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  1. I have had less than desired results with my MA 9MM sizer. The MA de-cappers are great. MA just raised their prices quite a bit, so if I were buying a new set, I would buy the Redding dies. I have used Dillon, Hornady, Lyman, Lee and RCBS. Reddings are more money, but you will not be disappointed. If Reddings are too much, I have had good luck with Hornady dies.
  2. Your welcome, I didn’t want to criticize the guy too much, but he had the attitude that his dies were the cats meow and there was something wrong with my technique. I have only been loading for 25 years since I started this game. I tried and tried to get it to work, I adjusted and readjusted everything, it was always my fault. But as soon as I went back to my old set up perfection. He even asked me if my setup was so good why did I buy one of his. I told him I was always experimenting with different setups to see if there was anything better than what I had.  When he got the die back he said it was perfect and it was going out to a guy in Australia the very next day. I didn’t care as I got my money back. If you want great dies get Redding. My rounds fit a EGW gauge which is tight, no coke bottle shape, they look like factory rounds. I have the size, micrometer seat and micrometer crimp. I load on a 550.

    1. Chris777


      Thanks.. I went thru the same process of changing my entire tool head setup multiple times... :)  oh well.. lesson learned.

    2. rooster


      He has a complete satisfaction guarantee, if your not happy take advantage of it, don’t let him talk you into keep trying. My other friend got a refund and MA said they would even send him new dies to try again, so far he hasn’t received the dies. I was so pissed at the time I told MA he was getting the die back and I didn’t give a s#!t if he refunded the money or not.  He made  good the refund and I was happy, that’s the end of it. When he told me the die was perfect and it was going to a customer in Australia I knew then it was all bulls#!t.

  3. For anyone using the MA 9MM sizing die, are you finding you are having better success with any particular 9mm FMJ bullet or mfg? I have been having some mixed results with case mouth tension issues on a good percentage of my rounds. I spoke to Wayne and we confirmed the die is in spec, so now I trying to isolate the issue. Have eliminated the usual suspects (MBF expander) and am just slightly expanding the case mouth enough with the Dillon expander so the bullet drops and stays in the case from my MBF die. I taper crimp only to remove the slight bell from the expander using the dillion taper crimp die. Some rounds are perfect, but some I am able to push the bullet in by applying some pressure to the round. There are a lot of variables here, including my use of mixed head stamp range brass. I am currently using Everglades Ammo 124 gr FMJ bullets. Prior to using the MA die, I was using the Lee 9mm U-die. Wondering if the EGA bullets just slightly off in diameter (I have been measuring them, but they all mic at .354/.355 with my cheapo calipers). Am going to buy some Hornady 125 FMJ to see if that reduces or eliminates the case mouth tension issues I am running into or will just switch to coated lead which work just fine since they are a bit larger in diameter than FMJ's. Curious to hear if other MA 9mm dies users are finding good results with any particular brand of FMJ bullets? This is not a thread to blow up MA dies. Just trying to figure out where my gremlins are in my 1050 setup. .
  4. Looks like Jay can add another successful buyout to his portfolio. Hope Lyman keeps up the quality of the Mark 7 products but hopefully lowers the prices with their economy of scale operations.. We will see...
  5. Update: Just saw there was a thread on this topic.. MODERATOR: You can delete this thread since there are other on-going threads on this topic. Just looking at the latest Mark 7 video on YouTube and at the end of the video, it states Mark 7 is now a Lyman Products Company. Sounds like Lyman either heavily invested or now owns Mark 7. Am I reading this right?
  6. Just got my new MA 9mm die. Its beautifully machined as expected. Love the decapper. Looking forward to giving it a work out this weekend. So far in the few cases I have run thru during setup look to be great. Case mouth opening is a consistent 0.372" and near zero concentricity (or a best as i can measure with my calipers).
  7. Cleaned a 5 gallon bucket of 9mm brass in my cement mixers and set up my new Mighty Armory 9mm sizing die.
  8. Everglades Ammo Gallant Bullets (just started using these- like the 9mm 125 gr profile best of the coated bullets i have tried) Acme bullets Blue Bullets RMR Bullets I have used all of the above and all provide great bullets. some have discount codes if you do a subscription or search this forum for codes. EGA FMJs are close to lead bullet costs if you buy in bulk during black Friday or the holiday sales.
  9. Are the case mouth flaring dimensions of the M-die and Redding the same? I have the M-die, but I really need to flare the case mouth quite a bit to not shave Acme 124 grain bullets. Wondering if the Redding die was better for coated lead bullets.
  10. For around $400 bucks you could buy 6k of processed 223 brass and just re-use it..
  11. Chris777

    Ron Avery

    Always wanted to take a class of his... sorry to hear of his passing.
  12. Everglades Ammo 124 gr FMJ.. RMR 124/125 FMJ's work well as well. HP38/W231 4.3 grains COL 1.150 Primer of your choice (I use Winchester, Fiocchi, Federal) Shoots well and locks slide open on last round.
  13. Lee works fine as do others, but just make sure you have extra decapping pins on hand. You will bend/break them at some point. In my experience, I have purchased $ more decapping pin replacements than the cost of a $40 dollar MA decapping die. Just my 2 cents. Whatever works best for you and your budget will be the best solution.
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