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  1. That’s pretty wild. I just don’t use any media at all. Just soap and water For an hour and brass is more than clean enough.
  2. jfp, fill out your profile with a location. You might find someone to trade them. Rem 7 1/2 is my favorite sr primer
  3. I went down the LNL road years ago. A friend and I had convinced ourselves that red was as good as blue but I will admit I was wrong. Red makes good ammo but blue is definitely a better machine. I eventually even had a pair of LNL presses set up. I had some money and just had to see what the 650 was all about so I ordered one and set it up for .223. After the first day I realized what I had been missing. I sold the other LNL and ordered another Dillon. I won’t argue all the things back and forth but I Would never say red is as good as blue. I didn’t like 700x for anything myself.
  4. Ad for 223 Conversion Kit.


    Please consider it SOLD.


    Please send me your Address & I will send out a Postal Money Order Tuesday Morning
    (w/ tracking Numbers).


    Thank You.


    Dennis Ford    FY-36784

    23-D  Happy Hollow Circle

    Stratford, CT.  06614-8410

    1. mscott


      Mike Scott

      71 Valleyridge Court

      Howard, OH 43028

    2. Dennis (CT)

      Dennis (CT)

      I just signed in today Wed 9/9  (I thought the website would notify me of your response).


      It will go out tomorrow.


      Thank You.



  5. ML123, you might want to finish filling out your profile so everyone can know your location.
  6. Ordered some Precision Delta 147 gr bullets on July 1 and they shipped yesterday on Aug. 20.
  7. The grip is cracked on the right side but no worries about that. Will likely be a stainless one soon. Good eye.
  8. Has anyone ever seen this extra hole in an STI frame or have any idea what it may be for? It is a nicely cut hole and not threaded. It’s on a gun I purchased used. I asked the previous owner but No response.
  9. I’ll second the Speed Bead Burris mount. Have had it for several years and never a problem. It’s easy to install, puts the dot low, is reversible, and doesn’t cost much money. Really nothing to not like about it.
  10. Should people start taking their own sights apart and coating the circuit board with silastic or some other type adhesive to keep things from rattling apart? I don’t know how simple this could be as I’ve never taken one of those sights apart. Are they glued, screwed together, or ?
  11. I got my hammer adjusted and serrated the ramp and ran a few hundred more through it with 100% success. I started with 200 in the hopper and now have 500 in there. I have not tried less than 200, so might be something to having enough in the hopper. Will have to see when I do some loading and actually use the primers. I have not yet seen a single upside down primer, so feeling pretty good about it so far.
  12. I was on the fence on whether I wanted to be a field tester on this thing however couldn’t resist the temptation and bought one. Received it a few days ago but hadn’t got around to opening it until I started reading this thread again. I set it up with the original disk in it and did not put the one that was version 2 or whatever in the machine. Went through 1000 to 1500 primers easily and not a single upside down primer. Couple things I did notice is a couple of tubes were a little bit low and had less than 100 primers. Then I had one overfill and the machine stopped because the chute filled u
  13. That looke to be pretty disappointing after a long wait for a working machine. I wonder how it will perform with other primers like Winchster or CCI?
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