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  1. If someone can modify the taccom extension 3d model to fit pmags, found here: https://taccom3g.com/taccom-3d-print-downloads/ and send the file to me, I will 3d print a couple for you for the cost of shipping (in a color I have). Add a taccom spring kit and Bob's your uncle. https://taccom3g.com/product/taccom-spring-kits/ I am not good enough at fusion360 to do it myself, and I don't have any 9mm pmag to test on. In case you are wondering, I am paying it forward because someone else helped me out.
  2. I guess I could have put this in springs...
  3. My favorite pcc is still my .45 acp Bazooka Brothers. My only complaint is that it uses grease gun magazines, and you can have any capacity grease gun mag you want as long as its 30 rounds. So. I am going to sacrifice a couple of mags to the welding gods and try to make a big stick. Where I am coming up short in my plans are the springs. .45acp is a big heavy round and 30 of them takes a pretty stout spring. 45-50 of them weigh more and will need MOAR SPRINGGGGG! So, does anyone have any ideas?
  4. I don't let the RO touch my equipment, but I am in a minority in my club. I also run a Phase5 BHO (like a BAD lever). I can lock my bolt back and it makes flagging and unflagging a breeze. It also helps with the occasional jam.
  5. Vortex Sparc AR here. My favorite things about it are that is is ridiculously durable and it uses...a single AA battery! no more hunting at Walgreens for the right number coin cell battery...
  6. This is exactly the route I went also. I swapped to an ACE entry stock to have a shorter pull, and slightly less weight, and replaced the FH with a 3 chamber "brake" (not because I was trying to control recoil, but just to reflect more sound back to the timer - haven't had to re-shoot since). I am currently using a well polished GI trigger group, but I have a couple of drop-ins on the shelf if this fails. Oh, and I also put on a CF FF tube, and an ERGO grip...I guess the only stock parts are the upper, lower, and barrel... Taccom used to make a Magwell, and it was good, but soft. I now run a Titan Rocket magwell and I couldn't be happier.
  7. Shorter mags were faster to reload until I practiced more. What got me started is I left my short mags in my pistol bag one classifier night, and only had the 30 rounders with me. I fumbled through it, but I made up my mind to practice more, and I am now fairly decent loading 30's off my belt. I still only have 1 "big stick" (ETS 30 with a TF +10 and a Taccom spring). I agree that if I am on a big enough stage to require a reload after 40 rounds, that reload is probably not going to be the margin of victory... I just wish ETS would make a 40 or 45 round 9mm glock mag...
  8. My club made a rule, just for me, dictating "muzzle up" only. I say it was just for me because I was the only shooter that ever carried muzzle down to and from the stages. It can't have had anything to do with the fact that the guy that proposed the rule was #2 in the standings, and the second was #3 in the standings (to my #1) This year he got a rule made for himself, though, specifically allowing a micro-roni pistol brace (without the long barrel that turns it into a carbine) to be allowed in PCC class.... I still beat him though...
  9. I have the dewalt Heated jacket, and I love it. It's not much of a jacket by itself, but as a directly over the tshirt first layer, with some insulation over it, -14 degrees today seemed nice...
  10. I use standard running shoes and modify them to suit. At our old indoor range the owner mixed a tube of play sand per bucket of paint, so with the floor already rough, I just hit my soles with a wirebrush every month or so to raise small cuts/ridges in the sole. Not enough to wear them, just a little extra grab. Now I shoot at 2 different indoor ranges, one smooth old concrete, one smooth NEW concrete. I now use T-rex Duct tape. I use a strip about 3/4 of the length of my sole, cut in half. Just stick it on smooth side down and walk on it for a while. The backer wears off and you constantly have 4 strips of stickey goo running the length of the shoe (the outside edges of the tape). For extra grip, plant the ball of your foot and do the twist for a couple of rounds... Replace the tape every couple of weeks. After doing this a few times, you build up a residue on your shoes that is still stickey even if you walk through dust or sand...
  11. Winchester white box 230 ball, usually around 185pf out of my 1911, slightly more out of the rifle. I have not had good luck with reloads on PCC's. I did try the setup out of the 9 mm....and then I tried the spring and buffer individually with the existing other piece. Then I tried the flat wire spring that's supposably slightly less than 308 spring. I even tried a stock 9mm heavy buffer with a standard spring. Nothing works reliably except the standard light carbine buffer and a standard carbine spring.
  12. Well, the short answer is that anything heavier than a standard carbine spring and buffer causes malfunctions.
  13. Now that I have my 9mm PCC up and running like a sewing machine with the JP .308 spring and Blitzkreig buffer, I am looking at my .45 ACP. It has always had a standard 5.56 carbine buffer and spring because that was all that was available when it was made. Now I have more choices. Since the recoil impulse on a .45 is different than a 9mm, is that a consideration on springs and buffers? By comparison my .45 always shot softer than the 9mm until I swapped out the contents of the buffer tube on the 9mm, so I am wondering if the same parts I put in the 9mm are going to work or if something else is better.
  14. I use a Safariland holster Paddle, a molle-lok fork and plate, and a HDA ( Holster Drop Adapter) bolted to a Blade-Tech double mag pouch for 9mm. For the .45 I use a Safariland Triple pouch on another Molle-lok fork which gets me bullets out instead of bullets front, which seems faster with the longer mags... Both of those options mean I am not reaching up to my armpit for a mag , but the mags are vertical-ish so they aren't catching on everything. The paddle seems more solid and stable than the stiffest belt I own, and the Molle adapter plate kit gives me a bit of a spacer while remaining within the rules (yes, I have been measured, and passed...)
  15. It's never the competitive guys, they are just the ones that DEMO the mags for the rest of us. I attended a match in the Chicago area last year (travelling) and I was very surprised to see one of my fellow competitors had 25-30 Factory 33 round glock mags in his bag, and EVERY one of them had TTI on them. My bag had 1 ETS 33 with a TF, and 5 more ETS 33 with no pad. His bag was FULL of mags, and he was not a top competitor, in fact, he said he had been shooting ~6 months, and had bought all of those mags "Because Hitlery was going to ban them." I think that those of us that compete try to have just enough reliable mags and maybe a couple of spares, but mr average joe may buy ALOT more, just to have them. Remember, it is Never EVER about "need"...
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