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  1. Will this be optic only? No option for iron sights? Haven't seen any photos of it with a rear sight
  2. After trying stock, wolff, PD, and xtreme, I'm using the xtreme medium the xtreme medium is a lot lighter than the stock spring (which I think is actually 18lb?), and it does not stack like stock. it is not that much heavier than the PD 15.5, but offered a lot more ignition reliability. for me, the range of wolff springs stacked a ton.
  3. that’s a good question. i assume it’ll have to be added to the production gun list and meet the quantity requirements if it’s a model variant and not custom milling on a regular stock 2
  4. it should definitely be easier to make weight than with a shadow 2, thats for sure!
  5. of course. politics. i'm guessing it was also walther that made the push for CO light and CO heavy in IPSC, seeing as they now have options for both divisions.
  6. you may have a hard time finding grips that are small enough that you wouldnt have to break your grip on reloads and still offer you enough support hand purchase on the gun. i went through the same thing and in the end just started to flip the gun in my hand during reloads. i use LOK palm swell bogies and love them. i had SSI scales 2.0 and thin bogies prior. i have M/L hands
  7. Why is the CO production unit minimum 500 when it needs to already be on the Prod list which has a production unit minimum of 2000?
  8. thats a stock 2 with updated stock 1 type serrations and an optic cut. its supposedly a new optics ready stock 2
  9. I think those of us in capacity restricted states would appreciate the LRBHO and Ambi bolt catch/release for games like Pro Am and USPSA.
  10. Seems like the regular Limited Custom, but with a rail.
  11. Yes the division you want to shoot in will help to dictate the best choices. You can do .40 major out of the Limited you posted and be in Limited Major, or .40 minor out of a Stock 2 for Production.
  12. for stages where a string might be freestyle, reload, then weakhand, can the freestyle portion be done on the weak side, so that no shoulder change would be necessary?
  13. any word as to when the optic ready models will be available?
  14. its a marking of some sort. many (all?) tanfo slides have the same marking. unsure of the meaning, though.
  15. very interesting. i wonder what versions we'll actually see. this is their listing for the stock 1. i'm not sure if we've seen all of these versions (yet?)
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