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  1. One other thing to check to see if your grip has slipped down from good contact with the frame. Had a guy come by said his gun was not firing every time. He skipped the part that he changed plastic grip. After messing around for way to much time due to lack of candor from gun owner I found excessive gap between frame and grip and middle sear finger was slipping off then under disco
  2. Jesseskinner I use a 1/4 guide rod from Nighthawk so I can use flat wire springs. The rounded bull nose is something I did later on but I left enough material in the end of the guide plug so could round it off. Barrel is 5" cut down to 4" and sleeved. PM me if you want more information.
  3. I will try for some pictures tonight. I put a sleeve on the barrel. Also chambered the barrel for 38SuperComp. Make a nice carry piece.
  4. Read up Para Ordnance and if you shot the game 25 plus years ago the P-16 was the go to pistol for limited class. Remington acquired Para
  5. I cut this 5" slide and guide rod down to 4" and made my own guide rod plug. Guide rod does not stick out past end of muzzle
  6. thank you GBertolet and Cheers623
  7. Tool guy, 2011 type Hi Power Jack they loaded the gun themselves.
  8. From the load and make ready the first round in my open 9major pistol is always a few inches to the right (10 yds). At 30 yards its off the target. All rounds after are at point of aim. Even in practice with no pressure being under the timer. Thought it might be the Aftec Extractor so change to EGW extractor but made no difference. Thought it might be hitting comp so enlarged bore still no difference. Tried different magazines, no change. Gave gun to two different shooter and they duplicated same results. First shot to the right from load make ready all the rest are point of aim. Chacked chamber depth with No Go gauge all is good. Load is 115 gr HAP with 8.8 gr HS6 Tried some 124gr Everglades Ammo 9major and had some problem So what should I check now?
  9. Not a good day. Reached out to Kensight and see if they will warranty. Hope so
  10. Everglades Ammo makes them, have to email them. Not on their web site.
  11. During your practical shooting career have you seen this brass detonation happen during unload and show clear where the shooter launches the round into the air and catches it. I worry about it when I RO someone who likes to do this. But I have never seen what you described happen.
  12. Would like to learn more about this if you have time to post pictures
  13. Got my replacement motor from DAA at no charge.
  14. Both Rick and DAA got back to right away. Great customer service. Received an email from DAA saying a new motor will be shipped to me. Downer part is the 10 to 14 business days. But still happy with both responses I received. Thank you.
  15. Add me to the list. Motor gave up after 6000 rounds purchased the unit in September 2014 from Shooters Connection. I've emailed Rick who I understand is the developer and Double Alpha Academy who made improvements. My motor just started turning very slow even when empty. From what I see posted in this thread my problem is similar. I hope I hear back from Rick or DAA soon.
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