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  1. Nonono, none of my bullets were "Flying" anywhere, my misses were mostly to the side of the target, I mean, yeah, I missed, but not by much, also, I'm a first time shooter, at least for IPSC, I have put more than 3000 rounds through this pistol, I might not be a perfect shot, but I know how to align my sights. I always kept my gun pointing down range and my finger off the trigger while I wasn't engaging any targets. That was my issue with the situation, I'm a new shooter, I'm going to miss, this was the 8th stage, I had maybe 10 misses during the entire match, and I had shot more thatn 100 rounds. Also, before this gets any more out of control, I've made up my mind, I'm going to talk to the same RM, and I'm going to ask him for advice on how to properly avoid this in the future, not going to hold a grudge against neither him nor the RO, it was a hot day, he was also shooting, things happen, no reason to ruin my entire shooting experience because of this. Thanks for all the comments and suggestion, definitely will be sticking around.
  2. I think I'm gonna ask for that report this Wednesday when the range opens. I'm gonna have to wait one or two months before giving it another go, the heat is just too f*#king much during our summer.
  3. Only good range in the entire country, not really interested in going pro, I just want to relax and do some shooting, problem is, I'm waiting for an MPX that should be here before the end of March, and sadly, only place where I'm allowed to shoot it is IPSC.
  4. Roger that, if I get told that such "Rule" doesn't exist, even for that particular range, do you have any suggestions on how to go about it ?
  5. Ehm, I did that right on the spot, both the RO and the RM were not very "Cooperative" about giving me specifics.
  6. Welp, I'll do that then, should I also ask for the RO's report about my DQ ? Just to make sure he actually wrote down the same thing he said to me ?
  7. If that was the case, one would think when they give you the class they would mention it, I'm trying to look for the path of least resistance right here, I could just take the class and go to the next match, but if I don't at least ask for clarification from someone in the range, another RO maybe, I think that might signal that basically "Everything goes" as long as they say it does, don't get me wrong, I recognize both RO and RM respective authority right here, but at the same time, I'm looking at the rules and this is just not there.
  8. I honestly think this was one of those situations where "Guy doesn't like other guy" sadly sounds like a plausible explanation. My only concern is, should I take the class and try again on the next match ? If I get the same RO, and I miss on a similar situation, I might DQ'd again, and at that point I would be just wasting time and ammo.
  9. No, only other DQ during this match was from another group and that was an accidental discharge.
  10. It was an IPSC match, I missed by a few inches tops, and it wasn't high.
  11. Hi, this is my first time posting in this forum, from the start I want to apologize if my english is not 100 % clear, not my native language. I'm kind of a "New" gun owner, been shooting for a few months, decided to get into IPSC, took a class, signed up for a match in order to get "Certified", both RO teaching the class were very clear that my objective on this match shouldn't be to win or to get a high score, but to not get DQ'd, so, during the match, I wasn't focusing on hitting perfect shots, I was just trying to meet the required number of shots and mantain proper weapon handling. While running the penultimate stage, I got stopped by the RO, asked to clear my weapon, and he gave me a DQ for "Unsafe Gun Handling", turns out that while engaging a target, I had a double miss, and well, I missed, bullets didn't hit the target, they hit the wall behind it, this had already happened once 2 stages before, I got a warning then, I didn't agree with the RO's logic, but I didn't want to make a fuss about it since it was just a warning. My problem is, that was a safe direction for me to shoot, I was actively engaging the target, yes, the bullets missed the wooden plank behind the target, but the wooden plank was basically the same size as the target, if I were to miss, I was going to hit the wall, with that logic, the only targets that were "Safe" to miss where those at the back of the stage. I contested the decision, RO called RM, he begrudgely agreed with him, I kept pushing the issue (Respectfuly) because I really didn't agree with their logic, but I was unable to convince them to change their mind. I'm not really angry because I got DQ'd, I'm angry because this was something I wasn't told during my classes, and that I also don't seem to see in the rules, I'm not planning to re-visit that disagreement with neither the RO or the RM, and I also know it probably would be pointless, even if it turns out I'm the right, I just want to know for sure so that I don't make the same mistake again. Thanks !
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