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  1. Shout out to Prasky Gunworks for some awesome work (yes, I know the slides are swapped in these pictures).
  2. Ok, so to be clear, (and to bump this thread) since I ended up on the AM/PM/AM I will be shooting AM on Saturday the 16, PM on Sunday the 17, and AM on Monday the 18th? Assuming I stick around Monday for any festivities, does anyone want to hazard a guess about what time I could expect to be on the road? Are we talking 6pm or midnight? The reason I ask is I am trying to plan where to get a motel for Monday and I don't really want to wait until the match book comes out with the exact schedule.
  3. Just as a data point, I have 3 1911 slides that have MRD on them, and all 3 have required the 1 degree shim in order to be able to zero the dot closer to center of the adjustment. The first one was a Factory Kimber with the Vortex, and I couldn't quite get it zeroed, so I sent an email to Vortex asking them - assuming it was the dot that was messed up. Their response was to try the shim, and bob's your uncle it worked perfectly. I have since gotten 2 more slides cut, and ended up shimming them too. The two new ones both had enough vertical adjustment to zero, but they were within 1/2 turn of the max, and I have always heard that it is bad for scopes to be all the way at the end of their range of adjustment. This is what I used: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00L5RS2FM/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. What a difference a couple of months makes. Ok, so here is an update, apparently my problem was a broken (breaking) hammer. As part of a completely different project, I had sent this gun (with both slides) off to be refinished and have one slide cut for an optic. I told the gunsmith what was going on, and we decided to have him do the work and then figure out what was going on afterward. During the test-firing, my hammer actually broke, requiring a replacement. With the replacement hammer installed, the problem is gone - without changing any springs or other parts, or doing anything else. So, Shout out to Prasky Gunworks for some awesome work (yes, I know the slides are swapped in these pictures).
  5. Oh thank you, that is huge, not that I would have showed up a day early which wouldn't necessarily be terrible but if I didn't have the extra day at the motel... LOL
  6. I don't mind the slight off-topic, its all information about the range. If someone that goes to the 2 gun nats wants to report in on the golf cart situation after the fact, I'll allow it.. :-)
  7. On the subject of Golf carts, I own one, do they have any rules about outside golf carts? I am not a pansy, but I do have 11 screws and a plate in my ankle, and no vicodin to help if I over do things, so I am teaching myself I no longer have anything to prove. ...Especially If I need to be prepared for all weather options...LOL. Good information so far, thanks.
  8. The CO/PCC nationals are in Talladega, Alabama this year at CMP park from the 14th to the 18th of October this year. I am registered, but I have questions, and rather than pester the MD personally, I figured I would ask here and hopefully the answers will be helpful to anyone attending that has never been there before. I am driving this year, but last year I flew to Nationals, so for the fliers, what is the airport situation in the area? Is the the basic scheduling is check in/look around is on Thursday the 14th, then shoot Friday the 15th through Sunday the 17th, then awards, etc. Monday 18th? I have a choice of AM, PM, AM or PM, AM, PM - 5 stages per day. I guess this boils down to morning person or not, but are there other reasons to choose one set over another? What kind of weather is typical of Alabama in October? Should I still be planning for heatstroke mitigation, or needing extra layers or below zero morning followed by 80 degrees, what? Range cart or golf cart to get to stages? Follow up, are things like a cart mounted umbrella required, a good idea, unnecessary or verbotten? Other than the match, is there anything else in the area that I should not miss? When I am choosing my accommodations are there any areas that one should favor or avoid? Anyone local to Talladega want to chime in?
  9. I reset it to hidden, wonder if that will work. I'm trying not to get my channel deleted
  10. I wonder if it might be drastically over-sprung? Is hammer bounce (or whatever it might be called) a thing on an LDA?
  11. I have had the best luck installing a "Tanker brake" style comp on my 9mm AR's Basically you are looking for flat, baffles that are perpendicular to the bore to get the most sound. The ones I went with are $20 or so on fleabay, and even come with a jam nut. As far as the haters go, I started shooting USPSA when there was only Limited and Open. Some guys were still gutting it out with comped single stack .45's and tasco red dots, then Tangfolio and Para Ordinance hi cap guns started showing up and once the owners got them to run, there was no competition. As an open sight single stack guy back then, I HATED shooting against the wondernines, but I was OK because my .45 scored more points. Then .40's started getting popular, and as a pretty good compromise between capacity and power factor, started whooping ass. Pretty soon after, USPSA came up with the Provisional Single Stack class. And then there was Limited 10 and all of the variations that came after, most of which were invented to try to level the playing field because some places limited magazine capacity or because someone had this cool gun that they wanted to shoot but didn't quite fit the rules. Nowadays, there is a class for everything in its own little niche, and that now includes PCC. PCC really annoys open shooters the worst because of the perception that somehow they are easier and thus displacing the open shooters from their rightfully purchased position at the top of the heap. NEWS FLASH, it's not easier, its just that many of us that shoot PCC have practiced ALOT with a carbine, and practice beats a big wallet every day of the week and twice on Sundays. Its funny, because the CO shooters seem to have squeaked in and don't catch nearly as much grief when someone with a $500 gun beats mr "I paid $4500 for this gun and $150 each for the mags". In my neck of the woods, its PCC and CO that vie for the top spots and open guys HATE it. I will leave you with this, PCC isn't NEW, its just that we now have rules for it: Me shooting a PCC in a USPSA match in 1997 almost 25 years ago.
  12. Okay after quite a bit of a delay there are three Fire HD 8 on the way. When I ordered them apparently I neglected to uncheck the Box about "associate with my account", so I have questions about the order of operations when I set these up. I intend to take the device advice from a few posts up, but the simpler I can make these the easier I think acceptance is going to be from my more recalcitrant fellow shooters. Obviously I'm not going to leave them registered to my personal Amazon account, but I seem to remember from setting up my personal one that I have to have some kind of an account on there to be able to download practiscore. That is unless I can find or get a link to just the raw APK so I can sideload it. I think it would rather not have any internet-connected account of any type on here once I put them out, to forestall any Mischief, intentional or accidental. We have an internal only range Wi-Fi setup, and then to upload to practiscore after the match we connect to one of our phones hot spots, do the upload and then shut off. So any other advice that anybody wants to give me on exactly how to set these up from scratch that would be awesome.
  13. Okay, here is the slide. Also, while taking these, I noticed that most of the time I could also cause the hammer follow just by pulling it to the rear and releasing it.
  14. I have an original p14-45 LDA with a trigger problem. I have 2 slides, and with the original it is 100% flawless, but with the replacement (also a 14-45 LDA factory slide) I am getting what would be in a single action trigger bounce or Hammer follow. 3 to 4 times in a magazine the hammer follows and despite the name the LDA really isn't double action. I know LDA slides are cut different than standard 1911, that's why I asked specifically sought out what that is presumably identical to my original. Right Now, my original slide is in, being cut for an optic, so I can't compare them yet, but I figured I would ask if anybody else here has had some experience with LDAs and might have an idea of what I should look at, because I have no clue where to even start.
  15. I have no idea I don't have anything to test it with. Obviously SF is not top of the line but it is the optic that I have in hand, and in todays age of "out of stock" thats worth alot...
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