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  1. No, the sight is part of the barrel. It would have to be milled off and a notch cut or a dove tail added.
  2. I have a S&W no dash 4inch 686. I want to change the front sight, but I believe the barrel is pinned. What are my options and who would you recommend sending it to? I am looking to fit it with a FO front sight, 0.1 or so wide. Thanks in advance.
  3. johniac7078


    In a 929, actually Yes, It was DAMN hot and I'd get burned by the forcing cone. The cylinder was hot as hell too. 9mm, 160 grain Bayou bullets and 124. Never liked 147 in revolvers, they don't load that great.
  4. I have not seen it is at least 18 months. Anyone know why it isn't around?
  5. johniac7078


    TG in a revolver will make the cylinder and forcing cone too hot to handle.
  6. Anyone know how to wire a PAct Club timer for a silent start? The idea is that the shooter would cross a IR beam nd the timer would start, no sound. Thanks.
  7. Atlas is amazing. Got a Titan today. I could not be more pleased. Adam is a great guy and his customer service is the best. IMHO, it sets an industry standard. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amceuxWC7Rg
  8. Got my new baby today. This gun is SWEET! Adam at Atlas is a great guy to deal with and the service he and his company provides is beyond world class. I only wish I did this sooner! 200 rounds today, no hiccups at all. PERFECT! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=amceuxWC7Rg More to follow, enjoy.
  9. You can probably fix your gun with a good bench grinder and a hammer. Or maybe take a dremel to it after you drink a bottle of whiskey.
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