wish I could take it out of boxes, but the rules seem to be pretty strict on that. Now my biggest problem is figuring out what to do with the 4 extra days I ended up with in Fla....
  3. So, I am making all of the arrangements to fly to Florida, and I started getting ads and pop ups for luggage trackers. I will admit I had never thought about that, but now that I am, it does have a certain appeal. One of my main irrational fears is something going awry with my firearm. Trackimo 3G Travel Tracker Device with Light Detector So, any of you that have flown with firearms, have you ever used any of these, and what do you think about their effectiveness and if the piece of mind (real or imagined) is worth the cost? With regards to performance, does the $200 one really w
  4. Well, my airline says 11lbs of ammo is the max, which some casual internetting reveals that with 115 9mm that is a bit over 300 rounds. That's just not enough. So, I need to figure out how to get my ammo down there if I fly. The problem is I want to have a backup plan. Right now the best I can come up with is to ship some ammo to myself at the motel, and ship some more to the range. Hopefully that will be sufficient. Maybe if I end up with alot of forced re-shoots (I almost never take a reshoot if I can help it, it never goes well), I can buy or borrow some ammo from local competitors...
  5. The flight I can get is not firearms (and ammo) friendly. It is cheap and convenient, but not friendly....
  6. HoRRy SHYTE what a difference a month makes. Ok, so now I am wondering how I am going to manage to drive from Illinois to Florida with enough guns and ammo to take over a small country and NOT become a cautionary tale. My original route took me straight through Atlanta, but that seems a bit unwise at the moment, seeing as how there is only 2 weeks for this crazyness to settle down... So, I am REALLY rethinking my plan to drive there, to the point that I started gaming out alternate routes that avoided Atlanta altogether - and added 400+ miles to each leg... Then I got to lo
  7. Ok, that was easy, is there anything that I need to be on the lookout for? Is Springer the only option I should consider?
  8. Hey guys I just ordered one of these Springfield osp's that is going to come with a regular barrel and a threaded barrel. Since I live in Illinois there's no chance that I'm going to ever get a suppressor, so it occurred to me that maybe I could put a comp on it and have kind of a half-assed open gun. Obviously this is not going to be a super high level competition gun, but I was thinking maybe 3-gun matches and possibly steel matches. So specifically what I'm looking for is recommendations for a 9 mm comp that will fit the factory threaded barrel and if I can get it, I'd li
  9. Hey guys, I just found a decent memorial day sale deal on a SPRINGFIELD XD-M OSP at a certain retailer from South Carolina, (not sure how close to advertising I should get here in a technical forum) and when it arrives, I am going to want a dot to put on it and a find holster to stick it in. I know the MRD discussion has been done to death in a general sense, but what I am specifically asking is that since the sights that come on this gun are SO Monstrously huge looking in the picture, its really hard for me to judge what sights are going to hit the trifecta of being mountable with
  10. And this is why I resurrected this thread, because I totally missed the shifting of days. @Dirty_J I thank you, and I will salute you as I am driving through Atlanta on my way down. I would offer to buy you a beer, but guns and alcohol are bad juju. Thanks. Thankfully, The motel is being very generous and was very happy that I was just moving the date instead of just cancelling...
  11. Well, I am not withdrawing. Even if I have to shoot the match in full MOPP4, I will still show up. In fact I just re-booked my Motel. The good news is that the motel is now charging me 20% less than it was going to had the match gone off on schedule.
  12. Okay so I'm going to resurrect this thread a little bit because it's actually starting to look like we might have a match. Specifically the question I have right this moment is that I am on the ampm Squad so I'm assuming that I will have to be there Thursday the 18th sometime to check in and do any looky-loo that I planned to do, then very early on Friday the 19th to shoot my "AM" stages, and then at some point mid-morning on Saturday to shoot my "PM" stages. This may seem like a no-brainer but I've never actually shot an AM/PM format match as a competitor, I've only are RO'ed th
  13. Oh, I see, I misunderstood your question. I don't have an 870 handy to empirically test, but if memory serves, the factory spring *is* heavier than the semi-autos I have tried (Benelli M2, Versamax, and Mossberg 930 SPX/JMpro. Remember the 870 was designed as a field gun, and the lifter's intent was to keep debris out of the action. Now, I am not saying it is thumb-busting, or even terribly difficult to master, but it is a distinct difference between the models. Now, I will also conceded my bias... When I was buying my very first shotgun ever, way back in the day, the shop RE
  14. Ok, maybe I wasnt clear, so allow me to elaborate. All of these guns are semi-auto. We are discussing pumps, and the Mossberg, Benelli and Remmington all do it differently. On the Mossberg, with the pump forward and the bolt in battery, the shell lifter slots into the bottom of the bolt, completely out of the way, and it does not drop until you start to rack the pump. On the Benelli PUMP, with the pump forward and the bolt in battery, the shell lifter is down, more or less flush with the bottom of the receiver, but you can push up on it and it latches in the "up" position forming a quite s
  15. Well, if it stayed down (up), as a ramp, like on a Benelli, then it would be great, but it is spring loaded, so if you aren't 100% on your technique (and nobody that reads internet forums looking for advice, is) then its a recipe for disaster...
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