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  1. motherFNbrandon

    PCC dryfire

    for stages where a string might be freestyle, reload, then weakhand, can the freestyle portion be done on the weak side, so that no shoulder change would be necessary?
  2. motherFNbrandon

    Full size p10- pic from instagram

    any word as to when the optic ready models will be available?
  3. motherFNbrandon

    That Blue Tanfo...

    its a marking of some sort. many (all?) tanfo slides have the same marking. unsure of the meaning, though.
  4. motherFNbrandon

    New Limited Pro... what's the specs?

    very interesting. i wonder what versions we'll actually see. this is their listing for the stock 1. i'm not sure if we've seen all of these versions (yet?)
  5. motherFNbrandon

    Yet Another JP GMR15 or MPX thread.

    interested to get your thoughts on it!
  6. motherFNbrandon

    Yet Another JP GMR15 or MPX thread.

    any idea of timeframe?
  7. sometimes with the fitting of different hammer/sear/safety combinations, the factory firing pin block is not actuated enough to block the firing pin when the trigger is not depressed. the extended firing pin block rectifies this, although it may take some fitting. it is needed if shooting in production, but can be removed altogether for limited. there should be no impact on trigger feel.
  8. winning combo right there ^^. even stock it should be lighter that what you're experiencing now.
  9. motherFNbrandon

    Hammer preventing slide from going all the way back

    seems like its coil bind then. i had the same issue when using the 15.5 PD spring and the Unica Hammer. But the 15.5 spring works fine with the TItan I have.
  10. motherFNbrandon

    Hammer preventing slide from going all the way back

    does the stock hammer spring do the same thing?
  11. motherFNbrandon

    Tanfo USPSA Package

    if you have a spare bit of time and would like to get to know your gun better, i'd recommend using MM's tutorials to do the work yourself like others have said.
  12. motherFNbrandon

    Tanfoglio Limited Custom/Patriot Defense

    not sure if relevant, but all my 10rd mags are marked 9-LF. obtained from 3 different sources, including gregcote, but not cdnn (they dont have 10s)
  13. the hunt is part of the fun of obtaining an "exotic" gun! ?
  14. motherFNbrandon

    Red Dot Slide Milling

    between the guide rod and grips, it seems like there might some leeway to make weight with
  15. motherFNbrandon

    Red Dot Slide Milling

    what’s the weight difference between the henning guide rod and the plastic cz one? can maybe save an ounce?