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  1. I was using 800 rounds/hour to be conservative. I can get it closer to 1K / hour, but I am spent after that.. 800 rounds/hour is a nice easy pace.
  2. Hey there, i am seriously considering setting my 1050 up with either a Mark7 or Ammobot. Both options come with big price tags. My question for the forum is what was the deciding factor for folks that got them stop pulling the handle? Did you reach a certain yearly round count? (if so, what was your number) Was it more a time savings issue? Did you just want the latest, coolest thing (we like guns, so I know everyone suffers from this Physical - Medical issues that make pulling the handle problematic I am currently shooting around 12K 9mm each year. I can manually load 800 rounds/hour on my 1050 (have a MBF), so I am looking at about 15 hours of pulling the handle. Its not bad to do, but I could probably cut that time in 1/2 with automating. Thanks Chris
  3. Thanks for the info. I will keep an eye out for these...
  4. Hey Everyone, I am thinking about picking up a CZ P01 for my new EDC. I live in a 10 round mag restricted state, so the standard 15 round P01 mag is a no go for carry. I am trying to locate a vendor or source where I could buy a pre-ban 75 magazine. it may be a bit long in the P01, but will fit and give me the extra rounds that my M&P cannot. Can anyone point me to a vendor that may have "pre-ban" CZ 75 magazines? You can DM me as well if you do not want to list the source. I know there are no date stamps/marking on CZ mags so if there are other tells that make something pre or post ban (# rounds in mag, etc.) please let me know. Thanks.. And I know I should move to a free state, but thats not an option for a few more years...
  5. Has anyone come across an aftermarket safety level for the M&P Shield that is bigger than the stock safety? Started to carry my M&P Shield in the appendix position and like the idea of engaging the manual safety, but would like it to be a bit larger to make activating it a bit easier. My Google searches did not turn up any options. Wondering if anyone hear knows of aftermarket Shield safety lever that is larger than stock. Thanks
  6. Have not needed a replacement, but I would first call Dillon for a replacement, likely give you one for free or try the Fast & Friendly Brass version. http://fastandfriendlybrass.com/shop/item.aspx/ffb-large-primer-swage-rod-for-dillon-1050-v2/50/
  7. CZ contacted me and said they will need to send me a new S2. 4-6 more weeks of waiting, but CZ has been good about communicating the status of the warranty claim, so all in all, no complaints on how it is being resolved.
  8. Sent the R1 back to Sig. The tech determined the vertical adjustment mechanism was broken. Sending me a replacement R1. So far I am 0 for 2. My first R1 had an electrical problem that burned thru batteries in 4 days.. Hoping the third time is the charm on this one. Looking at the Holosun 507C for my other gun.
  9. Hey there... Just put a Romeo 1 red dot on my M&P 9 using the Sig dove tail plate mount. (the slide has not been milled, red dot sits on top of slide). I can't adjust the vertical zero far enough to zero the gun. With the vertical elevation maxed out, I am still a good 1.5" -2" inches low at 15 yards. Wondering if anyone else has run into this issue with the romeo 1. I previously had this mounted to my Glock G34 and it zeroed just fine. Wondering if they make some sort of wedge I could install on the red dot plate mount to cant the red dot a bit down so I could zero the gun vertically. Hope this makes sense.. Hopefully there is an answer out there. Thanks
  10. I contacted CZ USA and they sent me a warranty shipping return. Going to send it in and see what they say/can do. Probably will be with out it for 6+ weeks unfortunately. Looks like i need to buy another gun while this one is out getting fixed.... Will keep everyone posted on the outcome.
  11. Anyone having problems with their Urban Grey finish on their CZ Shadow 2? Mine is starting to flake off in some areas and has started to develop what looks like little bubbles on the lower dust cover/frame rail. It is also beginning to flake off on the top of the frame where the slide sides. Its looks to be just cosmetic, but not sure if the polycoat is their to keep the frame from rusting. The S2 started to have some wear marks showing the black coating under the polycoat up by the muzzle from the holster but is has continued to get worse. Think some of the standard gun cleaning stuff (Hoppes, CLP, etc.) may be slightly accelerating the problem, but I don't think they are the cause. I have heard CZ polycoat is not the strongest finish, but my $400 plastic guns (S&W, Glock) have taken 100x the use/abuse of my S2 and their finishes look just fine. Anyone ever contacted CZ about this and filed a warranty claim or figured out some other fix? Thinking if CZ does not come up with a fix, I will eventually want to get it refinished with something a bit better. Pics.. https://ibb.co/R4nThJq https://ibb.co/GdhFmp4 https://ibb.co/pwCdHtP https://ibb.co/BnH5nw4 https://ibb.co/BnH5nw4 https://ibb.co/jypVcDT https://ibb.co/CnCbyh9
  12. I have a match in two weeks. I will give the M&P a run and see if i shoot better or if I was just looking for a reason for why my suck level has been rising lately Also may play with S2 recoil springs to see if I can get the gun to track better after. Using an 11 lb spring in there now with 124gr 125ish PF rounds. My M&P is just snappier with these rounds and the tracks right back on target after firing. The S2 is close, but does take a bit more grip focus for me to get the slide to cycle and end up back on target. Most of my second shots with the S2 are 6 o'clock low... again..need to work on beefing up my girly wrists...
  13. I have been shooting my Shadow 2 for about 2 years in USPSA production. Love the gun, its way more accurate than I ever will be, but I am noticing that its heft is making recoil control for me a bit of an issue. Also feel i am bouncing the gun more if I am shooting on the move a lot more than I do with my M&P 9 FS. Both guns fit me well, but I am thinking of putting the CZ S2 down for a while and going back to my plastic, light weight M&P with Apex FFT. I know the response will be go to the gym and work on developing a stronger grip, etc, but was wondering if I was the only person that has shot the S2 for a while and just feel they are faster and able to transition to targets better/faster with a plastic/striker fired pistol? Not trying to start a flame on CZ vs. M&P or plastic guns....
  14. I have had less than desired results with my MA 9MM sizer. The MA de-cappers are great. MA just raised their prices quite a bit, so if I were buying a new set, I would buy the Redding dies. I have used Dillon, Hornady, Lyman, Lee and RCBS. Reddings are more money, but you will not be disappointed. If Reddings are too much, I have had good luck with Hornady dies.
  15. Your welcome, I didn’t want to criticize the guy too much, but he had the attitude that his dies were the cats meow and there was something wrong with my technique. I have only been loading for 25 years since I started this game. I tried and tried to get it to work, I adjusted and readjusted everything, it was always my fault. But as soon as I went back to my old set up perfection. He even asked me if my setup was so good why did I buy one of his. I told him I was always experimenting with different setups to see if there was anything better than what I had.  When he got the die back he said it was perfect and it was going out to a guy in Australia the very next day. I didn’t care as I got my money back. If you want great dies get Redding. My rounds fit a EGW gauge which is tight, no coke bottle shape, they look like factory rounds. I have the size, micrometer seat and micrometer crimp. I load on a 550.

    1. Chris777


      Thanks.. I went thru the same process of changing my entire tool head setup multiple times... :)  oh well.. lesson learned.

    2. rooster


      He has a complete satisfaction guarantee, if your not happy take advantage of it, don’t let him talk you into keep trying. My other friend got a refund and MA said they would even send him new dies to try again, so far he hasn’t received the dies. I was so pissed at the time I told MA he was getting the die back and I didn’t give a s#!t if he refunded the money or not.  He made  good the refund and I was happy, that’s the end of it. When he told me the die was perfect and it was going to a customer in Australia I knew then it was all bulls#!t.

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