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  1. My shooting buddy has an Sti DVC with close to 45,000 on it and still going.
  2. At what price did they sell for ? ( primers )
  3. Most use lead data.
  4. Be careful what you clean with, I cleaned a 1911 one time and took blueing off of it.
  5. I guess I’m lucky, I have a great smith who lives an hour from me.
  6. I would just look at Les Baer , Or Wilson. Both can be had in 9,45,38 super..Done Never owned Wilson but the Les Baer are great guns.
  7. I’ve watched a couple videos and it looked fun all except the stage with only one shot on each target, wow.
  8. I did that once in a revolver and the case swelled had to punch it out. I use SRP in most everything I shoot.
  9. They have different color compound !
  10. Both are about the same price when you add shipping from shooters connection, but they do promote this site.
  11. You must have been in a hurry.
  12. With that attitude you get canceled again. Now that’s just my thought.
  13. Trace, your old story reminds me of my days in maintenance at the paper mill where I worked , If that dang thing ran good for a week or two we all would get nervous, because we knew a wreck was coming. and Usually did.
  14. Just look , powder valley has no primers, or powder and they sell out in minutes when they have them, so how why would they have them when no other company does. Go ahead order some I dare U.
  15. They show Dillon press, be easy to verify, give Dillon a call.
  16. EEH


    Never said a word, poured them on scale paid me. Only thing the worker wanted to know where I got all them .
  17. EEH


    I got around $15.00 but I had a bunch of other copper. Wouldn’t do it just for primers, but right on road to town.
  18. EEH


    I just took 32 lbs to scrap yard.
  19. All this dearness talk about DQ,, last stage 81 shooters shoot 6 rounds reload ,,,,, BANG 3rd time well let’s just say in a loooooonnnng. time.
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