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  1. mscott

    Chamber flags in bulk

    I typically cut those long ones down to a little over an inch to where there is just enoung in the chamber to prove it empty.
  2. mscott

    Laser is moving around

    Is it mounted on a handguard? If so, might look at that.
  3. mscott

    RTS2 Dot intensity conundrum

    I guess try micro q tip or micro applicator. https://www.amazon.com/Disposable-Applicators-Eyelashes-Extensions-Diameter/dp/B01I58H05G/ref=sr_1_3_a_it?ie=UTF8&qid=1522912777&sr=8-3&keywords=Micro%2Bq%2Btips&dpID=41Nu98OQADL&preST=_SY300_QL70_&dpSrc=srch&th=1
  4. It’s an extra safety measure that makes sense in my opinion. Matches draw a wide variety of people with varying skill levels, so a little extra margin of safety is good. I also like doing different things such as loading the pistol on the fly.
  5. mscott

    Muzle brake for 11.5

    I have a 7.5” that I have a Kaw Valley linear comp on that is not too obnoxious. My 11.5” with a gill type brake is very obnoxious, but gun does stay flat.
  6. Shoot 9mm out of the super barrel. Might not need a new barrel.
  7. mscott

    Mechtech glock

    My experience with the MechTech carbines is that they like hotter ammo. They can be finicky, but run great with ammo they like. I can’t see the Gen 4 being any sort of a problem.
  8. mscott

    Laser sight

    Where or what is that deal? Nevermind, found the rebate coupon.
  9. mscott

    What got you into Open?

    I got a smokin deal on a lightly used Trubor and just had to try it. Now I’m hooked.
  10. mscott

    RTS2 Dot intensity conundrum

    You might need to get the electronics cleaning Qtips that have a small micro head to reach all the way down. I couldn’t clean my diode with regular Q-tips, but the ones with the tiny heads work perfectly. I got them from Amazon. I use alcohol as a cleaner.
  11. mscott

    Vortex Razor vs. C-More RTS2

    Vortex replaced my Razor twice in just over a month. It just couldn’t take being frame mounted on a Trubor. They replaced it both times, but it now lives on the handguard of an AR. I’m happy with the RTS2 other than needing a new battery every month or so. Delta Point Pro sights (2 of them) have been perfect with no issues so far. None of them will last forever, but Leupold gets my money for now.
  12. You realize that is 14 years old, right?
  13. mscott

    Bullet feeders? Help me w/ my purchase

    Yes, they will work on a LNL.
  14. mscott

    Bullet feeders? Help me w/ my purchase

    Mr. Bullet Feeder is the only one I’ve owned, but seems to be the favorite on here.
  15. mscott

    DPP or RTS2

    I prefer the DPP mostly due to battery life. The DPP battery seems to last forever, but my RTS2 needs a new battery every month if it makes it that long. Mine is the V4 with 8moa dot. It’s never failed other than battery getting weak and luckily never during a match.