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  1. MrPan

    New Open mags

    I like the 155 but do not think they are essential to your kit if you already own 140s and 170s. 155 are nice to start with when you know you have to reload and want extra rounds over a 140 plus the extra weight helps a bit when it comes time to reload imo
  2. Just ordered mine should have it with a atlas mount soon for testing!
  3. Aaron Cohen/sage dynamics did a review on YouTube you should check out. Proved the new design isn't as durable as the original rmr
  4. That would be dope. Sounds great thanks
  5. Thanks looks great. How much do these run?
  6. Can you take a pic of the other side
  7. Contacted rht they said they no longer sell the chaos model holster
  8. Thank you! I've moved my percentage to 82 and change now time to push for M But ive been bitten by the Open bug so I'll have to work from their.
  9. The code isn't working on the voodoo site
  10. Using 124 Everglades jhp at 1.169 oal with 7.7 gn out of my atlas chaos. Shoots very flat and soft will chrono and post numbers
  11. If you're looking to buy a new vortex pm me and I can save you some money
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