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  1. Contacted rht they said they no longer sell the chaos model holster
  2. Thank you! I've moved my percentage to 82 and change now time to push for M But ive been bitten by the Open bug so I'll have to work from their.
  3. The code isn't working on the voodoo site
  4. Using 124 Everglades jhp at 1.169 oal with 7.7 gn out of my atlas chaos. Shoots very flat and soft will chrono and post numbers
  5. If you're looking to buy a new vortex pm me and I can save you some money
  6. Vortex razor has a nice true 1x and the dot is day time bright.
  7. I use a range tactical cart and it has really nice features but if youre shooting somewhere that has rough terrain and hills it struggles. The shelf is really nice but for a cheap way out that fits almost everyones needs...a single or double jogger with brakes and atv gun racks is perfect imo.
  8. Have a Atlas chaos in 9 major I just recieved. It was smooth but I stripped it cleaned and relubed then sent 200 rounds down range and its already beginning to feel smoother. The coating will wear in and it will get even better.
  9. Lol glad it wasn't only me
  10. Hairspray sounds like a smart idea. Im going to try that at the next match
  11. Older razor would be great. I saw those for cheap on opticsplanet or eurooptic. Or the pst gen ii is great glass for the price range. With the pst you could grab a nice mount for well under your 1k budget
  12. Love my razor have 2 of them
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