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  1. Cool, Airport information is good. I am a wierdo that drives everywhere, and especially because I don't have a realID yet...I will probably drive. I thought I read about a required range video/safety class or something but it was on my phone and I cant locate where I read it to go back to it to see if it applied to me. In that same vein, how does the range / nationals deal with the PCC eccentricities such as muzzle up/down, chamber flags, slings, shooting carts, umbrellas, golf carts, what-have-you? I know what the answers are at my local club(s) but I would hate to drive 900 miles to find out that I need to transport my PCC with the muzzle opposite of what I planned, and have to figure it out on the fly or some other avoidable dilemma. Ok, I admit there is some duplication, but as you see above I *did* ask some PCC specific questions too... Or did I put this in the wrong section...if so, sorry, how do I get it moved?
  2. Ok guys, this is a big step for me, but I think I might have qualified for a 2020 PCC nats slot in Frostproof. This will be my first time going there, so I figured I would start a thread for anything from Range information (I have none, i'm not actually in the match yet), Lodging, to actual match discussions (this will be my first nationals match, if I get in). So, tell me what I need to know, please.
  3. Well my "backup" optic is a vortex spitfire that does red, green or regular black etched. On a slightly different subject I did run a KONUS M30 1-4x for a while on a rifle, and it had a blue illuminated dot. It wasn't bright enough to be useful in anything BUT a night shoot, but it was cool...
  4. That seems to be the opposite of what I have read, for example: https://www.nrafamily.org/articles/2018/11/15/laser-sights-red-vs-green/ https://www.policeone.com/police-products/firearms/accessories/sights-scopes/articles/one-dot-two-dot-red-dot-green-dot-nW0MYnrLXGQudlsz/ https://www.luckygunner.com/lounge/red-vs-green-laser-sights/ https://rangerexpert.com/green-dot-vs-red-dot/ I am not trying to be argumentative, the only positive thing I have found on the red vs green subject ids that red is better for night vision (natural, not NVG). Change my mind.
  5. 870 vs 590 is the Ford vs Chevy of the shotgun world with the Winchester 1300 coming in as a distant third... like Dodge. I like the 590 because it is easier to load because the carrier is always out of the way. On an 870, it stays down and is spring loaded so you could potentially dump shells on the ground if you are sloppy loading (which everyone is). The 870 IMHO is a better hunting and police gun, but the 590 has a few features like the carrier that stays out of the way, and the top mounted safety that you can SEE in firing position (rather than fumbling around with the trigger guard) that make it slightly better for competition. The (super)nova splits the difference with a bottom mounted safety, and a carrier that stays down until you push it, then latches up, and provides a bit of a loading ramp. Older 870s are indeed smooth as glass. Newer ones maybe not so much. A 590 will always be less polished and slick than an 870 of similar shell count. The supernova has a LOT of plastic to overcome, so will never be as smooth as either the 870 or 590, even if you send it off to be high-dollar smithed on. It is, however a tube with a trigger, and you can put shot on target plenty fast, especially with practice. The only time I have ever noticed how smooth a shotgun cycled, was standing in front of my safe. In a match you will never notice once that buzzer goes off. Its all personal preference, and whatever you get used to and train with is what you will become proficient at. My advice is to show up at a match with a bunch of extra shells and see if you can try them all on a stage or two.
  6. So, this might be my inner gear nerd showing but I found this: Heated car seat kit ...that is essentially the same thing as is in the dewalt and milwaukee coats. It is a waterproof heating pad that runs off 10-28v DC... Sound familiar? Maybe this can be used to add electrical heat to any jacket, vest, coat or MuMu....
  7. I can confirm that these REALLY do not like polymer coated bullets. Mine have been 100% so far, except for twice when I loaned one to a fellow competitor that was using coated bullets. He had jams both times but when he shot my fmj, no problem.... I have a .stl file for about a +12 extension that I am working on. I need to tweak it, because the mag is physically bigger at the basepad than the 30s, but I am working on it...
  8. I ran a mossy 590 for YEARS and the only thing close to a complaint I ever had was no mini shells. And even that didn't matter, because most of the matches I went to didn't allow them or had things like spinners to make them problematic. Then I bought a supernova. It was cheap, it's a duck's unlimited freebie gun that I paid $199 for in a pawn shop. I put a limbsaver and a fiber optic bead on it, and it has been flawless. I still like the 590, and if I needed a shotgun for reals it gets the call, but, even stock the supernova is awesome. I actually think the shell cutoff is super useful for that one or two slugs in the middle of a bunch of shot targets, just port load and go..
  9. I actually have a golf cart that I take to matches to carry all of my crap, what I was more worried about is how to carry them around. Normally I have an ammo can for each component that I will need. Rifle mags in a can, shotgun shellholders in a can, pistol mags in a can, pistol and rifle ammo together in 1 can, and shotshells in a can. I have a dozen ammo cans and a few range bags but nothing that fits more than a couple... ugh. I think that my .308 pouches will do to carry the 10s during the match, but I think that I am going to have to make the drums their own slings to carry them...
  10. OK so I got me this bread spiffy new open shotgun and a new optic for it and a few magazines and holy crapp these things are friggin huge I'm gonna have to get a whole nother cart just to haul them.. And the worst part is I haven't even bought one of the 4' long 20 plus round magazines, I'm only having trouble with 10 Round stick mags and 20 round drums Nope 50 Cal cans don't work, nope even the fat fifties only carry a couple, please don't tell me I have to carry a 20 mm can just to be able to haul more than 3 magazines. So what elegant ways have y'all come up with to transport the big open magazines?
  11. Ok, so I just got the green holosun 510, and have it mounted. Thanks for the advice.
  12. No, i'm not color blind, just heard on the internet that green is visually more good-er. Since it's only $30 more it didn't seem like an extravagance. The only place I can imaging it making a difference (possibly) is on red targets but that's a stretch.
  13. And THAT is precisely why I am asking here... I notice that there seems to be both a red and a green version, any thoughts on Color choice?
  14. I need an AR height red dot optic for a new open shotgun (RIA vr80). Most people seem to run a plain regular red dot, and typically as small as possible. I have a vortex spitfire on another shotgun that I really like. Being a weirdo, I think circle-dot style seems to work better, for me at least and gives me at least a modicum of a pattern reference. But before I bought another spitfire, I figured that I would ask here to see if there were any better options.
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