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  1. I saw a guy with one at the Spartan 300 with one and thought it was genius. And then a couple days later Amazon had a flash sale on dewalt cordless fans for which I already had a few batteries...
  2. I like the idea, but have you thought about putting a short rail section at 3 o'clock just forward of the ejection port?
  3. I'll start. On my old ar45: 2 Olympic style ejector springs, one pin. One hammer One standard carbine buffer 3 magazines (2 dented steel, one bad spring) On my GlockAR: 2 charging handlesb one tac-latch, one at the bolt hook. 2 buffers, one standard carbine, one hydraulic. 3 trigger pins 2 sear pins 1 trigger spring 4 ets 30 rounders dead. 3 red dot sights (2 cheapie, one vortex) 1 comp (shot it off, but found it) 1 firing pin 1 firing pin retaining pin. Apparently PCCs are rough on parts, so what have y'all broken?
  4. Admittedly I have only made it work once in a match, in Missouri, shooting 2x4 in a 3 gun match, but I was able to see a flash of green and hit targets...
  5. I can see it on white steel ok. At 100 yards, it is a stretch, but knowing where to look (just below red dot) if I see green, I shoot. If I am off the target, or it's not white I'm screwed. It's more of an art than a science...
  6. I do like the green lasers better, and I use them a bit differently. I run mine on the receiver rail, directly in front of the red dot so parallax is minimal. I use it as a long range aiming point, about the same as a bdc. On the 9mm its not as big of a deal, but on the 45... drop at 100+ yards gets sporting...
  7. I use a steel keyring on a tapco flag and a hard drive magnet on my mag pouch. It's a good combination. That said, I sorta like the on-gun storage idea. For a little while I used a maxpedition gear retractor clipped to the stock, but I didn't like it rattling or getting chamber gunk on my shoulder.
  8. Since pcc is kind of "anything goes" in most other areas (mags, lasers, optics, etc.) And only really specific about a very few things (pistol braces, nfa stuff), my local clubs don't seem to care. Many of my fellow competitors are running some fashion of forward grip or grip aid. I even saw a competitor with a strap like those short shotguns on his pcc (to be fair, though, he is a disabled vet and it allows him to be safer). YMMV
  9. If someone can modify the taccom extension 3d model to fit pmags, found here: https://taccom3g.com/taccom-3d-print-downloads/ and send the file to me, I will 3d print a couple for you for the cost of shipping (in a color I have). Add a taccom spring kit and Bob's your uncle. https://taccom3g.com/product/taccom-spring-kits/ I am not good enough at fusion360 to do it myself, and I don't have any 9mm pmag to test on. In case you are wondering, I am paying it forward because someone else helped me out.
  10. I guess I could have put this in springs...
  11. My favorite pcc is still my .45 acp Bazooka Brothers. My only complaint is that it uses grease gun magazines, and you can have any capacity grease gun mag you want as long as its 30 rounds. So. I am going to sacrifice a couple of mags to the welding gods and try to make a big stick. Where I am coming up short in my plans are the springs. .45acp is a big heavy round and 30 of them takes a pretty stout spring. 45-50 of them weigh more and will need MOAR SPRINGGGGG! So, does anyone have any ideas?
  12. I don't let the RO touch my equipment, but I am in a minority in my club. I also run a Phase5 BHO (like a BAD lever). I can lock my bolt back and it makes flagging and unflagging a breeze. It also helps with the occasional jam.
  13. Vortex Sparc AR here. My favorite things about it are that is is ridiculously durable and it uses...a single AA battery! no more hunting at Walgreens for the right number coin cell battery...
  14. This is exactly the route I went also. I swapped to an ACE entry stock to have a shorter pull, and slightly less weight, and replaced the FH with a 3 chamber "brake" (not because I was trying to control recoil, but just to reflect more sound back to the timer - haven't had to re-shoot since). I am currently using a well polished GI trigger group, but I have a couple of drop-ins on the shelf if this fails. Oh, and I also put on a CF FF tube, and an ERGO grip...I guess the only stock parts are the upper, lower, and barrel... Taccom used to make a Magwell, and it was good, but soft. I now run a Titan Rocket magwell and I couldn't be happier.
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