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  1. Are the case mouth flaring dimensions of the M-die and Redding the same? I have the M-die, but I really need to flare the case mouth quite a bit to not shave Acme 124 grain bullets. Wondering if the Redding die was better for coated lead bullets.
  2. For around $400 bucks you could buy 6k of processed 223 brass and just re-use it..
  3. Chris777

    Ron Avery

    Always wanted to take a class of his... sorry to hear of his passing.
  4. Everglades Ammo 124 gr FMJ.. RMR 124/125 FMJ's work well as well. HP38/W231 4.3 grains COL 1.150 Primer of your choice (I use Winchester, Fiocchi, Federal) Shoots well and locks slide open on last round.
  5. Lee works fine as do others, but just make sure you have extra decapping pins on hand. You will bend/break them at some point. In my experience, I have purchased $ more decapping pin replacements than the cost of a $40 dollar MA decapping die. Just my 2 cents. Whatever works best for you and your budget will be the best solution.
  6. Loaded 15K of them. Love them. Only downside is they come in 150 packs and my primer tube only fits 100, so it takes a bit longer to fill my primer tubes since i have to "count" the # of primers I am filling in my tubes. My local shop sells them for $.026 / each. cant beat the price.
  7. W231 / HP 38. been using these for years.. Meters very well in any powder measure. Also used Winchester WSF. That also meters very well. Really, any ball based powder should flow/meter well. Stay away from the tube/rod shaped powders. Not sure there are many of those for pistol, but those tend to vary a bit in my experience.
  8. Hi Wayne,


    Thanks for the information on the decapping issue I was having on my 1050.   Thinking about replacing the MA Magnum decapping die with the new MA 9mm decap / sizer die and the 223 sizer / decaper for my 650 setup.  If you ever have a sale, I will pick up those 2 plus a few more goodies on your website.  Thanks for the help and feedback.  Love the MA decapers and I am sure i will love the new resizing dies.

    1. WaynePatrick


      I know you will love the dies. They really are amazing. If you’re running a 1050 Automated you can sign up for our private page. Offers discounts to volume loaders. Let me know via email.


  9. Very nice setup.. thanks for the info.. I have found even the MA decapping die can let some stubborn primed cases by. Had several that the MA decapper just punched a hold thru and the primer stayed. With the resizer in station 3 and using the dillion swager, its very easy to feel when a primer has not been ejected. Just need to slow things down and bit and pay more attention.
  10. So, after reading thru the threads to this point, just curious to better understand the benefit/improvements of the MA resizing die vs. what on the market today? this isn't a troll, because I am close to talking myself into buying one, but other than it may be a better machined die (tolerances, etc.) am I going to see a difference in my cases than my Lee undersized die that I am using now? Are failures to de-prime going to be minimized or reduced with the die... Hoping the answer is yes, but looking for some additional feedback.
  11. Hey 1050er's, Ran into an issue where some 9mm cases made thru to the primer station and caused a few untended "boom" issues. Trying to find a more fool proof way to removing the spent primers from 9mm cases. I have Mighty Armory decaping die and was thinking about installing this in station 2 (rezine/decap station) and then taking the decapping rod out of my resizing die and installing it in the swager station to both resize and act as a backer die for 9mm cases. Not sure if this setup will be any more foolproof in removing spent primers, but wondered if any one else has tried something similar and had good or poor success or thought it made any sort of difference in their reloading. Thanks... Chris
  12. Looking forward to trying this die once it makes it back on to the website.
  13. Well.. it finally happened... Had 2 primer tubes go boom. more like a loud snap. A case made it to the primer station with the original primer still in. The first time around i just missed it. Didn't really notice any difference in how the press felt when I cycled the handle, but pop.. there she went with primer rod shooting up at the ceiling and leaving me a bit startled... The first time this happened when I bent my Lee under size die for 9mm the primer punch rod. I didn't have a spare, so I installed the Dillon decapping and sizing die. Was back up and running in no time and about 200 rounds later bang, pop. I blew the entire stack of primers and put a hole in the aluminum inner primer tube. Had to replace the plastic primer follower rod as well since that shot up and hit the ceiling. I replaced all the damaged parts ( the inner small primer tube that is inside the steel safety shield) and cleaned up the burnt primers and primer shuttle. Was back up and running in about 30 minutes. Was reloading again and at about 200 rounds later, another case with the primer still in, got into the primer station and blew the primer tube up again. I was now done.. no more spare parts.. The second time was on me as I kinda of felt something was not right, but was going too fast and pulled the handle even though the voice in my head was telling me something was off. Not sure if it was a batch of bad luck or had something to do with switching to the Dillon de-cap sizing die. The pops both happened using this die. I had loaded around 20K rounds using either a Hornady or Lee undersize 9mm decap and resizing die and I never had this occur. The Dillon die was set up correctly. I have replaced all the damaged parts and have gone back to my Lee undersize decap resizing die. Going a bit slower now and looking for the spent primer coming out of the resizing station. I have read that people have sanded or dulled the point of the Dillon decap pin to try and avoid the issue of primers popping back in or not being ejected. The pin on my die looks pretty blunt at the end, so i am not sure if this was the issue or something else. Anyway, reloading a bit more slowing now...
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