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  1. Yes the Athena is a sweet shooting pistol, especially with all the factory ammo I tested with it. If you developed a super gamer load it would be even better!
  2. Have 2 SROs and love them, has been the most reliable optic imo for open
  3. I prefer double sided on my USPSA Open gun and single sided for my 3 gun blaster
  4. Yes so obviously the atlas nemesis worked....
  5. I have shot RMR fmj, PD jhp, Everglades fmj and MG jhp. MG jhp are my favorite and they are very consistent. So in my experience they are the most accurate for me. Never had any feeding issues with the jhp
  6. ^kitz would be the man to talk
  7. Yeah I thought for sure it was but could not confirm and did not want to misspeak lol
  8. I shot a titan and a nemesis back to back. For me I liked the nemesis better but it mainly depends on your grip pressure as well.
  9. +1 for atlas. All you have to do is call them and they will answer any questions you have. JJ borrowed a nemesis from his student in 2018 and won lim nats with it. Pretty cool stuff
  10. Open is a ton of fun. The biggest drag race and the most shooting per second
  11. Sti gen 2 with grams follow springs and tti basepad
  12. Just trimmed material off the grip at the bottom
  13. I have this optic on a slide ride open atlas chaos with well over 6k round and still running strong
  14. The guns are so violent in nature they break often. Backup gun is peace of mind if youre shooting bigger than local events
  15. Everglades and this company called titan is making major ammo now
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