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  1.     BTW your friend should have used a local gunsmith-replacing a trip is no big deal.


  2.      I read your write up on Shay.  There's no excuse for what he's done under any circumstances.  Your friend needs to first send Shay an email asking for Shay to return his pistol ASAP fixed or not fixed.  If he doesn't reply to the email within 1 week then your friend needs to contact an attorney asap and have him send a Demand letter to Shay.  That will get his attention.


    1. slinginlead


      Thank you,


      I will talk to him tomorrow and see if he is willing to do that.  I know he is fed up with him and is thinking of just having him send the gun back in what ever shape it is in and send it to another smith


  3. Ok, I am asking to see if there is apparently a problem or if it is just normal business practice. I have a friend who sent his Akai pistol in to have a new grip put on. His old Trinity grip broke and he got a new one and sent it to Shay. After a year went by, he called and asked what was happening with his pistol. Shay apologized profusely and said he would start on it ASAP and get it out to him ASAP. 6 months later, no gun. So a year and a half to work on a pistol and he will not answer emails and you can never get him to answer the phone at work to check the status of work in progress. Now, there are a few other "Custom gunsmiths" who make guns for our community and I know for a fact you can call them and as far as I know they always answer the phone and if they don't they will return a phone call. So with AKAI is it natural to take over a year and a half to work on a gun and return it? I know I have been dealing with him for a while and he is hard to get ahold of and he has never answered an email I have sent to him, I guess cause I am not a GM I don't matter. Any input?
  4. If any one wants to shoot I have a slot to sell. Unable to go this year.
  5. The only primer I had issues with was Tula SRP. About 2 out of every 1000 were light strikes. Every thing else seems to work great.
  6. I swapped from he old style to the new Magnetic style and I like it better. In the new kit you have a decal you can place over the hole in your old style holster since you don't have the tension screw any more.
  7. You don't have to spend that kind of money on a new MBX mag to get it to work. Dawson has a mag tuning kit and there are videos online to teach you. Save the money and buy Good Springs and followers, TTI or Grams.
  8. Due to the DVC's location of the racker and my Gas Peddal, I have to have it on the right side, but I prefer it on the left side.
  9. When you tell women you shoot open, their panties just fall off..........
  10. I have a Ghost holster with the same tags as you have and it works fine with the 3 STI guns I have. If you have stippling that might have an effect on the way it fits. Sorry you are having problems
  11. I can't see near or far with out my glasses. Tried to shoot Limited for a little while and it was a waste of my time. My eyes could not focus fast enough so it was back to open. I see just fine with corrective lenses and I don't have a problem seeing the dot......except when I forget to turn it on.
  12. Im with ar15rick, I use 124 MG in my 9mm and ,38 super. I load down my 9mm and it is a very soft shooting round. the 115 is too snappy for me and I just don't like it.
  13. Not understanding how you got to that decision from reading this thread. I personally would not have a SVI if you gave it to me. If your a hater of STI you should not have commented.
  14. Saw a steel grip do the same thing you are describing. We are not sure just how many rounds were on the gun when it happened, but it was not a pretty sight. Sarge is right about the loose grip screws. So yes, if your grip is cracking then you are going to have issues with recoil and picking up that round off the follower.
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