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Found 18 results

  1. Iv read and read on here, everyone has different situations. at this point someone just tell me what to do. S&W M&P Pro 9 CORE model. inconsistent light primer strikes. Apex 3.5lb trigger, 11lb recoil spring, glock 6lb striker spring iv used S&B, magtech, fed, win, usc and pmc. all 115gr all light primer strikes. just got some Jesse james going to give it a shot. Anyone have any pointers?
  2. Ask anyone, I love my CZ Shadow 2’s, but that 10+ D/A trigger pull was off the Wheeler Trigger Pull Scale, what’s with that? Polishing and spring changes brought it down to a respectable sub 5.4lbs and about a 25% reduction in the S/A as well. Totally worth doing and will tackle my practice/range OR S2 At some point as well. Also, what’s with the pot metal that’s being used for the ridiculously overpriced torx bolts being used to hold the grips, mag release and optic plates on? Part of a playlist 1/12.........................................................................................
  3. So... got a bunch of stuff from Ben Stoeger for my new Stock 2. Amongst which was a 9# wolff recoil spring. Got the standard full slide version. And when this recoil spring is in the gun the rounds won't go into battery. Slide just won't close completely. Switch back to the stock spring and closes up just fine. It's like 2 or 3 coils longer than the stock spring and my understanding is it's SUPPOSED to be that way(?). I'm tempted to cut it tho and see if that fixes the problem. Should I snip snip or try to send it back to Ben?
  4. Is there a formula or system to use with a specific weight recoil spring and the firing pin spring. Should I use the firing pin spring that comes with a recoil spring or is there a better system. Trying out different recoil spring weights should I swap the firing pin spring at the same time? Does the main spring come into play with this as well? Still very new to 1911/2011 firearms.
  5. Happy New Year Everyone!! Couple of things for the rest of January: 15% OFF ON ORDERS OVER $100 FOR BRIAN ENOS FORUM MEMBERS! (CANNOT BE APPLIED TO BARRELS OR MAGWELL ORDERS). Use Coupon Code BRIAN18 Compensator overstock sale, PRICES SLASHED to $54.95!! And, we have Gen. 5 guide rods for G17 and G19 IN STOCK!!
  6. I clean the extractor every time I shoot my STI Trubor Open gun... A while ago I noticed that the sides of the firing pin spring were wearing, so I replaced it with a Wolfe FP spring that came with a recoil spring... Didn't think much about it but I started having a small amount (maybe 1 out of 200) light strikes... When I checked the Wolfe spring with the OEM STI spring, I noticed that the Wolfe FP spring was much longer that the OEM STI spring... See attached picture. I'm using a Dawson extended firing pin spring and have never had light strikes with them in my limited guns..
  7. I currently have Springer Precision extended base pads (Xdm 5.25" .40sw) with Grams spring and follower. My issue is, sometimes the spring or follower (can't tell which) will get stuck and the ammo in the mag just pours out thus causing my gun to malfunction and ruining a stage. I'm guessing the follower tilts sideways and just jams up the mag. How f*#king annoying. What do ya'll do to combat this? Will the Springer Precision follower and spring fix this issue? Though, it does look to be the same profile as Grams just machined out of aluminum. Another thing, one of the screws on the SP b
  8. I have an STI Trubor Open gun with a very light trigger pull... It's almost identical to my two STI Edge Limited guns, except that occasionally the hammer doesn't drop when the trigger is pulled... It seems to happen most often after racking the slide to load a round... It doesn't happen often... Last night I shot four stages without it happening, but it did happen once on unload and show clear... When the issue shows up... I pull the trigger and it feels like the safety is on... If I release and pull the trigger again, the hammer drops... not good... Not sure what could ca
  9. I have a couple questions about the CK arms open 2011's. Can someone tell me for sure: what weight and brand recoil spring comes in the hardcore and thunder open 2011's? (38 super in this case though I presume they use same springs in 9mm too) what weight and brand hammer spring in same? What brand firing pin spring (I believe this one is ismi) what brand leaf spring/sear spring? Finally does anyone know what twist rate the KKM barrels are? KKM state 'standard' is either 1:16 or 1:18 but they make a bunch of twist rates from 1:10 to 1:40... I'm hoping it's the 1:1
  10. I have the Mossberg 930 JM pro 24" 9+1 12 gauge. What length of spring are you using with the Nordic MXT+9? With the stock length spring from Nordic it won't reliably feed from the tube, I trimmed 3" off and it works 90%. I tried the spring that came with the original gun and it took 15 in the tube but didn't feed for crap. I don't wanna cut too much off.
  11. I'm trying to find a recoil spring ( I hope that's the right term) for my Stoeger M3k I use for 3 gun competition. The shotgun runs fine but I want to get a backup just in case. I can't seem to find anything online however. The closest thing I found was this http://www.midwestgunworks.com/mm5/merchant.mvc? . Does the M2000 share thae same spring as the M3000/M3K?
  12. The slide is usually smooth, and cycles perfectly. However, once in a while (approx. 250 rounds), the slide binds and stops mid-cycle. I can manually move the slide, but with heavy drag, and feels like something is binding inside. If I manually cycle the slide several times, sometimes it fixes itself, and all is well again. Other times I have to field-strip, and reassemble to correct the issue. It is not an ammo issue, as it binds even if the gun is empty. I can only think it is the recoil spring binding on it's own links, or the slide. Anyone else had this happen? My Trojan is present
  13. How many out there have experimented with different weighted recoil springs in the M&P? Recently I purchased a 5" Tungsten un-captured guide rod, a 17#, 15#, 13# and an 11# recoil spring to go in the 9L pro (non-ported) and the 9L PC CORE. Went to shoot those tonight and was a little let down that magic didn't happen...not really but was hoping to see some improvements for follow up shots. Here is what I did learn; 9L (non-ported) 11# spring too light 13# spring too light 15# spring worked real nice 17# (factory weight) felt the same but with less muzzle rise, more than likely to do with
  14. After experimenting for a while with different lightened BCGs- and buffers, the time has come to the buffer spring. My experience comes from tuning open pistols. In a pistol there is no doubt that a lighter recoil spring helps a lot when it comes to make it shoot softer. This might seem counterintuitive sins a lighter spring will make the pistol open earlier and speed up the slide movement. I think, and many others do too, that the effect comes from the fact that the pistol will close softer and hence make the dot bounce less. Last time when I was on the range I thought about how light the re
  15. My search ability is failing me, I'm sure this is somewhere but I can find it. I want to build a rig to test spring recoil weights for Glocks and M&P but need to know what lengths they need to be tested at. Thanks in advance for the help y'all.
  16. What is the spring rate of the heavy Sti recoil master ? 12-13-14 lbs ?
  17. In the small parts bag that came with my new Super1050 is a spring. Where does it go? The case feed plunger spring is installed by Dillon and the press functions. I do not see in the how to set up the 1050 instructions anything about this spring. Thanks for your help.
  18. My SP01 came from CZC with a 13 lb. main spring, which I'm finding isn't 100% reliable on the ammo I'm shooting. I'm wondering what people have found regarding main-spring weights and ignition reliability across brands of ammo. I don't want to get a click instead of a bang during a match!
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