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  1. Wow.. That's exactly what I was looking for. Thanks
  2. Thanks, I was thinking the barrel swap would be the easiest and cheapest but then I would have to get set up for reloading .40S&W/10mm. I currently do own a glock 40 that use when I'm out hunting but I don't really shoot it often. I can get a top end from fusion for under $700 to convert to 9mm. I guess my question is if paying the money up front for a new top end in 9mm be more cost effective in the long run since I already have all the brass/dies and other reloading components. Or should I just swap barrels. Thanks again
  3. I recently traded for a Fusion Firearms 2011 chambered in 10mm and I am looking into the possibility of caliber conversion. I would like to do a 9mm since I already shoot and load for it, however I believe the easiest thing would be to go to .40S&W. I don't shoot or load for .40. My question is do you guys think I would see a return on the cost of a new top end vs a barrel swap. I would be shooting in local steel matches. Thanks
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