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  1. Your thoughts, looks like U did OK.
  2. Also seen mag thrown and miss activator, then have to step on it . Funny’s
  3. Canik tp9sfx, not really expensive good gun shoots great, will need some upgrades to recoil spring maybe trigger.
  4. But they do have them.. I hope that’s not what the future holds.
  5. Google is your friend!
  6. Never said I hate it, I’d shoot it till it sweats.
  7. If I remember right the 9mm is tapered and the super is straight. Could be wrong.
  8. U didn’t actually buy that did you ? For real money ?
  9. Coco, when I first started shooting open and 9 major, I read a lot of your post and liked all the information you put out. It helped me to not make a lot of mistakes and wast a lot of supplies although I do like hs6, it is a little dirty but I can handle that. Just send me the extra you have and I’ll burn it up for you. Thanks.
  10. I think falling on a prop accidentally is not exactly what that is talking about . I had a shooter trip on the nail holding those red fault lines down, only in our squad but we fixed the problem and I gave a reshoot due to range equipment failure. He also kept the firearm pointed down range.
  11. I was at a match with a buddy and we couldn’t find our brass, nice clean ground ,then we saw a guy picking up every thing with one of the brass rollers. We my buddy walked up to his buggy where all the brass was in a little bucket and reached in and started counting out loud his brass, he told the picker upper all he wanted was his brass he shot on that stage. Well the guy started picking up and give him his brass after he shot. Try it sometime it will get his or her attention.
  12. Maybe he Won all the matches.
  13. That simple green is some good stuff.
  14. In Bastrop La. any of you guys ever been there.. ?
  15. All joking aside, if I were to have a gun built Venom Custom would build it. Period.
  16. The last edge I sold had quite a lot on it.
  17. Saw one of these last week, open 9 mm . ran like it was meant to
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