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  1. Uh, OK, yeah, makes sense, thanks for the info ! Damn, this next 6 months are going to be hell, even if Genesis Arms is able to manufacture my gun early, I can't even ask for a new import permit until January, and even then, not only do I need to wait for the permit (Which in of itself would not take more than a week), I also have to wait for the local equivalent of the ATF to add both the brand and the model of my new shotgun to the freaking registry. I really need to move to the US.
  2. Nope, here barrel length is barrel length, still, I guess I should be able to take it to a gunsmith and just cutdown/re-thread the barrel to 15 inches.
  3. Thanks man ! Yeah, Brownells is great, in my case, it doesn't help at all because the 10.5 and 14.5 versions are not legal in my country, barrel has to be 38 cm/15 inches (ish) minimum for 12 gauge.
  4. If you don't mind me asking, would you consider posting pics/results after installing the brake ? I'm ordering with a G12, but would also be interested in a more "aggressive" brake if I could confirm correct function with the gun. I live in Argentina so I need to import most of my gun related stuff, since I still have at least another 6 months before my gun is delivered and then exported to my country, during that time I would to see if I need to buy anything else that could fit into that same order.
  5. Thanks for the info, please tell us how it performs once you take it to the range.
  6. Great !!! Congratulations ! My FFL/Exporter still hasn't been able to finalize the purchase with Genesis Arms, they must be really overwhelmed by the demand. Me right now:
  7. Thanks to everyone who shared info so I could be at ease, waiting for the rig to be back in stock so I can buy one.
  8. Thank you very much ! Great ! Yeah, I always come here when I haver a question because there are a lot of people who really know about this.
  9. Yeah, that's exactly what I saw, there's a rifle match in a few weeks, gonna ask there. Still open to more info if anyone has it.
  10. Basically that, because of local gun laws, the only semi auto rifle with a detacheable magazine that I was able to get is a FN FNAR, it uses propietary magazines, so, most mag pouches either don't work or don't provide a level of retention that I like, I'm planning on buying a Blue Force Ten Speed 308 Chest Rig (Link) and was wondering, since I normally shoot PCC, if it was OK for magazines to be carried that way, and for reloads to come from, well, the chest, from what I've been able to research, it seems it would be, but I would ratter be sure before I spend 100+ dollars in product + shipping/customs, just to end up with something I cannot use. Thanks and I really hope I'm not making a really REALLY dumb question.
  11. Wonderful ! I contacted my FFL/exporter last week, gonna try to work out the details and place an order in the next 1/2 weeks. If anyone is looking to get a "Firearm" version for plinking or to build an SBS for competition, Brownells is currently showing both the 10 and 14.5 versions as "in stock", sadly, none of those are legal in Argentina, 15 inches would be the minimum.
  12. Well @Bbowzr it seems that my idea of paying for one now just so I can get it exported January of next year might not be a bad idea after all
  13. This thing needs more reviews, surprised the only one from a big name youtuber is the one from Garand Thumb, I mean, don't get me wrong, that's a great review, but I would love to see Tim from Military Arms Channel take a crack at it, because if he can't break it then it cannot be broken.
  14. I have found that there's a certain level of group mentally among the IPSC community, at least in my country, everyone uses what the rest uses, nobody tries to improve on their gear by trying new brands or accesories.
  15. Seriously doubt is as soft as the MPX, also, I have the 8 inch version, with the foldable/telescopic stock, having the ability to go to the range with just my laptop's backpack is priceless.
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