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  1. My free baby stroller with racks worked perfect but the ability to fold flat and be 20 lbs was the buying point for me
  2. I bought one of these on sale for 125 shipped. Then made my own shelf for $4. Pretty handy but the wheels are only good on flat surfaces.
  3. MrPan

    Best range finder for 3 gun?

    Thank you for all the useful feed back. So guys that have the range finder binos is their such thing as a affordable pair that work well?
  4. MrPan

    Best range finder for 3 gun?

    Haha that's another good point. I wouldn't mind saving for a good pair
  5. MrPan

    Best range finder for 3 gun?

    I was actually looking at this. Have seen great reviews thanks!
  6. MrPan

    Best range finder for 3 gun?

    I was looking at bino finders, but ive heard mixed reviews. Some say its like a spork okay at both but not great at either
  7. MrPan

    Best range finder for 3 gun?

    Im usually a best for the money type of shopper. Any input would be great
  8. Anyone running a jp upper on their ke arms lower?
  9. MrPan

    Iron sight skills vs dot skills etc

    And 2nd in factory I find that after shooting a dot gun it takes me a couple reps to readjust to leveling my sights but my presentation is still the same. So I can present and point shoot just as fast but for really long shots on small targets I need to be Pickier with my sight alignment.
  10. MrPan

    New Atlas Open 2011

    Guess I am not sensitive enough to feel the difference in weight over a certain point. I do not think I could shoot notice the difference in performance between the two. I think it comes to balance rather than weight
  11. Ive been shooting glocks my whole career and just ordered a atlas chaos. Hope to see the difference soon!
  12. MrPan

    New Atlas Open 2011

    I don't think you will be able to tell the difference of 10 oz
  13. Curious what people use for a rangefinder for long range 3 gun targets. Whats good? whats bad? any input and experiences/information would be great thank you.
  14. What uppers do you have on your ke lowers, sorry to revive this thread from the dead but can't find anyone else who has mentioned anything about ke in ever