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  1. thanks for the comprehensive lists!
  2. welcome! now dump the STI and get a real pistol... SVI Infinity is right here in your back yard! talk to Trace (poster above), he will be happy to guide you with your first SVI Infinity Sight Tracker... you will not regret it and never look back and thank us!
  3. I wish my SV single stack Commander were chambered in 9x19mm rather than .45ACP Trace, can you make it to the Dallas Pistol Club some day this week if we don't get rained out?
  4. my only suggestion based on watching that video of Katie dry firing would be for her to keep the pistol up longer, aiming at her target after pressing the trigger smoothly, and not be so quick to reset and reholster from what I could tell, she pressed the trigger and then immediately lowered her pistol to rack the slide with her support hand and then holster; you don't want that action to ingrain itself and translate to the range during actual live fire, where she should be watching the front sight rise and then settle back down into its natural POA
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