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  1. That’s one important thing I left out..
  2. the primers must be bad so ,send me all those little buggers ( primers ) that worry you, I’ll fix them.
  3. I have the full vcr tape of the full trigger job. Only problem is most people don’t have a VCR. Oh yea it is jerry himself. Shows which part to stone and which part not to stone.
  4. Go to reloading section in forum click on 9/38 you’ll find sever hundred loads recommend . And powder recommend. All guns are a little bit different.
  5. Also remember it’s Christmas month, a lot of shooters may be doing other things, you know with the wife. I’m without my shooting buddy right now due to eye injury, and I have to drive by myself. Last month at low country we were down some people but may have been weather related. I wouldn’t cut out match like sarge, of course you a long way for me.
  6. I know several people who shoot 115’s ..
  7. Maybe should have sent pict of high school girl friend. what can they tell from a picture?
  8. Do you have to use the commander spring or full length spring and just cut it to right length?
  9. What other choices do you have, for guide rod assembly.
  10. Where did you get this information ? never heard that before,
  11. Where’s Carmoney when you need him. by not charging a fee, you are not mentioned in any deal not responsible for sold or traded items. let’s face it, if McDonald’s can be sued for selling hot coffee, so could you. not a lawyer but I did watch Boston legal.!,,
  12. Trace,, can’t find powder valley article?
  13. Grumpy old men ! Red Skelton going way back. Amos and Andy
  14. Watching your videos, I love the way you toss or throw your mags all over the range. To funny
  15. Bowling.. it’s all you. kart racing you talk about money, it’s like a hole in your back yard that you try to fill with $100.00 dollar bills.
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