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  1. I have had the same experience with the all versions of the MA 9mm sizing dies when loading jacketed bullets. I was seeing a high percentage of my FMJ rounds failing from easy push back of the bullet. The latest TNT dies is an improvement, but I am still seeing a small percentage of rounds unable to provide correct tension to hold an FMJ. Its completely useless to me for reloading FMJ. Now, loading lead or coated bullets is a different story. The die works perfectly due to the 0.001 larger diameter of most lead or coated bullets. The downside is having to lube my brass to relo
  2. I am sure this is on your trouble shooting list, but call Dillon customer support.
  3. Thanks... Just picked up the MA 9mm expander as well. Found the same issues you noted with the nylon lock nut being just a bit too thick to be able to lock it down at the point where it flares the case to the required dimension. Running a 1050 as well. Will try the hardware store for a thinner jam nut or try to sand or shave down the nylon nut that ships with the expander. If there is V2 in the works, I think the expander and die body need to be increased in length by 1/2" to fit everyone's press. The MA expander die is quite a bit shorter overall than the M-die, bu
  4. I am miffed as to why S&W does not offer a non PC, non-ported carry optics ready pistol? Seems crazy that they don't (let me know if i missed something). I just want to buy a regular M&P 2.0 (4.25 or 5" barrel) with the CORE setup.. can't find it on their website... S&W is forcing me to look at Glock and Sig... not sure why they are soooo slow on the carry optics front.
  5. - I have used the MBF funnel and it works ok, but is a PIA to adjust when switching to different bullets mfg (I buy what ever bullet is on sale and sometimes they require different belling) - On my 1050, on the upstroke, the MBF cause the die head to pull and then make a loud clack when the expander is pulled out of the case. Its just a noise thing, but don't like it - Like to have the adjustability of a seperate die - so I am looking at a dedicated expander in station 3 (swage station on my 1050) - Not sure if there are any differences between the various die mfg's when it co
  6. Curious to hear if anyone has used the MA expander die for 9mm. Am currently looking at the Redding, Lyman M dies as well for my 1050 and am curious about the MA die. Anyone use them or have a comparison to the usual suspects? Thanks Chris
  7. Started shooting CO with my G34 and M&P. I am using a dove tail mounting plate for now. Curious to know how much of a benefit there really is to milling the slide to lower the optic 1/8" or so? With my mounting plate, I need to max out my vertical elevation to get a zero, but is there a speed benefit in finding the dot or target acquisition with a slightly lowered optic on the slide... or should I just ignore the new hotness look of a milled CO slide and shoot the gun with the dove tail plate.... Thanks
  8. Adding a bullet feeder to my press was the single most helpful addition to my reloading setup. Completely transformed the laborious and slow reloading process.
  9. Called M7 today and pulled the trigger on a 1050 Pro Autodrive. M7 is running a 10% shot show discount this week and the difference between a similarly equipped ammobot came to about $570. I am also a bit height limited with my ceiling in my reloading room, so that along with a acceptable price difference (for me) led me to the M7. I recommend calling M7 directly as opposed to ordering on line to get the most accurate pricing and info. Can't wait to get her setup.
  10. Hey folks, Was on the phone with M7 today and found out they have a 10% off shot show special going on til the end of today 1/31/20. Just thought I'd pass that along. Chris
  11. I was using 800 rounds/hour to be conservative. I can get it closer to 1K / hour, but I am spent after that.. 800 rounds/hour is a nice easy pace.
  12. Hey there, i am seriously considering setting my 1050 up with either a Mark7 or Ammobot. Both options come with big price tags. My question for the forum is what was the deciding factor for folks that got them stop pulling the handle? Did you reach a certain yearly round count? (if so, what was your number) Was it more a time savings issue? Did you just want the latest, coolest thing (we like guns, so I know everyone suffers from this Physical - Medical issues that make pulling the handle problematic I am currently shooting
  13. Thanks for the info. I will keep an eye out for these...
  14. Hey Everyone, I am thinking about picking up a CZ P01 for my new EDC. I live in a 10 round mag restricted state, so the standard 15 round P01 mag is a no go for carry. I am trying to locate a vendor or source where I could buy a pre-ban 75 magazine. it may be a bit long in the P01, but will fit and give me the extra rounds that my M&P cannot. Can anyone point me to a vendor that may have "pre-ban" CZ 75 magazines? You can DM me as well if you do not want to list the source. I know there are no date stamps/marking on CZ mags so if there are other tells that ma
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