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  1. maybe they can do something for you
  2. For anybody using 95-100gr plated, where are you getting your bullets from? Berrys 100gr plated are only rated to max 1250fps which would be min power factor. need a little more headroom.
  3. I was having light strike issues with anything else besides the stock spring when I was using the PD firing pin. I then tried the Extreme Medium Spring (which is harder than the 15.5lb PD), but less than the stock spring, and still had occasional light strikes even on factory Federal Syntech. I tried testing without the FPB to make sure that wasn't the issue, but the problem persisted. At wits end, I put the factory firing pin back in and all my problems went away.
  4. thats sweet! now im trying to find out if a R3 Max/XL will fit in the factory cutout.
  5. Any further testing with the AR Gold? Very interested to hear your experience once it’s really up and running, especially vs the CMC.
  6. assuming that mag was also used for the live fire testing that was shown in the videos, that should mean the dwx full size would take legacy (and new) P-09 mags, no?
  7. This will also have to qualify under the production numbers for CO (and Prod) for a new model, right?
  8. The R3 Max/XL have the mounting of the RTS2, but the footprint is larger with the angled front part of the housing, no? Isn't that why 2011 optic mounts with blast shields had to be made for R3 Max/XL?
  9. I just hope it makes CO USPSA weight without having to be milled. 2.69lbs (43.04oz) + optic and extended basepad might be tight.
  10. Will this be optic only? No option for iron sights? Haven't seen any photos of it with a rear sight
  11. After trying stock, wolff, PD, and xtreme, I'm using the xtreme medium the xtreme medium is a lot lighter than the stock spring (which I think is actually 18lb?), and it does not stack like stock. it is not that much heavier than the PD 15.5, but offered a lot more ignition reliability. for me, the range of wolff springs stacked a ton.
  12. that’s a good question. i assume it’ll have to be added to the production gun list and meet the quantity requirements if it’s a model variant and not custom milling on a regular stock 2
  13. it should definitely be easier to make weight than with a shadow 2, thats for sure!
  14. of course. politics. i'm guessing it was also walther that made the push for CO light and CO heavy in IPSC, seeing as they now have options for both divisions.
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