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  1. I checked the website yesterday morning about 9:30 AM Eastern time and was able to order a case of 115 JHP. Already got a shipping notice so they are on the way.
  2. It’s an Open gun so there is always a chance of the slide cracking. I’m not really concerned as there is really no stress in that area.
  3. I wanted an Open gun dedicated to shooting minor ammo for 3 gun and steel challenge. The 5” ran on minor ammo but had this idea in my head so I bought a commander length Trubor barrel and got to work. I also put a commander reverse plug and spring in it and shortened the guide rod. Runs great on a 7# spring and 135 pf ammo. I have a couple of 8# springs in case the 7 proves to be problematic. I’ll refinish or have it chromed at the end of the season.
  4. I know a Glock mag with a base pad to 140mm will hold 23 rounds + 1 in the chamber. Not sure about other combinations.
  5. I ordered a barrel listed as in stock and had it within a couple of weeks.
  6. Never heard of shims for barrel extension. If it were mine I would just clean the threads up really well and put it back together with red loctite or rockset and call it good. Of course my free advice is just that and to be followed at your own risk.
  7. Does the bolt lock back at the bolt face or front of the carrier? Put 1 round in the mag and make sure the bolt catch is engaging the bolt face back and not the carrier.
  8. I’d say you need to post a picture as I’m not sure what a “domed” primer looks like.
  9. I needed a few and ordered them direct from RCBS a month ago and had them in a few days.
  10. I’m a couple days late here but I run 9.0 gr with 115s to make 172. I suspect lots may vary.
  11. mscott


    I’ve never had a problem selling them as scrap locally. I take them in gallon ziplock bags typically. There are a couple of grades of scrap brass and they give the lower grade for cartridge brass.
  12. If you made a Brekke style from aluminum just thread it like a normal comp and also the barrel so the barrel heating up wouldn’t be a problem.
  13. Never used a rod, but always install them and sight through the bore to ensure alignment the first time on any gun. If it is off it will be noticeable. I don’t care if it’s factory threaded, my own thread job, or done by someone else.
  14. You should be safe using 150 gr bullet data to start with. Just start low and work up. I loaded some 147 fmj a while ago and that’s what I did. I’ll check to see what I came up with when I get back to the loading room.
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