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  1. If you are in Southeast Michigan and want to compete in USPSA/IPSC, Steel Challenge and IPDA then contact me about events at the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters club in Romulus. 2 minutes from the airport. Look up our club here on the forum. I will put my group up against any club in the country for being friendly and competitive all at the same time while hosting the best matches around.
  2. Get with your core group of staff and shooters-talk to them about it as they will be the ones that help you put it on and pay for it. My range has run a 300 +round match (numerous times), a 400+ round match, a 500+ round match and the 600+ round match over 2 days and 18 totally different stages just to prove that it can be done. (not recommended if you want to keep your staff happy though...…) See what your group wants to do and shoot. If you have good stages, competitors will make the effort to come and shoot them for the right price. Run it as a level 1 fun match and enjoy.
  3. A standard magwell from STI will work for most. If you have a metal grip, you may have to ask for the IPSC compliant version from that manufacturer as you gun with the magazine inserted has to fit in the IPSC box so you will have to use either 124 or 126mm magazines with the angled base pads on them in order to fit. Depending on the size/brand of tube and spring/follower set up, you should be getting 17/18 rounds in the mag +1. Don't forget that your rig has to be set up pretty much like USPSA production division when it comes to placement and you should be good. Too bad you don't live furth
  4. Eugene, Thank you for showing us the new toy!!1 I think 6 of my guys have already ordered them with more on the way I bet. 1 for each bay I am betting soon......ahhhh...the joys of technology!!! Thank you to all that came out and supported our efforts. First it was the range set up crew. They were incredible. They set up 9 level III stages in just 2 hours. Our Crew just gets what we are trying to do and they all pitch in to make it happen. We couldn't do it without each of them. The stages were deceiving as they seemed easy and simple. Till you look at everyone's score
  5. Take my advice...….get the tungsten guide rod from Springer Precision and the 14lb recoil spring they recommend. IT makes a huge difference. Then order up the Grey Guns trigger kit. That will give you about 90% of the full in house trigger job from Bruce or Robert Burke (the 2 guys who do Sig triggers). At that point, you have gun set up and done right pretty much like Max runs his. I actually just wrote an article about this for USPSA's magazine. Can't say enough good things about Scott Springe, Bruce Grey and Robert Burke...….now if only I could actually shoot my CO gun like my 1911's...…
  6. Sunday, April 28th, 2019....IPSC 66 (also known as the Wayne County Raccoon Hunters Club in Romulus, Michigan) will be hosting our first ever Southeast Michigan Lo Cap Championship for Single Stack, Production, L10 and Revolver Divisions only. 9 stages, 230+ rounds in a 1 day format for a $60 match fee of American Funds (just an FYI to our many Canadian competitors). This is our normal shooting weekend so nothing special has to be planned for by those that try to make out match every month. For those $60, you will get a the above mentioned 9 level III stages, 230+ rounds, plaques
  7. If you have taken JJ's level I 2 day class, then you have the opportunity to take the 2 day Level II class that my home club is hosting this upcoming July 11& 12th, 2019. Class will be held at the Wayne county Raccoon Hunters club (IPSC66) in Romulus, Michigan. Pretty sure that the cost of the class is going to be the same as the level I class ($600) per student. In case you fell off the planet earth last year, JJ won IPSC Open Nationals, US Open Nationals, Limited Nationals and finished 2nd in Production at Nationals. Not a bad year...…...so if you liked his level I class, t
  8. Your mags would be fine...…..power factor is different as major is 170 versus our 165 but that shouldn't be a big deal for an open gun. Other than that, Open is Open...just limited to 10 rounds mags in Open. Sent you a PM with a point by point walkthrough overview on what you would need to do to attend a match. it is a lot like international basketball versus the NBA. It is still about putting the ball through the hoop but with small differences. Plus you meet a lot of great people and see parts of the world you might not have without going for a match.
  9. As members of USPSA in good standing, US competitors do not have to complete the black badge course. I would be willing to help any USPSA member that wants to come over and shoot this match as I will be attending this match. I have done the paperwork for most of the Americans the past few years and now many can do their own. The cost is only and additional $25 (Canadian $$) at this point to do the paperwork (ATT..Authority To Transport) and it's not that big of a deal. The hard part is getting your mags done right to only hold 10 rounds as everything in Canada is 10 rounds only.
  10. The match should be entertaining as usual and is filling up fast on practiscore. Please be gentle when driving down the access road as the road has not hardened up yet. Parking should be easier for everyone but still be kind and don't take up 2 spaces with your 1 vehicle. We look forward to seeing you out on the range!!!
  11. If you guys like and follow Charlie and have questions about his new training book, then look for my review of his book in the May/June Issue of Front Sight magazine. Charlie was gracious enough to send me a copy for a review. As Charlie knows, I was happy to review it and write a very positive article on Charlie and his training book. If you have thought of upping your game, his book is a great way to start. Order one today. You will be glad that you did. Roy Neal Team SV Infinity
  12. The funny part is that Bobby has already filled out a Gunbuilder for a new SV single stack......can't wait to hear the griping start about the "new" waiting period when he submits that build to the factory. Ahh....the addiction club has a new member.
  13. There is no room at Castle De Neal........too many SV's in the gunroom......sorry Bobby, you have to face your wife on your own. Besides, you wouldn't do well up here. We have this thing that is called Winter where it snows and gets cold. You Southern Boys just wouldn't understand.......or like it.
  14. What DirtChevy hasn't told you is that he has already gone on gunbuilder and spec'd out an IMM gun...........He will have just taken delivery of this Limited gun and he will be building a single stack just because he can........muuuaaaahhhhh!!! I warned Bobby that this would happen. I can't wait to hear about his new heater when he gets it. I am betting that he will love it, and squeeze it and call it George!!! Or something like that.........
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