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  1. Looking at prices I’ve thought about selling primers, it getting ridiculous
  2. I was just on their website and they show cci primers in stock along with 9 mm ammo, at 17 bucks a box. Have you bought from them before ? primers 59$99 per 1000
  3. I had one the super’s but it was so much money,,it gone
  4. I noticed on practi score the classified section is gone. What up ?
  5. I forgot I’m 9 major.
  6. I could never make major with that powder. No ports 1.155 OL. 124 bullet
  7. Jim,, you still holding your matches ?
  8. I saw him hit the One. He was good.
  9. Don’t want my gun,holster laying on floor’s in the crappers I’ve seen.
  10. That’s to purty to use,,nice
  11. When I started reloading 5000 Winchester primers were $70.00 at the gun show. Shortly after they went to $75.00 and I thought that was awful.
  12. Country music hall of fame great Charlie Pride passed away today. maybe now he can Kiss That Angel good morning.
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