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  1. Well that might not work very well, I've called two of the bigger players in the Glock slide cutting industry, such as it is, and explained to them what the problem is, and both of them declined to take on my project. As annoying as it is I'm not blaming either one for not wanting to get in the middle of this. Here are pix of the Botch https://imgur.com/a/JSpYTE6
  2. Ok, if I can find a tig welder to weld up the hole(s), the replacement hole is going to overlap the old hole. Am I going to have to worry about the weld being harder or softer than the base stainless (whatever lone wolf makes their SS slides out of)?
  3. Sure, I can post one tonight when I get home, but the actual problem is the sight is both off center, and angled to the left, to where if the dot is mechanically centered, it bears closer to the closer to the corner of the slide than the front sight hole. Put another way, the tapped holes in the slide are not even with each other, the right side is closer to the front.
  4. I have a friend with a milling machine, and a poorly executed fast fire 3 cut on a glock slide that resulted in the sight being crooked. Actually one of the mount holes is tapped wrong. So. I am not attached to the fast fire 3, but I would like to see if I can salvage the slide. My first idea was to maybe find another mini red dot sight with a different enough mounting pattern that I could just drill and tap some new holes and be done... I have found the cross references showing which sights use the same set up but none of them are specific enough to tell me if the actual screw spacing is different enough to live on the same slide. An additional benefit would be had if the new sight was physically larger than the fast fire 3, because the actual cut is also oversized, too.
  5. I have one of his guns, Blair does AWESOME work!
  6. Ok, so now I am considering flying. I can get a direct flight from my town to Punta Gorda, then rent a car, 75 miles later, Bobs your uncle I am there. I've never flown with firearms before, so I suspect I have some learnin to do...
  7. Personally I consider a retention holster an absolute requirement in 2 and 3 gun competitions. It is not even a question, and if you win or lose a match based on the raw speed of your pistol draw, you need to practice aiming more than drawing. Personally I am a Safariland fan, but I understand that there are alot of ways to skin that particular cat, and I don't judge if someone likes another brand, except Sherpa lovers, F them guys... (kidding, they have obviously already F'd themselves). Many matches I have been to over the years have offered or required actions that caused issues with holstered pistols, from a slung long arm banging it around to props/obstacles for it to catch on or bang against, to things like prone firing in just crappy conditions that introduced sand/mud/mulch into the firearm/holster. All of these things are part of the game, but in my idle moments I got to wondering if it might be possible to incorporate some more protection for the holstered pistol. I think the old skool Safariland SLS does a better job than the newer ALS models, in fact for a CO/open Glock, I have modified a SLS to protect the optic, but since I have gotten used to the ALS for everything else, the transition between the two messes me up (I need to practice more.) Way back in the day, I used a Bianchi UM84 when it was the only holster I owned for USPSA, and the sticklers made me use the flap instead of tuck it (until I removed it), and I remember how protective it really was. This lead me to thinking about that flap, and old school, full coverage flap holsters and if one could be modified to be used in 3 gun without too much of a performance penalty. MAybe the Auto-lock style hood that covers the whole back of the slide already could be extended? Then I had an inspiration. What about a full UM84 style flap, that was secured at the top by the retention device, and still retained the elastic to let it spring out of the way when released? So, I realize that flap holsters as they exist are a step backwards in the gun games, but I cant be the only one to regret all of the mischief that a holstered pistol can get up to.
  8. That's possible, I was Googleing matches down there and at first I didn't have a frame of reference for which range I was looking for.
  9. Nice, thats exactly the type of info I was looking for.
  10. My home Range HATES PCC, so we have all sorts of rules "just for us" for example; I have been in the habit of carrying muzzle down at most any match I have ever gone to, but our club made a special "club rule" that PCC should be muzzle up ONLY. Then every single stage starts stock on belt, muzzle pointed at an "X" or object, and so on. The first time I went to a bigger PCC match and I was told that that particular range requested muzzle down at all times and I was allowed to start at low ready, I was unprepared...LOL. Since the feet/ankles/knees tend to get cranky, I try to have something handy that I can sit on if the opportunity presents. The golf cart is a pain in the butt to haul, but very useful at larger or more rugged ranges and 3 gun matches where there is alot more junk to keep track of. But looking at the satellite, neither seems to be the case here, in fact I think I would be fine with a luggage cart and a homer bucket from the looks of things.
  11. Cool, Airport information is good. I am a wierdo that drives everywhere, and especially because I don't have a realID yet...I will probably drive. I thought I read about a required range video/safety class or something but it was on my phone and I cant locate where I read it to go back to it to see if it applied to me. In that same vein, how does the range / nationals deal with the PCC eccentricities such as muzzle up/down, chamber flags, slings, shooting carts, umbrellas, golf carts, what-have-you? I know what the answers are at my local club(s) but I would hate to drive 900 miles to find out that I need to transport my PCC with the muzzle opposite of what I planned, and have to figure it out on the fly or some other avoidable dilemma. Ok, I admit there is some duplication, but as you see above I *did* ask some PCC specific questions too... Or did I put this in the wrong section...if so, sorry, how do I get it moved?
  12. Ok guys, this is a big step for me, but I think I might have qualified for a 2020 PCC nats slot in Frostproof. This will be my first time going there, so I figured I would start a thread for anything from Range information (I have none, i'm not actually in the match yet), Lodging, to actual match discussions (this will be my first nationals match, if I get in). So, tell me what I need to know, please.
  13. Well my "backup" optic is a vortex spitfire that does red, green or regular black etched. On a slightly different subject I did run a KONUS M30 1-4x for a while on a rifle, and it had a blue illuminated dot. It wasn't bright enough to be useful in anything BUT a night shoot, but it was cool...
  14. That seems to be the opposite of what I have read, for example: https://www.nrafamily.org/articles/2018/11/15/laser-sights-red-vs-green/ https://www.policeone.com/police-products/firearms/accessories/sights-scopes/articles/one-dot-two-dot-red-dot-green-dot-nW0MYnrLXGQudlsz/ https://www.luckygunner.com/lounge/red-vs-green-laser-sights/ https://rangerexpert.com/green-dot-vs-red-dot/ I am not trying to be argumentative, the only positive thing I have found on the red vs green subject ids that red is better for night vision (natural, not NVG). Change my mind.
  15. 870 vs 590 is the Ford vs Chevy of the shotgun world with the Winchester 1300 coming in as a distant third... like Dodge. I like the 590 because it is easier to load because the carrier is always out of the way. On an 870, it stays down and is spring loaded so you could potentially dump shells on the ground if you are sloppy loading (which everyone is). The 870 IMHO is a better hunting and police gun, but the 590 has a few features like the carrier that stays out of the way, and the top mounted safety that you can SEE in firing position (rather than fumbling around with the trigger guard) that make it slightly better for competition. The (super)nova splits the difference with a bottom mounted safety, and a carrier that stays down until you push it, then latches up, and provides a bit of a loading ramp. Older 870s are indeed smooth as glass. Newer ones maybe not so much. A 590 will always be less polished and slick than an 870 of similar shell count. The supernova has a LOT of plastic to overcome, so will never be as smooth as either the 870 or 590, even if you send it off to be high-dollar smithed on. It is, however a tube with a trigger, and you can put shot on target plenty fast, especially with practice. The only time I have ever noticed how smooth a shotgun cycled, was standing in front of my safe. In a match you will never notice once that buzzer goes off. Its all personal preference, and whatever you get used to and train with is what you will become proficient at. My advice is to show up at a match with a bunch of extra shells and see if you can try them all on a stage or two.
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